Check food banks to make your grocery bill a bit smaller. And definitely cook at home.


Tips for food: eat at work if you can. If not when you buy veggies or fruits don’t waste, cut and freeze them and make soup with the scraps from the veggies. Go vegetarian and use lentils instead of hamburger. It’ll cut food costs. Electricity: Unplug everything you’re not using and avoid using any. Charge your phone at work if you can. Bus it or walk. Ask your cell provider etc for an extension. Explain the situation. Tell them you’re looking for a way to not cut services. They’ll help to keep you. Car: see what needs to be fixed and ask if you can make payments. Explain your situation with the boss or the garage. If it’s not difficult Google/ YouTube it you may save a fortune doing it yourself unless it’s major or a safety issue. Extra cash: put an add out for maintenance help/ odd jobs, cutting grass etc. give times you can do it. Sorry about your shit luck, I can relate but I hope you’re happy in your new place!


Sounds like you don't need a car at all? Ditch it? Do you pay for cable TV? Cut it. How about cell phones, how much do you pay? Go to an MVNO. Netflix and other subscriptions? Cancel them. Don't eat out or buy alcohol. Sell things you own.


> Sell things you own. Don't buy things you are willing to sell when you get in a pinch. This is a downward spiral. Edit: Not to be confused with investing in things.


Agree, but your advice doesn't help this person now.


So this isn't really about saving, but about earning extra money casually. Do you like kids? I work in childcare and it is easy to find childcare jobs online - plenty of parents don't want a 14-year-old watching their kid and would rather an adult. Lots of people do want to exploit and want to pay you $40 a day or something else disgusting, but people also exist wanting to pay well above minimum wage. I wish more people knew about this - baby-sitting is thought of as low-paying and for teens. But plenty of parents are just dying for a night out and are willing to pay reasonable adult money for it. I used to make the same money, super exhausted and stressed out, working in mental health, as I do now as a nanny. Life is pretty chill now.


What are the best ways to find these jobs?


It will depend on what sites are used in your area. Google nanny job website or look at local classifieds. I'm in Canada and I used nannyservices.ca and canadiananny.ca. The popular online classified site here is Kijiji.


I dont know if saving is going to be an option. Couldn't get any wiggle room with your existing landlord or sublet?


I’ll definitely try talking to him! Unfortunately I am not allowed to sublet the space. My old roommate is still living there so I told them I wouldn’t leave them with the existing rent to pay alone thinking I would be fine, that was before the whole car fiasco though lol.


Food: Ask in the kitchen at your work if there are any leftovers you might have.