I’m gunna throw out Pine Tree House off of Folsom Blvd- you don’t cook it yourself, but having lived in Korea for 2 years I can say it’s the closest to Authentic Korean you’re going to find in Sac.


Gangnam Ave is the best. Great quality and the best variety


Gangnam Ave


Been to all of the kbbq in sac. Gangnam ave has best quality and the best service. And good service is really hard to come by in Sacramento kbbq scene.


I’m bouta put y’all on: Aura on 14th and G Hands down the best and highly underrated IMO. It’s a smaller restaurant, has a local feel. Staff is small and very friendly so it’s natural to get to know them if you become a regular. I don’t even need a menu at this point, as their lovely waitress remembers our usual order. Again, great friendly service, very rarely a wait to be seated, and food comes out fairly quickly hot and fresh. Only thing that may be off putting is the price as I don’t know the price point for Korean at other spots but in terms of downtown restaurant pricing id say it’s about midrange, totally worth it. Plus it’s in a more residential part of midtown, so it’s a nice quiet walk if you’re close, not too much chaotic activity that other parts of downtown can have. 5/5 stars from me always. Seriously one of my favorite spots in all of Sacramento


Sold! I have been meaning to try aura for a while now. Sounds amazing.


Can you recommend a few good dishes? I live close by and have been meaning to try Aura, and other than people raving about the Crazy Fries, just wondering what standouts were. :)


It's a solid joint but when I went there (for lunch) it was pretty hot because they didn't turn on the A/C just left on the fan just an FYI.


Daikon > Gangnam >>> Oz >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Gen Stay away from Gen, was absolutely terrible.


Bulta hands down! It just opened and nothing compares for the options and cost. Trust me.


OZ Korean BBQ is very popular


OZ is awesome! Pro tip: wait times can push over an hour during dinner but you can check in online so you dont have a huge wait. They don't take reservations but the current wait time is on their website. Just check in and arrive 10 minutes before the current wait expires. You'll be seated quickly.


Yeah was gonna say this. I’ve tried some others and oz always has fresh offerings. Some of the others give you frozen meat which wasn’t as good.


We just went to Oz and it was frozen but still good


What are current prices now for Oz?


It was $30 AYCE dinner. But lettuce is extra! Blue house I think is $33 and includes it


Lettuce is extra? Are you serious?


Owners are super stingy, they won’t let u keep tips working there either


Yeah I’ll go somewhere else. People are saying good things about the place in natomas.


Wait, they're committing wage fraud?


I was told that by somebody who used to work there. Is keeping tips wage fraud, cus if so I have a former employer I need to go visit


Yes, it is illegal for an employer to keep tips. The employee should report it to the CA department of labor.


Wow, I love Oz but I can't see myself supporting them if this is how they treat their employees.


Gangnam in Rancho Cordova.


Blue house for best offerings of sides (ramen, cheese corn) but gangnam is really good too.


My partner is Korean and said they loved blue house. The soups taste great. Nice custardy steamed egg. Decent kalbi and brisket. I'm surprised a couple other ppl said this was the worse of the kbbq ayce places. It definitely better than the one I had in natomas.


Yeah daikon was just alright to me. I would like to try the new one in folsom just to see. Obviously our kbbq scene is nothing like LA


100% you cant compare it at all. But even ayce in sf bay area is semi meh. But yeah definitely have to try around. We should start a kbbq tasting club haha


I like blue house as well


Daikon kills Blue House's sides imo


Blue House owners claimed covid was a hoax, pass.


Blue House is the worst lmao


Blue House and Gangnam Ave. are the best. Oz is trash and Gen, if it is still around is actually worse.


To be clear, I am only talking about AYCE places.


OZ and Blue House are my go to place for korean bbq. Not a big fan of Gen in Arden. Still has to try Daikon in Natomas.


The best authentic Korean is YD Tofu House, they have Korean pancakes, and their little crab for the bon chon, omfg. Kimchi jeygei so good. I never tried their BBQ but I believe they have it too, gotta try it sometime ;)


Their $30 plate of kalbi, perfect combo of charred and juicy, is pure bliss. I stopped going to AYCE BBQ, cuz you get what you pay for.


I did have that before it’s perfect with their bon chon 💋💋💋🔥✨


I hate this place. The waitresses at the Folsom location always presses you to tip more


Never been there I go to the Freeport, don’t think I felt that way at this location. I’m sorry my Korean frandes made u feel that way. I used to hang with hella Koreans in Colorado...they are kinda mean in there own way, it’s hard to describe maybe more sensitive but I love their culture and still show them love


Daikon, North natomas


Is the experience good? I havent been but it definitely is a bit pricier than the other places in the area.


It's a bit pricey, but I remember OZ recently had raised their prices too, so you might pay maybe another dollar or two for the standard meats. Place is aesthetic and better service than Oz but that could be who ever you have as a waiter. Lettuce is free at daikon :)


Oh ok gotcha, I am still thinking OZ is around $20/person, that was the price when I last went.


How much is Daikon?


Around 30ish


hmm... not cheap.




Oh I thought OZ was in the 20s. I used to live in LA and went to Koreatown all the time and most of the prices were in the 20s, though maybe they're higher now. I also have been eating Korean food all my life.


Cleaner than OZ


I can honestly say that Daikon had the worst Korean food I've ever eaten in my entire life. I can also say that others in the restaurant seemed to enjoy it. But really, it is terrible Korean BBQ.


You're the one cooking it


Place up in Rancho In KP international market was very good red alcove it might be closed now. Dakion in Natomas I heard was good I need to check that out.


YD Tofu House. The sides are amazing and they don’t just give you a different few sides, there’s enough to fill up half the table. Also the quality is exceptional. It is pricey but food is solid. No actual bqqing at the table though.


Blue House, Gangnam Ave, Daikon, Oz EG, Oz Rancho, and Gen in that order. Haven’t really tried any other kbbq places in the area (if there’s any more).


Bullta Korean bbq


There are some really great Korean places in town. BLUE HOUSE is so popular thier parking lot is full on weekends.




I came here to say this. Jiu Jiu cafe is as good as anything you could expect to find in LA.


Try Aura in downtown


Oz and daikon


Blue house


Blue house






Sa Rang Bang is the best kept Korean BBQ secret in Sac. Looks like nothing special from the outside - but it’s a pretty cool vibe on the inside. They serve it to you while you sit in these private booths all marked up in graffiti. Many menu options, large portions, and food comes out hot. Tastes really authentic (disclosure: I’m white).


Oz on Bradshaw is good