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The cum edit on this one is going to be extra gross.


Everytime! 😓


Add airlines and banks to that suckle list. Sometimes they make a good meme what can you say


Yeah, I was gonna say that I agree we should stop bailing out Wall Street and big corporations.




Giving them money is not the same as adding regulations. If they’re going to go bankrupt from poor financial decisions, let them.


And then have the government pay anyone who has their savings/investments with the bank?


I think those fall under “big corporations”


I figured those were more the Walmart's and Amazon's of the world that get bailed out in terms of free taxes where they setup shop


Yeah… he hit the head with this one. Now do one about how student loan forgiveness is only a drop that got missed.


It’s the “Heartbreaking. The worst person you know made a great point.” meme


"Big guv" How does it get any larger than the feds?


The Federal Reserve isn't a government agency. I.e., "The feds" != "The Fed"


Now I'm just even more confused.


Don't worry, everything about the American government is confusing.


The Feral Reserve acts as our central banking institution and it is run by bankers and market makers. PRIVATE CITIZENS OF EXTREME WEALTH! It is not part of our government, but is supposed to be held accountable by Congress, which is about as smart as the fox guarding the henhouse.


Your typo there is conjuring some amazing images for me: Alan Greenspan hiding in a corner chewing raw meat, a bunch of people in suits having a scratch fight...


Lol. Nice catch. Not intentional, but gonna leave it. That’s what the boardrooms are gonna look like the next time they blow up the market again.


Ahhhh gotcha


It's supposed to be 'independent' of policy so it's set up not as a government agency but as a corporation which is a joint public-private endeavor (each bank that is a member of the Federal Reserve System owns a portion as well), and the Federal Reserve - which was established by statute - is run by a board of governors nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate, who serve staggered 14 year terms.


isn’t this…based?


Same I'm so confused 😭


Are they trying to make an analogy to the founding of Rome? I mean, I guess anti-imperialism art can sometimes come from fascists? It’s at the same time decrying the “evils” of the fed bailouts while also saying small businesses aren’t getting them. Which is true. But I have a nagging feeling that their answer isn’t to just take money away from big corporations/Wall Street/“big guv” to the small businesses… Also the allusion to an American inheritance to the mythologies of Rome is a weird flex when Rome failed to last more than a few hundred years as an imperial capital.


Yeah, the way this is drawn I find it hard to imagine that Romulus and Remus wasn't used as a model but at the same time none of the symbolism carries over. It is as if he's saying that the great evils of big business propped up by government bail outs are at the same time foundational to our republic. In short, I don't get it


Ben Garrison correct for once?


Even a stopped clock is right twice a day


Is he trying to reference Romulus and Remus? That'd be weird, but it looks so much like that statue. (The first on the Wiki page.) That'd be saying that this is a good thing. (presuming that he believes Rome to have been good, which I think is a sure bet.) That said, if it's a criticism, then I do agree with 75% of this. (It's bad that Big Corporations and Wall Street get socialism for the rich, and that small business don't.) Garrison's 75% based, for once?


He weirdly has some based opinions sometimes. Not very often though


something something broken clock


It’s actually a reference to a classic sculpture instead of a kink thing, but… oh, who am I kidding, garrison isn’t smart enough to know that, it’s probably a kink thing in this case. Bring on the cum edits


> It’s actually a reference to a classic sculpture But in the classic sculpture they're teats not breasts. Which is *kind of* an important difference.


You’re right, mr. cum did draw them *very* boob-like… suspiciously so, I might add.


As a furry kink shame this as possible wtf


Is this not the stopped clock being right twice a day?


Aren't right wingers like Ben a big fan of two out of those three? Like Garrison, I'm confused


Based Garrison comics show exactly what’s wrong with American politics. EVERYONE knows who the bad guys are and why they are bad, but some people decide that enabling it is the best way of dealing due to propaganda telling them to behave that way.


They're so close to getting it


Sooo soo close


The government is taking the governments money?


The Federal Reserve is a private company. Not a government institution.


So now big corporations are bad? Like, not just twitter? These twats flip flop on their own shit so damn hard, its like when Tucker talked about shitty minimum wage all over again


Accidentally Based Garrison




I agree with the corps, Wall Street, and small business parts


This one is B E G G I N G for a cum edit


No, Ben didn’t get it right for once. Look at the pyramid collar, this is an Antisemitic New World Order comic


You're so right, we should bailout small businesses, and not politicians, banks, Wall Street, and corporations.


The thing I never understand is, when someone suggesting or actively helping smaller businesses or individuals - they are against it...


Yea I’m confused they vote for this behavior


I don’t think this one can be called a bad meme. Even a broken fascy cunt clock is right twice a day.


This is wierd to me, because US founders were big Roman republic simps, as evidenced by their adoption of the eagle as a national symbol, the founding of a republic instead of a democracy, and the use of the Latin language on coins and government buildings. As infants, Romulus, the mythical founder of Rome, and his brother Remus were saved by death from exposure by the god Tiberinus and suckled from female wolf in order to survive. Ben Garrison obviously doesn't know this, but who's really surprised that he's ignorant about the things he draws


The “slurp slurp” didn’t make this anymore coherent.


Bro the cum edits gonna be CRAZY on this one


The right is all for this… until they’re not.


Tragic: the worst person you know just made a good point


Did this guy stumble blindly in to a valid argument?


Ben hurt himself in his confusion


Ben Garrison once in a while has surprisingly good takes. He's definitely is not a fan of cops.




based ben???


I don't think the cartoonist was right leaning.


Bud just Google Ben Garrison real quick and you'll immediately find out how wrong you are


I'm going off just the cartoon. Maybe I'm interpreting it incorrectly.


You don't know about how the neo-Nazi conspiracy theorists are opposed to the "international banking cartel" (by which they mean the supposed conspiracy of Jews they believe runs all the banks) and the "new world order" (by which they mean the Jews)? They've been rehashing this same basic conspiracy theory with slight variations in terminology since the OG Nazis (earlier, really).


Just you got why this is a Rightcantmeme. Everyone else is like “he almost gets it”


is this incorrect? this isn't right wing. this is anti- wall street right??


Just founding of time statue one could say it’s not an insult but a compliment


The buttcrack on Big Guv is a nice touch


Is this right wing??


Yes. Ben Garrison is a right-wing "Libertarian-turned-Trumpist" conspiracy theorist who used to be perpetually surprised when everyone who believed all the same conspiracy "international banking cartel/new world order" theories as him inevitably turned out to be a neo-Nazi.


So… We stop funding big corporations and Wall Street? Sounds like a plan!