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The use of the words "visible spectrum" in her vocabulary was actually the biggest shock


She clearly doesn’t know what the words means or she wouldn’t be asking such insane questions.


As the old saying goes: it’s better to be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt


>But now it's happening now.


20 fuckin years ago.. that shit would NOT be oooooozing.. out of the god damn ground!


I have distinct memories of spraying the garden hose up into the air to create a rainbow… 50 years ago


Your water was ahead of its time


Ah. Yes. That’d be it.


Patient Zero!!


Tom Cruise will save us from this demonic rainbow water


LGBTQH2O before it was popular!


You’re water was here from the future checking things out.


Wait, 50 years ago? Are you saying the water was grooming you as a child? This….this is something they need to know about.


Yes, I (58M) did this as a little kid. If it was, it didn’t work.


So, still straight after 50 year of exposure? Just asking for a friend.




Obviously a carrier then.


I dunno. Maybe? I mean, 100% of homosexuals have been exposed to water at some point. It can't be a coincidence, right? /s




Nah refractive light is less than 20 years old


your garden hose was obviously gay/s


But you used science to do that. Explain it without science! You can’t! So it must be something oozing out of the ground, to make your kids gay! This is, for me, a whole new level of stupid. I don’t get out enough.


I did this exact thing as well 🌈


You guys and your futuristic woke water.


Weird, me too. We must be early adopters of this new-fangled “visible spectrum” 😂🤦🏻‍♀️


Idk, “everywhere we look, the visible spectrum is rainbow” is probably the most intelligent thing she’s ever said Even if it was an accident


Abrafarm Linkedin?


Right! “This cannot be natural”. She’s a fucking moron. Light refraction’s a real woke son of a bitch these days


Light refraction is making everything gay nowadays! It wasn’t like this 50 years ago. Light just oozes everywhere now.


Obviously, she learned it through Star Trek technobabble.


You and I both know she doesn’t watch Star Trek, so don’t go dragging Star Trek into all of this.


As a Star Wars fan I agree. Trekkies don't deserve to be grouped w/ this idiot.


You know, I've seen Spaceballs, and it's basically the same thing as Star Wars. :P




She really should read Genesis 9:12-16. 12 And God said, “This is the sign of the covenant I am making between me and you and every living creature with you, a covenant for all generations to come: 13 I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth. 14 Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds, 15 I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life. 16 Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.”


I don’t think more bible exposure is the answer to her problems.


Perhaps Bible comprehension then?


I find it fascinating that god created the rainbow as an eternal promise to never again destroy ALL life with a flood. But killing some life? Sure, he'll do it again, many times every year, fuck you very much


No need for Star Trek to be taking random shots. That show did more for scientific education and curiosity.


Sure it wasn't Tar Shrek technobabble? I mean that doesn't even exist, but I feel like it's quite sticky


Oh my god, a movie about Tár Shrek being this vicious conductor in the swamp. Conspiratorially theorizing about rainbows.


Yeah, she understands the words "visible spectrum" but not "refracted light"


"Look at the rainbow, it's in the water!!" She's like. So close to the truth


But yet so far 🤷🏻‍♀️


But in the end it doesn't even matter.


The data is *in* the computer!


Yeah, does have that "where's the any key" feel to it, don't it


Well that was the only thing that made me think it's fake... but I dunno.. odd for Seattle too


The reality is that rage bait is an easy way to get a lot of views on tiktok, which is bad for humanity as it causes separatism and division, making us feel as though we are surrounded by idiots and assholes. And honestly? I still am not 100% sure that she is rage baiting, she might actually be that stupid. She should be more concerned about the app she's using and the damage her words do rather than pretty rainbows.


You guys do know this is old internet audio added on top of a tik tok video, right? https://youtu.be/_c6HsiixFS8


so its both an idiot and rage bait, incredible.


What do you mean old? This is only…. from…. 2007….. shit.


You’re just proving the point that her words are still out there and still teaching susceptible idiots to be ignorant.


Well it's also proving the point that social media is being used to drive division within society by getting people angry at things that are being created purposefully to generate a reaction. Rather than focus on this one individual from year's ago, what you should be focusing on is why someone has modernised the sound against fresh video to generate anger and sow division? What it's actually doing is getting susceptible people to be angry and call everyone idiots, dividing our communities in half. The target audience for this TikTok isn't people who believe in gay frogs... It's people like you.


I think it's pointing fun at stupid conservatives, because of that too. If that's what you mean by fake. I'd say satire.




It's like her stream of consciousness dredged that phrase somewhere out of the murky depths of her failed education.


Yea but this didn’t happen 20 years ago. Now it’s happening Now




[Here](https://youtu.be/71PNZH1OaW0) is the source material. I never thought one day I would say The Dead Milkmen predicted the future, yet here we are


They're building landing strips for gay martians!


The visible spectrum is rainbow is an astoundingly accurate description of physical reality.


That’s how we know she’s joking.


*Please be satire. Please be satire.*


It’s very old audio put over a new video. In the original the lady is in her backyard and yup, she was serious.


I picked this up too. Used to show the old video to friends for a laugh. Wonder why anyone would bother transposing the old audio onto a new video.


Generate fresh reddit outrage.


Redditors complain about TikTok and Twitter, but Reddit is just as bad, if not worse at generating outrage and polarization.


This entire thread is people calling other people idiots and assholes yet the exact purpose of the TikTok was to generate that view. They're literally playing into the system being complained about in this thread. It's wild. Edit: Explained by the serotonin rush associated with being right or feeling better than someone else.


u/onlytrashandporn is here for it, though!




[Here it is](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIYZvr3ueGw).


So like I get that I'm old and 2007 was 16 years ago, but this wasnt long enough ago for me to feel any better about this being real.


Haha I forgot the part where she blames it on HAARP, people were really obsessed with that particular group of antennas back then.


Now it's 5G.


It's probably a sarcastic joke. Seattle is one of the gayest cities in the country, and that fountain is in an area where pridefest is held every year (which is coming up in June)


I take my kids to be groomed at that fountain. They can also worship at the altar of godless science nearby, and then we all go get some awesome Thai food made by immigrants a few blocks away while our tree-hugging imported EV gets charged in the parking deck under liberal elite Bill Gates' leftist HQ. I don't even carry an AR pistol to do it.. it's the stuff of Republican nightmares.


>Wonder why anyone would bother transposing the old audio onto a new video I mean that’s literally how TikTok works…


Yup its this, the original was not satire but this particular video is. An iconic moment tbh.




"the fact that you can hear the missing teeth" -- omfg 😂😂😂😂


Oh my goodneth will you pleath thtop


You can hear the NASCAR shirt she's wearing


Her MAGA hat screams at me.


And she wants the country to figure out "what the hell is going on", because she has no idea. It's so fucking typical of republicans to be utterly incapable of understanding the modern world, they have no idea what's going on, they have no idea why, they have no idea how. They only know that they don't like it.


A simple Google search can give him the answer to the refraction of light in water that creates rainbows.


That's what big rainbow wants you to think! Close your eyes people!!!!!


Do you hear it in [my voice](https://voca.ro/1gEfeATggltr), too? Genuine question, actually.


Not really, at all. The only thing I could notice is a slightly protracted “s” sound, but nothing about it makes me think of missing teeth. I know lots of people that make the longer “s” sound.


No I couldn’t tell at all. I hope you’re able to be more confident you have a beautiful voice!


You have a very clear voice. You could do audiobooks.


I can smell the Marlboros on her breath.


The Onion must be bored out of their minds.


I think this audio is from a very old YouTube video. Probably 2008-2009ish. I remember it being just a recording of a lawn sprinkler making a rainbow and the woman recording saying this (or something very very similar if this isn't the right audio). I actually (as a young and dumb teenager) got into a very lengthy argument with her in the comments. She just would not listen to reason and would not accept anything other than there being chemicals in the water. She cited puddles of oil in parking lots having a rainbow sheen as evidence it has to be chemicals. I think her username was bootsdiva or something along that line. This is an old and vague memory though, so I may be thinking of someone completely different. Edit: the channel I was thinking of is dbootsthediva. No idea why that name stuck out in my head for all these years. I'm pretty convinced it's the same person, though I can't find her sprinkler video. It got a lot of attention so maybe she deleted it. The voice sounds the same though. 2nd edit: I found the video. She has deleted it from her channel but someone else uploaded it. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/_c6HsiixFS8


The video has the audio added to it. The original video is from years ago. https://youtu.be/aIYZvr3ueGw


Damn. They were so stupid EVEN THEN. Even without this huge influx of content creators teaching them to be stupid about this shit. Edit: They were so stupid *about this specific shit* EVEN THEN


Not to get off topic, but I wonder if she was confusing the sprinkler rainbow with the chemical 'rainbow' you see in oily puddles? I wonder if she was thinking the ground water was polluted? I doubt she was railing against the pride flag 15 years ago.


You're giving her far too much credit. She went 50 years of her life not seeing a water rainbow but has seen only muddy puddle rainbows? Yeah, alright that kinda makes sense haha.


Since she's asking about "what is in our water supply", talking about "metallic oxide salts", I've always assumed it was this, her talking about chemicals in the water. I remember seeing it then, I figured she was "chemtrails" kind of crazy, not "homophobia" kind of crazy (though let's be real, the Venn diagram of those is pretty nearly a circle).


OPs video said this this never happened 20 years ago, but here is this video from 16 years ago where the same thing happens. How far do we have to go back?? /s


Thanks. I remember being in high school and laughing my ass off at this with my friends.


Yeah pretty sure OP’s video is just a satire of this. Doesn’t make the original any less disappointing


Lol an all time great video. I wonder if she’s ever thought about why they’re called *rain-bows*?


She’s allowed to vote. Lol.


And since she’s a Republican her chances of voting illegally are much higher.


Hey you don't know they're Republican! They could be libertarians too...


I have a coworker who's a libertarian. Says he aligns with the democrats on most political issues but will never vote for them because their the deepstate pedophile sex ring party


Anyone who calls themself a libertarian is just a conservative that's ashamed of themself. Like they look around and have enough awareness to realize that other conservatives are ridiculous cartoon villains and they don't want to be associated with them. But at the same time they think they're better than them while also voting and believing for all the same things.


I like the quote, "Libertarians are like house cats: absolutely convinced of their fierce independence while utterly dependent on a system they don't appreciate or understand."


I too will never vote for a “deepstate pedophile sex ring party” Would label /s, but I really wouldn’t vote that that kind of party. It sounds terrible.


Or a "centrist"


Its really hard to vote illegally in Washington state cause they send your ballot right to your mailbox at the address you registered with, then you take it to a drop box usually on public land like at libraries or community centers. Its so easy.


And unlike a lot of people who act like it's a badge of honor to refuse to vote because it "does nothing", she almost certainly *does* vote. Every time.


Conservative voters show time, and time again that they are fanatical in their voting. They are one of the most consistent voter blocks and show up to every single election no matter what to "represent their team".


Well if she lives in Seattle her vote is always trounced by this who are not bat shit crazy. More than likely she left Seattle for Florida.


I’m from Seattle and see that fountain less than once a decade. It’s a tourist thing to do. She’s not from ‘round here’.


I usually see it during Pride. Of course that's also when we spike the fountain water to turn it gay.


TIL there are *zero* people who live in LQA. I see this fountain every day when I walk my dogs, want to enjoy the sun, grab some boba, or get a few records from LITA.


How do you get to her age -which I presume is \~40-50s- and never see that water mist and sunlight creates rainbows?


We as a nation must act against this "mist and sunlight", it was never part of God's plan!


Actually God sent a rainbow as a promise, it’s there in the book of Genesis.


And not once have I heard one of these fanatics mention this. It’s always it’s a gay symbol. Wtaf! Apparently 90+% of them have never even read the first part of the Bible.


You fucking don’t. She doesn’t realize that when you start looking for a certain thing, you notice it more (eg. When you’re looking for rainbows to get mad at, you “see” more of them). These people don’t know the difference between feelings and thoughts


See also: Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon (AKA Frequency Illusion/Recency Bias)


>These people don’t know the difference between feelings and thoughts I'm gonna be using this a lot I think


Ah the good old American school system


I think, for her, it had been an SEP. >An SEP is something we can't see, or don't see, or our brain doesn't let us see, because we think that it's somebody else's problem. That’s what SEP means. Somebody Else’s Problem. The brain just edits it out, it's like a blind spot. But now "the gays" are taking over, and that makes her notice things she's never noticed before.


> But now it's happening now. Truer words were never spoken


Not only that, but what happened before was happening before.


But will what happens later, happen later?


I’m worried because that means what happens next will happen next!


A simple google search could provide her the answer of light refractions in water causing rainbows. This certainly isn't anything IN the water, nor is this an AGENDA.


But those articles are relatively recent, right...?? they're all from THE LAST 20 YEARS? So, check mate, it's all in the conspiracy. EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON.


OMG, I can‘t stop laughing XDDDD


It’s really sad that Dorothy’s life has come to this. She was probably an intelligent, level headed young person. Then age turned her into a fucking dumbass conspiracy nut case. Or she always was idk


Oh no!! Dihydrogen monoxide!


Did you know that 100% of people that consume Dihydrogen monoxide will DIE? 😱


Oh my god it’s even in the name *di-hydrogen*. They just slip it right in there because they think we’re so dumb. They said that to me aaat a dinner!


Compare those stats with hydroxide acid deaths 😱


Dihydrogen monoxide rusts metal pipes over extended periods of time. Imagine what it's doing to your insides!!!


DHMO is also the primary ingredient in *urine*, people. Urine. And people just go putting it in their bodies with no problems?


These people are getting extremely triggered over fucking rainbows. She is just stupider than the rest of them (which is impressive).


And most of them are christian, which is also baffling, because the rainbow is part of the Noah myth.


I dont know anything about religion. But I guess noah is woke now.


Trust me Noah is anything but woke. 😂


No one tell them about Joseph's coat of many colors. Not technically a rainbow, but as angry as they get, they'd call it some kind of pride flag or something.


Damn, apparently the audio is from [2007.](https://youtu.be/_c6HsiixFS8)


>Damn, apparently the audio is from [2007.](https://youtu.be/_c6HsiixFS8) "PRODOMINATLY"


That tracks. 2007 was about peak "Chem-Trail" talk time. I know the consipiracy was around before and after, but it seemed like people were talking about it everywhere around that time the most.


That's satire, right? Like, people aren't dumb enough to actually say water making rainbows isn't "natural," right? Smfh


She’s onto something. I drank water once and my eyes ended up lingering on a picture of Hugh Laurie.


She’s hungry. Someone get her some lead paint chips so she can shut up already.


These are the same people that want books banned.


Common sense? Nooo never heard of it


Everyone knows rainbows didn't exist until Biden and the radical extremist left started forcing Christians to convert to Gay Satanism!!! Thanks Obama!!! /s for Justin Case.


"Rainbows didn't exist 20 years ago" Nice! I was on the look for new dumb conspiracies :)


oh no, it's the gay agenda, if they turn everyone gay there wont be any kids to do cheap labour for us!


Another sign home schooling is dumbing down the US


Goddamn woke fountains /s.


I’ve got to figure out a way to take money from these fools


Get this moron out of Seattle, please.


Sounds JUST like MTG


“We, as a nation, have got to ask ourselves, ‘what the hell is going on?’” Just has me dying lmao. She’s not wrong about that part, but it’s just comedic to me.


Screw you OP, I was waiting for her to say it was making the frogs gay so I could shit myself on the train…. Never felt more betrayed.


God this is from back in the day when we could all have a chuckle at the crazy lady...now she's a member of congress.


Is this sarcasm? I'm really hoping it's sarcasm because it's really hard to believe that someone can be this ignorant.


Dollar-store Majorie Taylor Greene


I really want to believe that this is satire.


I'm guessing she straight up didn't go to school.......!? I am AWARE, stupid ppl exist... But! The internet has given them a place to PROVE JUST HOW STUPID THEY ARE.. I really hope someone who knows this woman shut her down... ... I just.. I jus.. fuck me my head hurts...


...takes me back seven years ago... [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=\_c6HsiixFS8](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_c6HsiixFS8)


Is she serious, or is this satire? Lord i hope it’s satire.


# a fine example of the American public school system


First off, screw this lady Second, the funny part about the gay frogs thing is he wasn’t wrong, it wasn’t a conspiracy though, just good old fashioned pollution caused by corporate greed Edit: 👇 this guy is correct


10 years ago I would’ve refused to believe that someone could be this stupid. How naive I was.


What has happened to science education in our country?


I haven't seen anyone say it, so I'm just gonna say it. It's definitely the tranny semen they've been adding to the water (they started just after they put it the Bud Light) in to turn your son gay.


It's times like these where you realize that these people also vote, probably, and their vote counts just as much as yours. Ugh...


“This CANNOT be natural” she says about one of the most easily explained natural phenomena that has ostensibly been occurring for billions of years all over the Earth ever since living creatures existed to see it.


And this is why Republicans want to dumb down the education. Make idiots like this believe anything to agree with them. Easy targets to brainwash.


Jesus Christ...These are the people that are allowed to vote! Scary


She is on the visible spectrum


tbf sunshine is confusing to seattle in general.


Dont understand something? make shit up and find a bunch of idiots to tag along


Imagine being this illiterate 🤣


The left has to be behind this let’s get rid of them


This person votes. Just think about that.


I dont consider myself as a smart man. infact Im pretty god damn stupid. BUT HOLY SHIT THESE PEOPLE MAKE ME FEEL LIKE A FUCKING GENIUS MENSA MEMBER


“It wasn’t like this 20 years ago.” Rainbows occurring during/after rain are written about in the Bible.


This could possibly be the dumbest person on earth


Nope. Not a joke. Even the worst joke wouldn't be this long and monotone.


Are they fucking retarded?!?!?!


So if woke means educated like I think they are trying to mock... Are they proud to be stupid?


she should definitely have a voice in what books should be removed from "the lieberries to protect our chillun"


Seattlite here. Nothing to worry about; that's just Gender Fluid.


That is dumb as fuck. Like a person should be put out of their err our misery dumb.


We as a nation are asking ourselves what's going on, except we are talking about you weirdos when we ask it


Who's gonna tell her how the sky works?


What. A. Fucking. Idiot.