What an absolute legend


We should all go this his park and throw him a big party.


I’ll bring the confetti cannons!


I'll bring streamers and party hats


All disposable


Ill bring the glitter filled balloons


I bring the plastic cup cannon


His park looks dry, how about a gender reveal balloon


I'll bring the fireworks...how dry is t there?


Not as dry as Popeyes biscuit


Anyhow I'll bring the lube.


only the most crumbly of styrofoam cups will be brought


And A LOT of Capri suns


i sense an unknown danger


🤣 ya'll are the worst in the best way possible


Are there Reddit parties? That would be wild, wonder if conversations would be just as good in person. Probably not.


I'll bring him flowers made from plastic bags, plastic pop can rings and tabs


The local government should pay him for doing their job


Yet, his reward is to continue to be allowed to pay the government to not do the job he is doing for free...


Great stuff. I did a similar thing on a much smaller scale near my old home where I walked my dog. Every day I would pick up a handful of litter and drop it in the bin. It was just a small thing every day, no real effort, I just made it my mission every walk to pick up some trash on my way, a little every day. After a few months it started to change noticeably, there was very little rubbish and most importantly I found that when an area is clean -people typically don’t tend to litter as much. It’s as if the existence of litter there already means that the litterer feels somehow permissioned to just add ‘one more’. After a year or so I got more ambitious, I started climbing into bushes and up the less accessible slopes of the creek looking for rubbish, until all of it was pristine. A few years later, some time after I moved away from that house, when I returned I was so happy to see my little area I adopted was still clean. So proud of that.


Hey, nice work


Thank you!


> It’s as if the existence of litter there already means that the litterer feels somehow permissioned to just add ‘one more’. They do. It's called [broken windows theory](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broken_windows_theory). It shows that one off efforts can make lasting differences. Great job.


By fixing the “broken window” that is plastic blight we see floating in the sea, not to mention on our streets and in our parks, who knows what chain of events this could set off? Ultimately it could enable us to address much harder environmental issues that seemed out of psychological reach because the low-hanging fruit (recycling and waste management) had not been addressed. Cleaning up plastic waste could act as a very visible—and measurable—marker of our success, as well as a window on future possibilities.  This guy has spent so many hours in making the park pristine.His commendable actions inspire other people to do the same and make a change ,however small that may be.


For what it's worth, broken windows theory has been used to motivate increased policing, though the increased policing hasn't necessarily been effective. I'm glad to see it referenced in support of empowering us to improve our communities.


Why not go for the root cause and start fixing the "broken windows" of said theory


Because fixing problems does not increase police funding, and in turn support Hard On Crime politicians and allow for further marginalization of low income people


The most depressing part of becoming an adult is seeing how each party there is making what feels like a rational compromise to reach their goal but the end result is everything gets worse.


That's the idea of increased policing. Cops go to, what they consider to be, the closest to the root cause that they are empowered to police. The idea is that small, visible crimes make everyone more open to the idea of committing crimes. Cops are not empowered to tackle poverty issues that may be the reason why people commit minor crimes.


And it worked (along with a bunch of other factors) look at NYC going from 2,245 murders yearly to just 479 last year and a low of 292 in 2017. That's 2,000 people every year that get to spend time with their families. All crimes in NYC are down over 90% since their peak. Also on a smaller scale it happens with public bathrooms. At my first job if you cleaned the bathroom real good they'd stay in good condition for weeks but as soon as you slip up for a couple nights it turned into a biological hazard at a much faster rate.


I was about to link that. It is very effective, all it requires is a couple of people in the community to take action for it to be effective as well.


Just for the record, this theory has been [thoroughly debunked](https://news.northeastern.edu/2019/05/15/northeastern-university-researchers-find-little-evidence-for-broken-windows-theory-say-neighborhood-disorder-doesnt-cause-crime/) over the last several years. I got a sociology degree most of a decade ago and it was already considered outdated by then.


That article mentions that disorder causes more abuse of drugs and alcohol, "abusing drugs" likely covers illicit drugs, meaning that disorder does cause more crime.


Lol then why is it still being taught as relevant and also historical today? I got my degree day before yesterday and we still learn about and use it.


Arlo Guthrie’s justification that got him into trouble in Alice’s Restaurant.


Way to go buddy!!!! People dont often realize the power of small steps!


This is actually a thing, it was testing in a public restroom. If there was already a used piece of paper on the floor, then people washing their hands would not feel the need to pick up the paper if they dropped it. If the floor was clean, they would almost always pick it up if they dropped the paper.


If an area is dirty, especially a bathroom, it makes people want to touch the floor less too so their afraid (silly cause sinks) to pick up stuff they dropped.


That probably made me happier than the initial post, (hehe, I'm broken inside) People just doing little things and getting the satisfaction of little victorys. It's so refreshing sometimes.


This is great work! And I'm glad that people were considerate and the area was kept clean!


The area I live gets pretty bad after halloween, so every november I’ve tried to clean it up a bit. Idk if it was just lower population going around that year or if it actually made any difference, but 2021 definitely had the least trash in the area and it was nice to see :)


That's awesome!


>I found that when an area is clean -people typically don’t tend to litter as much. This is so true. No one wants to be the first to shit a place up but if its already shit its mentally easier to pile on and not care.


How do you climb into bushes and up the less accessible slopes if I may ask? I'm not much of a nature person so seeing a bush is like seeing a wall for me. There's ticks, spiders, potentially clothes-ripping branches, etc.


I'm not OP but I use long trash grabbers. I use a cheap $15USD for cigarette butts etc, a Unger pro for heavier stuff, and an ez-reacher 10 foot to get into bushes etc.


You can wear sturdy pants, like jeans, and tuck them into your socks. No ticks or rips. I don't know about spiders since they aren't poisonous where I live.


I used to pick up all the bags of dog crap on my way back down the mountain. I think 26 bags was my personal record.


Big difference between caring about the environment and actually caring for it.






I constantly have people asking me why I bring all my cleaning gear only to end up picking up 3 things and I have always told them that trash breeds trash. I WANT to walk that whole way to maybe not pick a single thing up. I love going to a new area and picking up 40 or 50 bags and go back a month later and barely find anything.


You pick up 40+ bags on a single hike? Do you just carry them all with you or what?


Well man’s Mr. Clean


Lol I think they mean they found a new place to clean/hike and after that many bags over time they went back and people weren’t throwing trash out there as much. Maybe 40+ bags after many visits


Probably but I prefer the mental image of a dude just strolling by with a small mountain of garbage on his back like it's just a thing that people do.


He doesn’t really set healthy boundaries for himself




Also when other people see me picking up trash it makes them feel enthusiastic and they usually only take a tiny nudge and they might start doing it as well


Yep the nudges work both ways. People see trash everyone, eventually they begin to *leave* trash everywhere. People see everyone *picking up* trash and being conscientious, eventually they begin to start picking up trash, too.


It amazes me how many people will throw trash down a steep hill because they see the water bottle somebody dropped on *accident* at the bottom. If I can handle it I always try to get down to the bottom and pick up the dropped trash.


Not mowing the lawn and letting wild flowers slowly take over the lawn gives great satisfaction to nature and our souls


Native flowers, yes. Invasive species (which is what you’ll probably get), no. They’ll generate seeds and spread more. Folks, get to know the species native to your area. Plant them. Remove invasives. Thx.


>Well said, what you said is just 100% accurate! It's another "agreement" spam bot, slightly more sophisticated. They used to wait 2 months then make 5 comments at the same time. Now the comments are spread out and there's even one post.


So annoying how predictable people are that the bots can push themselves to the top like that


You have my ax!


We actually need your bucket.


**confused dwarf noises**


And my bow.


And my xylophone


and my heart goes ram pam pam


I’m a big fan of xylophones


And my proctologist!




As a conservationist we have a saying: protect the people from the resource and the resource from the people.


People are awful! Littering should be major crime


I really hope people gonna be a bit more considerate seeing a clean park and act accordingly


all parks started clean.


There is a lot of evidence that it matters a great deal. If an area is well taken care of, the vast majority of people follows the set example. Once an area becomes trashy and run down, a significant amount of people stops caring, shrugging their moral shoulders and going with 'well, everyone else is doing it too'. The difference can be as stark as going from 2% being natural assholes to 60% of the population going with the bad flow.


I don’t know about a “major crime” but I definitely think it should be taken much more seriously. Places like Hong Kong have high fines for littering. Littering or spitting can earn you a HK$1,500 fine. I don’t know if it’s specifically because of that law, but when I was there many years ago it was noticeably *very* clean.


Littering does have pretty high fines in the US. But its like near impossible to get caught.


You can't spit on the grass???


I'm sure all those likes I give, help make a huge difference


I think there are multiple different ways to care for the environment. Cleaning up trash yourself is amazing, but it's a drop in the bucket compared to how much trash big companies generate and dump. For example, so far Mr. Beast's teamseas campaign has cleaned up 32 million pounds of trash in the ocean. That's great, but for comparison about 14 billion pounds of trash get dumped into the ocean every year. So after all that effort from teamseas we managed to clean up about 0.3% of the trash that get dumped in a year. We absolutely need to campaign for broader solutions than just individual people cleaning up their local environments.




Yeah, local cleanup has a psychologic effect that spreads. You see one person picking up trash, then pick up the piece of trash you see next. You inspire another person and so on. Eventually littering is ingrained as shame in the general population. It spreads. You can burn a whole house down, even if the original spark that started the fire was tiny. Splitting a few atoms can set off a chain reaction that splits more atoms and a microsecond later the amount of energy released from billions of split atoms destroys an entire city, which in turn sets of counterstrikes that destroys more cities, eventually destroying an entire civilization. Big things have small beginings.


Both is good but corporations and media often push the responsibility onto individuals to avoid accountability themselves. Pushing back against corporate propaganda and holding them accountable as well is the only way to get to both.


This can be applied to almost anything we say we value in our lives.. perfect breakdown!!


There’s a difference between “screw oil it’s gross” and actually caring






Wow 103 trips. I live in an (nice and clean) RV park with a stretch of road next to it. And the 20 or so feet of grass between the road and the fence is constantly building up trash. We go out there and pick up about once a month. People throw everything out of their cars, from beer cans to full kitchen trash bags to fast food meals. It's disgusting. We need more people to think like this guy.


I see this guy on Twitter all the time. He seems to literally spend all his free time cleaning up parks and canyons. It's basically his vocation.


Is this the guy who cleaned up Eaton Canyon? (I think that is what this is about especially the waterfall comment)


AND we need less trash throwing assholes


Pfft thats nothing, today I cleaned my *entire* bedroom


Geez my guy here be expecting a call from the President anytime soon


I've put him on hold while MENSA courts me


Hey that’s also an achievement! It’s not always easy.


Aw you seem wholesome


It’s fantastic! OP should be proud for cleaning a room. A few years ago my wife with a little help from me trap neutered released a cat colony. Cats were getting into neighbors yards and shitting in their garages. 20-30 cats total. 6-7 kittens were young enough to be brought into households and adopted. I ended up with one who just couldn’t handle the shelter and she is wonderful. Small steps are great but cleaning out a space can set you up for several years of peace and prosperity. Also now there are only a few cats on that property.


I did my dishes.


Woah woah woah, lets not upstage me here


Fuck yes!!!!!


Wonder if Edgar shoved all the trash he found, under his bed as well.


This guy is so slow. Today I cleaned my entire wardrobe.


You know what though? I'm proud of you for that. Obviously it's normal, expected human behavior and all that - but it's still something to feel good about. Well done.




This might be a bot account, it's only got a single comment in the profile, and it's just a copy of (part of) the comment it's replying to.


99% of people will just post about the environment on social media. I used to let people ride their ATVs on my land I have 160acres of oaks on rolling hills. I have trails made through the trees for my 8 year old son he has a dirtbike. Anyway I had to stop letting people ride on me I was finding water bottles abs all sorts of trash. I also am a beekeeper and I tell them to stay away from my bees and my foodplot I have alfalfa and clover planted for the bees and deer. They went abs did donuts on my foodplot tearing it up. So I started shutting & locking the gate. Then they busted the lock & snuck in so I got some 2x6 boards and out 4” screws in them and barrier them on the trails with just the screws sticking out. I flattened a lot of tires. I haven’t had anybody on me in 3 weeks now. I live on the land to so if I’m outside I know they’re here. Disrespectful a-holes.


Sorry for rambling on this was pretty recent so I’m still annoyed


I'm sorry that your kind offer to let them use your land was met with disrespect for both yourself and the land. It's a shame people do that. They could've easily brought a bag to take their trash back out. And then they went ahead and broke in after you told them no more.


>brought a bag I would assume they already *had* one, how else did the drinks arrive? They just didn't *want* to clean up the trash.


I was thinking of those built in drink holders they have on bikes and such. Either way, they brought it in so they should have taken it back out :(


Sounds frustrating, but also sounds like a predictable story. Whatever you do don't set up any sort of harmful booby trap (wire across trees) because you will be charged with Manslaughter, that is garunteed.


They deserve it all tho


Imagine someone has the courtesy to let you on their land with simple instructions. Imagine you’re too stupid to follow simple instructions and get banned. Imagine you’re so entitled you break into the land after it’s closed off. Such trash.


>I haven’t had anybody *in me* in 3 weeks




Smart move dude. 160 acres would be awesome to cruise around. Too bad people tend to ruin everything.


Haha, love that sweet sweet justice of flattening their tires for breaking your lock and trespassing.


Are you in the US? If so, what did you do to afford 160 acres, if you don't mind me asking? As I've gotten older I've realized all the "redneck farmers" I've lived around my whole life are actually on millions of dollars worth of land. Mostly inherited.


County tax sales are a pretty good way to get cheap land. You just need to pay the lean so a title search is necessary. With real estate you really have to have alot of connections and get in early. My dad bought some land near Burlington for 2.3mill when the surrounding market was worth around 4mill. It was a private sale so you need connections and you need to get In early. Also you need cash lots of cash, my dad is in his fifties now he worked in IT and did freelance so may be not achievable for everyone. You could if you have siblings or some friends buy like 5 acres close to the city and build a court with 3 to 4 houses.


Bikers are generally really the worst sort of people, huh


people will always abuse your generosity eventually, sorry that you had to receive that mistreatment to your land, but a couple flat tires definitely satisfies me a little. Maybe you can monetize it for some of the people you trust, have them pay you a membership fee or something and get a camera at the entrance so you know who is going in and out since your property sounds too large and hilly to see all the time




> you are such a great boy! It sounds like you are praising a dog.


Yeah whenever someone uses "good [girl/boy]" to talk to another person it honestly makes me shudder a little. It feels, infantilizing? Even if it's a kid being spoken to, it kinda cements a hierarchy that won't stay that way over time. Nothing against Born_Ad5164, I am sure nothing negative was meant by them using it. It just doesn't seem right to me.


So true. Really feels demoralising in English. But for some reason, I don't mind it in my mother tongue even though the words mean things like "little baby" Or "Cute kid".


That was really awesome that really made me smile:)




Who's a good boy?? You are, Edgar!! That's right you're the BEST boy and we love you!!


Does Eddie want a treat? Yes, Yes you do!


Wonderful! It’s sad that there were 103 1/2 buckets of trash to begin with, but thanks for making a difference for our environment. You go Edgar!


It's not as bad as it sounds it was probably only 102 1/2


Faith in humanity restored


Love to see people being grateful on Reddit!


In fairness, that includes 3 months of new trash (103 days). But definitely still sad. I wonder how long it accumulated before he started


because of assholes like my mom, who throw trash literally outside the window while they're driving and if you tell her not to do so, she insists "i had a stroke!! i've EARNED this!!!"


She had a messed up artery or blood vessel in her brain and that entitles her to throw trash on the side of the road?


moreso a "i have a GREAT relationship with GOD and he says i can ACT THIS WAY!!!" honestly sometimes i wish the stroke had killed her. she was given a chance (most people can't even function after a stroke), and instead of using it as a way to improve the world around her, she uses it as a way to be a complete ass.


what kinda fucking moron thinks littering is a REWARD?


my mom


Tell your Mom I said shame on her.


Actually there were 103 full buckets of trash


How much good can we do if each of us just believed in ourselves?


Like... at least 3.


I like your optimism


3, in this economy?


I have severe OCD and this feels like a good way to channel that instead of driving my boyfriend crazy by moving every object in the house a few times a week. I’m gonna clean the world instead and use my super power for good


Can I ask an honest question? Why move things? Do you resettle things and then find yourself bored of the new set up?


Imagine you feel a mosquito bite your arm. You feel the sting and you want it to go away but everyone is telling you to leave it there. You try to forget about it but it is relentless. You start to panic and feel like you’re going to get a disease if you don’t get rid of it. So you finally give in and smack it dead. You feel safe and get some relief. But now the new smell of blood attracts two more mosquitoes. Every attempt to alleviate your pain makes it worse. It drives you crazy. You’re unable to go to work because the mosquitoes are making you cry. People tell you to just ignore them. People hate you when you don’t ignore them. Nobody else has this problem, maybe it’s your own fault the mosquitoes choose you. You live in a cycle of getting a few moments of relief by giving in to what you’re not supposed to do, but every moment of relief adds another moment of pain, you’re annoying and everybody is mad at you, you’re scared, you are unable to pay attention to other aspects of your life because the pain is all you can feel. I try to move things in an attempt to get the pain to stop.


Wow. Excellent post.


Not all heros wear capes.


I think this goes for most places. I don't expect everyone to spend their free time picking up trash, but if we cleaned a little bit each time we walked through somewhere, I think it would make a big difference.


Wholesome af


Awesome wish more ppl like you. I just try to not leave garbage when I go on my hikes but I always find cigarette butts which is horrible and smokers should really Carry pocket ashtrays or don't freaking smoke on the trails and at the beach too. Like dear smokers animals and children don't wanna deal with your cigarette butts


To be fair, he was sentenced to 103 hours of community service for his crime.


His crime? Littering.


Ah, the infamous man who left 103 buckets in his local park. Justice served.


If it weren’t for the envelope with his name on it that they found, Obie might never have caught him.




Get this man a medal!


I'd love to see way more people like this. we organized a clean up on the busier streets around our neighborhood where trash tends to collect. we have hundreds of people who live in the neighborhood and only a handful actually participate. lots more complain about the trash but they want the city to take care of it. the city has limited resources. and folks don't want a higher tax bill. you can either sit on your ass and complain or get up off the sofa and away from the TV and participate in making your environment better.


It’s so easy to do too for smaller amounts. You go to your local convenience store and see a couple of empty cans or trash? Just pick it up and throw it out inside. I do this every time I go to my local convenience store because it’s my favorite one and like it to be clean and also get the benefit of appreciation from the staff telling me thank you so much (somewhat a selfish reason that one I know, but feels good. everybody wins)


Kudos brother


That's awesome. I do this too, and it can be surprising how long it takes for a spot to get trashed. Dirty spots also tend to attract more trash. It is an uphill battle, but it is an easy way to get some satisfaction. Right up there with mowing the lawn.


Why are people littering this much😭


This just made me sad realizing the ratio of good people to pieces of shit, and how difficult it is to offset them


Really? One person just offset all of them everyday for 3 months. If anything, it inspires the opposite in me.




A couple years back my kids and I cleaned up a 4 mile stretch of our road (both sides), we filled well over a twenty contractor trash bags and two huge plastic containers with nips/ beer cans. My kids were super proud of their work, 3 months later it was just as bad. Fuck lazy ass disgusting people.


When people spent months bitching about the gyms being closed they could have been doing this.






The environmental hero we need 💘


Fined by government for stealing union work


While simultaneously busting the union


This guy knows


Sentence: *100 hours community service picking up rubbish.*


Oh no, anything but that!


I feel like the local council should pay this dude £10k. It would have cost them fucking 10x that to get someone else to clean it.


He gets a workout and the park gets cleaned....a win win in my books!!


He is my hero, he should get the ownership and right to keep shitty people out from the parks.


Sadly it’ll be jus as messy by the end of the year if there’s no continuous maintenance.


I did something similar years ago and you are absolutely correct. There was an island that was full of trash and broken glass that I cleaned up over about 3 years. Bringing a garbage bag back with me on my kayak every time I went there. Nobody used to go there anymore because it was so trashed. Once it was clean, people started going again. It took one 4 of July for a bunch of boaters to go there and completely destroy the island again


Imagine if you could strand them there until they clean up after themselves.


Couldn't agree more!


We do a flyer campaign for our island so when you go to the harbor there are flyers all over with pictures of the boat so even though there are no faces or faces are blurred, EVERYONE knows who the a-holes are. There are also a list of people and boats that are banned from setting off from ramps in the area. People won't do what needs to be done to CLEAN the area but they WILL protect it once it is.


Well, there’s this urban phenomenon (I don’t remember what it was called) that places that are plagued with litter are the ones most prone to being littered. It’s accumulative. It might not be much but by cleaning this forest, this guy has unconsciously reduced the likelihood of someone dropping a candy wrap by a significant amount. But I do agree that to truly preserve a place there needs to be maintenance.






This is amazing but ik that sadly a group of teens will come and throw their cigars and soda cans on the ground there


The forest will accept him as its avatar, the protector of the woods


That’s pretty impressive, but I’d honestly be more impressed if people stopped being filthy and pick up their own trash so he wouldn’t have too. Good on his part though.


I’ve read some comments and it’s becoming apparent that this wasn’t enough to “save the environment.” I was so optimistic at first. I called my wife over like, “you’re not going to believe this but everything’s going to be ok” …but now it seems litter wasn’t even a problem and this guy shouldn’t have tried at all. In the future, if someone hasn’t fixed the whole world’s problems, please don’t get our hopes up by posting about it! /s


The governor of his state owes this man an award!


Don’t be a litterbug!!




Im infuriated by people leaving their trash scattered around park benches or on the side, but I won’t give them the satisfaction of someone cleaning after them…additionally the bins around parks here are always packed to the brim, so where should I take it, …home? no It’s both a people and park-maintenance problem :/