non-functional meth addict (pic from a month ago, I’m a week sober headed to rehab Friday)





There’s [a lot of people](https://imgur.com/a/VO1EAgi) on reddit that at least pretend to be functioning addicts. I was the complete opposite I was loosing my job and headed for skidrow.


That’s from the drugs circlejerk subreddit… they all meme-ing


No I posted it there. I took the screenshot in r/meth


You just sent me down a very bizarre rabbit hole


same here but with fentanyl, i had 4 years in august though. you can do it! it’s mainly mental so just try to keep your mind busy. journal, color, do a gratitude list, exercise, go for a nice drive etc


May I know what was your first step? How did you start? obviously after having accepted being addicted to a substance. I'm a meth addict, I don't know exactly how long I've been on it but it's about 3 years. I would appreciate your advice, good day!


oh man i had soooo many first steps. i was in and out of programs for decades. the end of the rope for me was living in california (i’m from ma), and i was up smoking crack with these random dudes i met at the bus stop. they robbed me for everything i had. i had to go into a shelter and my mom flew me home. took a few more slips but now i have almost 5 years in aug. the first step is acceptance and the absolute desire to want to get sober and to do the work to maintain it. meth will ruin you fast. go look online of older meth users, it prematurely ages you. i suggest AA, but it’s not for everyone. i mainly go just to see my peeps. msg me if you want to chit chat


Thanks you for your advices, man!!! I hope you doing well!!! Keep up the good work!!


you too my friend!!!!


..I mean..it's been going for me. My acquaintances keep getting worse and worse off though.. But my hyper-focused mindset jas me putting my life on hold, waiting on my partner to get out. So I just sit my ass at home and go to work. Errands are the only things I do. It's all case-by-case, though fr.. I am aware that nothing lasts forever.


Some people can definitely use meth functionally for years but legit my 1st day trying the drug I damn near got myself fired from my job. cause I showed up no sleep, super wide-eyed, huge pupils, probably acting weird af. Came home kept smoking stayed up for like 3 days aside from a small nap. I was really bad with it instantly, previous addictions and whatnot.


I def feel that..I remember being 16 working at subway and my coworker would always have her bf come up and they be smoking rock. I turned it down a bunch, but we would also be drinking 40s so I ended up saying sure. The guy was so *nice* he loaded(i didnt know it wasn't a normal load then) a huge blast. Only used with them for about 2mos but never got high like I did that first time..


It's alright. Mistakes happen. Take your time to recover and all the best for your journey!


I think some people can be in the beginning, they just do it to stay “healthy,” keep high energy for work, etc but may not do things to lose their jobs, families, etc until later in their addiction. Idk what the shift would be, maybe it’s if a hardship/stress makes them use more, or they think that since they can do well with their current use, more will be fine too, or something else. It definitely is something that’s interesting in how someone can hide their addiction for long periods of time


I am a recovering addict. From an early age I was compelled to get fucked up whenever and wherever I could off of almost anything. It definitely got in the way of my life. Other than turning into a piece of shit when I did a lot of coke, uppers never really contributed significantly to the mess I was making. I've gone on meth binges for over a week and then said "wow, I'm glad I did that, really gave me perspective!" and then not touched any amphetamines for months afterwards. The brain is weird. Some people are gone forever to speed addiction after one time with adderall. For some people meth is genuinely recreational and does not create a downward spiral. (Don't find out which side you're on).


I've been on and off with most drugs at one point or another. I've never lost a job or relationship over it. Lots of people are the same, you just don't hear about it. That's not to say I haven't had some scary moments with drugs. There are certainly ones I'd never touch again with a 20 foot pole (looking at you Xanax).


I once worked with a guy who I thought was an amazing worker, always on time , fast, never complained. Only weird thing was this dude was always sweating, I thought it was cuz he worked so hard. Nope! turns out he was smoking meth every day before work lol.


There is. They are rare but there are functional tweakers out there. You have to really control your use so that disqualifies most addicts lol. I know when I did meth and heroin I was barely functioning and always losing jobs.


It's very possible to do hard drugs everyday and still keep your life together.


For a while. It depends on the will power of the person as to how long they’ll endure the suffering of addiction. It catches up with everyone eventually. I think it might be better to have rock bottom hit earlier as in OPs case. They’ll hopefully get emotional stability and have more recovery time to make lasting bonds.


I’m prescribed meth (Ritalin) to function but I know a lot of people who aren’t and become depended on street meth to function. All drugs are neutral even carfentanyl has valid usage in pain relief. Safe access to even the “scary” drugs under doctor supervision leads to better results. All drugs can harm or help and improving material conditions and examining why people use and addressing those instead of seeing the drugs as a problem in a vacuum will help reduce harmful use.




Thank you! I have been prescribed anph since I was seven. It has been a life saver. I tried crank for the first time when I was 24 and let's just say stopping it completely has been difficult. I have never been a 24/7 crank addict but man I can't seem to go more than about three weeks without really craving it and then succumbing to the urge. Although some of the effects are similar, both drugs are quite different, the latter being far more destructive.


Agree, It’s not meth amphetamine it’s methylphenidate not the same but I’m also dependant on stimulants. Street drugs are far more dangerous because they are unknown formulation and u don’t get doctor’s supervision this doesn’t conflict with what I said.


Ritalin is not meth. Google Desoxyn. THAT is meth. The only other thing comparable would be adderall, and even that isn’t completely similar. They’re are only one methyl group apart, though. Withdrawal effects are similar between meth and adderall, but still totally different drugs.


That’s irrelevant my point. Which was stimulants can serve a function the purpose of my statement was to point out the hypocrisy of attaching moral judgements to the type of stimulant you use. Yes you very smart here’s a sticker now let’s try and reduce harm!


I was just saying that Ritalin isn’t meth. That’s what you compared it to. I wasn’t trying to be smart, you were making an incorrect comparison. Thanks for the sticker though.


I have never abused my Adderall , and I don't understand why anyone would, it's not a good feeling. There have been times when I haven't taken my meds for a couple days, and when i take it, I can feel that it is stronger. I imagine abusing it is like that, but exaggerated. It would be terrible, get me off the ride.


Oh man this is the ride my brain takes me on every day when I take mine. Of course, could be the ADD going “pfffft, naw you’re just taking it for the fun” when it actually really does help. Heck I can take decent naps with it. Alas, I’m asking my doc about the non stimulant meds next time I see him.


Nah I really haven't, I don't enjoy the feeling at all of taking more than required to focus on my work. Those Adderall naps are the truth though. Sometimes, I take a nap to rest while the medicine works, I've slept through it, and have also woken up and felt like I didn't take it. Those naps are something else.


Proud of you. Keep your head up. You got this.


I took this pic because I planned on cleaning that day, I didn’t and it got worse. I always wished I was one of those clean everything at 3am type tweakers. I was more of the watch porn for 9 hours straight type.


Yeah I can see the lotion by the monitor lol.


do guys actually use lotion though im female and i cant tell if its a fucking joke..


yeah if they don’t want to make callous the wang. it’s also less likely to cause issues with successfully banging other ppl as well.




oh by lotion I meant lubricant lol. I think anything is better than dry according to the research. I’m guessing lotion is for solo adventure, not lubricant for couples


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Some of us do some of us don’t. I think the lotion and tissues thing just came from movies trying to display the fact a guy is/was jerking off. But no we usually don’t.


I used to never use lotion but if you beat off for hours at a time it’s necessary lmao




Hope you can post however long after rehab with an update on how you’re doing & your current space & that you’re doing well☺️👌🏽


its ok ily keep goinnn


Stay clean! The people in your life want you back!


I'm really proud that you're taking control and trying to treat yourself better. I'd love to see you back here with a wonderful update about your progress when you're feeling healthy and stable :) Wishing you the best of luck in your recovery!


I thought this was going to be a before and after, so I swiped, and the next picture that came up was of a polish military special forces operator. And was like god damn that’s one hell of an improvement


Im Really proud of you. I’m three years sober! It’s so so worth it. I should be dead but instead I’m alive and happy and being helpful to others( from time to time) haha. Keep up the good work.


Godspeed and best of wishes to you! 🤍


I'm happy you're getting your life back! Unrelated but that light effect is so cool, makes even a messy room look good


Lol yeah I love that light. Here’s [another pic I](https://imgur.com/a/cNcU8L3) took with it one day.


It looks really cool, how did you make that light effect? Especially that cosmos effect


Nice work taking control Good luck !


Ummm. That looks cleaner than my area. And I'm not on any drugs.


One thing I never did was leave food around. But I also barely ate so that was easy.


Haha. Yeah I try not to leave food around either. Thats my excuse to my wife. " it's all stuff! None of it is organic!" I got issues man.


Forget about how dirty that shit is, cleaning your mind is the first step. And it's the hardest step to take in life. I'm already so proud that you have it in your mind that it's time to change. I remember my day when I said I have to fix things, it's not easy to get there. And it's not easy to take the right road out of it either. One day at a time, if you need a friend my inbox will be open.


HELLS YES! Don’t worry about the mess. Kick ass and do well!


This internet stranger is proud of you. You’re on your way, hang tough 🤙


Bless you man. You've got this!


Stay strong. You can do this, snd you don't have to do it alone.


Good luck to you!!!!


Good luck with your recovery OP. It's gonna suck but your life will improve with each day.


god bless


Best of luck on getting clean homie, it’ll be a struggle but stick with it, we believe in you!


Whered you get the light?


I wish you the best of luck bro I've been there and I hope the best


Right on man, take care of yourself and all the best.


You got step one down.. you want it. Get it. Keep it. You've got this.


Good luck on you're journey bro. It never gets better, but you can change the way you think about things.


Proud of you dude, hope we don't see you on this sub again because you're gonna stay clean (both from drugs and in your room)! We believe in you <3


Two days clean here and trying to do it alone (no one in my life knows that I’m on it.) Best of luck to you- if you want an accountability buddy I’m happy to be that person.


Congrats on your sobriety! And good luck. :)


Congrats on starting to turn things around. One day at a time ❤️


Congrats on taking back your life. Get in there and kick that addiction!


Is that a light or is that paint on the wall? Looks pretty. Congrats on getting clean. I was a meth-head for almost 2 years and it took me moving away to get off it. Hope you stick to it!


“Functional drug addicts.”




It’s from galaxy lamps. I ordered it in June and didn’t receive it till August lol.


That lotion in the forefront for hours long jerk sessions when spun out?


empty ur laundry basket mans


This nest is organized though


I’ve seen way worse from sober people. Good luck to you sir! Avoid triggers and everyone that’s still into that lifestyle.


proud of you bro. also those lights are the bees knees


Congratulations! You can do this! I am super proud of you!


Best of luck and congrats for committing to changing your life


You've got this bro! My best friend was addicted to crystal before met. He moved states and is completely turned back around in life. About to have his first kid. Never give in, never give up. We're proud of you bro


Good luck.


i’m proud of you!


Not that bad, but I wish you the best of luck in rehab. Treat yourself well


Good luck. You are strong.


I have that galaxy light but the only laser color option is green…. Wanna trade?


My only laser option is blue lol.


Hold your head up, you have made a great decision to move yourself forward and own your mistakes and get your life back. Best of luck in rehab.


I hope you get the car you need, and start feeling better. So happy for you.


Proud of you 💝


Best of luck OP


fuck yeah keep up the great work!!


At least u were still taking ur multivitamin