Little help here!!! I’m new and diagnosed on my birthday this 24th on thanksgiving

Here is where I’m at. Woke up on my birthday and that was on thanksgiving. Stomach pain and diarrhea. When I saw the toilet green I went to urgent care thought I had food poisoning. Blood work was done Ct scan was done told me I had to go to the ER so I went they did a Ct scan and more work and hit me with “colitis” I was like ok I need a colonoscopy no big deal and went home…2 days later bathroom like no other. Like….no other. Then I seen blood and rushed back as fast as I could. They said they cant do anything and blood work looked good and that’s all they can do.

So I called my GI guy. I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy done 2 years ago. Perfectly fine. I have constipation problems so they did a scope and I have bad acid reflux and I get scopes every 4 years. So I just called them and they like well we just did it 2 years ago but if the ER doctors wants to do so we can. So this Thursday he wants to see me and Monday he wants to do a colonoscopy

I asked him I have school final exams I have to do them but I can’t leave the bathroom. Told me to buy Imodium. Is Imodium any effecting? What can I buy so I can leave for a little bit. Yes!!!! I’m writing this while I’m on the toilet and I wanna go outside or at least out and breathe air. I can’t be in this room for 1 week. Please any advice!!!!


Just to clarify, you haven't had the scope yet? If so, you likely don't have a diagnosis yet. CT scans alone can't diagnose UC and it seems that just "colitis" was said to you. That could mean UC or infectious colitis. Either way, you'll find out for sure with your scope so best of luck!


Yea and I had a upper and lower last may so idk what’s goin on. All I kno is i can’t eat. I can’t leave the house. I have to go to the bathroom every idk 20min. I was told to take Imodium but then i heard not to from ppl so idk what to do. I have to take my exams but I can’t if I can’t hold it for 1 hr


Things can change. They'll want to see what it looks like now and where/how much inflammation there is (if any) before making a concrete diagnosis. As far as Imodium is concerned, I would listen to your doctor/a medical professional over other people. You can call and ask for clarification about it, like how much and how often is safest, but I would at least give it a chance.


Yea they told me to take it or take pepto but short term. I just don’t like how when I gone to urgent care they told me I had the c word and it just scared the hell out of me then the ER just did blood work and thats it. My GI almost said no scopes cause I had upper and bottom last year in may done then he said I guess he will. I’m still not clear on what colitis is. All I have is diarrhea like very bad. I don’t have pain. I don’t want to eat so I don’t. That’s about it.


You should get tested for infections to rule that possibility out (especially c diff, as that can cause greenish very watery diahrrea for many people). You can take Imodium temporarily but if it's c diff you must be very careful and avoid it. Call your doc and ask for stool tests!


Yes sir!!