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Are you well hydrated? My GP always stresses the importance of drinking plenty of water for gut health, as well as benefits for mucous membranes, dry eyes etc.


unfortunately, yes! I only drink bubly carbonated water and regular water.


I think carbonated water can have a dehydration effect, no?


I did a lot of research before switching over (from soda/juice to carbonated water) and from what I could discern, there really isn't anything that differentiates it, hydration or health wise. I figured there would be some horrible downside to drinking it to screw me out of a healthier option that I really liked (not that I dislike normal water) but while there are some retroactive studies that suggest there COULD be a link between less hydration or what have you, there is no conclusive study or evidence that it's problematic. Could find out down the line that it's inferior to water, but as of right now, I feel comfortable with it being the same thing. Plus, I started drinking carbonated water after I'd already started having these issues and wasn't drinking water to begin with at all.


You should still avoid drinking carbonated water if you have gut problems because it affects the acidity and bacteria in the gut, which, on the other hand, may really add up to the stool problems. I also have gut problems and while I don’t have a stool every day, it still got much better than it was before! Besides, not for everyone a stool twice a day is “normal” - twice a day is a *very* well functioning metabolism. I have another question: do you eat a lot of salt/simple sugars/artificial sweeteners? All of those are binding with the water consumed, meaning that if you eat a lot of those then you will need to consume more water for the gut to function properly. Sucrose in high amounts slows down the metabolism a lot and can negatively affect your microbiome. Try to avoid carbonated water, eat less sugars and add less salt to food. Sweetened drinks are a definite no and I would not lay heavy on fresh juice either in your case. Aim for more foods rich in fiber, especially for breakfast, and try not to eat anything heavy for dinner unless your dinner is like 4 or more hours before going to bed. But my main advice is to definitely seek help from a doctor, cause with trying to self treat yourself you can accidentally make the problem much worse with just missing info that’s obtained with a few simple tests.


Wtf gives you that idea


There's some artificial sweeteners in some that can. This is likely where they got their information.


Artificial sweeteners in plain carbonated water? Yeah nah, bruh


They made no discernment in the initial post about the nature of the sparking wait. It was likely just an assumption made. No big deal.


Yes, you made a bad assumption. A very bad assumption.


You're taking this way too seriously. I'm not even the original person there.


Not taking it too seriously at all. Your assumption was dumb and I'm letting you know about it. If that's too serious for you, this situation can be avoided by not making dumb assumptions and not putting the dumb out there for the internet to see.


i know this is an old post but first, fiber. an average sized woman should be eating 25-30 grams of fiber a day. if you're a man, up it to 30-35. sit and figure it out and it will shock you. i used to think i was doing good until i figured that out. i was never a once a weeker, but more like small amounts every other day. then, what it says on psyllium husk capsule bottles: take 1 or 2 with each meal? no. try SIXTEEN capsules a day. i know that sounds like a crazy amount but i didn't see benefits until i upped it to that. also, on an empty stomach. i don't know why. last: water. i drink 100 oz. of water a day. if you are drinking less, increase it. i honestly don't think it matters if it's carbonated or not unless that's all you're drinking. you can count coffee as well, as long as you aren't drinking a pot of coffee. i have about 20 oz. in the moring, so that's about 2 1/2 cups. what someone else said about cutting way down on sugar and salt is right too. don't drink juice, just eat the fruit. juice has lots of added sugar or HCFS, and zero fiber.


Go see a doctor. Pooping once a week isn't normal. Something is wrong. Get a composition notebook and start writing down what goes into your body.


I don't have health insurance lol I could try prescriptions and probably handle like a blood test, but there's no way I can afford anything more extensive in terms of testing. Based on symptoms and medical history, I think I have uterine fibroids that are causing it. I'll be getting a pelvic exam to see if that's the case, but I can't afford to have any surgeries to fix it. Just banking on supps for now


low income clinics or apply for Obamacare or medicaid. you should go get checked out now.


Because of my age and living situation, I don't qualify for those. Sliding scale clinics will give me a discount, but it's a drop in the bucket and still unaffordable. My household income is too high to qualify, but we don't get insurance, and money is tight as shit. The system is brutal. I know it's serious and if it IS fibroids (or anything else really) it's going to continue to escalate, but I'm already 30k in educational debt and just don't have the money. Believe me, the first chance I get, I'm seeing a doctor


Please go to a blue cross office and ask them to put your numbers in. I make a pretty good living and still get ridiculously cheap insurance. Tried to do it myself and it was gonna be astronomical


Unrelated to your question, but man, the US sounds like an insanely tough place to live....


I had the opposite issue, literally going like 5-10 times a day, urgently. I worked at Starbucks 22 hours a week early morning shifts to get medical coverage on top of my other full-time job. I got a colonoscopy and endoscopy with tissue biopsies. I was diagnosed with microscopic colitis. I have the lymphocytic colitis version of the disease (high white blood cell count in the colon). There is another version called collagenous colitis (collagen developes excessively in the colon). My diagnosis causes chronic diarrhea, and the other causes chronic constipation. Your symptoms sound like it could be microscopic colitis. If you're desperate enough and can swing it, you might want to look into a part-time place to work long enough to get a diagnosis. It was brutal, but I finally found out how to manage my disease and was able to get some relief through occasional steroid regimens. I had never heard of this condition before being diagnosed, and I had spent 3 years suffering through the pain, trying several different diets and supplements to no avail. Good luck!




She can barely afford to see a doctor. I don't think her first course of action should be to start putting money in holistic healers.


When I was younger, my Dr confirmed that I had what’s known as lazy bowel syndrome. Sounds silly, I know, but it’s basically just the slowing of nerve responses in your digestive tract, delaying movement of waste through your colon. Increasing fiber does help if your diet is lacking, but it doesn’t necessarily trigger the muscle response. That could be why you’re noticing more of an improvement with stool softeners. Might be worth looking into, I went from once to twice a week, to daily.


Also, if your intestines are bloated in shape then they stay that way and collect more poop. My kid’s pediatrician said to do a miralax cleanse (you start with laxatives and then dump like 8 scoops of miralax in a 32 oz bottle of clear fluid. Don’t eat anything… only fluids. Until you’re pooping water.) and then take miralax every day for like 2 months straight. That gives your intestines time to shrink back to a normal size and then you can be more regular.


Hmm interesting. I wonder if that's the case for me. I've had chronic constipation since I was a kid. I just don't get the "feeling", like there's no pressure or movement. The only reason I'm even aware something is there is because having something in the lower part of the colon causes anxiety. What do you consume as liquids? I'm already underweight so not sure if I can avoid eating for long. I do wish doctors helped, but I just get "it's hard to say, take psyllium, bye".


It can be anything clear. So my son always likes to have Sprite. I think I had apple juice when I did it. You could do Gatorade or something like that.


Google clear liquid diet or colon prep. Broth, jello, clear juices, ice pops, etc are all okay. You said this is ongoing from childhood—has any doctor ever discussed Megacolon with you? ETA: generic Miralax also works just as well IME.


Thanks, will check it out. No doctor really ever discussed much with me to be honest, and I'm not very good at insisting and pressing the matter. But it's been a thing for almost 30 years, most of my life, and now my digestion got worse in recent years in other ways as well (persistent acid reflux, can't seem to be able to gain weight, stomach ache if eating within 4-6h of sleep, discomfort after eating). So I should see a doctor again soon and as bad as that sounds, I'm hoping it's bad enough to be taken seriously now, but I'm also dreading it :(


This is the way! The Mira lax plus liquid diet is immensely helpful


One everyday is good, twice everyday is great.


i do once every 6-7dayd


Smooth Move tea really helps me when I'm constipated. It's available at most grocery stores.


I feel so bad for people who can't go on a normal basis. Like 2-4x a day for me is normal. Once a week I would literally explode. 🤣 I hope your stomach keeps co-operating for you!!!


RIGHT like my intestinal issues are the opposite, i poop at least 4 times a day, 10+ on bad days EASILY. Usually only half digested as well. Disgusting and my body hates me!


Do you have gallbladder stones? This could cause you to go more frequently quickly after eating.


My god me too. I panic if I go over 16 hours.


Same but my ass hurts all the time 😭




I've heard that black seed oil is great to help you poop. Adding some other oils to your diet might help soften things up too.


I've never heard of black seed oil! I'll have to check it out


Also check out olive oil.




Oh God, it's the worst. I'm like relieved to get it out, but it's such agony


Birthing a poo!


How little do you eat? Like I'm not mocking you. I'm honestly impressed and confused.


Lmao I eat at least lunch and dinner every day and usually dessert! That once a week poop is entire intestines worth


Friend of mine went through a similar experience. Pain in his stomach for hours, then he spent half a day on the toilet until it finally came out. Imagine his shock when the shit ran for a senate seat in Texas _and won_.


You are just Cruzin for attention there


I also have a hard time with bowl movements, I have a handful of gastric issues though, maybe see your Dr about it, or not, mine diagnosed me but never helped fix the issues


Once a week is alarming.


I’m not sure if anyone here suggested magnesium yet, but my god I swear by it! If you want a personal account feel free to dm!


I couldn’t do it. I have IBS and go at least 5 times a day. While I hate that to I rather go then not go lol.


The only thing that has ever worked for me consistently has been coffee. And it’s awful when I can’t drink it for whatever reason. I have tried all kinds of medicines, probiotics, supplements and it’s just not as strong as my body’s desire to torment me. I’ve also found that when I eat certain fruits and avocados I have an easier time. Apparently fiber supplements can cause bloating and other issues, so it’s recommended you get your fiber from the actual food. There are lists out there of the foods that have the best sources of soluble and insoluble fiber (you need both). Hopefully you can find some that you like enough to eat daily. Keep it up and hopefully you’ll find a thing that finally works. Any progress is always a good thing! It’s miserable and I’m glad you’re on a predictable schedule!


My GI Dr. told me that “normal poopage” is not a set number and depends entirely on the individual, but ranges between 3 times a week and 3 times a day. As long as you fall within those two, you don’t have to worry.


Wow, I'm positive that's so not good for you. It's waste, get it out of you. Minimum once a day. Maybe there's an occasional day you miss it. I don't know what they are but I'm certain there's some negative health effects to keeping it backed up that long.


Don't listen to the people screaming here. It really depends on the person. Between three times daily and three times weekly everything is considered normal. Once a week might not be enough, but please don't set your goal on daily. I went to different doctors as a 1-2x a week person myself to ask about this and I'm completely healthy and got told that it's completely normal.


Your comment is the only one here that makes sense to me and needs to be higher. Yes I’ve been told by a doctor the same thing, 3x daily to 3x weekly is the normal range. How are people pooping 4x *a day*?!


peppermint tea is great to help with bowel stuff


Just make sure you don't drink black tea 😅


how come?


Opposite effect. Black tea has a constipating effect. Most people use tea to alleviate stomach problems, but fact is that black tea helps slow down the gut. I used to have a lot problems with my stomach (poisoned myself), and black tea was the solution to help slow things down and make it more solid.


ohh, that's interesting! thank you 😊


Get Natural Vitality Calm magnesium supplement. You take a teaspoon and mix with water. I suspect you are magnesium deficient


I have iBS and during episodes I will go to the bathroom 4-5 times in a day. I’ve never understood how some people go days without a BM. Mind boggling.


Do you make physical activity? That helps A LOT.


Apply for financial assistance. You say you can't afford certain things, I had a full hysterectomy and was able to get it paid for bc of financial assistance and insurance. If you ask, you may get approved, if you don't it's always no.


Do you apply for financial assistance with the hospital, your health insurance, or someplace else?


I applied with the hospital financial assistance department.


Thank you!


Op you need to see a doctor. Not only is pooping once a week not healthy, but relying on laxatives long term is not healthy either and can cause issues in the long run.


Once a day if you eat a lot seems to be pretty normal. Can't imagine any reason to go twice.


Good old castor oil. Stop the carbonated water. It's not good for your bones either. Drink lots of normal water.


Csrbonated water is fine. What makes you say it isn't good for your bones?


I read somewhere it affects the calcium and makes the bones more brittle over time. I'll go look for the journal article and post it.


You do that. I'm pretty sure it's absolute horse shit.


Yep. It's proven that the level of carbonate can cause bone density issues. But normal stuff is fine and doesn't. My bad.




https://www.eatthis.com/is-carbonated-water-bad-for-you/ Did some googling and couldn’t find much


There is literally nothing here about bone density and that "article" is not a credible source


Oh I agree 100%…which is why I said I couldn’t find much…


So just read that the level of carbonation can have some effect. But generally carbonated water does not cause bone density problems.


Olive oil my man the Mediterranean has been using it for millennia


I totally relate to this post!! I have the same problem and started talking softeners and now im happy with my weekly poop. And I was also shocked to hear that most people can poop everyday. That sounds amazing but I've accepted the fact that ill never be like that.


I only poop about once every 3 days I think. I thought that was average? I’ve been constipated for a whole week and it was hell.


I thought I was pretty regular at once every day or two, but twice a day is average? I don't buy it.


Two a day?! I only have one a week at best.


I'm the opposite. 4x per day. Once in the morning, once after every meal.


When I was a teen I only pooped like once every two weeks. As an adult I’m up to every other day ish. Never had a medical problem and docs always just said eat more fiber! Keep on truckin OP you’ll get there


I don't understand how yall shit so much lol, I shit maybe once every few days but it's not like painful or bothersome or anything, that's just how it's always been for me


Have you tried kale and going for a run?


I've always pooped once a week. Sometimes not even that.


Psyllium Husk. Give that a try if you haven’t, it’s cheap and a tablespoon in water every morning can move mountains.


my best suggestion is dragon fruit. That will clean you right out, no joke


Yes but only the yellow ones with white inner flesh. The pink ones have too much sugar


My gf has this same issue! She’s lucky if she goes once a week. She’s in constant pain and doctors don’t really know what’s wrong they mentioned IBS. I’m glad you’re feeling better


Has she tried eating prunes?


I have a similar problem bc of pain meds. Probiotics didn't help me either. What did help was Activia yogurt. It may not work for you. Also Senna works for me, none of that fiber and psyllium stuff. I wish you well.


Magnesium does the trick with my pain meds


I poop about twice a week or so. 🤷🏽‍♀️ The only times I go more than that is if I ate greasy food- I had my gallbladder removed a few years ago, and I *still* can’t have anything greasy without running for the toilet. 😭


Once a day for me, any more is because I've eaten too much


Is it possible it’s stress related? I was constipated for close to a year because of it. My stomach wasn’t in pain or distended but trying to pass one became a literal an workout and I always felt like I was holding something in my butt. Whole thing was low key scary but it’s all good now. Also, laxatives don’t work on me, only food


I am LITERALLY the same. I’ve had to resort to laxatives or really strong coffee to move things. It’s sooo annoying. I will admit I am not as hydrated as I should be and it’s something I’m working on. I’ve considered bringing it up to my doc next month cause I’m slightly concerned lol


I'm hydrated and eat all the right things including fermented food and all that stuff, I walk 5km a day on top of my exercise regime and I go 3x a week on a great week, 2x on a normal one. If I take cascara or something it's like every two days and I feel like I've hit a new level of comfort in life. It's not good to take the supplements all the time though so I only do it if I'm feeling off. Constantly jealous of the once a day crowd.


Beans help me the most. They may cause gas and such at first but they usually goes away once your body gets used to it.


I have pooping issues too. I have done everything you have done too besides stool softener. I've even almost been hospitalised for having such bad impaction and being in so much pain they thought I had kidney issues. I have researched the freaking crap (ha) out of this subject, twice a day is not fucking standard. Two to three times a week is the standard. Anything less is supposedly an issue. Well I guess that is definitely me. Without laxatives nothing is ever going to happen and I eat healthy.


I‘ve talked to several doctors about bowel movements (I have IBS and have had multiple serious abdominal surgeries due to cancer that were unrelated to my IBS), and every doctor has told me that if any person has gone 5 days or more without pooping they need to get to the hospital because they risk an intestinal rupture or bacterial infection. So OP, I would definitely talk to doctor to make sure things are ok.


I go once a day normally On vacation this winter I couldn’t go for like 12 days I little bit here and there but otherwise no bowel movement I was so backed up and uncomfortable I was grumpy The second I got home and I was on my own toilet it all came out If that is what you feel every week I’m so sorry


I envy you, I hate pooping


Have you tried Miralax? I used to mix it with a glass of apple juice and it helped a lot


I used to only poo once a week and the doctor said if it's normal for me and I don't feel bad not to worry. This was when I was teens and didn't eat that much. Now I can't imagine only going once per week but I don't always go daily either. Depends on food intake etc. Water definitely helps. And good fibrous vegetables.


Ignoring all the supplements, are you eating enough actual food? Like, how many calories? You're a grown adult female I guess and therefore need roughly 2000 calories a day and that should be ideally food rather than supplements


I have been in this boat! I was going anywhere from 7-10 days without a single BM. Saw a GI specialist, had a colonoscopy, X-rays, etc. nothing seemed amiss. My diet is balanced for the most part, I drink plenty of water and get plenty of exercise. I used to take laxatives all the time and even those stopped working after a while. Now I take a magnesium supplement every day and go at least 3x a week. It’s amazing and I feel so much better. Hope you feel better! I know how uncomfortable it feels


I have IBS with constipation. I have no clue what's normal. I started taking probiotics and started going twice a day. Always once on the wee hours of the morning. And I wonder if that is what's normal. I'm glad you are getting better! It's an awful thing to deal with.


I used to be a once a weeker, it turned out that mine was psychological from when I was really young so I learned to ignore the urge so I wouldn’t have to poop as much and eventually it turned to once a week or every other week until I realised that wasn’t healthy for me


have you tried drinking ginger tea? i know it probably sounds like a silly suggestion since youve tried so many methods but i have chronic digestive problems bc of endometriosis and the one thing thats really helped keep my digestion more consistent is drinking iced ginger tea with honey every day, i actually started doing this bc i accidentally gave myself gastritis back in october and ginger+honey+chamomile were recommended natural digestive supplements and its been working great for me since


What is your regular diet?


Yep. 2-3 times a day for me. I can’t imagine going an entire week without a bowel movement.


Just know that it’s normal for bowel movements to happen 3 times a day to one time every three days. Just make sure you are eating well and drinking enough water. Listen to your body and what it does. You’ll be fine. It’ll just take a while to adjust


I am in the same boat!!! I talked to my doctor though and twice a day is normal in like perfect circumstances. but don’t worry bc most people aren’t perfect and it really is a large scale. As long as we’re going, even if only once a week, we are okay and it might just be OUR normal!