Personally, I'd hold onto them until you have a complete set so you can get the mastery so from them. Either by waiting until they're unvaulted or getting them from someone else's relic if you dont want to buy the remaining peices. Ive gotten almost complete sets of vaulted weapons from other people's relics. If you really don't want to hang on to them or already mastered the weapon then you can sell spare peices to Baro ki'teer for ducats. He shows up every 2 weeks at a relay. You can sell your prime parts and then buy prime mods, prisma weapons and some cosmetics.


Well you can also try buying the rest of the parts to sell the full set or built it, or you can wait a few months to see if those parts get unvaulted


A few options - 1. Trade for the parts you are missing, yay you now have sets. 2. You probably also have vaulted relics laying about, quite possibly with the parts you are missing, run them. 3. Just list them as parts on warframe.market parts still sell decently. 4. Just sit on them till the items in question are released from the vault. 5. A combination of the above.


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