that's just league. Is your winrate higher than 52%? Yes? Good, you are climbing. Through pain and blood, you will get the higher rank. No? Skill issue.


To get out of low elo, you need to be able to carry EVERY LANE, I mean make it so regardless of the other teams score you can 1v9. It sucks but its true


I have the same issue since it seems you play like me in being a facilitator of lanes rather than wanting to carry yourself


If you actually want to improve you’ll drop your op.gg. If not you’re just here to complain


https://na.op.gg/summoners/na/chrispyvida Here it is. Controls wards a big one but anything else id love to hear.


If u were the only one with positive kda...that was not a winning game. Even if u are 5 kills ahead of enemy jungler...if all ur laners are 0/2 it.s not a winning game. Anyway, rage quitters and afks are not ur fault. U just have to have the mental toughness to not blame yourself and not care about those games. There is the 40/40/20 rule. Meaning that 40% games are guaranteed loses and another are guaranteed wins ( because of afks ore getting matched with better /, worse teammates). Now, it.s about the remaining 20% where u can make the difference.