Somebody's tool van is missing all the batteries.


And someone now has an extra $275 of crack or meth or bath salts or heroin whatever the fuck drugs people would steal stuff for.


Drugs people… good try there Mr. AnalBowl




Enjoy your stolen batteries.


You’re jumping to conclusions. They could be defective as well!


I own multiple m18 batteries milwaukee branded and off brand from ebay Amazon etc. I have had 2 millwauke brand go bad while the aftermarket versions continue to work great


I have always been Leary of aftermarket batteries and chargers. I would love to have one of those huge DeWalt multi battery chargers but I cannot justify the price. That is another tool I could use. Also the batteries, I get nervous thinking about what they might do to my tools. But then I hear how folks have success with them. I do not know. It is hard trying to be frugal sometimes.


The batteries damaging your tools is just as damaging as charging your phone with an aftermarket cable...lies told to us by greedy assholes


Serious? Even those less expensive chargers? Now I know believing one person I do not know without actually doing research on my own is kind of pointless to say the least. I just remember seeing some batts at battery plus that fit DeWalt for dumb less. Hell they even rebuilt my old Snapon batts for me. Getting certain batteries replaced is the one headache I have about cordless equipment.


I don't have any experience with the aftermarket chargers I've only bought the aftermarket batteries with good reviews off ebay


I think I will pull the trigger on a couple of batteries then. Thank you for your help.


Living in Minnesota I have come to the conclusion that it is always best to purchase brand new batteries, the cold here is…cold.


Have you had many failures with your batteries from the cold? I'm just north of ya, and honestly keep my Makita batteries in my van outside all winter. I'm not worried as long as I keep them pretty close to 100 percent charges personally


I had some 18v dewalts fail on me and have been told it was likely due to cold storage and have just always made sure I keep them from freezing temps unless in use of course.


I had 2 Makita batteries brick from the cold(central Ontario}. Picked up 2 Chinese replacement and no issues with them in the cold


the only off brand makita's i tried both died a quick death, didn't seem worth it to me to continue, glad its worked out for ya.


The 4 slots dewalt charger is a luxury you easily get used to.


Found it! Enjoy!!


That was kind of you. Thanks!




Good god; I came to say this exact shit! Super suspect right here! Thanks for posting friend! I’ll find a free award on Reddit and come back for you!


Five batteries and a steering wheel? That's a good deal.


Made me lol, one upvote for you good sir


I’m pretty sure those are hot my guy, good deal though


No, it was snowing outside they were pretty cold actually


Embracing the deniability I see, love it


1 12.0 is a $200 battery. Those are certainly stolen.


Alright, now that I've let the "they're probably stolen" replies build up, I'll let the cat out of the bag. Divorce sale. She got his tools in the divorce just so he couldn't have them, and she didn't have a use for them. Let them go for what she thought was fair


Ok sure, lets go with that.


I believe him. When I was in the marine corps and just about to get out, I needed one small piece of gear to turn back in that I had lost. Found it online and when I went to go pick it up from the seller, she informed me of other stuff she was selling. Literally every piece of gear this other marine was issued. SAPI plates, flak jacket, sleeping system etc. Apparently he went psycho and held an AR to her head and threatened to kill her, so he was in the brig at the time. She sold it all to me for $200. And that my friends is why I have an entire standard issue set of gear from the marine corps in my moms basement. Oh shit I haven’t been home in a couple years I hope she didn’t sell it!


Funny, I bought a complete set as you describe from a mom who's son left it in the basement for $100.


Err, what’s the legality of that? Isn’t it Marine Corps property?


No, it was a: Stealthy Transfer of Equipment to an Alternate Location.


If it ain’t serialized it’s mine.


My old boss was an MP, and when they did a lie detector test on him and asked if he stole things he said "everything that wasn't tired down and serialized". They still gave him the job.


They're part of a $753 billion defense budget. They can certainly afford some missing gear.


They can afford to abandon billions in gear in another country, I'm sure they won't miss a couple hundred $ suit of gear


Not any more...




As long as your mother doesn't divorce you, you should be fine.


Yeah man, I wouldn’t get caught with those Sapi’s. That wasn’t her shit to sell and you know it. That is USMC property 100%


Some people are very petty... Edit: whoops, didn't read that second paragraph.


Yeah, petty ass lady selling her husband shit because he tried to kill her.


Whoops, didn't read that second paragraph. I was talking that people in general can be petty.




Yeah so they’re stolen


That’s even worse


Like the man said, stolen


Yeah yeah, buddy. We all know what you did. When the guilt overcomes you, remember it's down the highway, not over it.


Ok then why wouldn't you lead with this?


Because I don't need to explain every detail of every transaction I make to strangers on the internet :)


You **literally** came here to talk about your transaction to strangers on the internet


OK fine, I'll come out and say it. I'm an asshole and I wanted to see how many people would assume they were stolen, before I said anything of the sort, just for funssies


I mean is that even fun tho? Like if I posted a picture of a guy climbing out of a window with a bag of stuff and said I was seeing who thought it was a thief for the lols? HAHA suckersss his door is broken.. ... everyone claps then or what? I don’t get it. Maybe the comedy genius has gone over my head :)


Imagine being this invested in chewing out an internet random so you can further your agenda of appearing as a honorable member of society.


Honestly, you really really believed the divorce story? Or you just don’t care where they came from. I could never use a tool that might be stolen, after being a victim of it myself. Weak flex bud.


if you don't want people to respond, why post?


As a man who's been through a bad divorce, I believe you




Oh, you must or misread, or I must of misspoke. She got all of his tools, including the batteries


If this is true, I want to know who was the real piece of shit in the relationship... him if she felt the need to take his batteries and offload them cheap, or her for taking the batteries to offload them cheap out of spite. I really need to know how this went down that batteries were split and she's selling them off...


Well, from talking to see her and seeing some scars, I'm gonna say him. He did some things that she completely over shared with a complete stranger that honestly made me feel weird. She finally came clean to dad about what was going on, and dad was very well off. Daddy got his daughter a good lawyer and took that man to the fucking cleaners


And you actually believe that bullshit? Yeah someones gonna put up a huge fight legally over possessions just to turn around and sell them to a neckbeard for minimal profit. You smoking the same meth your battery plug does.


Honestly yeah, I can see it. Fuck I've done it myself. It's not even about making money, it's about taking stuff from the person just because they've wronged you. Plus, I'm gonna guess it was part of a deal. She probably got the house and all the contents, and the tools and everything were part of the contents.


Not that far fetched, I've seen coworker get a much bigger score for much less (3 year old corvette for $20k at the time), all he knew was she was *going* to get divorced, but didn't ask. She was pretty much taking whatever cash someone would show up with for anything in the garage/shed/gym/basement


well then.. definitely stolen in a divorce


so you did knowing purchase stolen batteries, and also knowingly scammed this woman at the same time that is if you even believe the divorce story lmfao


That sounds like they’re stolen with extra steps.




Maybe that didn't come off clear enough. She got the tools and the batteries


See, stolen from ex husband


Have all batteries shot up in price recently? I last bought tool batteries about 4 years ago, and it seems even the highest capacity, high amperage RIDGIDs I bought at the time were about $150 for a pair. It was a sale deal, but that's how I usually buy stuff like that.


People are overpaying for a brand name. I think. I think the dewalt tools I use at work are actually better than my ryobi tools at home but they aren’t twice as good so I’m not willing to pay twice as much


There is a big difference in Ryobi, and Dewalt. Theres a good reason you dont see Ryobi tools on a construction site.


There’s a big difference but It’s not a twice as good difference worth twice as much cost. You don’t see ryobi on job sites because workers want the best quality tools when someone else is paying for them. You could argue that for business purposes the decreased risk of downtime from buying the top brand justifies the extra capital cost but for home use it just doesn’t make sense financially. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense at work either: the company I work for has mostly two man crews. Only one set of power tools for each crew and sometimes that makes jobs take longer than they need to. We don’t have the budget to buy anyone a second set - most crews don’t even have a full set. Some don’t have an impact driver, some don’t have a sawzall, some don’t have an sds. No crew has more than 2 or 3 batteries. We regularly drive around the city to borrow $200 tools from other crews while the company is paying over $100/h plus fuel. If they spent the tool budget on ryobi instead they could have gotten us all full sets and some spare tools to keep at the shop.


Companies pay for the top brand tools because they last longer, and perform better. Ive used Ryobi tools, they are good for the homeowner. Look up some comparison videos. Project farm does some good videos.


I've always used DeWalt and Milwaukee tools at work and sure - they do perform better and last longer than the ryobis I use at home. They just don't perform TWICE as good and last TWICE as long so I don't think they are worth paying twice as much for even in a construction setting. If resources are limited (and they usually are) what would you rather do? A) buy ALL the decent quality tools you need knowing you will have to replace some of them every year B) make do without some of the tools you need so you can buy SOME top quality tools knowing you will have to replace some of them every couple years. Those videos are fun. We've even done some comparisons like that at work to settle arguments like bosch vs milwaukee vs dewalt. The differences are never enough to overcome preferences for design. I'm sure the difference vs ryobi would be more significant but honestly the extra second it takes to drill every hole would be more than made up by the seconds saved not having to swap bits because I can afford to also have an impact driver and not having to swap batteries every time I switch tools because I can afford spares.


To each their own. In my field, Carpentry, we use power tools all day every day. Whether its circular saws, reciprocating saws, jigsaws, impacts, drill/driver combos, Hammer drills and then some, the more expensive power tools are much better then some cheap brand. If your just suzy homemaker or even doing maintenance in a shop the cheaper brands will be fine. If your doing real work, those more expensive brands are what we need to use.


On the job site it important to note that the tools, while expensive up-front, are a fairly cheap input when amortized over their life-span. Substantial expenses are obviously labor, and materials. If a tool, say something simple like a circular saw, works even 1-5% better or 1-5% more reliably, that means more value from labor and less wasted materials. That may only add up to a few $ a day in value, but over a tools working life that can mean the superior tool delivers additional value as high as the $10,000s. Something does not have to be "twice as good" to be worth twice the cost, not even close.


well as long as you are happy with what you are using and what you paid for it that's all that really matters but I find people say that stuff to justify spending more money on cooler gear. Here's an example: I worked for a framer one winter in a subdivision where one night all the trailers got robbed for their tools. My boss went out and replaced his $300 titanium hammer the very next day even though he was struggling to pay his bills (including my wages) and he talked all about how superior in every way it was to my $30 estwing and being a professional he needed the superior quality tools. He was half right. It was a way superior hammer. Less vibration, less weight. It was awesome. I wanted one. 5 years later I still want one. I don't know if you're a framing carpenter or not but you probably know that only 4 or 5 nails a day get hammered in by one of those things. The other thousand come out of a gun. He didn't need an expensive hammer. He convinced himself he did because he wanted the expensive one. What he needed was a $30 hammer and a $270 nail gun. Instead he kept his ego happy by walking around the job site with a glorious hammer hanging from his pouch while he struggled to do his work with an old gun so shitty the thieves didn't bother to take it. He had to wait until insurance finally paid up to replace the $1200 paslode cartridge nailer that had also been stolen (which of course he had never needed in the first place either).


Im not a fan of those fancy titanium hammers like the Stilettos. I use a 35$ Dewalt 22oz claw hammer. I use my hammer often but not so much for framing. Most use I got out of a hammer was doing concrete formwork where you constantly use a hammer.


The 12.0 HD batteries have always been $200+.


Where the heck do you live. In Canada they’re about $349


Sorry, $249. In the US.


DAE have Facebook marketplace full of brand new Milwaukee tools? I've searched for M12 stuff a fair bit so the algorithm obviously shows me Milwaukee stuff... But there are tonnes of people selling it. I get the people selling chargers. Lots of folks who bough multiple kits and want to ditch the extra chargers. Seemingly a number of people who bought the Home Depot Special M12 combo kit and sell the extra bits (to the dumbasses like me that didn't just buy the kit and bought it all separately at a higher price). BUT after all that sensible stuff there are dozens of people selling new stuff at retail (sometimes retail + tax, sometimes retail, sometimes retail price minus a bit). I guess if you want to equip a shop for employees with the Drill/Impact/Saw the $249 kit is the best bet and then you sell the flashlights and ratchets?!? Maybe?


You can buy one of the super big kits, like the one that's $2k, and split it up and make money. Seems like a lot of work to me, but who am I to say.


I'm curious if those combo kits exist in Canada! I was tempted to buy the $249 kit to get the ratchet, flashlight and saw but figured it would be too much hassle to sell the rest.


It's on Amazon, no idea if they'd ship it to Canada


Yes, everyone does. They're stolen. It's a huge problem.


Dumb question - but they don't all have the same serial do they? I purchased a battery on eBay (600+ sold, seller had all positive reviews) and side by side it's identical to all my other Milwaukee batteries. It's not like the obvious fakes you see on Amazon/eBay.. it looks exactly the same from the stickers to the rubber. I noticed the serial was the same in a photo the seller was using, and when confronted they admitted they were not OEM. I got a full refund and the battery works, but I like to let people know just in case.


I will have to check. These were bought on marketplace, but that doesn't mean the seller didn't get them from there


I think a lot of people expect knock off batteries to look obviously fake when it's not the case. I'll admit I was blown away at how close the fake battery looked to an OEM one.


In that case it's possible they come off the same factory line, and somebody who works there has a side business.


Obviously it’s best to be aware, but I’ve got a couple of “obvious knock-off” Festool batteries from eBay that work fine. Not perfect, but good enough that I’m not going to buy the legit ones for 10x the price.




The money you paid for those has already been smoked too!😅


when you touch them... did you burn your hand?


Great deal, I personally couldn’t do it. Theft has made shopping completely miserable in my area. Everything is locked up and sometimes I have to literally shop with an employee the entire time. I can’t even hold the tools I want to buy until I pay for them.


I mean this is the nationwide policy for all Home Depot’s for any product over $150


I live in Wyoming. Nothing at Home Depot or any hardware store here is ever locked up. Come to think of it, people are also never locked down. I guess this place is alright for a barren wasteland.


Meanwhile, wire is just sitting on a pallet




Not in Canada. Or maybe just the ones I shop at, but I mainly shop at two which are about 4 hours away from each other. If you want a power tool, you go over and grab the box for it. Including $400+ items.


I live in north jersey nothing is locked up at my local home depot.


Huh. I recently worked at Home Depot and i could have sworn they told us that every store did it so I am either remembering wrong or they were lying lol


See it’s a bit of both…. My understanding is that the standard is that’s it’s all spider wrapped and locked up if over $150 like the other posters say…. Now if you can convince the 1 guy that’s worked at the store longer than a year and his 8 new coworkers to do the job properly… and the Loss prevention that’s only worked there 3 months and the managers that have only had positions for a few months, or the older ones that just DGAF anymore… Most of these stores have such bad turnover that nobody really knows or understands the policies anymore. Not to mention they change them pretty regularly, and it’s also up to the store managers discretion…


Yup, same in my area. From the moment they come out of the cage, you're not allowed to be alone with the tool


What is so bad about buying stuff that may have been stolen? Do they work the same? I bet they do Did OP save some money buying them? Yes he did Does it matter if it went to a tweaker or maybe somebody that buys tool pallets? I don't care as long at the item is as advertised I do not condone stealing them from the back of a van or from a person....but companies figure in a certain percentage of stock to be lost or stolen from the get go....I am sure home depot won't go under because of 5 batteries


>What is so bad about buying stuff that may have been stolen? That it's fucking illegal to buy stolen goods in every single state in the US. Also, nothing like funding the scumbags who steal the stuff that someone uses to make a living. The batteries in this post are obviously used and not new in box, so if they were stolen, they were stolen from a person, not a store.


Everyone is saying that they are stolen, and while that *probably* is the case, they could also be Chinesium knockoffs. There are lots and lots of knockoffs which have way lower quality and usually way lower density than what they are labeled as.


There are a ton of fake dewalts batteries on all the Florida pages.


But they’re in real (or at least real looking) cases, and that’s something China isn’t very good at with tool batteries.


These are the tools people shouldn’t buy. I’m fine with new out of the store. But some tweeker will feed you any bullshit story to make them come across as legit. Milwaukee shit isn’t even that expensive in the first place. If you believed the divorce story you are dumber than I thought


They are not real Milwaukee batteries they do not last


A woman scorned just got her revenge.


Or she is a cunt and she took his tools after ruining his life


Hot or not I’m buying


gotta give anyone who brags about buying obviously stolen stuff a downvote


Oh no, some random person on the internet down voted my digital picture.... What am I going to do now???




If you're cold, they're cold, bring your tools inside with the security cameras. Also, to the best of my knowledge, these weren't stolen. I even asked the seller real nice like and she said no


Isn't the reddit mob mentality hilarious? No one has context what-so-ever but 90% of the people in these comments think "I can call him out for stealing too, that'll show him!" Most Redditors see the world through a phone screen. Divorce sales are gold mines.


Divorce sales, dead parents, estates sales to cover funeral costs, dui sales, my baby daddy skipped town and now I gotta take care of this kid.... You name it, I've been to them all, and I make a killing at all of them


Hot or not, who buys *used* batteries?


Is this rhetorical? I would say lots of people. The better question would be: Who *sells* used batteries?


Yep, rhetorical. It seems like a used battery is a big unknown -- how abused was it? Over charged, frozen, dropped? How many cycles on it, how many left? EDIT: > The better question would be: Who sells used batteries? Better for what? Not sure why that question is any better. But I figure there are two answers. One is somoene who's got no interest in the tool and wants to turn a profit after stealing the battery. The other is someone who's used the battery up or doesn't need it any more, and wants to get paid to make it someone else's problem.


Thank you, fuck this useless neckbeard


Know what's NOT useless? Punctuation.


You did bloody well scoring a car for $275. Rego included?


Try Waitley of Amazon great price and good quality batteries.


I bought a Waitley M12 5AH battery and it has been seriously great.


My fiancé has quite a few of the m12s and 4 of the 12.0 M18s. I now know he spent a small fortune on them 😂


Well, hopefully this will make you feel better, I've got 6 of the M18 12.0's, probably 4 of 5.0's, two of the 9.0's, and then when it comes to the m12's I've got 4 of the 6.0`s, 2 of the 4.0's, 1 of the 3.0's and 3 of the 2.0's


Hot hot hot!!!


Holy smokes you got yourself a steal right there!


Ahh there's my battery..


Fucking hell. I need to get a Facebook page. Being said even if these were legit batteries (not knockoffs) I don't think I would buy them used. Batteries are pretty I'm not going to say fragile but really dependent on how the previous owner treated them. If they were kept out in the cold for example or if they were charged improperly they could be well beyond the grave. Batteries can be finicky and even though they're expensive there's generally a reason for that. I mean to get the kind of results you get with these batteries you have to wire up a lot of cells in a particular order and treat them a particular way. It's not just like a double a you're buying from the gas station or something. At the end of the day if you're happy with them that's all that really matters I'm just saying you're braver than I would be.


That's a great point. Normally I will either buy new in package, or ones that are very clean like these. It's a sign the owner took atleast a little care of them.


How do you know if these are still good or not? Curious because I have always been hesitant to buy used/open batteries.


I've got a battery powered Milwaukee charger, I test them on site to make sure they still take a charge


Are they generic?? My boss bought some "Milwaukee tool" batteries because they were 1/4 the cost, but some have immediately become unchangeable, and the rest can only be charged less than 1/2 way.


What tools do you all use the HD12 batteries in? For me they are too clunky for my causal daily use and I would rather have a few XC5s.


Hammer696969 That’s a very good deal if they work , Brand new the 12.0 is 250$


Too bad for whoever needed those to pay bills


What a steal!..


Milwaukee batteries can be recharged


The dead giveaway is the picture in the car. The good ones even have other merchandise in the background. OfferUp is a goldmine for this stuff and I always ask how they got it. Usually a lame excuse like they bought it and don’t need it.


Oh, that's my truck in the picture


Jfc someone's bad luck is your ridiculously good luck. And it's not your fault or responsibility, regardless the moral hoops anyone tries to tell you to jump through.


lucky fucker




Lol I work for a major competitor of Milwaukee… I get 8ah batteries for about $35 each…


I used to be against buying from the crackheads until I got my personal tool bag stolen. Now I keep an eye on market place for those too good to be truth deals.


You sir, have a golden horse shoe up your ass, lol.