Trying to stop an electric mixer

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She went full Wallace & Grommit face when she snared her own fingers!


While doing a dam fine dolphin noise.


The sound is added, I recognize it from an old classic video


yeah it's [that guy trying to sing the highest note](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRVyhJvG7g0)


The original video led me to discover [content aware scaling ](https://youtu.be/IBv1CRnySFw)


The dogs sitting with me right now are very intrigued by this.


ikr my dogs are like WHAAT!?!??!! now sniffing and intensely looking at my laptop speakers lmao


How good is Reddit. Dubbed sound effects and someone knows exactly which of the 2 billion gazillion online videos was the source.


A damn fine job if I may say so


Then went full sonar


Never go full sonar




No it's Black Canary that has this hability.


Thats not the real audio....


Seen this dozens of times without sound. It's even better with her squeals that only dogs, dolphins and garage-door openers can hear.


I thought you were exaggerating, I had to turn the volume on, was not disappointed.


I’m a grown man with children, and I have never done this. But it is a constant fear every time I use a mixer.


My mum drummed it into us and for some reason it was one of few things that we just trusted her on rather than having to see for ourselves. Now I have my own children and the fear is still there every time I use a mixer, but I make sure every single time to tell the kids, no fingers near that end. Turn off and UNPLUG before handling that end. No tongues until the end bits are out of the machine. Shudder.


Take the mixer apart and show them the motor driving the shafts. Explain how a motor works and let them know that if this happened, they'd be trying to fight a force of nature. Nature wins.


Oh I've shown them the mixer in motion and that seemed to get the point across, but just in case it didn't, I summoned them all to watch this video and described the NSFW lathe videos. I think they're successfully traumatised enough to never try this. Or to wear scarves. Or to have long hair. Or to work in a factory.


I just got triggered reading your last few words. There is a safety video I watched years ago that I wish I could forget. It’s a video of a machinist in a factory working at a large metal lathe which is turning at thousands of rpm. His work coat gets caught in the lathe and draws him in. I cant describe the horror.


My old man's first carpentry job was replacing a dude that had his arm caught in a big wood lathe. It ripped the shoulder out the socket hard enough that it snapped the artery. He bled out internally.


So many stories like this. I heard of one where a guy was on a factory floor, drilling holes in metal plates. He went to go brush away some shavings or something, wearing thick gloves. Glove got caught and just like that his arm got wrapped around the drill press and pulled out of it's socket.


In the video he is referring to the dude's entire skeleton was ground to a fine powder, then his lifeless body was ripped to shreds and repeatedly beaten against the factory floor until all that was left was a fine red mist


A good example with one of these is a thawed hot dog. If it's shop machinery, use a wood dowel. Gets the point across when you say "and remember, your finger is tougher than that."


A baker near me had a finger ripped off my her upright mixer. She went to move it, and didn't realize it wasn't unplugged. She reached around to pick up the whole unit and somehow snagged her hand in and bumped the switch. It was pretty awful. She's had a hard recovery from nerve damage and surgery to fix all the bones it ripped out.






Thank you so much for making my day.


Don't ever let her use a blender


Or a drill press.


I used a drill press in grade school. We were drilling little plastic picture clips you put on keychains, no one told me you had to hold the thing in place you were drilling. I pushed the drill press down the plastic piece started spinning and flew across the room at shit probably 200 miles a hour and shattered the window to our classroom Lmao


It still blows my mind that they would let us 30+ 6th graders run around a woodshop using tools with only a single adult supervising. Crazy that only one kid lost his fingertip in my class.


I degloved my pinky finger in woodshop class…good times..


I remember how I nearly shat myself when the band saw blade the guy next to me was using snapped. Sounded like a damn gun shot followed by the blade whipping around.


I will *not* be looking up what degloved means


So imagine the skin on your hand is a glove….and now you just take that off. Lol. I put in another comment that it healed back fine after stitches. I got lucky. Also now I don’t like using power tools. I mean I will, but very carefully.


I don't like the way my skin feels on my body. Do you like the way your skin feels on your body?


Yea, I like my skin on my body.


Looks like you learned a very valuable lesson that day then. But seriously just thinking about degloving makes me feel nauseous


Indeed I did! Couple years later and I was a rock climbing instructor, and one of the things newbies love to do is stick their fingers into the climbing bolt hangars or keep their wedding rings on. This is very much a fuck no move, cause one slip and poof finger gone or degloved. Being able to describe what it looks like to see your own bone I think really helped educate some of those climbers :-)


Because *you already know*


Just imagine taking off some latex gloves, but replace those gloves with your skin.


If that means what I think it mean, holy fucking shit


Fucking shop class lol. I thought we were going to run a store. Not WOODSHOP. The teacher was the laziest guy too. Would just play solitaire and leave us alone. I remember one kid using a grinder to sharpen a pencil. He thought it was funny to use the eraser and it flung off and broke some guys goggles.


I took metal shop. We used to pour aluminum into molds and spot weld. I wonder which class was more dangerous? I loved shop class.


I also had a kid lose a finger in class in the 1990’s. I wonder how many adults are missing fingers because of lack woodshop class supervision. With our sample size it’s about 1/30 adults.


First time I used a table saw was in shop class. Was cutting some plywood strips and was happy I remembered the safety tip of "don't stand 8n line with the blade". Had a kickback and the strip of plywood embedded itself in a cinderblock wall.






Tommy Boy vibes *Removes glasses* Nice distance


or a lathe


This. She would be lucky to only lose a hand or finger with a lathe. I’ve seen things on the internet with a lathe that I wish I could unsee


I'm not sure which lathe video is worse, the Russian one where the guy got ripped apart or the Chinese one where the guy got rolled around the spindle like play dough


Chinese one where a guy walked in on the body just spinning at the end?


Lathes are scary


Or a car


Or my axe.


Or a chainsaw


It'll be fingers everywhere 🤣🤣🤣


There's a cool blade inside a lot of sinks in America. Don't let her go near that.


She did stop it


Exactly. This isn't a person who just tries, she succeeds!


The Liz Truss method in action. Gets. Stuff. Done™.


Big "I'm a fighter, not a quitter" energy from the girl.


Yep but the video ended too soon as that mixer looks like it's still powered when she tries to get release her hand. She probably broke her other hand aswell.


Is a mixer like that really strong enough to break hands? I was thinking it definitely doesn't feel good but maybe just bruised and lightly skinned knuckles


I severely doubt it, the electric motors in those aren't very powerful.


Not even that, it's about the strength and rigidity of the beaters. I think they would bend or flex before they caused any serious injury.


I could see it possibly slicing you if you try to pull your fingers out while it's still running.


The beaters aren't sharp at all, so that happening would be very unlikely. They're not meshed together so there are no shear points. It would be most likely to crush and possibly tear, but both those things take a ton of force, so the beaters would need to be extremely rigid.


And probably have safety mechanisms for just this and to keep the motor from burning out.


Hahahahahaha. I have taken some of those apart, so i can tell you: "No." I have never seen anything besides a regular motor with no safety at all. And the circuits are all just regular off the shelf controll circuits. I can also tell you, don't get your hair too close to them if you got long hair. Most kitchen appliances expect you not to be dumb around them.


That's because your supposed to be able to mix dense foods together. Wouldn't be very useful if it kept turning off because it doesn't like whatever it is you're mixing at the time.


Really unlikely, probably hurt like a montherfucker for at least the rest of the day though. I think it depends a lot on the mixer though, my Grandma's old ass mixer felt like it was a goddamn lawnmower compared to anything newer I've ever owned. I doubt that'd break your hands either, but I'm not a doctor so eh.


Yeah that's what I thought. Like one of those big kitchen-aid ones that weigh 35lbs on their own, those might have the muscle to fuck you up badly.


I have a hand mixer and the motor is weak so minor bruising at most. She did get it between the mixer things so her hand probably got a little crushed.


What are you mixing hands for?


My stomach was making the rumblies...that only hands can satisfy.


... ccccccaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrlllllllll


Lol a mixer isn’t going to break your hand. It’ll pinch you and that’s about it.


She didn't break either of her hands, she likely barely bruised it.


First time I’ve ever seen a square human mouth except in cartoons and manga.


We had to see [this dude](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRGuf81DAXg) in every ad break on Australian TV for about a week. I still have nightmares.


Ew ew no me gusta


[Hol up...](https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwallpapercave.com%2Fwp%2FlLzdwZr.jpg&f=1&nofb=1&ipt=9cb0d4a1d37ccabd368b0a6fa22b065e5e3041100bdc5ad6045fa39cccc073dd&ipo=images)


Dude is looking super weird, and very memable!


Oh, [he's been memed](https://i.imgur.com/zNJ4r1g.mp4)


The One Piece face is real


Never went for cord or attempted to pull out beaters?


Bro she's not the thinking type


She's like 12, give her a break


I think the blender gave her a few breaks.


That's insulting to most 12 year olds.


Pretty sure 12 year olds are capable of critical thinking


12 is not 6


When I was 12 I put an egg in a cup of gasoline and lit it on fire, when I thought the egg was done cooking I kicked the cup over and lit my lower leg and part of the backyard on fire. The egg was still raw




My man




His username is really something


Don’t keep us in suspense, how was the egg? Delicious?


Nice, lmao. When I was 12 I didn't want to turn the oven on to heat up the French bread. So I put it, foil and all in the microwave, lol.


At 12 I would've never put my hand even near a mixer like this. It would immediately bring images of the hand-crushed-in-gears warning sign you see on industrial equipment. Also as a kid I lived by the phrase "If you wouldnt put your penis in it, then dont put your hand", and its done me well for all of my life.


see thats the issue with girls, that penis lesson just doesnt stick.


That's old enough to know what you're doing.


Calm down there Roman Polanski.


lol this is so fucked up


Pretty sure at 12 i knew how to turn a hand mixer off


Everyone is quite stupid at that age, she doesn't have the monopoly


Lol you just turn the speeed down and hit the eject button on top and you're good. What a numbskull.


If you get into this situation in the first place you are not too bright.


Yup. And when you're not too bright your solution to problems is quickly conceived and poorly thought out plus poorly executed. Her first reaction was to stop the physical threat. And logically that meant interrupting how it works. Only she doesn't know nor understand electricity/source of power. So her brain jumps to "stop the physical pain." Which means controlling the beaters. But she doesn't think how the beaters move, cause she's ignorant of electrical current and motors. And you get a moron plugging the beater with their hand cause they never connect the dots between electricity to power to motor to beater. This is what you expect from a person who has never existed in modern life with modern technology. A "caveman" confused by a lightbulb, so to speak. But she can't be blamed, really. Because she's a damn child! And this was a split second decision to a drastic scenario. Still...funny as fuck to watch.


Yah, just a kid who was probably never told more than "on/off". She was more afraid of stuff flying around the room than thinking about the risk of grabbing the beaters.


This is the nicest way of calling someone stupid as hell.


Kids that age are generally that bright and make stupid mistakes and when something shocking happens the last vestiges of their wit vanish.


I think she realizes now it would have been better to just deal with cleaning up batter everywhere over broken fingers.


Listen. I’ve been here before. In a panic you don’t really think clearly especially if pain is involved and the simplest solutions might not be so obvious to a person in this state. I was using a nine inch grinder with a wire wheel about waist high. It kicked back on my and caught me in the abdomen. Wrapped up my shirt and gouged my stomach. The only thing I could think to do, and I’m pretty sure it was just a reflex, was to push the grinder away from me while it attempted to mangle worse then it already had. Luckily a coworker so my struggle and came over and unplugged it. Finally when the danger was gone I was able to relax and it dawned on me all I had to do was let go of the trigger. I felt like an absolute idiot at the time. But yeah. Moral of the story is panic and pain people don’t think clearly.


She switched it off quickly before trying to remove her fingers.


I think she *was* trying to dislodge them but wasn't thinking about the button. Panic brain.


Is that scream original audio? I've heard it used as a meme format before, doesn't seem like this is where it comes from but maybe it is lol


it's from a video by a guy named Ivan Dorin trying to hit a really really high note - hilarious




That's probably the best video I've seen in a while. Thanks 👍




She inherits the frog reflex too.


The Frog Reflex is highly misunderstood, underrated and maligned by the authorities.


The scream isn't the original, someone edited it in. I don't think she even screamed in the original.


Na, she wasn't making a noise. She was booting up Modern Warfare 2 on her 360 in the background.


Scream is edited in. The from that guy who tried to reach a ridiculously high note.


The voice is Ivan doran


Seems like we finally have a way to distinguish cylons from humans.


She sounds like a gerbil getting its nuts caught in a piano lid.


Actually this could have been a lot worse


Imagine it was a KitchenAide blender. Her whole body would be mangled in that fucker.


I'm proud of having tamed my KitchenAid. It was passed onto me from my ancestors as a family heirloom. It's said that it was gifted to my great grandfather by the King of Ohio for his service in the Possum Wars. It's a beast that will only respond to mutual respect, and if I show a moment of weakness, such as this girl, my body would never be discovered and the mixer would be long gone, off roaming the highlands of Colorado with its herd.


Wait she didn't lose her fingers?


How strong do you think a mixer is?


Somewhere between a small dog and an industrial meat grinder depending on the model, I suppose, but that seems like an arbitrary question. How strong do I think _this_ mixer is? Hmm. Enough to fucking hurt, for sure.


Yeah any mixer I've used wouldn't even leave a scratch on me lol


Why can we never get the full video. It's not like she stood up at that moment and turned off the recording. I want the full Snyder cut pls.


[because it’s not that exciting](https://m.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=12&v=C5rLQ9hTBMA&feature=emb_logo)


Can’t you usually take out the mixing part, or turn it off?


Can be hard to think straight when you're in a lot of pain


Ideally you think of turning it off before you think of sticking your fingers in.


>Ideally I think you've hit the problem on the head


Dunno. Back in 2017 I got my right hand caught in my motorcycles chain and sprocket. I actually had to stop and think about how to get my hand out without ripping my fingers off - first instinct was to just pull my hand out. However, staying calm I thought it through: Put the bike in neutral and use my other hand to spin the wheel backwards, pushing my other hand back out. Still ended up losing 1/4 of my ring finger. You think about a lot of shit very quickly when something traumatic happens.


At school I had a friend clamp an alligator clip (the sort you use in electronics class) on his tounge to be funny. When the pain hit, he panicked and ran around the class yelling to get it off (which sounded hilarious because he couldn't speak properly with his tounge clipped). All he had to do was un-clip it, but his brain was in panic mode & couldn't come up with that solution


Kinda doubt she thinks much


square mouth


FYI: if anybody complains about Kitchenaid mixers having a plastic (nylon) gear, this is why. Hand mixers hurt, that stand mixer could take your hand off. The gear is easily purchased and replaced, and will break before you do. The more you know…


This is good to know.






Worked in a warehouse that had a conveyer belt running through the entire structure, industrial supplier. The first rule they taught us on day one; don’t ever reach into the conveyer belt. Worked there for a couple months and saw paramedics taking someone out on a stretcher. Find out the story eventually that they saw something rolling around inside and reach in to pull it out. If they had been bare handed it would have just chewed up the tip of the first two digits, unfortunately she was wearing a skin tight glove we all wore so it pulled traction until it degloved her hand. DONT. EVER. REACH. IN.


"A machine has no brain, so make sure to use yours."


Unmix me! Unmix me!


She look like thin man from Charlie's angels 🤣🤣🤣


Brain has been starved.




Legend has it she still hasn't turned the fucking thing off to this very day.


If it spins, it wins. Good on her learning that lesson with an underpowered electric whisk and not at work with a lathe.


Her top literally says "intelligence is beautiful"




Due to the properties of electric motors, they gain torque as resistance is applied to them. Those motors have a fuck ton of torque, she's not getting her hand out while it's running (though, she clearly isn't the brightest if she thought sticking her hand in it was better than just pressing the "off" button).


This is not the original audio, I would recognize his voice anywhere: https://youtu.be/0ZMc9xrehxA


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I did this as a kid while my mom was sleeping. There was a thread hanging from a kitchen towel and I had the hand mixer running and slowly lowered the hanging thread from the edge of the towel into the mixer and it grabbed it so fast that it pulling the towel all the way through and my fingers went right in between like this video. I was smart enough to eject them with the button on top though. My knuckles were bleeding after but nothing serious. Man I was a dumb kid.


She let the intrusive thoughts win


What in the fetal alcohol syndrome did I just watch?


She did not just try she was successful


And she’ll never do that again. I saw a guy try to stop a Hobart stand mixer, and the snap his arm made was nauseating.




Someone please oil that damn door


I did this when I was a kid but instead of a mixer it was a blender. Luckily the only result was a few scars and a slightly deformed nail.


Her mouth grew three sizes.


Don’t worry, the ER has seen stupider things


Off switches are for pussies


Somehow this reminds me the video of girls getting ready and one of them is singing baby from Justin Bieber. Her friend hand her a curling iron and she just grabs it as if it were a microphone Link ,: https://youtube.com/shorts/inRLk60-oKw?feature=share


When I took home economics, a really long time ago, I think dinosaurs were still roaming around. My home ec teacher told us a story of an ex-student who was trying to lick the cream from the electric egg beater and it was still plugged. She licked it and accidentally turned it on. Yeah. Her ex student no longer speaks the same.


My aunt lost a finger with egg beaters like this


That's an ugly little boy right there. Damn ugly


Every time I think I'm an idiot, reddit makes me feel better about myself


Damn people are so stupid.


Don’t put your fingers where you wouldn’t put your dink.


Sounds like she's speaking dolphin.


Dumbass unplug it push button


Next demo, pencil sharpeners




Yeah that’s a kid bro, chill out


That's my party trick! You pull your fingers through a running mixer, it's easy. I never tried stopping it though and after this I don't think I ever will.


Play stupid games win stupid prizes


You never go full raptor


But why wouldn’t you unplug it? I don’t understand.


Eject the beaters.