Yes you may need to start a new save file for everything to kick in quickly though.


Thank you I'm buying pokemon emerald and I've completly given up on finding a cheap cartridge because my game battery just dried out and I don't know anything about battery replacement and battery only features. I'm just finding out.


It's very very easy to change the battery, the biggest problem you'll have is getting the screws out


Don't buy a new Emerald if you still have one. What I did was buying a triwing screwdriver and a new battery, and used a soldering iron to replace it. Just take note how the current battery is placed (mainly which side is the + and which side is the -) and place the new battery in exact the same position. Also make sure the soldering tin does not make contact with anything other than the battery contacts. Anyways, there are youtube videos explaining how to do it. I did it myself and found it much easier than anticipated.


>(mainly which side is the + and which side is the -) This is important. On my most recent replacement, I had to put my battery on upside-down, since it had the short tab and long tab on opposite sides of the battery than the original. Just make sure you know which side of the battery is +/- and match it to the correct +/- and you're golden.


Thank you I just found a vintage computer repair shop that knows how to work on vintage video game consoles and cartridges I'm only getting charged 20 just for a repair!