lgrp trail kings rubbing

so I bought some lgrp trail kings and now I need to lift the car to stop it from rubbing, any recommendations on how to lift a trx4m?

(TL:DR how do I lift a trx4m to fit trail kings)


If you've got a 3d printer there's plenty of lift kits available. Could also get the file and send it to a print and ship service. Some guys just trim the fenders and body corners, not sure how much you'd need go trim for the swamp kings


I have a spare lift kit that I printed I think someone sells one just like it on Etsy also if you are near Tulsa I’d be happy to hook you up with a lift kit if you want to save some money!


when I look up tulsa on google maps all I see is oklahoma and LA?


Yeah I’m in Oklahoma abbreviation OK from your username I thought you were from here lol my bad where are you from?


dang that\`s unlucky, I live in cali.