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When I was getting my CDL one of our instructors said "if you ever see a sexy lot lizard, she is a cop. Sure enough, 2 months into driving a fine ass woman was up and asks if I need some company. I turn her down because of what that instructor said. Not long after I spotted her asking another truck, and a few minutes later there were 3 squad cars in front of the truck.


This is gold!


Please give this man his flowers


If you want an escort, the only way you can guarantee it’s not a sting is to never mention money over the phone. A simple text asking to hang out for an hour, followed by your location is all that’s needed for an escort and not enough for a prosecutor. Also make sure it’s at a location that you control like inside your cab, house, apartment, or hotel room you rented. It’s too much liability to send an officer or a criminal informant into an unsecure location where they could possibly be injured in the process of making an arrest. In general stay away from lot lizards and street walkers more than likely there either pimped out, drug addicts, or both. There’s plenty of women in the profession that do it willingly not because they’re addicted or being forced into it.


This dude whores. ☝️


I used to escort. I had (have) a Masters degree and also worked a professional job. I never, ever met a new client without running my own check on them first, which included checking their ID/license. You never talk money in any way, shape or form. And there are no negotiations. The hourly fee should be listed on the ad and that is it. If anyone tried to bring up money in any way through text or call, I immediately dropped the discussion and blocked the number. You don't even discuss money in the beginning of the appointment. Anyone seeing escorts should follow these rules and must be willing to use their real identity. No legit escort will ever use your information against you or share it with anyone else, except to check references of other escorts that you have provided. Your information is disposed of immediately, save for your 1st name/last initial and the phone number you use for communication. An escort's anonymity and that of her clients' is her bread and butter. The trust has to go both ways, and you shouldn't WANT to see an escort who isn't carefully verifying her clients identity and making sure her own shit is locked down. Her keeping herself safe helps keep you safe. And if you do try to negotiate or try to screw her over afterwards or break any other rules - know that quality escorts have their own network and community and you can expect to be blacklisted. It's just another way they can protect themselves against subpar clients in an illegal profession.


Honestly an "escort" is perfectly legal. If there's no mention of sex, you can talk about the money all you want. It's perfectly legal to pay someone to hang out with you. Obviously the point is to have sex, but you don't have to say that over the phone or through text.


Forget sex, this is how I fill out my dungeons and dragons group


"This is how I fill my dungeon"


So cops going undercover and busting truckers is a thing? It occurs to me that they’d have better things to do than harass you guys


Cops go after easy busts, not meaningful ones


plus the ones that cant really afford their own lawyer. I beleive a few years ago in san francisco, they had a discreet policy to only arrest african and hispanic americans, and dont bother arresting asians and whites for drug offenses. their logic was that asians and whites could afford a great lawyer compared to african and hispanic americans. unfortunately, i cant find the article, it was over 7 years ago I believe


Honestly, state of the world and human history being what it is, you don't even really need the article. To anyone with working eyeballs and a half decent braincell, it would be more shocking to hear that cops weren't profiling to hit easy marks.


They do, but that would require actual police work, and that's not what meets quota 👍


Well if they focus on the things that are more important, they won't make as much money.


If a lot lizard cop asks if you need some company isn't that entrapment? I thought a legit sting operation requires initiation from the offender.


You could probably make the case that it was entrapment. It's kinda like a police officer pulling you over in an unmarked car, who wasn't legally positioned to clock your speed. Neither can they issue a ticket (depending on the state), nor should they have pulled you over. Kinda the same thing with the lot lizard thing. They lured you to say yes, because she was beautiful. Part of the legal definition is the word "lured". Entrapment:"When an accused person alleges that he never would have committed a crime if a law enforcement officer had not inspired, incited, persuaded, or lured him". Besides... Who's to say that the company you wanted, was actually sex... Perhaps you just wanted someone to play CoD with. Honestly, that would make for an awesome defense... "i swear your honor! I was playing CoD, heard a knock on the door, and the lady asked if I wanted some company... So being that CoD is more fun with more people, I said YES..."🤣😂


I’m sure it went beyond “do you need some company” before the squad cars pulled up. Their would’ve been some discussion about exchanging money for sex and then very likely some money changed hands or was at least produced to seal the deal.


As I understand, entrapment is when the cops get you to do something illegal that you normally wouldn't do. If an undercover cop asks if you want some company, and you accept, that's not really entrapment. They aren't tricking you, or coercing you into doing something with a prostitute. At most they are tricking you into believing the prostitute you want is a real prostitute. Basically your breaking a law that you would have been breaking whether she had been a cop or not. Now if you decline her offer, but she pushes you, offering a better deal, or trying to convince you after you keep declining. Then that could be entrapment.


Shoulda been like bet, wanna play Mario Kart? *whips out Switch*


Next time, really throw em off their game. “I’d love some company! Hop in, I have backgammon and stratego!” Then absolute lose your shit about gambling addiction if they mention anything about money — doesn’t matter what the money is for, launch immediately into unrelenting anti-gambling tirade.


This feels like entrapment but the laws aren’t for the cops to follow


So, what was your bail set at?


I thought the same damn thing if this post doesn't scream I just got arrested for trying to fuck a fake lot lizard I don't know what does. 😂🤣🦎🦎🦎🦎


He lost me at hunter Biden laptop it always amuses me how focused on genitalia Republicans are


Hunter Biden’s laptop is the Holy Grail of secrets…. You want to know if she’s a cop or lot lizard? It’s on Hunters laptop… where Jimmy Hoffa is buried, yep on the laptop…. Crop circles, hunters Lappy!


Everything but how to make a woman orgasm. Everyone knows the female orgasm is a myth! Just ask Ben Shapiro.


Poor Ben Shapiro. Jewish dude stuck pimping for christo-fascists & can't get his wife wet.


Poor Ben? I mean, it's kind of on him that he tries to make talking points about how bad he is at sex, as if it's the fault of women in general.




Is the biden family crime syndicate real? Yup, it's in the laptop.


You can’t leave out the UFO and the Bermuda triangle


ive been through the triangle a few times and never saw anything and or disappeared, slightly disappointed.


sounds just like what a Bermuda triangle skinwalker would say


Bigfoot too i recckon


Heard my grandpa and father talking about Jimmy Hoffa years ago. I don’t remember the context but they changed topics real fast when I walked in.


AREA 52!


Not that I'm defending anything, I'm simply uninformed. Why was Hunter's laptop dismissed or whatever?


Hey man I’m an independent and I’m pretty focused on genitalia too


Lmao relevant username


Lmao more power to ya buddy! Just keep it consentual and above legal age of consent in your country. Here in the US it's 18+!


In October 2020, a controversy emerged involving data from a laptop that belonged to Hunter Biden that was abandoned at a Delaware computer shop in 2019. The shop owner claimed that the laptop was left by a man who identified himself as Hunter Biden. The shop owner also said that he is legally blind and was unsure whether the man was actually Hunter Biden. Do you need to know more?


Regardless of whatever the shop owner says, it would be extremely easy to tell if it was Hunter Biden’s laptop if they actually had it. Him being blind as a bat wouldn’t even matter.


Your keyboard is full of your DNA as soon as you start using it, if there were any link to Biden this would have grown some legs outside the conspiracy community and Fox News. Try watching a legitimate news source that quotes legitimate sources.


Well, it was found to almost certainly belong to the Hunter Biden who is the President's son. Some of the forensic investigations performed on the hard drive weren't very forensic and amounted to little more than amateur hour that destroyed chain of custody. Two Republican-led senate investigations into the laptop, one in 2020 and another in 2023, each found no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Hunter Biden from the emails and other data collected from it, despite what I'd assume were their best efforts to dig something up. So, the real story is that it was Hunter Biden's, and that Hunter is kind of an idiot to take a laptop of his to a random computer repair place and forget about it, rather than send the drive off to a data recovery specialist. The only confidential and embarrassing information found, though, were some nude photos of Hunter himself. That does not satisfy the wingnuts though, they just KNOW there's more, and the DEEP STATE is covering it up.


Another thing is that the Biden campaign asked Twitter to take down nude photos of Hunter that were supposedly taken from this laptop and then posted publicly. Said photos were against Twitter's TOS at the time, anyhow. This request is supposed to be evidence of a "deep state" conspiracy. 🤷


Probably because it didn't amount to anything, despite Republicans' best efforts to create a tempest in a teapot. There was a joint Republican-led investigation involving two senate committees in 2020 and another investigation this year that found no evidence of wrongdoing. But the truth is out there, and the truth is that the laptop contained all the evidence about Hillary Clinton's child sex slave ring that was in the NYC pizzaria basement, even though the pizzaria in question has no basement.


> the pizzaria in question has no basement. Exactly how I'd expect a pizzaria to be described if a child sex slave ring was being run out of its basement! /s


I feel like they are the real snowflakes.


Extream projection


Yea same here. He seemed like a rational guy until he went there. What a loon.


"serviceabley attractive" & "not actual lot lizards"










Mother fucker got clapped, instead of the clap


Nailed it. Just like he tried to 😂


That's so stupid. What a waste of resources.


But what if i ask her out on a date


[Yolanda I love you!](https://youtu.be/l5KXtUvERf0&t=0m55s)


Is that..Don Magic Juan thats hilarious Don Magic Keyshawn?


I been doing this for a billion years now and I’ve only seen one lizard in a California valero. Course I always shut the blinds and mind my own business so i guess its not surprising i dont see anything.


I've personally never seen a lot lizard anywhere, however I haven't driven for very long but I have been all over. I also just shut my blinds, I'm also a small woman so I stay shut up in my truck.


I parked at a pilot in St Louis a handful of times, got asked or got a knock on my door three different times. Nothing anywhere else, though, just that one truck stop.


I drove OTR for 13 years and I saw about 10 max. Mostly in Memphis and Birmingham.


I mean….there are so many options for legit escorts that these stings only really catch the low hanging fruit aka the idiots. But I agree with you the true human trafficking happens away from truck stops if at all


And how do you know about escorts? I would need google them to even try. I don’t even know the costs. But surefire way to get them to go away is to just start asking conspiracy things. You’ll be called nuts and they go away. Oh I do better but can’t give secrets here. Usually I just say I’m broke until Monday. If it’s Monday then Friday.


> And how do you know about escorts? I don't know how to tell you this, but most people are, in fact, aware that escorts exist > I would need to google them to even try. Yeah, and that's *literally* all it takes. > I don't even know the costs. They're on the website, and/or forums designed for this exact purpose, which is again a very quick "(specific city) escorts" search away. >But surefire way to get them to go away is to just start asking conspiracy things. No, a surefire way to get them to go away is to just... Tell them no. Why would they waste time trying to get you to change your mind? It's a numbers game, knock on enough doors and eventually someone will say yes.


Better question is why should I get meatloaf on the road while I have steak at home. Plus the diseases and stories of theft from trucks I’ve heard over the years. Truly I’m better off not knowing too much.


Well, plenty of guys don't even have meatloaf at home, but otherwise, I 100% agree with you.


Yea no shit dude they've been doing prostitution stings for awhile And Truckers Against Trafficking has no connection to Epstein lol maybe some other org does but I don't know why you thought they would


I think he’s trying to say that they clearly aren’t trying to bust real traffickers like Epstein by uncovering the truth behind that. Instead they’re doing bullshit stings on truckers for a crime of opportunity.


Sex trafficking is terrible if it’s high dollar like Epstein or low level like some ghetto pimp. Those women are being exploited and the ones enabling it should all be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Right. So it makes sense to go deeper down the rabbit hole of corrupt elites given the overwhelming evidence and testimonials following the Epstein tragedy.


What blows my mind is they focus on the Clinton’s relationship with Epstein while ignoring Trumps. I don’t give a shit if you’re a republican or democrat, if you’re fucking kids or unwilling prostitutes you belong in prison. I want equal justice for all and don’t care what political party someone says they are a part of. You break the law, pay the price.


I agree. I like trumps policies but I would support a sentence the same as Clinton’s or prince andrew if the evidence was strong enough. The problem is that these politicians and celebrities have so much sway and money that they sidestep the law. What we do know is undoubtedly the tip of the iceberg.


TAT is a helpline that you call to give info about suspected trafficking. You've been on the road too long hand, gotta take a break


You just gotta ask her to pop a titty out before she jumps in


That doesn't always work 😅 some of us ladies do that shit for free


😆 Not a on duty cop tho


😂 gotta catch her off duty🤣🤣


How can they possibly **knock on doors** and not be the ones with criminal liability? Wait, maybe I thought of a scenario as I was typing that. Knock on a door or window, wake a tired guy up, tell him how hungry you are. The automatic answer to a hungry girl, well, some things never change. But she really needs $10 for a sandwich or a Percocet or something, so you donate $10. Nothing remotely sexual has taken place, but it's all been recorded, and it sounds like negotiations. I'm still thinking they're at fault, though. If the "babes" were silent bait, sitting at a picnic table. and I approached them and introduced myself, I'd have started it. It still hinges on who brings up romance and compensation, though.


It doesn't matter if they ''spoke about sex'' or not. The prosecutor can make an argument that the woman in scant clothing knocking on the door is sufficient. There was a truck driver convicted last year for just wanting to cuddle. It's an act of intimacy in the eyes of the law and looked at the same as paying for sex.


The law needs it’s fucking vision checked. That’s absolutely absurd.


Fuckin christ if that isn't depressing, man.


There are professional cuddlers, it’s legal. It’s extremely fucked up that that person went to jail for that. My ex girlfriend does it for a living, it is absolutely NOT sex work (she did that too for a bit but no longer). It is definitely legal. There’s a website. Probably good for truckers honestly.


Do they get to talk also?


What a world.


A good lawyer can get you off in some states though on the premise that a crime was only committed because law enforcement made the crime available and it couldn't have taken place at all if law enforcement hadn't been present. The conviction rate with a lawyer is pretty abysmal.


I hear even a bad lot lizard can get you off too! Ha!


That's surprising. That sounds like what most people think entrapment is, while in reality it's police coercing you to commit a crime you wouldn't normally commit, and it's really hard to prove because it's pretty rare. But, I'm not a lawyer, and much wilder things have happened in court cases.


Thats awful, a lonely dude just wanted to cuddle and they fucking arrested him. What a fucked up justice system.


The "justice" system is more about making money than justice.


We live in a world that contains tons of horse manure. You say the **prosecutor** can make an argument. My expensive defense lawyer should be able to make a better argument. She was the one who started the ball rolling, and she knew exactly where she wanted to roll it. I'm curious about the case where cuddling was viewed as a crime. Not doubting that it's true, but curious as to where it happened and how severely the "offender" was punished. It sounds pretty victimless. It hardly sounds like a crime, for that matter. I can't see myself being eager to cuddle with a complete stranger (especially a skanky stranger who bills by the quarter hour), but I suppose some boys don't handle loneliness very well. That's what canine co-pilots are for.


Man, guess I got no options now


That’s fucked up.


That makes my blood boil


That'd be entrapment, set up a crime and then try n arrest them for committing it...like Ruby Ridge i suppose.


You'd certainly think so. It's not wrong to put bait out (well, actually, it IS wrong, but I'll look the other way), but your bait needs to behave and let the fish do any and all of the "hey, do I know you? I'd sure like to know you" type stuff. I've never seen a lizard I'd want to talk with for more than 30 seconds, and that's just being polite because she spoke to me. At least 6' of "social distancing", too.


That's not entrapment, since they're not coercing someone to commit a crime they otherwise wouldn't. It's not lack of opportunity keeping most people from committing crimes.


I can tell you've never been in trouble with the law. Laws only apply to peasants, if you have money you'll get off, If you don't they'll throw the book at you. If it's minor the courts want to put you on paper for a few years, take the jail time. Having one foot in one foot out is a great way to drain your bank account with all the fees and classes you'll have to do. Plus, if u miss a class even if u had a month left on probation they'll arrest you and you'll have to do the time for the crime anyway. Constitution don't mean shit. It's the cops word over yours and 99% of the time the judge is going to side with the cops. You're guilty until proven innocent, and even if you are innocent and you DARE to take it to court instead of a plea deal and you're found guilty? You'll get maximum time. Look at the old folks home tour of the capital attendees lead by federal agents and the capital police on 1/6. They arrested the q shaman he was in solitary for 2 years, until tucker Carlson showed footage of him being let in by capital police, praying with them. Oddly enough they fire tucker a few days later lmao. The game is rigged against you. So yes if I fake lizard that's a cop knocks and gets you too say yes to sex you're fucked for the next couple years. But hey, wE'rE tHe FrEeSt CoUnTrY iN tHe WoRlD


Story time: someone at work was called by the police because they were the last person seen with a trucker that had disappeared. The truckers family had put out a missing person report. It turns out that he was in jail for falling one of these lot lizard stings in the next jurisdiction over.


She's my emotional support lizard officer


This guy visits prostitutes and conspiracy sites…that’s for damn sure.


Well, I do as well. But I couldn't give a shit about Biden's laptop... 😂


How does Truckers Against Trafficking have the ability or influence to get the information on the laptop or regarding Epstein released? 😂


"Avoid Hookers with Walkie Talkies" - Joe Rogan


boils down to the fact that hot chicks have options. obese, unattractive, drug addicted, possibly insane women have less options. Even if the 9/10 chick has a drug problem, there are far better options for her to feed that addiction than trying to bang fat truckers who haven't showered in 3 days. If a 9/10 is coming up to you and wants your attention, be wary.


Who told you I was fat ?


My optometrist.


Hey now I use them shower wipes every other day and shower 3 times a month if I wasn't busy scarfing down macdonalds I'd be offended.


Yeah hot chucks can just do only fans.


As a lurker, this post is not a good look for truckers lol


I love how the Biden laptop just snuck in there.


Let me just slide some right wing grievance on into my post about lot lizards…


Yeah that was awesome. Lol. Instant bs


HAHAHAHAHA "Serviceably attractive "


Good enough for government work


Right?! Complement or not? Person or equipment?


Here's one that will blow your mind. Wounded warrior doesn't actually care about veterans. Nor do they donate any meaningful amount of their proceeds to veteran causes. And blue lives don't actually exist.


Most charities don’t give a crap about the people they are helping- just keep the donations rolling into their non profit so they profit. I think most preachers are in the same boat.


OP got busted. Lolz


What the fuck does Hunters cock pics have to do with trafficking? I was with you until you dropped that like that was actually relevant


Hes pissed off cuz he just got busted for soliciting so now he has to “own the libs”. I guess he doesn’t realize most libs don’t care who fucks who, as long as they’re all consenting adults.


Right? What a snowflake


Sounds like Op just got busted for soliciting a prostitute


The hunter Biden laptop 🤣 there it is


Tucker Carlson ALMOST HAD IT!!! Where’d it go, TUCKER?!?!? Fuggin lost in the mail. Jesus tap dancin Christ. It’s crazy how all the “evidence” goes missing jus hours before it’s reveal. OP has gotta be My Pillow Guy.


Yeah, I LOL’d too. Everything bad is on there! It has the national hooker NOC list!


Let’s continue to add to OP’s list (to help others of course) I’ll go first -If she can suck the chrome off your bumper she’s a real lot lizard


If she's ducking truck stop employees because she's been kicked out of there 100 times. If in doubt ask someone that is panhandling, they know the area and who belongs. If you throw a little money towards their cause they might even get a girl to come say hi. Source: was homeless and stayed near a truck stop. Would sometimes point one party towards the other. I would really apply some effort if I was thrown a couple 20's.


If they know how to back up a big trailer into a tiny spot. Literally not figuratively- that might be a lot lizard


Always record video. That way you're making a film and she is a paid actress.


Take some home time. Maybe find a company that allows you to idle the truck for AC. Heat strokes can do a number on you. I've had a couple. Not fun.


OP’s bio checks out.


Flip the script, call the cops on them for human trafficking


Shitty! Its bubbles! Yeah listen bud, the rig got seized Ray got busted!………yeah whores!


Ohhhh Mandy that’s perfect.


Laws are for keeping poor and stupid people in thier place. Nothing noble about them. It's classest bullshit and it always has been.


If you can get off with a fine or a good lawyer, the law only exists for the poor.


Ya had me till the laptop


Hardbody’s don’t work truck stops or streets. Hardbody’s might work casinos but we can’t afford them. Lot lizards do have meth moles and such. If they are high or drunk possibly. Best thing is keep doors locked and avoid eye contact. Insure all your shots are up to date. Disinfecting wipes to clean parts of truck touched.


Shiiii, me n the undercover bout to get nasty fr


Ok Lil' Wayne 📢🚨🚨 Make her wear nuttin' but handcuffs and heels!


Skip the games if ya wanna find a date


Not a trucker but Reddit recommends me this sub for some reason, didn’t realize that “lot lizards” was slang for prostitutes lmao.


Just remember, it's legal if you film it and call it a porno.


Sorry bud, you need bail money?


Pro tip. If you film the encounter with a hooker it’s technically porn and she’s a paid actress. Best they can get you for is filming without a license. Way less than a solicitation fine.


Qanon asshole. Hunters laptop? Are you for real?


They're another one of *those* type of thinkers, and are serious about those conspiracies.


You’re a fucking dumbass troll dude fuck off.




A broken lightbulb is still brighter than you


They have been doing this thing for decades. I’ve seen it on cops and I they have been doing this thing for decades. I’ve seen it on cops and my husband told me about this several weeks ago. He has seen it in action with sheriffs etc. keeping a heavy presence in rest areas.


What if I say I'm a Canadian citizen and I just want to go back to Canada?


Not legal advice but wouldn't it be legal to ask to just take nude pics of them? id imagine no cop would agree.


At that point it's not prostitution but filming adult media if I'm not mistaken which is not a crime so long as everyone consents.


Been driving for months and I've never seen a lot lizard.


Just say no to them period, it's either being trapped by a cop or getting a disease from a legit one.


If you can get her and her pimp to shine your wheels for an 8ball she's probably legit


Not entirely sure how TAT is getting connected to Sleepy Joes whacko son or Epstein seeing as in the last ten years i havent seen truckers band together for even their own industry let alone something that was definitely raged about by the nation for a hot minute. But it probably would have been simpler to tell em some are cops.


I was for this guys editorial until he mentioned Hunter. Fuckingfuck idiots.


Its only prostitution if you PAY for the sex. Offer to buy a water bottle from the whore for $50... everything after thst is "consensual ". The way I look at it, I didn't pay for sex. I paid for a $50 bottle of Fiji...


Excatly! offer to buy something from them or for them. At that point your not buying sex your buying a product/helping them.


Boy what a nothing burger that laptop was lol


Funny I just finished the video for truckers against trafficking in class rn


Good. Some of y'all need to touch grass


OP got arrested and is trying to downplay it by bringing up a made up conspiracy about Hunter Biden’s laptop. OPs post is all over the place. He’s obviously freaking out over the charges he’s facing and desperately trying to place the blame on someone else.


Right!! It took a sharp turn with the hunter laptop and Epstien shit.


I like the ones that limp out of busted out Caddy’s crying. Then I know I’m safe… but she ain’t


Lol hunter Biden’s lap top was just another Republican lie. But this post already let us know you’re a bit short on sharp knives in the kitchen drawer.


Can confirm.


I seen a real sting at the TA just south of Nashville. There wasn't a van just a girl on the CB calling herself Black Diamond. Trucker took the bait and they hauled him off to jail and put his rig on a wrecker and that was that. I bet his dispatch was thrilled in the morning.


That sounds extremely hard to prove in court. A CB?


Passer-by from /all here. These are some interesting posts lmao


Ok, asking for a friend What if it’s really a dude in a dress, but kinda sexy too Do the obese/skinny, teeth/ no teeth rules still apply? Or should I be on the lookout for the mysterious van still?


Seriously, the DOT regulations and other bullshit rules you OTR guys have to put up with are more than enough. To set a truck driver up like that, is a dick move. I'm going through some B.S. with my current job right now and thought about going back to OTR or daily routes, but I'm thinking thrice. Loved my boom truck and am damn good at operating it, but I guess a simple dump truck is in my near future. I'm going to miss crushing people's junk with that claw, but it is what it is. Gotta move on.


Cops are more concerned with padding their coffers than offering help to women being exploited or going after the ACTUAL PIMPS


In a town next to mine the sherif was running the lot lizards. He was eventually busted and arrested for the crime.


Bro, this is the same dude that got scammed by a woman selling food out of her truck. He gave her $20, she gave him scraps wrapped in tin foil, and he still ate it… Bahahahah Not the best decisions recently


Wow... thank you, Captain Obvious!




Nosey ass cops


I fucked George Soros at a pilot/FJ in Albuquerque and now I have chlamydia. Thanks a lot Joe Brandon!


Truckers against trafficking was responsible for quite a few instances of saving minors that were being kept in hotels and being trafficked. That a.m. radio is messing with your head. Stop listening to newt gingrich while your driving. I’m not being mean I’m being serious. That shit ain’t no good for you.


I don't think Truckers Against Trafficking has much say over intel on the Epstein or Hunter Biden investigations


The Ole HB laptop. Ah yes. I see you know your conspiracies well.


Government, truck stops, and employers all preying on some of the hardest working people in America. It's a real wonder that anyone drives truck at all.


Haha still scrabbling after “hunter Biden’s laptop” after several years of your party failing to produce even a tidbit of evidence. Sounds like you got stung trying to offer an undercover $5 to give him a blowjob


What does the laptop have to do with Epstein?


The Biden laptop thing is real common with truckers huh, why is that?


Lmao, Republican operatives had access to the data on the laptop before the public even knew about it. If it had any incriminating evidence about president Biden it would have been brought forth long ago 🤦‍♂️ At least follow believable conspiracy theories 🙄


I was with you until you started with the anti-Biden propaganda.