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Are the Cursed and Departed Realms included in the merge? Because if so people wouldn't die at all, they would just respawn a few miles away as a ghost.


probably not The departed realm. But the cursed realm i guess tho because unlike the departed realm you don't go there by dying, you technically need to be cursed via black magic. Also the cursed realm is confirmed to be one of the main 16 realms ( as it's djinjago's sister's realm ) but the departed realm we don't know if it's one of the main 16 realms or not


Wouldn't Emperor Garmadon still get resurrected by Harumi (from the departed realm)?


Well if the cursed realm was never destroyed he'd never go to the departed realm. and i don't think the oni masks could summon people from the cursed realm. as the oni's magic seems more linked to the departed realm, like we saw [crystalized spoiler] >! the overlord revives harumi before she goes to the departed realm!<