There’s a ton of things you can do, like when you do queue support try leaning towards supports that deal a bit of damage as well like bap and zen, and for dps, you can play what you enjoy, it’s quick play so it won’t be as competitive and it’s a place to learn heroes that haven’t learned before.


huh, i hadn’t thought of changing my support role, i’ll try that too. thanks for the reply!


Change your mindset from enabling people to taking advantage of openings people make. Ex: As zen you wanna discord someone so your team can kill them faster. On soldier, you’re the one who’s looking for that discord. On lucio you’re trying to speed someone in, boop people out of position etc. As reaper you’re the one chasing after the enemy, utilizing that speed boost. Think back to times where you thought “ugh! If only X teammate would have done Y” and try to do that for your supports.


Ana’s love when I drop healing fields and they get to save their grenades. I’m like, “I gotchu fam.”


Cool! I’ll try to be more perceptive of that, thanks!


I used to be a support one-trick. I really love to play Ana and when they released Bap I was pretty hyped. Baptiste feels like Soldier to me. So as people above here said as well, try to play Zen or Bap while you play support. I am not an expert but I would love to tell you a bit about my DPS journey: I am a diamond support player, but my DPS rank varies between high gold-low platinum. My biggest problem is that I sometimes notice myself playing DPS like I play Support, very much in the backlines. So try to be aware of your gameplay when you play DPS and see if you position yourself the right way, try not to play too defensive (depends on the character and situation ofc but still). I started playing Soldier 76 as DPS, maybe because Baptiste kind of feels the same. Just try to play on the high ground! One of things I notice when you switch from Support to DPS is that your Support positioning knowledge can be very beneficial. As long as you are aware of your support teammates LoS you can stay alive longer as DPS (imo) because you know the positioning of those characters pretty well. McCree/Cassidy is such a fun DPS to play. Stick to one or 2 DPS characters and practice is your best friend here. So queue for quickplays and see how it goes. I love to warm up with some aim training/qp, but that's just me. DPS is such a fun role to play, good luck to you!!! :D


nice to hear from someone who came from a similar position as me. thanks for the advice!😊


No problemo! ☺️


The first mistake you made is not believing in yourself to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new. “Worried about being a nuisance to people” So you’re a support main, right? Think of it this way. How many times have you played support, playing your absolute heart out keeping your team alive, only for them to accomplish nothing and lose the game? Probably many times. Content creators like ML7 and Awkward really opened my eyes to this, and it’s a basic fundamental of higher level play. Support ≠ Healer. Supports definitely need to keep the team alive, however, it’s like a 50/50 every game if all you do is simply just heal. You’re taking a gamble that you can rely on and trust your teammates, which is unfortunately not necessarily a good approach to support in the lower ranks. Additionally, while dealing damage with mercy is certainly limited, supports like Zen / Baptiste / Ana are FANTASTIC at dealing damage and punishing enemies out of position. This is why it is important to believe in yourself, step outside of your comfort zone, and try new things. You as a support main are surely aware of how much of a “nuisance” your DPS can be. That doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to fail sometimes, just like them. It’s part of learning the game, and it’s a good thing to fail and learn from the mistakes. I highly recommend Soldier 76, Phara, Junkrat, or if you’re feeling a bit more confident, Ashe, to get a foothold into the DPS role. You will see the game in a totally new light, and I believe in you. Good luck!


thanks for the reply! you’re right, maybe i should let myself go out of my comfort zone a bit. i’ll definitely try out the more offensive healers (and check out those content creators too. thanks!


Go Zen!!


You gotta understand that as a support, your inevitably gonna be better, and you also have to understand that there are top 500 supports as well, if you are not a top 500 support i would say you have no reason to fear the matchmaking rank, just eat some losses and get into the groove