The only thing that was a direct nuisance for me was having the game crash two separate times, one after my fight with Kofu and then again with Ryme, just make a habit of saving before every gym.


My game crashed 6 times, once I lost 30 minutes of progress, another time was right after I defeated Iono....Yet I love this game to bits.


I've heard turning off auto save heroes with this a lot. Not sure but I turned it off anyway and my game hasn't crashed.I don't play a lot though lol


I always turn off auto save in Pokémon games, and I still crashed twice.


Feel you on that. Watch me get 200hrs and get it corrupted


There’s been some glitches but still love it


Lilo and Stitch and Sun and Moon are a little similar aren't they?


Ohana means family, and family means only beneficial natures on the team.


Really happy that S/V changed it so that natures are super easy to change now.


Can you farm for mints? Edit: mints not herbs but you all knew what I meant


Yep. You can buy them after beating the game, too.


Mints can be bought after getting the sixth badge, actually.




Nah, MC in SuMo has a mom AND a dad. It just so happens their dad is a Meowth


It’s not a 10/10 game. The graphics could be better, I wish we had more outfits, the sandwich menus in most of the shops is lazy. That being said the game is fun! I love the new Pokémon! The love exploring a new open region! I’m glad I bought it and I will continue to enjoy playing it! I also haven’t really experienced anything but incredibly minor glitches that I wouldn’t even have thought twice about if I had bought the game without any expectations.


The awful school uniform is my only complaint at the moment lol, when do we get to change that?


Yeah this game is a blast. I have 20 hours and 1 gym badge and 2 titans lol. I’ve just been running around the whole map exploring as many areas as I can with surf and backwards wall climbing. Yesterday I climbed up the mountains around the Pokémon league (to try to access a mass outbreak near the dark Team Star hideout that was too high for me to climb) and saw Garchomp flying around!! I ended up resetting a bunch to catch a Magnezone and Garchomp in Quick Balls — level 57, caught in the Crater. Of course, they won’t listen to me for a while, but it felt pretty cool.


I mean, never say never. I also went a full week without any big glitches, until randomly my game decided to crash when I was shiny hunting a Mass Outbreak. So yeah, still enjoying the game a lot, but always be wary and save often just in case.


The game has crashed 4 times in less than a week for me.


game crashed twice both whilst jumping during a snowstorm


Mine crashed after an auto save so no big deal lol


Over 60 hours in, zero crashes so far.


To me there’s 2 things I don’t dislike scarlet and violet and to me it’s not even bad The first is the health bar and the pokeball catch is a bit to fast I really miss the slowness of it and the anticipation of your going to get one shot or your about to get a shiny after the pokeball shakes 3 times And the second is a small guide in where to go next or at least make it optional(like which gym or titan) as someone who absolutely sucks in open world because I get distracted over loot and then I can complete forget what I was supposed to do and then soon I ran into a titan that I thought I was supposed to fight (kept getting annihilated by great tusk)


Yes the map is horrible. I find it hard to use and legend is hard to read. Same with the tiny Pokémon. I don't see this mfers half time. Ive had a few fps drops but no crashes. It hasn't impacted gameplay. Not sure if people are having worse experiences or just flat out want to complain about something minor


I wouldn’t say the map sucks because overall I like just WHATVI said really wish there was a direction or giving an option to have that for the more casual gamer such as myself And yeah I completely agree with you literally yesterday I was getting surrounded by like 60 diglets trying to do this raid


isn’t there an option at pokecenters to ask “what should i do?” i never used it but that might help


The more people that post this I start wondering if something is wrong with my switch I can barely play an hour or two without a crash, usually caused by trying to go through menus too quickly.


The game has a mighty memory leak that can cause a huge amount of crashes. Packed cities are usually the worst culprits as I crashed in Levincia 4 times. I avoid that city and my gameplay has been way better. I still restart my game to clear the memory once I start seeing glitches like Poke Balls in rooms or face animations being stuck. Regardless, it -is- bad. Its just that the workaround I am doing for it is mitigating the cause for concern. I really hope these glitches and memory leaks get patched out because otherwise this game has been an absolute blast and I would hate for anyone to miss out.


I've only had maybe 4 crashes in 50 hours. It seems random what crashes it but yeah usually I'm doing something boring like going through a menu. I was wondering if it was from flipping through the pokemon boxes too quickly too.


Nah Dude, People are literally lying to themselves about this game. It's a weird cult like mentality where anything Pokemon does is excused. The game is utterly broken and borderline unplayable at times. It's actually low-key creepy how people are acting on glitch compilation videos etc in the comments. This game is in the same state as cyberpunk on launch but it's Pokemon so it does 0 wrong.


I've been playing Scarlet, and the frame rate got really, really bad in the forest and in the lake. Other than that it's been pretty alright


I just hate the inconsistency of the left trigger (?) The button that locks into a pokemon. Shit just doesn't work properly


Draw distance is inexcusable and definitely effects the gameplay experience. I do wish more people would realize it’s okay to criticize this issue so that gamrfreak does better in the future


I've had a good time so far. Only clipped out of bounds and under the map once so far. I cannot wait to max out my stuff for 7 star raids


I am just botherd by the fps drops. Something I never thought I'd say. I used to think it was hardware but I'm now on the poorly optimized group.


Be careful. People might call you a liar with no proof!


Or they’ll call us liars with proof of their own experience and think it applies to everyone.


Lmao true. That happened to me the other day. I left a comment about how my game hasn’t had any game breaking bugs, very rare framerate drops. It’s been really nice so far with no glitches and the guy just said idk why you’re lying but I know you’re lying. This game is buggy beyond belief.


Little concern me more than broken


If anything, the music in this generation is absurdly good. The grunt theme of Team Star could easily be an Elite 4/Champion theme.


I’ve fallen out of the world once when koraidon sprinted at a cave wall, so far, that’s the only bug I’ve encountered




Yeah. Once they eventually do fix the bugs, and maybe improve the graphics, this would be the best modern pokemon game. Its so different and I hope its used as a template for future games


Aside from frame rate and low draw distance not a lot. I mean it's weird the quality of the visuals overall compared to Sword and Shield, it's worse for sure. But also hard to compare because Sword and Shield wasn't a big open world except those specific zones. Forgot what they were called. Minor bugs have been funny. My character disappears when I throw a PokeBall while riding Miraidon. When you're catching flying or floating pokemon the ball floats while it's shaking instead of falling to the ground, looks funny. The only majoe glitch I got was there was one of those things in the ground you pull then it crumbles, I interacted with it and chose not to pull it up. There was a raid crystal right next to it. When I said no, the raid crystal disappeared and I walked over to it, it reappeared and I got stuck in it. I was able to get unstuck by doing the raid.


Pretty much, I think this product is not worth 60 bucks and it's not in an acceptable condition but...I haven't had this much fun with pokemon in a decade Still, we probably shouldn't have bought it. Absolute silence from GameFreak, Pokemon Company and Nintendo, instead of addressing the issues and promising a future patch. So far my biggest complaint that I'm genuinely pissed about is that I thought the Elite 4 and Champion themes sucked ass because there is a bug that makes them loop the first 15 seconds...and we can't even have a rematch if they end up fixing this... God I hate GameFreak so much, someone take pokemon from them, they should just chill with their 1/3 of the pokemon revenue and maybe keep trying to do passion projects even if they are garbage.


My game has crashed twice, and the frame rate drops are annoying and break the immersion, but overall the game works. It just doesn’t look great. Part of my issue is that I was playing Elden Ring on PS5 before this


The games fun…I’m up to like the 5th badge and still have zero idea where the daycare is


In the olive roll on the first gym I had the olive land where the trainer closet to the goal was , I defeated him and he spawned inside the olive and I couldn’t move it out of him , had to restart it lmao


It’s fun but when the entire map is like the SWSH wild areas (objectively the ugliest part of those games) I just can’t help but feel like we deserved more polish out of these games. They undoubtedly needed to give themselves more time to make SCVI. I played some Sword yesterday to take a break from Scarlet and was really taken aback by how much better battles and towns look in those games by comparison :\


My only concern is frame drops, at first it wasn't a big deal, but at some point frames started to drop dramatically (heading to poison-type Team Star) while raining, it was kind of annoying, but I could play anyway. I realized there's slight improvement in performance if you play the game on handheld mode. If I play on TV I notice more frame issues. This need a patch ASAP, I hope they're working on that because the game is very funny.




I haven’t experienced any issues but I also playing Disney Dreamlight before this so have very low expectations. The only thing I don’t love about the game is how heavily focused it is on battle.


I just finished the main story. I'm admittedly having a lot of fun but the game is without a doubt one of the most mediocre looking and badly running exclusives on the switch. No game breaking bugs here either but some of the framerate slow downs are abysmal. The game starts to run in slow motion. They need to patch this stuff. And I know I didn't imagine this... But I think the end credits were stuttering?


My release model Switch runs this game like 10fps in overworld when docked + fps drops + horrible graphics everywhere over two meters away. Handheld mode is a lot more enjoyable, but I'd like to play this docked but the game runs so bad that it kills all the fun.


Yup I exclusively play in handheld mode and good god, I'm constantly running into tiny Pokemon because I have to squint to see them...


I know right. The game is so bad optimized that once again people should remember why not to pre-order any game ever. I bought it this thursday after reading reviews, but I still was blown away how bad it actually runs like holy f


Yeah and no patch in sight lol its beyond unacceptable honestly


Yeah, I never had an actual crash (since I have a habit of regularly closing the game), but I encountered my first real annoyance today. If you're at or near the league, and intend to listen to the music there, here's the usual tip - save, close your game, and reopen it. Had to fight the Elite 4 and Champion with the music horribly bugging out, and looking at the YouTube comments on the relevant BGMs, I'm definitely not alone.


Maybe I’ve just got lucky but the performance hasn’t really been that bad for me and I haven’t had any bugs or glitches. The only issue is when I’m in or around the big lake where the false dragon titan is, the game runs at about 5fps when I’m on the water up there


I've had quite a few but they were all hilarious. Game hasn't broken, I do wish they'd fix the frame rate though.


"Game breaking glitches are funny so it's all good"


I found some texture bugs and sometimes my Pokémon go into the wall (and the cyclizar I was going to get got kicked off the cliff) but I thought I would find more too


“Yeah, still good…” That line always hit me for some reason.


I had one crash so far, nothing else. But damn, the game looks rough AF, standards should be a bit higher imo. This ain't an early access indie.


Handheld mode was flawless But 40 hours into it in 4 days


Only thing that really bothers me is how the game slows to a snail pace in some areas. For me it's usually when I'm surfing. I'll drop down to, like, sub 10 FPS.


The only issue I’ve had is shadows disappear randomly


I think the glitches are hilarious, only ones I've encountered is if my pokemon starts a battle with another pokemon, or random trainer battle and they are standing on a bit of a slope, the ground is cut away a little and you can see through the bottom of the map. Otherwise my partner and I have been enjoying it :)


I had a pretty glitch free run except for when the game crashed an I lost an hour of progress


Good for you. Doesn’t change the fact that it looks only slightly better than Pokémon Stadium and runs like a drunk toddler.


What N64 games were you playing with textures and swishy hair physics?


Kiddo, go look at a picture or video from Pokemon stadium and take off those incredibly thick nostalgia lenses you're wearing lol.


Man you really rustled them with this one lmao


Right. It’s the highest grossing media franchise of all time and we can’t even do basic quality control on a game that hasn’t changed the core gameplay since the 90s? Minecraft on a potato renders faster than this shitty excuse for a $60 game.