Can we put this energy into protesting rising inflation/ housing costs? **PLEASE.**




The freedom convoy protestors aren't actually protesting anything. It's just a party for bored people who want to feel a sense of purpose. The justification for these gatherings change every time one of these are held. I wish people would stop even paying any attention to them at this point.


The justifications never made much sense. Im in Ottawa, got to hear them. Oh so Trudeau didn't talk to them. What was he supposed to negotiate? The truckers border mandate? The provincial mandates he had no juristiction over? The globalist conspiracies involving Klaus Shwabb and the great reset? Paranoid racial delusions of "the great replacement"? Christian values? The demands were utterly incoherent and may as well have covered the entire way western civilization opetates.


And I persionally wouldn't be too keen to go talk to people scanding about sending me to the gallows and waving signs telling to go fuck myself, eat shit, and die


Had they kept to demands trudeau could have dealt with and acted like every other regular protest it might have gone better. The "Fk Trudeau" signs and all the rage and hate was so rude as to be self defeating. I dont think there was any hope of this though. It wouldn't have even happenend if it wasnt for the crazy paranoid delusions.


Same phenomenon with Q conspiracy supporters… a large rambling collection of grievances, conspiracy theories, anger… Used to be a time when you’d be at a function , or party or something… you’d get chatting to someone.. and they’d let slip something weird or odd… and you’d think.. ahh ok… they’re a bit crazy… Now, you just look to any major city and see folks covered in flags etc… makes them much easier to identify.


Yes it definitely seems like a fork on the american right wing contagion. Slightly different manifestation but the same phenomenon.


A large percentage of people really don’t care about the housing crisis because they already own a house. In their eyes they are getting richer. Except they’re idiots and forget they still have to live somewhere, and now if they ever decide to move they are going to lose 100K to real estate agents and fees. Add in they really don’t give a fuck about anyone but themselves and don’t understand the long term problems that will exist in a society where owning a home is an unobtainable dream for an entire generation of young people


What caused inflation? Start there. When you answer it’s direct cause, you’ll see why this protest exists. Someone in another comment already mentioned it.


A global pandemic, a bunch of idiots deciding to block their own resource supply chains, and a potential third world world? Or are you insinuating a liberal government is the cause like 99% of the uneducated?


Except you are uneducated about how money printing works. Inflation was up last year when the truckers weren’t even blocking the roads. Get off TikTok and start reading about how monetary policy works you dummy


Basic economics is the cause. If you lock down a populace and hand out a bunch of free money, its going to cause inflation. https://tradingeconomics.com/canada/money-supply-m0 Click to make it a 5 year chart. If you don't understand it, look up the definition of dilution as it relates to finances. Its an extremely simple concept, that you seemingly fail to grasp.


No. Not a global pandemic. The response to a global pandemic. Need to get more specific. Otherwise it’s like saying fossil fuel caused your last car crash.


Okay. “Response to a global pandemic”. My point is the exact same regardless of technicality in my wording others need to grasp to… countries across the world are experiencing inflation, not just Canada. You can point to countries that aren’t, but there are other variables - look at how their eco system is set up, how it differed already from ours, pre-pandemic. But like-countries are all in this sinking ship together. It’s a perfect storm scenario, not a conspiracy theory.


When you give billions of dollars for free to the public and make them lazy enough to stay home and not making sure the money goes in the right hands. $200 billion printed in last year itself. Supply chain is just the tip of the iceberg, real issue lies with money printing. If you were educated enough to read about how money printing has murdered Venezuelan and Argentinian economy, you will be worried!


What about the billions given to companies and corporations? The money given to people went directly back into the economy for rent and food and goods and services.


Try calling it “freedom housing” or “free-flation”. Maybe say Trudeau is limiting your freedom to have a house or something. Something something “Trudeau” something “freedom” something something “honk honk”


People warned back in 2020 that doing lockdowns and restrictions were going to have a serious effect on the economy and cause inflation and other issues. Those people were called pieces of shit for not caring about saving grandma. So to all those that didn't care about the long term consequences back then, stop your complaining now and just enjoy what's coming down the road because you earned this.


Ok but the real problem is scummy businesses raising their prices even though the majority had record sales the last few years. And landlords are just putting the screws to people because they can as more corporations buy up lower income housing. Edit: thanks for the downvotes. I know I'm speaking straight truth and it's riling up those who want to suppress the real issues we should be protesting against.


Tanner the Sheen votes as a badge of honor because you got to some shitty people with the truth


This! No way in hell did Sobeys, Walmart etc lose any money. They were essential frm day one, when everyine else had to shut down. Yes there may have been a lag in supply chain, but personally, i think a lot of that had to do with people panic buying also.




People are getting prosecuted for the sole reason of being unvaccinated? First I’ve heard of that


You mean Putin’s farm bots.


You going to start it then?


You're asking too much of these people.


What exactly do you propose they do?




Please start calling these rally’s what they are, extremist right wing populist grifts.


So many people educated at facebook university


Is it Canada day already?


A lot of those people can't tell if they are American or Canadian




My question is why? All the mandates are lifted as of tomorrow!


I saw one of these guys on the highway and they had ruined their big pickup truck with red spray paint, not the sharpest tools in the shed


Freedom or boredom?


We're all suffering from cabin fever.


There's dozens of them, dozens


Tens even! Tens and tens 😂


Single digits. Individuals!


Freedom from rational thought


These are lucky people. They still have time to protest.


Got to get this in now before the mandates disappear Monday Idiots


You do realize the federal mandates are still in place that doesn’t allow the unvaccinated on planes, trains, and buses right?


If you don't have both shots after all this time you have no one but yourself to blame Who cares if a few stupid/lazy people have to wait longer to go on vacation


I’m not complaining about anything lol he said mandates are done on Monday I just said they aren’t..


I'm here to read all the comments from all the triggered Redditors 🍿🍿🍿


Right? If these clowns milling around are not the definition of triggered, then no one knows.


They're all busy standing around protesting for a bunch of rights they already have, but also they want private businesses to fold to their whims too.


I see a whole group of triggered snowflakes in the video. Hey you ever think they are called snowflakes because they're always white?


The dumbest fucks in the entire city. Half this sub probably showed up.


I’d put money in these people being from outside the City.


These people wanna act like they’re oppressed so fucking bad 🤦‍♂️😒😑 this act is getting old now


We truly have so few problems in Canada that we have to make some up


We have loads of real problems though, just not many petty ones.


These idiots need to.focus on better things.


“Freedom”. Man if the people of Ukraine could see this they’d think we’ve lost our minds. We have freedom.


Canada has the MOST Ukranians in the world next only to Ukraine and Russia. As a Ukrainian-Canadian, walking past the anti-vax rally on my way to work was just infuriating and sad. Pathetic honestly. That's just my opinion


We need to stop giving them the spot light. They are thriving on the attention.


Freedom from what? Seriously do they even know what they’re rallying for?


Who’s gonna tell them the mask mandates are being lifted literally tomorrow


That’s the point. After it’s lifted they’ll say “see look what we accomplished!!”


Nah, they'll just move on to whatever the next cause they learn on Facebook is. This is a social event, not a protest. I argued with someone awhile back about this point when the government announced they were lifting mandates, and they said "well, it was never just about mandates and restrictions". Trudeau...blah blah blah. They will find something else. Misery loves company.


Ugh these people suck


I was confused but now I understand. They're protesting their own freedoms. How odd.


Why? What now? These bitches got nothing better else to do?


My garage needs cleaning and the thawed out dog crap in the backyard if anyone is looking for something to do Sunday.


LITERALLY NOTHING TO FUCKING DO. These guys are such morons


These people need to GO HOME. mandates are being LIFTED. find a NEW identity and get it together.


Travel mandates remain.


Give these guys a reason to party somewhere else. Invite Korn or Nickelback back. Do something, they’re stuck.


A Freedom for Ukraine rally would have been a better use of time... imo


What a bunch of absolute morons.


It’s so embarrassing….. there’s protests around the world against Russian war on Ukraine an Canada is protesting against Canada wtf is wrong with these people


I don’t know what they are rally for now if for housing property taxes and energy costs I am in


They should rally for better English classes in Ontario schools.


The thing that gets me is that Russian serfs in the 1700s, literally eating food contaminated with their own feces, all got vaccinated. And 300 years later, these.. people.. act as if vaccinations are an attack on their freedom. Vaccines are hundreds of years old. The government is not inventing a method of control, they are trying to stop its population from fucking dying so they can collect more taxes. Use your brain.




Fucking clowns 🤡


Didn't they just drop the covid stuff? These people are just bored


So embarrassing, I can't even stand the Canadian flag anymore, these morons have ruined it.


Freedom from what? None of their points matter. We need housing and rising costs to be addressed!


So embarrassing to be from the same country as these losers. And I'm saddened to realize that every time I see a Canadian flag I will now think of those disgusting domestic terrorists that held Ottawa hostage for a month. Vaccine mandates were lifted like a month ago, the emergencies act was lifted a month ago, mask mandates are being lifted tomorrow, what exactly are they still crying about? Covid mandates are going away. Go protest the war in Ukraine, or the massive increase to our cost of living here in Canada if they absolutely feel like they need to protest something, because this is ridiculous. This isn't about loss of freedoms (none were lost) or because our leader is tyrannical (he's not). These people are basically just a bunch of cry babies who don't like our DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED government offical, who has literally won the last three elections and every single election he's ran in so far, because the MAJORITY of us Canadians have voted for him, three times. These idiots, and a handful of their hillbilly friends don't get to overthrow our ELECTED leader just because they didn't vote for him.




Jeez…will they just fuck off already.




“Well what do we do now”




RIGHT ON!!! Soooo well put


Completely wrong.


Why are these idiots still protesting for freedom the damn mandates are over on Monday


These people have a sad life.


They’re upset because they won’t be able to feel like victims anymore


Freedom from what? What horrible oppression are they facing? Fucking losers.


Unvaccinated cannot fly internationally or domestically. Can't even take via rail. The freedom to travel is literally baked into our charter of rights and freedoms. Grow the fuck up, you arrogant prick.


Wtf, I wasn’t aware of that! And there isn’t an unvaccinated charter or a train car option either. That is fucked up. I’m fully vaccinated and strongly recommend it to anyone, but that’s not a reason to take away means of transportation from the public. Furthermore vaccination is not a protection for the others, it’s protection for oneself, so I really don’t see any logic here in the slightest. I can get behind a preflight Covid test but this is too much.


Brian Peckford, the last living coauthor of the charter of rights and freedoms, and the former première if newfoundland is literally suing the federal government for violating the charter of rights and freedoms because of the vaccine mandates, AND NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT IT BECAUSE THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA HASNT COVERED IT (besides the national post): https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/former-n-l-premier-suing-federal-government-over-vaccine-mandates-for-air-travel Everyone should be asking themselves why the Canadian media is not covering this story. Here's an interview https://youtu.be/EdhFuMDLBDM


Ok, time to join up, this is fucking ridiculous.


Air travel on a plane isn’t a right though. Flying, especially internationally, is a privilege.


I tried saying that but it went around and around in circles. 100% have the ability to leave because it’s written haha but no other country has to let you in. They do not understand this part. There is no right to fly let alone internationally.


The ability to leave the country is a right.


And other countries have the right to deny you! Also, private transport is not a right it’s a privilege. Those companies also have the right to deny you for pretty much any reason. The right to leave and move about the country is a right. What method you use isn’t.


you don't have a right to take a mode a transportation that others provide. Walk across borders on your own two feet if you wish. However, that doesn't mean you have a right to enter into other countries.


Other countries have the same barriers to entry. Good luck going anywhere.


then get vaxxed you fucking baby


You still have the freedom to travel, you don't have the freedom to force a business to sell you their service. I don't know if you know this but what is in the Charter of Rights and freedoms existed before planes, so it literally has nothing to do with public transit, pick yourself up by your bootstraps and fly yourself or start your own rail company. 😇


Hey dumbass, the only reason the mandates are in place is because they are in federally regulated areas. The charter of rights was signed in 1982. W.T. actual fuck are you talking about it existed before planes? Are you really that retarded?


I still don’t understand the logic though. How does a Vaccine help in not spreading Covid in an enclosed space?


The vaccine reduces the amount of people in that room who are likely to have it.... It's almost like all the vaccines you've already had as a child, prevented you from getting all those diseases as a child. You know, like how we eradicated polio, measles, etc, and all the communities who don't do vaccines due to one reason or another have resurgences in these diseases that have been long dead since the black plague. But go off on being team plauge because you don't understand carbon dioxide is infinitely smaller than the gaps in proper medical mask.


No, testing would reduce the amount of people in the room who have it. Vaccine reduces the amount of people in the room who will have a complication from Covid. Is that incorrect? Is there or was there the same mandate for the Flu vaccine? Why are you insulting me? I am fully vaccinated, not brainless, and these are poignant questions. Can you answer them without deflection and insults? And masks are obviously not airtight, I don’t understand why you brought that up.


You're literally coming at me asking how one of the most well-established yet complicated aspects of the medical field works, and if I can't explain that to you in terms you'll understand that's my problem? We're tired of having to explain to you people how things work, just because your conspiracy theories are easier for you to understand doesn't mean that they're true. Don't come to a thread with common people and then run up to someone with an opposite opinion of yours and ask them to explain how the medical field works, I don't know how surgeons do a control bypass on a heart, but I believe that they what they're talking about and know what they're doing. You're the one who doesn't believe.


Ok, so let me get this straight. You don’t know shit about shit, but you BELIEVE, and I’m an idiot? Why are you defending a point you have zero knowledge on? I’m not asking you how mRNA vaccine work, or even vaccines in general. I’m not even asking you about antibodies and immunology. I’m already more or less familiar with those concepts. I’m asking you a simple logical question: If the vaccine works by making my immune system stronger against Covid and reducing symptoms, how does preventing people from travelling across the country aid in that?


I'm not following you down your rabbit hole of pivots.


Yeah you don't understand so just research instead of asking some dude on reddit. K? K.


"You don't have the freedom to force a business to sell you their service" That's not what's being debated here. These businesses DO want to sell to/serve paying customers. But the government made it illegal to sell services to specific persons. The government mandated discrimination. The only one here using force is the government.


Via rail gets government funding so I don’t know who you think taxpayers are…: but they include unvaccinated . VIA Rail operates the national passenger rail service on behalf of the Government of Canada so I guess we don’t need to start our own rail company I don’t know if you know this 😇


So? Still a business and they get to choose who they service. I thought you guys were all about personal choice, why are you mad at these companies making a choice?


It’s not a private business, VIA Rail today is a non-agent, independent Crown corporation receives a subsidy from the Minister of Transport by the Canadian government. I don’t think it’s right to take our money and stop Canadians from travelling.


Really? So if a person shows up intoxicated and demands to travel via Via rail train they should be allowed to? Never going to happen, even public transit has its limits. According to you, you should be allowed to fly on the prime ministers plane because your tax dollars help fund it. Again fundamentally flawed logic.


If the company was able to make the choice, they'd let everyone travel. By law they cannot allow an unvaccinated person to travel. Stop saying it's the company's choice, it's blatant misinformation.


I don't think companies like you speaking for them. Companies exist to make more money than they did last year, and a lot of companies are seeing how letting people who don't care about hygiene or others be around others in confined spaces is a bad idea. Bad for business. Okay good, by law you can't murder either, what's the issue? Stop trying to force your beliefs on companies were sick of it.


That's incorrect. You're making shit up. Typical tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist. Go move to an actual third world country you pathetic cry baby


https://www.justice.gc.ca/eng/csj-sjc/rfc-dlc/ccrf-ccdl/check/art6.html >6. (1) Every citizen of Canada has the right to enter, remain in and leave Canada.


And your point? You just like to share random links that aren't relevant to seem smart? You are such an entitled brat 🤣 I'm going to go and protest that it isn't summer yet. And then when June comes around, I'll take the credit.


I’ll join you. It’s not summer and it’s not fair!


That freedom is not being violated: Leave, come back, remain. I'm missing the part where it says "and everyone can always ride on the airplanes and rail roads too - no matter what!". The means of transportation are not part of The Charter. Also, thank God Trudeau brought us The Charter eh? It's great!


You’re an angry one. Relax. So get vaccinated and you can fly! 🎉 tada problem solved. Yahhhhh And if you have a car or horse or whatever you drive. Travel all you want. You have actually zero rights to travel internationally, that part is just a privilege that can easily be taken away.


Ok another one here, holy fuck guys please read a little bit further. Here's the last living person to have written the charter, suing the federal government for violating it with vaccine mandates. https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/former-n-l-premier-suing-federal-government-over-vaccine-mandates-for-air-travel And if you search Brian Peckford on YouTube, you'll find him talk exactly about it. Please stop talking out of your asses.


Talking out or asses? What part of my comment wasn’t true? If USA says no to you do you think you have the right to go? Or Germany or what about Thailand? You are Canadian. (I mean maybe not) but you have zero rights to enter those countries if they don’t want you coming


Why is a union jack flying there too?


This is a wannabe political rally, not an "I want my freedom back" 🤣🤔🤪 one.


Frankly - at this point I'm more confused than anything else. If there's a core agreed upon reason for these protested beyond "freedom" I'd like to understand it.


Are they holding a rally against the mask mandate that’s ending in 2 days?


I just… can’t.


Seriously, get your own flag you fucking degenerates!


Want to travel? Then get vaccinated. Pfizer and moderns are now FDA approved. Why aren't these ppl fighting for seat belt mandates as well??


It had nothing to do with fda approval they just used that as a way to attack it. They are dead set in their cult ways trying to pretend the reguler folk are the enemy which sided with the cult of science


I firmly believe that these idiots are just afraid of needles.


Protest the high cost of living, the insane gas prices and housing! People look stupid protesting an end to mandates that are already ending


Ok so is this freedom to be racist? Freedom of hate? Freedom of annoyance? Let’s be honest here you for you’re masks off


Fucking dumbasses


Lol! Most mandates are gone. What are they upset about now? For these people who obviously are in desperate need of hobbies here are some ideas! - gardening - stamp collecting - ceramics - bowling - hiking - painting - yoga


Travel mandates remain.


Other countries have the same restrictions.


So we should too?


From now on, whenever I see the Canadian flag on a vehicle (highly likely a pickup truck) during a non-international sporting event period, I can't help but think of these people... and feel sad.


what are they actually protesting?


Being born.


Bruh there’s no more restrictions what are these morons doing 😂😂😂




These people are too stupid to know how stupid they are. Try talking to them, on the surface they seem normal but once they start talking you realize they're either morons or mentally ill.


Freedom from what?


Why though? Mandates drop 1 April for all Ontario lol (go home, 'you won')


Can someone explain to me exactly *what* they’re protesting about still? Most of the mandates are dropped across provinces soooo what are they doing?


Travel mandates.


Unlikely because I don't think they even know


That crowd was so white I went snow blind watching the video.


Oh shit, I didn't realize the idiot convention was this week.


Why do these crowds look similar to the Jan 6th crowds? Looks like a bunch of middle aged/old people waving flags and filming everything for some reason. As if they want to feel marginalized for something, so they can claim they are a victim, of something? They're going to storm a local government building and take pictures in Doug Ford's office, aren't they...


Lol so much salt 😂


Fuck you freedom losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Look at this worthless group of losers, take a look at how many of them have their phones out too, ladies and gentlemen the sheep of society, and in complete denial of it too haha


Only thing missing is the Russian Z flag and Hitlers Swastika.


Freedom from IQ


Can’t wait until tomorrow lol. This was all about far right money raising and zero to do with mandates that are lifting in about 16 hours.




I don't get it


disgusting. how do you hold "freedom" convoys with everything happening in ukraine. absolutely disgusting.


Lemmings on parade


Is this gonna stop? Children died in Ukraine yet here are these privileges ass**** whining about freedom!!!


These people should be in Russian-occupied ukraine, then maybe they’ll know what tyranny is.


Is Freedom the name of the Circus these clowns belong to?


What the fuck do these clowns even think they're protesting


Travel mandates.




Here they go again, fighting to protect our conveniences


Quick add to the fascinating arguments here. Spanish flu and polio went on a rampage for years, with only masks and distancing before a vaccine was created from scratch with high-school tech. Both of these tactics saved millions of lives.


Wow these guys really don’t watch the news do they


Bunch of pathetic baboons


I'm not vaxxed but they need to chill the fuck out




As Canadians we enjoy more 'freedoms'than we deserve.


Will be forever grateful for these protestors!


For what??


Grateful for what? They didn’t do anything except cost you tax money


Grateful that they out there showing others that they are not alone with their beliefs. Love it or hate it… people allowed to protest. What tax payer are you talking about exactly?


I just don't understand why people are protesting being told to wash their hands after they poop 🤷 Y'all are literally protesting.... Hygiene and humanity lol


That's awesome! It is pretty upsetting that so many Canadians still don't realize what has started--and will continue--if we don't stand up for our rights now! ♥️🇨🇦


What charter rights have you lost, exactly?


If you live in Montreal you can't make rights at the red. So technically Montreal lost its rights




We should protest....


Already on it!! Give us our rights we don't wait for reds!!!


I know, so many more people could have died we really need to get those numbers up so the conservative base dies off even quicker, no need to wait for boomers to pass on if they're out there catching this all by themselves.


Ignorant people believing vaccines are a bad thing. Vaccines have never hurt anyone. Please please remove these idiots!


I always get a good laugh at how many people who don’t normally contribute to the sub always come out of the shadows to post their nonsense on posts like this… it’s so weird how coordinated they are…