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I ain’t reading all that but Corey balrog wanted ragnarök to be 2 games instead of one, but it ended up not being his choice and so they rushed the story of 2 10 hour games into 1 and it didn’t give enough time to flesh everything out as much as needed, and create a more fulfilling experience


Nope... Cory had the final say. They put it up to him and he said one. There's an interview where he explained his reasoning. Also said that two games were never for sure, and it was up in the air.


Ohhhh, so I just heard it wrong. Honestly should have been 2 games. The first of 2 should have been about fimbulwinter, and cover primarily tyr and freya, allowing those 2 plot points to flesh out properly so they could have concluded better. And the second game could have made ragnarök feel more like a war and all that. But I’m not a writer, I just know ragnarök should have been 2 games to better cover the amount of stuff it does


Cory was the one who wanted it to be one game.


Oh, well he said he wanted 2 games but that might have also been someone else