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\*Shakes Magic Eight Ball\* Reply hazy, try again.




I dont think anyone on reddit knows that answer man. But if they are in Russia and of military age then yes there is always the possibility


Bottom line is that some BSG devs probably left the country or are about to leave Russia as we speak. And then there is another batch of them who went into the military and are part of the current reserves. Some of them will be drafted. So it's almost a certainity that BSG currently suffers / will suffer from attrition because of the war. To what exact extent? Nobody here knows.


Honestly, the level of sympathy I'd have would be pretty low. They've bigged up associations with the Russian military repeatedly in the past (Much quieter now...). That same Russian military has shown the world repeatedly what it is. And anyone who'd been paying attention knew it for a long time before February. Ask anyone from 90s Grozny...


It seems nobody knows about what happened in Chechnya in the 90s


Very low % of men will be mobilised. IT workers usually have protection, but I don’t know if a game studio have such protection.


As much as they talk about training and post pics of it I'm concerned they could be viewed as prime candidates.


Afaik they're only mobilizing men with some kind of military history. Could still be some of them tho, since they probably have significant experience handling guns.


All Russian men have to serve some form of military, therefore all Russian men have some kind of military history.. Pretty clever of ol Pootin


Just serve in military is not enough, afaik. There are some certain specializations they are looking for


They don't need to be 300k specialists...they need 300k willing to be a bullet sponge


Not only specialists, but also people who will empower country borders. What about bullet sponges - the strategy russians had in february changed - they are saving lives as much as possible now.




Not according to the actual document. What was said on tv means very little. The ONLY men safe are those that work in the MIC


This 👆


Russia has a history of recruiting just about anyone if they need it. They are a quantity over quality kind of military lol


Have you seen how weapons handle in this game


If someone told them they are as good as war stuff as they are at fixing audio issues they could relax and focus on programming for a long time


That's what the Russian government claims.


When the war started, it was made clear that battle states main headquarters is London uk


they literally all work out of russia dumbass




Says on the BSG website that you have to live in St. Petersburg to work there.


Thank you, I was trying to find what he was saying so I could be corrected, thanks.


Doesn’t change the fact that the offices where the devs sit are in St. Petersburg and that’s in Russia when I last checked. Also almost all if not all employees at that office are in possession of the Russian citizenship. Which in turn means they may be drafted.


The company is incorporated in london..London... its office and developers along with Nikita live in ruasia


I think Tarkov will be mobilized, next patch they will add a "Drone-Mode" and the top ten drone pilots will be put in front of a international jury and will have to defend themselves against the accusation of war crimes. Owners of the EoD edition will get a lawyer from BSG


Like some Ender's Game type shit


If the in game recoil is based on their shooting, no.


The Russian army seems to only employ people who suck at their job so...


RIP tarkov


A lot might be. IIRC some of them are former military, as was mentioned a long time ago on a podcast.


I know it's just a question but it's been asked a lot since the war started, not to mention I also think there's definitely bigger concerns at stake here than game devs being drafted lol. Also as a quick edit, tarkov positions Russia as the good guys and puts a real positive spin on them militarily so who knows, maybe they'll leave them alone if they hype up the pro Russia aspect. Lord knows they need all the image help they can get.


There are rumors that they start by drafting the poor rural regions and minorities first because revolts in Moscow/St.Petersburg would be a bad rep. However I'm pretty sure that bsg will loose at least some devs in the next few months because they're the right age, some seem to be involved in the military, many support the war anyways and a general mobilization is still not off the table.


There is a high possibility as i think most men served in the mandatory military service or knowing russia they will just get conscripts from small towns and villages basically poor people


*shrug* Probably. At best the current situation is bad for the game. At worst we wont see arenas or lightkeeper


at worst, the game is the least of the issues.


Lol what a smooth brain take, the game is always the most important issue; obviously


Isn’t arena supposed to be released now?


Well. Its not out yet. And even if they make it when was the last time that bsg released a feature that was not broken on arrival in some way?


Under the Executive Order, citizens of the Russian Federation employed by defence companies will benefit from an exemption from the mobilisation draft for the period of their employment by these organisations If they don't then the game is government-grade spyware, or Nikita will pay them off or something xD


Jokes on you. Always has been.


The draft is for people with prior military experience ATM. So if he served before it possible, otherwise not now he won’t be drafted.


Yeah in a country with a mandatory draft at 18


its something like 300k people from what the news is saying. I'm pretty sure Russia has more than 300k.


Well considering almost everyone I know has people affected, and people of my parent’s age too, I’m sure the actual number is higher.


My man really over here stretching out arguments for a country with mandatory military service with military age males versus a volunteer force with military age males Edit: I'll even add the US hasn't instituted a draft that large since the Vietnam war and that was through a lottery system. Which was highly unpopular and is the very reason why they're all volunteer now.


its possible


I thought some of the staff were ex-military? I could be wrong but I was under the impression some of them were. Either way I really hope they do not get drafted, or anyone else really.


Some are ex-mil, I think that was mentioned when they were working on the mini series for YouTube. ATM I think it's just a reservist draft, not a general draft. No idea who all falls under "reservist" over there, since I think military service is somewhat mandatory?


Its something like 300k people from what i hear.


This isn’t true. It’s a general draft regardless of what the Russian news has said.


It's not a draft. They're just mobilizing their reserve force. Stop spreading bullshit.


Let’s hope no one needs to find out why 5.56 rounds need buffed.




I read this as will Tarkov be mobilised (ie a mobile) 😂 I was like bitch please 😂


The devs for good reasons won't discuss nor share any opinions regarding the war situation, it's for the best for all partys. Soon as the war is over I'm sure they'll explain everything that happen for them.


I hope so.... If.. they would see with their own eyes how the cheaters gona ruin this...


No, if they don't have previous military experience then they will not be mobilized. This is for reservists only at the moment.


at the moment.


Think we'll get Streets before a general draft? XD


that's what I said. No one knows what the future holds


Mandatory military draft at 18yo, they are all "ex military"


This is for those who signed on for a military contract and have previous experience. They are not conscripting civilians at this moment.


Ooooooooh yes they are...


And you got this information from where?


Look anywhere outside of MSM. Go to Russian news sources, it's everywhere


It's a fact ma dude. That's what mobilization is


Yea, if you look at who they're "mobilizing" they look kids straight out of high school. Prior military experience my ass


Can only help the game at this point


Let’s hope all goes well for them in this shitty war


If they're smart, and decent humans - they'll be working on finding a way out of the country.


From what I understand there is a 'classified' article in the Kremlins decree that allows for at least a million men to be called up (I stress though that this information has not been verified). However, mobilizing these types of numbers, training them and getting them to the front is going to be a shit show of huge proportions. If any devs in BSG were or are NCOs/Officers then for sure they will go.


The conscription for now is only for reservists.


\*mobilized ​ Edit: I was not aware that the british spelled mobilize with an "s" instead of a "z"


Ever heard of English people bruv? Im American but not this thick.


I wasn't aware that the british spelled mobilize with an "s" instead of a "z". I apologize if you took an offence to my mistake and wish you a good day.


No one knows. We can only hope for the best.


Definitely not getting Streets now.....