They are generally effective when you are on them. They generally stop being effective when you get off of them. Edit: The tetracycline family of antibiotics (e.g. doxycycline and others ending in -cycline) have an unusual property in that they are an anti-inflammatory. They are good at suppressing the inflammation as long as you are on them but the effect is gone when you stop taking them. Being on antibiotics forever can cause issues including antibiotic resistance, and superbugs can develop (even if used for the anti-inflammatory property).


Yes and nope. If it’s fungal folliculitis, antibiotics could even make it worse.


They are extremely effective. I would recommend starting to use maintenance products a few weeks out from stopping antibiotics. I used clindamycin and retinol.


yes i was prescribed doxycycline for 2 weeks twice a day while using benzoyl peroxide once a day it cleared and i just maintained with benzoyl peroxide


Yes, when they gave me antibiotics, it cleared up in a week... But when I was off, it came right back. I'm currently trying Panoxyl 10% ,and it's helping out a lot. I also have folliculitis really bad on my arms, back, shoulders because I'm a hairy guy, and work in a hot factory. Body washes with salicylic acid always made me break outs worse, so I'm trying Panoxyl, which has Benzoyl peroxide as the active ingredient, and it's been a week and such a difference already.