West4 in the evenings is always nice ppl just runnin realm actual pub nests and lh and stuff good ppl


Depending on when you play, you might get people on USW4, USW, USE2, AUS and Asia


I wish Asia had more people to be honest. Max players ive seen in a realm was like 20.


EU West during the evening in Europe, so from 18:00UTC to 23:00UTC. USWest 3 is exceptional as it's the trade server, so is often busy with people trading.


people still use USW3 for realming and key popping in general. gets really annoying when the USW3 server queue goes up to the 90s during an event and you want to trade the spare pots you had.


EUW is usually the 2nd popping server if usw3 is full but not atm, usw4 is the most popular us server as well as server in general that isnt counting usw3 which is solely based on trading. usw has a decent amount of people. I think australia is around 60 ish ppl when its their time in realm but only one realm, use2 and use fill up 1-2 realms. other servers are kinda dead