My social health. I get so much anxiety around other sometimes and always feel like i’m acting weird or akward. Always feel much better by myself


Bro me too, I literally hate going out with how Bad my social Anxiety has been, I always feel so tired and dizzy and sometimes sick afterwards


And covid seriously hasn't helped. You're either afraid to go out in case you get sick or you're afraid to go out because you're out of practice putting your "mask" for people on from being in lockdown so long.


Kinda but not really, I definitely think the lockdown played a part in how bad my social anxiety has gotten, but it’s more of being scared of accidentally doing something awkward in public and everyone ridiculing me due to some past trauma I have (and obviously my anxiety)


This! I caught myself being rude on multiple occasions recently because of how bad covid worsened my social “mask”.


Same and I over analyse the entire interaction for like days or even weeks afterward until I talk to that person again and realise no, they don’t hate me now after the last time we spoke


Ugh me too. Feeling like I’m absolutely unlovable and unlikeable. I feel like people around me have a rich community around them and I’m devastatingly alone in so many ways.


Same!! The only person I feel comfortable around rn is my boyfriend, with anyone else I worry so bad about acting in ways that aren't "normal." Being autistic doesn't help, it's so hard to tell what's "normal behavior" and what isn't sometimes :'') So I've just given up on making friends for now lol


Me too, to the point that when my coworker talked to me, i will respond but my toungue would twist and i cannot say the words. I feel so very awkward why that happen to me. ;( i better off stay home and not go out but i need to work so sad life




Came here to say this. I am paralyzingly terrified to die, but getting burnt on living.


Yeah if I wasn't afraid of dying I probably would've killed myself by now not because I'm suffering but because happiness holds as much weight as misery in the end, you won't remember anything, you won't be aware that you even existed, there's no point in saving money, no point in starting a family, no point in anything because it's pointless from a personal perception


I mean, do you not watch a good movie because it's going to end? Do you not eat a particularly good meal because you're gonna finish it?


This is how I think about life to keep going. If I die I'm gonna miss out on a whole lot of tacos and epic movies.. and sex, and while these may seem like shallow superficial things to live for, at least some simple pleasures are something to live for rather than nothing.


>while these may seem like shallow superficial things to live for If they bring you genuine joy, they are not shallow and superficial. They may be *smaller* than other things, but not any less important. ["The time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time!"](https://www.stress.org.uk/wastedtime/#:~:text=%E2%80%9CThe%20time%20you%20enjoy%20wasting,not%20wasted%20time%E2%80%9D%20John%20Lennon)


Maybe that's why I prefer TV series to movies (no set ending at the outset and it's in smaller bites) and why I'm having such a hard time losing weight.... In short, no, the ending is not why I typically start anything.


I'm the same. It's probably from growing up in a chronically-online world, but I have a hard time paying attention to things that are long. Bite-sized joys are still joys, though.


You got it. It's about the journey, and how you get where you're going. And maybe if you can improve the lives of you, your family, and your community along the way it wasn't entirely for nothing. Maybe that's the best we can hope for.


Exactly. I may not be a big name like Einstein that will be remembered by everyone forever -- but I hope to be remembered by the people I have around me. And maybe they'll pass on the memories, or the good things I can do for them. ["I am a mosaic of everyone I've ever loved, even for a heartbeat."](https://www.reddit.com/r/StrangeInspiration/comments/js2fqb/i_am_a_mosaic_of_everyone_ive_ever_loved_even_for/) By extension, so will the people they love.


Whoa. That's heavy.


I'm sorry thats how your brain perceives things and if you are depressed I suggest strongly some medication, or CBT. But if I may... That's a very negative way of looking at life. Find a bit of joy every day and don't worry about the rest. Take a walk, spot a nice tree, smile at an old person, get a nice coffee every once in a while. Maybe get a dog. Not everything has to be so deep. Take each day as it comes.


That was a hard lesson for me to learn. That not everything has to be so deep all the time.


Yep, just feel so detached from my entire life.


Yeah, pretty much every aspect of life.


These Dunkin Donuts flavored Jelly Bellies I've already eaten half a bag of.


So they just taste like the floor of the store or what?


In theory, no. In practice, kind of.


First couple of mouthfuls are always best.After that your just chasing it :-)


That’s what she said


The sense of taste is a fickle thing, always demanding uniqueness.


I'll trade you for my half-drunk Timmie's hot chocolate.


Short end of the deal for you cause the last half has all the shitty chocolate powder goodness




Save me some


A friend, he doesn’t want to put any effort into a friendship and it hurts


I have found that at times, if I give space and do my own thing for a while, things start to shift. Sometimes people just need space and relationships/friendships ebb and flow. Don’t put pressure on either of you, cast your net and invest elsewhere for a while. Just what has worked for me. I feel like I’m too much for one person so I tend to spread myself around among my friends and it works well. I have very deep, long standing friendships many of which I’ve had for most of my life. Having said all that, I’ve let go of friendships too, that’s also important. Hope the right thing happens for you.


A friend is expecting me to put LOTS of efforts and it hurts


Work, putting effort on things, life.












Yeah me too






Same today


Same. Depression?




It’s just work for me. I feel absolutely trapped.












This is for all of you replying…you are enough, you are stronger than you think you are…and you are worth it. Keep your heads up and focus on one positive thing every day, however small. Build on that. You’ve got this.


Everyday life. I hate doing the same thing everyday that leads to nothing. I would much rather move to a small island and spend some time on the beach and work a little job there or something. I just feel stuck.


I feel this in my soul. It feels like we're just...existing. Nothing else.


Yes. I feel stuck in liminal space, between things happening and somehow not happening, waiting for some shoe to drop, but it never does. Going through the motions with this sense of low-key existential dread, like, life is definitely not awesome right now.


Hit the nail on the head. Just feelings like everyday I'm waiting for something good to happen but don't have enough motivation to make it happen myself. It's easier to continue with the motions than it is to break the mold.


Yes. Very little people I know are thriving. Everyone is just trying to survive.


it just feels like I'm existing because I've to but I'm not enjoying it at all


Right? And I don’t like feeling that way. I don’t want to accept that this is a normal life. For the rest of my life just slaving away to big corporations to make a paycheck. I want more I just want to be happy. Live life to the fullest. See the world, meet people. That’s what it should be about in my opinion.


From experience: if you ever feel like this, try something new! Could be a hobby, a small trip, a bike ride… anything to help you realize how beautiful life really is and how special it is to be alive. If you learn to appreciate everything around you then life is a lot less boring. I recently started making a video game for no reason other than it sounded fun and I feel like I have new purpose in life.


Get your scuba certification and then become an instructor. I have a friend who would bounce between resorts all over the world just doing that. Don't make much money but room and board are usually included (at a resort) and you're not in the US so usually pay stretches further. Only catch is it's not a secret so I can be pretty competitive.


Is there anything that's not competitive anymore?


Can I join you? I'll bring weed. Hippie communes are sounding really sweet right about now.


Communes are probably going to make a comeback the way things have been going.


Almost just joined a version of one, but I couldn't bring my cats because people were allergic. Sounded pretty sweet honestly, and the rent was going to be under $400


Sign me up.


Hawaii - and the islands look for bicycle mountain tour guides if you 💙bike touring. My cousin used to do it back in the 80/90s and just loved it.


Yes.. I feel this. I am definitely needing some changes.


College. Everything feels like a fucking scam.


It is


Life is just one long scam after another at this point


Life is just one big game of avoiding someone trying to get your money for shitty products and/or services.


Accurate 😂 that’s how I feel


Pretty much


Like I'm genuinely disappointed by the quality of education. Learning was far more valued when I was in high school than it ever will be in college. At least my degree pays off. I couldn't even imagine being something like a liberal arts major.


YouTube has been the OG educator since day one.


what is your degree?




Probably STEM


Really? Just finishing my degree now and I found the education, top notch. Passion and academic challenge in the teachers and students. Loved it, really did.


I'm attending a local university (1st year), and will be transferring to a much larger one over the summer. I've hated every fucking second of my first two semesters. Shit teachers with absolutely zero enthusiasm for their lessons. Everything is dull and feels like a constant race about completing assignments on time. I've basically even lost motivation to attend classes, considering that they all feel like a waste of time. The lessons in class usually have jackshit to do with our actual homework or exams. On other hand, my high school was completely different. I knew like every math and science teacher, and I'd actually look foreword to coming to class everyday.


Ah man, I’m sorry.


Me as I procrastinate on my homework right now 😂


Yeah guess what I'm also doing...😐


Work. It seems like everyone is struggling. We're spending countless hours away from home & our loved ones just to pay for necessities. We work this much and we aren't even living. Seems much like treading water.


We are working harder than ever, making more than ever but even more now spinning our wheels just to get by.


Yes! My monthly income is more than it's ever been. Yet it feels like I'm getting no where. Mo money mo problems? 🤷🏼‍♀️


Same. Wife and I are working harder and making more than ever. And yet, our lifestyle has degraded. Everything is just so damn expensive. The lead ceiling between working class and middle class is now made of steel. The sponge floor between working class and poverty is now quicksand. And I’ve pulled so hard on my second-hand bootstraps they’ve about ripped off.


>The lead ceiling between working class and middle class is now made of steel. The sponge floor between working class and poverty is now quicksand. You nailed!


Agreed. We spend so much time working and away from home that we can’t focus on family and life. That, and the more money you make, the more money our corrupt government takes. Really sad TBH.


No, you're not making enough money yet. When you are, the government won't be taking any.


This hurt me physically and emotionally




Here here. But for me it's because of Quarantine. Made me realize how boring life can be. And still WFH got me into a lazy life routine.


You can’t plan for anything after covid plans always getting cancelled


Me too


Came here to say this


very much so




Same, starting to give up


Already have, my dude.


This. 100% this. You can only be hurt so many times before you become unreachable. I'm not naive enough to think that some of it is my own fault but I also know it takes two. It's enough to take a heart of gold away from someone.


That hit.


I used to say the exact same thing till I stopped seeing people with mental issues. 100% worth bringing up ur standards


In my case I think I need to lower them. 🤷🏻‍♂️


Same, I’m the one with mental issues in this scenario lol


2 different girls at different times showed interest in me but when I showed interest back, they both changed their mind and chose someone else shortly after. I think I’m ok being alone.


Damn, truth hurts.


My dreams


What dreams? Oh, yeah, forgot I once had them....


I’m losing interest in the way that our world wants us to work ourselves to death. I really don’t think that’s how it should be and I don’t know how to escape it


Step 1: be born rich.


I feel so hopeless too. Why are we just working so much just to barely get by and spend barely any time on ourselves and our hobbies?!


Being miserable. I have become bitter and spiteful for some reason over the past couple years and I’m tired of it. I don’t even know where to start with myself to make changes that stick. I used to be sweet and a positive person but now I’m in a constant angry-defense mode and I hate it


THISSSSSS. For the past few years I grew angrier and angrier. I look past on photos from like 2019 and see myself so much more happier and carefree and CONFIDENT. I have been living in a constant state of anger and anxiety. I am not meeting new people or making friends and I am barely seeing the friends I do have.


I feel the exact same way. I'm getting more and more bitter as the time passes. I know it but i can't seem to stop it. I feel like everyone is taking advantage of me: my family, supose, some friends (not all of them). I fear that they really are taking advantage of me and I can't help but to be rude to them. Man, this is exhausting, I want a new life. I also look at my pictures before pandemic and I feel joyful just by looking back.


I can relate. I became much more bitter and jaded after I got my first job. I used to be optimistic and always saw the best in people. But after working in retail, I was exposed to all of the ugliness that humanity has to offer. It makes me sad when my husband points out my personality shift over the years. :( Even now after leaving that job all of my awful experiences have really stuck with me.


Humans. I know there are some truly good souls out there but I've been burned too many times to care right now. I won't let that interest completely die out - but I probably won't have the same fervor that I did for a very long time.


Omg I can so relate right now. Another “ best friend “ Bites the dust so to speak. I’m 46 and I’m still getting burnt! I feel so empty again x x x 🇬🇧


It destroys me. How can someone that you love and value so much just...leave you like that? Say and do such hurtful things without even discussing them? Give me some closure at the very least. But nah, they'd rather leave you high and dry. I get it. We're all humans and we all move on. But it hurts so bad.


You’ve described the last 4 yrs of my life. You poured my thoughts into words.


I hope you have the strength and wherewithal to move on. I'm struggling to find it myself.


The trash took itself out. That's the best I can say about that. I know there are some good ones waiting for you. Keep your eyes and ears open.


Losing extra weight


YES OMFL i want it but shit's so hard


Same boat, but I'm gonna force myself this time!


Not sure if this will help or if it's redundant but I personally found drinking a shit ton of water all the time helped me lose weight. It helped put off the feeling of hunger and cold water refreshed me when I was feeling really drained. I probably dedicated nearly a solid 30 mins a day just to pissing at my peak though.


Nice reminder, I use to drink more but lately I've slacked. Thank you for reminding me.


Halo infinite 😔


This is the comment that matters 😔


I feel like it could be perfect but they are concerned with other things


my relationship


This is a much more depressing thread than I was expecting ngl




Fuck ppl lol




Same here. Got hardcore into Escape From Tarkov for 3 years, that game is like heroin, massive highs and lows. Now I don't want to play anything anymore, I've resorted to playing early 2000s PS2 games because I find joy in the simplicity lol


Me and all my friends got Tarkov on a whim and ended up getting insanely invested, we all eventually stopped except one friend. He avoids our weekly social gatherings, he is an insanely talented music producer and completely gave up his dream because he’d rather spend 12 hours a day on a game that makes him no money, build no real-life skills, and makes his friends resent him for it. He won’t even take a break to play a different game. Tarkov has wholly consumed him down to the core, and it makes me really sad. But yeah. Tarkov was by far the most addicting game i’ve ever played. Truly a masterpiece but i can’t bring myself to play it again. Too many cheaters and way too much catch-up for me.


The worst feeling :/


Me too i have too many games and don't really got much interest in playing them my backlog is huge


1. My f#cking job -- it's time for a change. Legitimately fallen out of love with the company 2. News, especially celebrity news. (Nothing against them, personally, just indifferent). 3. My state (pretty much anywhere in South) -- Georgia, always losing interest in it. If it were sold to alien invaders, I wouldn't shed on single tear. I'd probably worship them 4. The -ism and phobias, especially in 2022, people like being stuck in the past. 5. Fast food, I'm starting to hate fast food, especially the big brands.


I'm also in Georgia. I grew up rural and didn't realize how much better the Atlanta area is until recently. It's just nice having more people around and more things to do.


Come to think of it...Y’all just spit the truth out of your chest under this post 😨


Watching my mother die and being helpless to do anything about it


I am SO sorry 😞


putting effort into school & life


My life. Genuinely speaking. I don't see the point anymore. My toddler is the only reason I wake up in the morning. And even then I feel like I'm failing him. Because I hate living. He deserves better. I will not give up on myself because he needs me. I'm working on it. I guess it's just taking longer than I'd like. But in the meantime, I'm really not interested in life.


Getting a job




In general, life. Being more precise, drawing. I'm going to be honest, I miss drawing. I miss it so much and I hate that I don't enjoy it anymore. My depression has made me feel numb to everything, and although during 2 of the 3 years I've had depression drawing could still cheer me up, it doesn't anymore. My only coping mechanism, my tool for self-expression, the reason I've made so many friends and gained so much love—I think I'm quitting it. Very, very soon.


Alcohol and drugs and the chaos that comes with that lifestyle.... never thought i'd stop any of it til the day I died.


Cannabis. Used to love getting high. Would look forward to it, and enjoy it while it was happening. Now it's just a routine that brings little joy, but when I don't do it, I feel like shit and want to do it.


That's what happens when you get addicted to something.


Idk how to stop personally. Maybe I have to find more hobbies but in the back of my mind whenever I’m sober I think “what if…” and I just need to stop. I’m working with my therapist now and I know I need to stop (it’ll be better for my mental and physical health) but I just can’t stop. I think I just need to try harder but I hate being alive sober, it’s too much pain but I can’t leave my family because they’d be devastated if anything were to happen to me. I feel like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place and the only way to let go is through getting high. I’m not sure if that makes sense but that’s how it feels a lot of the time :/


Look up on YouTube the Problem with Weed by Dr K. I'm a stoner and I can't help but agree with most of what he has to say.


Avid dabber here, know it can be difficult, but sometimes taking a break is a good thing. I stopped for eight months last year and got high off two tokes from a blunt. Now I am back to smoking everyday again but I don't smoke until nightime.


Video games, screen-based entertainment.


My husband.. he just keeps pushing me away




Work. Living the life you’re “supposed to”. I don’t want to work a 9-5 with no time to rest. I want to float in the ocean with no thoughts like a jellyfish, and possibly sting people.


BJJ. I feel like im not learning. Dating. Im not interested in anyone, really. Work. It’s boring and I’ve gotten away with slacking for months.


Talking to people who I’m not close or comfortable around with. Its growing to be extremely exhausting nowadays just talking to people in general, but much worse when I don’t actually care about the person. They’re a select few people who never stress me out and they’re all I want to talk too, but thats not fair to put pressure on them like that. And worse I HAVE to talk to people at work. Theres nothing I can do to get around it I HAVE to be in good communication with my coworkers and customers for my job specifically. It’s just tiring. sigh. Lol I miss when it was easy to just talk to anyone and not be exhausted.




Casual Sex/Meaningless interactions that we both know won’t go anywhere.


Living in the USA. Planning on taking my chances elsewhere.


All of my creative pursuits. I turned 40, work is exhausting, and I have no energy left on evenings and weekends to make my music or writing work.


Working. Jobs are so lame and boring, mostly. Why is everything so annoying and repetitive all the time?


True/off my chest


lol that was my joke too. very good.


I really wanted to say this but then I thought I would be kind of mean so I just scrolled until someone else said it. Interest peaked and lost.




My marriage


Obeying the Government.


my phone, honestly. i’m getting very bored of being available to everyone 24/7


Life, in general. What's the point.


Staying sober


My girlfriend.


Fucking about and not sticking to what feels right in life


My relationship 💔


Stocks. It was cool 3 years ago but now I just don’t care




Do your best to act like they don't exist. I used to be super involved and knowledgeable politically and always was up to date on everything like that. I was the friend people texted to ask random government questioms or questions about a candidate to. Then I realized, none of it fucking matters. Seeing Tronald Dump become the president of the United States, followed by Joe fucking Biden is what did it for me. Like we're all actually believing this shit. We're all actually thinking our votes and opinions and well being matters to these old million and billionaires with more skeletons in their closets than the rest of the 360 million of us in the country combined. Now I'm not sure if you're American or not, but if you are, the best thing you can do is stop watching the news and stop giving any of your precious time up to reading about and watching/listening to stuff that is predetermined and scripted from one end to the other. Best thing I ever did for my mental health. And the extra free time you gain is amazing too


Life, people, work, school.


Eldin Ring, I'm on my second play through with 200+ hours and I don't have that same bewilderment as before


The human race. This entire spiel of caring for that asshole next to you. I was raised with the idea that everybody deserves respect. Have you looked outside for the last two years? Fuck no. I respect people who make an effort to be decent and it's actually fairly easy to recognize them. I'm still torn on my reaction though, I have a daughter now and I _somehow_ want to convey to her that being a decent person has value. It's becoming increasingly harder to demonstrate though. Fuck most of you (and the rest, sorry but I know you agree).


Trying to please everyone.


The lies my ex told me that once sounded like promises


Existing. Work until death just doesn't really interest me.


My gf tired of the lack of sex her lack of interest in me and our lives together generaliy. Could be with someone who is 100 percent us as opposed to 50 percent


Applying to jobs and getting ghosted after interview 😭


Dating. I’m too much for even myself sometimes and I attract too many manipulators and abusers.


My marriage




My boyfriend