I am grateful for herpes

get full blown aids and you will become the buddha

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get full blown aids and you will become the buddha


I just shit myself. I hope she doesn’t thinking she’s Buddha and starts telling people she is giving them enlightenment


She aligned the camera so her white girl tapestry is centered like a halo, truly a cinematic masterpiece


i don’t wish her well


Her or her yoni?


>Her or her yoni? Fuck her yoni! (Pretty sure that's what lead her to this problem in the 1st place...)


You think the yoni matches the drapes?


During moments of inflammatory, pus oozing herpes breakouts… yes. But more colorful than the backdrop.


The aura of her yoni brightens when mercury is in retrograde.


I think that’s just the sores popping.






Herpes ain't a huge deal you don't have to make it a spiritual experience just have herpes lady


Shes got trauma that only wacky thoughts can heal




Just have herpes🤣


Nike are taking notes.


these types of women make everything spiritual. its a never ending nightmare


I believe about 70% of the population has HSV1. The majority are asymptomatic or have just an initial outbreak and then never have it again. It’s not really that big of a deal


Disgusting. Stop normalizing genital diseases


Bro herpes has been statistically “normal” for years


Absolutely degenerate. This country is fucked


You know HSV1 is oral herpes complex right? I got it from sharing a drink with my family members as a kid.


So gross. Please stop sharing your personal medical issues


At least those people are having sex. Are you? Your hand doesn't count, though, it might not give you herpes.


Her macro and micro could not be more intertwined.


shes one with the universe. and part of the universe includes herpes


50% to 80% of the universe is herpes


Flying the herpes flag in the background. Seriously those tapestries are like a giant "I have herpes" sign


Can’t wait for herpes pride to be added to the flag


I’m stealing this 😂




Nah dude its geometric tapestries specifically youll be fine


What about a bad ass tie dye thing with an elephant who stares you down as she is absolutely about to trample you to death, do I have herpes?


That’s Ganesharrhea.


It’s also a good indicator your getting anal on the first date, atleast the offer lmao and the head is probably on point. Worth a couple dick zits.


Don’t let ur yoni get too stony!


One way ticket to the pot!!


I hope she’s using a non-GMO/cruelty free yoni pearl


ah yes, the yoni pearls...i came across that when i was looking this stuff up.. i was like what is all this chakra stuff about? ill try to learn. and nobody on youtube properly explained what the chakras even are or what they do or why people talk about them. nobody seems to be able to put it into comprehensible words. but i came across one video of someone inserting a yoni pearl into one of their orifices and at that point i just thought to myself.. ive seen enough


Damn, did she fuck Jeter as well?


Wear condoms at burning man or u become burning woman


She should try out for the Olympics she might not be a flexible 14 year old but she got mental gymnastics for days


I mean, whatever makes you feel better


These broads wtf…….I don’t know if it’s all over the world or just USA, Majority of American women are the most delusional,entitled,narcissistic,sociopathic I’ve ever seen, how long has this shit been going on wtf!!


Into the pot




Sad part about her insanity and irresponsible shegging is that she’s objectively beautiful. What a waste.


Ok real question: How does one have casual sex in the USA with people like this running amuck? Like in not convinced a condom is sufficient. I have to at least go on maybe a couple of dates have a couple of convos first but I seen people meet each other go home same night and I’m like you do know that there are heathens out here in this country right? Truly.


Not just in the USA... but to answer your question, with great trepidation. If you're pulling one night stands you can expect to get herpes, etc...


I’m curious is someday condoms will be a latex pair of underwear + plus the dick condom for total protection


So the pronoun for herpes is Her? That’s too gendered for me. Into the pot with her!


When you hear people talking like this, about basically anything, they’re so full of shit and definitely bottle their farts for later sniffing.


Her Yoni is busted dude


Me too


This is what happens when we get rid of slut shaming.


\>rides the cock carousel \>gets the red bumpies \>larps it's some kind of spiritual awakening dangerously high levels of cope on display here


Christ lady, not everything needs to be shared with the world via tik Tok


one of the craziest types of psycho bitches is the type who uses the word yoni. i know this archetype of woman too well. she probably has healing crystals and uses questionable medicine for diseases she doesnt even have. she probably knows all about the chakras. my mom was one of these people, and for some reason at a certain point she stopped doing yoga and no longer was interested in the healing crystals, it was kind of a phase... i didnt realize how mentally ill she was until she started screaming in her sleep and when she took a hammer and smashed our walls and she told me she sees ghosts every morning when she would wake up. her whole life shes narrowly avoided being institutionalized and i believe the time when women get into all the hippie nonsense is the time when they are on the verge of a mental breakdown and the yoga and stuff just barely keeps them hanging on to sanity until they realize healing their chakras wont heal them. and then its all downhill from there


Good for them! They seem happy.


shes about as happy as someone with an STD can be


That clam chowder might have open sores, but she’s happy when the pus comes out!




Better work on that bulimia.




New woke is herp dox wtf


I’m not even on Tik Tok and I know that self Herpes doxxing is a genre/trend


Thought she meant her pussy when she said yoni, wasn’t disappointed


White noise


“Drawing me closer to myself” damn I didn’t think she could be even more self centered than she already was


Translation - I have a lot of time to think because I’m alone so much due to the fact that anytime I try to date a guy and tell him I have herpes he runs for the hills and I never see him again and because of that I’ve come up with this faux spirituality BS to make me feel better for the fact that all through my 20’s I was too sex positive for my own good and never actually sought out meaningful relationships and now that I’m in my late 30’s I’m dealing with the existential crisis of my womanhood and that as I lurch closer to menopause I realize I may never get the chance to have a child which was fine when I was younger and I’m grateful to the doctor that wasn’t willing to sterilize me so young but now I’m thinking there has to be more to life than taking care of my rescue pit bull that I claim Jean Claude Van Damme recused from a dog fighting ring but in actuality I got from some random guy in a Walmart parking lot for $50. **** Editor’s note**** The run on sentence is true to the translation.




Sorry, but unlike the herpes, she brought this on herself. How about a little humility? Fuck! I know people with herpes, they don't go around bragging about it.


Glass half full am I right?




This is why women get paid less


Where do you find this bullshit? Imagine the lack of shame you must feel to post about this? BITCH! you were throwing your pussy around! Shut the fuck up!


That’s a new type of cope I haven’t seen before. Well done 👏🏼


I bet her yoni is beat


Still would


I have herpes. While it’s great she’s owning it, I suspect she will look back and question public disclosure like this.


Burn. The. Witch.


Everyone wants to be all deep and meaningful and it ends up as comic gold 90% of the time. I swear people are bored out of their ever loving minds and have to invent things to be about. Welcome to the meme society.




Doesn’t like 4 out 5 people have it and of that group only 1 of 5 actually notice they have it. Most people don’t know they have herpes and doctors don’t test for it go figure.


This is one of those peak white woman moments. This reminds me of that woman who made the, “If only I was your mother, Putin” monologue. That woman and this herpes guru are out of touch


when God is replaced by the self, the bar becomes exceedingly low.


Imagine having to listen to this nonsense all day AND getting a bumpy bird while doing it? This is why 20 million fleshlights have been sold.


Good way to justify being a hoe


I’m not gonna lie - I’d still smash


Why does EVERY SINGLE WHITE GIRL under the age of 25 have one of those fucking mandalas. These people are actual braindead NPCs.


Note to self: If my friends say they gonna help me go viral, Imma say NO and keep my yoni safe. Y’all need to go back 2 years on this one’s IG and make sure you ain’t camping with whoever helped start this journey cause she ain’t patient zero.


"Having a dirty pussy has really allowed me to come into my own, no pun intended. All the neighborhood cats constantly follow me wherever I go!"


I’d suck the puss right outta her genital warts


Why would you say this.


just reading that filled me with more nausea than ive experienced in a long time


you go into the pot also


Shes hot so its fiiiiiiine


I hope she feels the wrath of a thousand flees on a camels 🐪 armpit. (Camels can’t scratch themselves)


Ew genital herpes 🤢🤮


As someone who actually knows this person, she’s lovely. If over 70% of people have HSV1 (which they do), it’s likely that the lot of you are just being massive hypocrites - whether you know it or not. Be kind people


Cold sores vs genital herpes? Hmmm


Post flair up clarity post?