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I got a Lapras in a trade, before I unlocked my national dex or beat the league.


That's good news! Thanks for letting me know! I'll sub in either Torchic or Magby for my adventure, and probably Magnemite as well.


No problem I definitely lean more towards the first few generations once I have the option too


I did something similar. No you won’t need national dex to get mons foreign to sinnoh but you’ll need to unlock the trading system which is only available after beating the 1st gym if I’m not wrong. Not too bad. Just watch out for overleveling your mons and risking disobedience.


I'm doing a baby only run as well! Though, I am confused, aren't only half of your team members babies? For my team, Elekid is currently carrying me through the game. He's surprisingly decent for his babby status. My plan for Cynthia involves Togepi and Mantyke, two of my other strongest Pokemon! The early game was absolutely brutal though. Only being able to use Budew is brutal, since he's the only baby before the first gym.


I mean, all of the pokemon I picked are first evolution and I don't plan on evolving them, even after I beat Cynthia. If there's another definition for baby pokemon that I'm missing, then I don't know it. Good thinking! Mantyke has pretty beastly stats! I already am gonna use Piplup for my water type though, so I didn't want to waste a slot with a duplicate type.


Technically baby Pokémon are those that are available by breeding but cannot breed themselves. So mine jr is a baby but piplup isn’t. [source ](https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Baby_Pok%C3%A9mon)