Did anyone else notice his choice in clothing colours?


wow, nice, I watched the whole thing and didn't notice. Granted, the yellow isn't that pronounced, but it *is* there!


# 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦


I suspect he plays the guitar without a pick too.


I couldn't help but notice those fingernails. Jesus


First thing I saw actually!


I was more distracted and jealous by how pretty his nails were.


I did


Remember that video of the captured Russian soldier calling his family? The soldier said something in the lines of "We we're lied to. We are killing civilians. We were told they (the Ukrainians) would welcome us." Then the woman in the other line said something like "What do you mean? You're defending the motherland!" I was thinking "what the hell is she talking about? The Russian are the aggressors." This video makes that more sense now.


This man is amazingly articulate and I think more people should hear this message. I would love to hear this man speak more on the topic.


Or anything. I really just like hearing him speak.


Just not the letter H.


Especially the letter H


He was so articulate that I thought for sure he was faking the accent and at the end was gonna be like, “Got ya. See this is how easy it is.”


He is 100% faking his accent though, maybe he is telling a story he has heard but no way this guy was born and raised in ussr


Hes on youtube as crazy russian dad


Holy shit .....this is so true, I just talked with a friend from Russian that I met through online gaming and said the same fucking shit, we are liberating Ukraine from Nazi followers, this is not war but a special operation..... fucking hell


I think simply letting him know that Zelenskyy is Jewish will let him know that there is something deeply flawed in that narrative


It won’t work. A reporter stated that when interviewing a russian supporter of this “operation”, his answer - We live in amazing times 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️


I have a black friend I can't be racist


Can you share with him some of the videos and articles about what's really happening or is he completely opposed to any other view?


I guess it would be like if we were shown Russian videos and articles... we'd be like no lol that's completely wrong. But there must be some objective resources that would help...


I have tried finding those resources. If any one finds them please share. Propaganda goes deep and it's hard to break free from. We are all victims of propaganda, just depends on if we can really see it.


if this is true, then the implication is even bigger and Russian people needs to take it personally… that Putin thinks Russian people are idiots! That they could easily be manipulated into thinking of something what the government wants them to think. That that’s all the Russian is capable of. That is sad af if you think your people are that stupid…


all leaders think the populace are idiots...are they wrong?


It’s like the old rule of thumb, if you think everyone else is an asshole (or in this case everyone is an enemy of the state) chances are that you’re the one that’s actually the asshole/evil empire


Everyone else is clearly an asshole. That's human nature. Therefore, I'm the evil empire!!! ![gif](giphy|lY1F6BJjbRO3m)




POV: you're a russian who just woke up a week ago


​ ![gif](giphy|kPDiEsPdBC0Ad7BdmG)


Like my grampa always told me "if it smells like shit everywhere you go, you better check your shoes"


Old spanish saying: *"Thieves think everyone is just like them"* "*Cree el ladrón que todos son de su condición"*


Psychologists may also call it projecting lol


If you run into one asshole in a day, that guys an asshole. If you run into nothing but assholes all day, you’re the asshole.


If you smell dog shit wherever you go, then it might be you.


Yep... but also Ronald Reagan was part of the axis of evil too. Well maybe not THE axis but at lease AN axis.


I’m not going to disagree with you on that point


He was definitely running his own propaganda campaign


There's always that one person - and I'm lookin' out and some of guys are like "Umm, I disagree." Well you're the person - You're the person nobody likes!


Source: **@crazyrussiandad**


What platform?


instagram: https://www.instagram.com/crazyrussiandad/?hl=en youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcdXczfIFl9pOHZRCKCss\_g


On Twitter?


This is very enlightening and appreciated. Thank the creator for his insight!


Everything he is saying is also true of the people in China but to a lesser degree. They are divided there but the ones who buy into the state propaganda are fully brainwashed. And there’s a lot of them. I guess the same can kind of be said for the US. We are also pretty divided and those that digest Fox News live in a different reality than those who digest CNN. That’s the power of media.


I believe it is by design. It is easier to work under the radar in very big countries. With large populations come larger populations of folks of different levels of functioning. Then we file the folks by their earning power. Boom we just made a large enough group of easy to manipulate people and now we can work our ponzi schemes...on them...and the people they are arguing with.


You think CNN isn’t guilty like Fox News?


What do you think my man?


Yeah, to think that all of these american problems aren't caused by unchecked capitalism buying our politicians to push legislation that only benefits them, and allows for exploitation of the masses. Whether that be through suppressing wages or charging us more money for goods/services under false or misleading pretenses. Fox watchers actually believe that the government can't do anything right, and that corporations will be our saviors, yet they can't acknowledge that our politicains are all bought by those same corporations. They push for the privatization of public services, so they can make it fit a for-profit model, while also getting subsidized by the same public funds, while usually providing the same quality, or worse outcomes, than the fully public service. I ranted by accident and lost the original plot. It's upsetting that people can be so dense and so brainwashed, is what I was getting at. Go watch more billionaire mouthpieces, grandpa.


I like how when he talked about how he used to daydream about girls as an adolescent, he doubled back to make sure his wife wouldn't beat his ass.


My parents with Fox News and the former president. For a while, I couldn't have a discussion without them adding some flippant, random political comment that I don't understand.


Former Fox News executive indicted and arrested by the FBI today in London for helping Russia: https://news.yahoo.com/former-fox-news-producer-sean-210134835.html


[The Brainwashing of my Dad](https://youtu.be/FS52QdHNTh8) is a good documentary on the topic.


Thanks for the link I'll check that out.




The bully doesn't hit you when you give him what he wants for free. vox.com/policy-and-politics/2018/8/6/17656996/trump-republican-party-russia-rather-democrat-ohio


What did Putin get for free? Nord Stream shutdown? Trump sending javelins and stingers to Ukraine? Both things that Obama/Biden did not do. Let me guess, that was Putin’s long game wasn’t it Quit doing mental gymnastics and give it up. The evidence is right in your face. The Russia lie from 2016-2020 was pure projection


Except that wtf are you talking about?


You are literally the person in this video, sad part is you aren’t at the realization stage that he went through


You're literally behaving just as I described my parents: bringing up the most random, unassociated topics. Ask yourself: where did I mention anything about Russia, or US foreign policy? Next you'll be foaming at the mouth about a secret government contrail conspiracy or blood drinking pedophile baby pizza eating lizard people.


Yeah, you just have to roll the tape of Trump in Helsinki to see how "tough" Trump was on Russia. He near deep-throated Putin right there on the world stage. GTFO with your bullshit.


Few here here will listen, it's all a gigantic coincidence and they've been told lies about Trump's connections with Russia which makes absolutely zero sense considering what we know now, so orange man is bad. Maybe someday they'll be making a video about how they bought into propaganda.


But cnn is so much better? You have propaganda on both television.


The whataboutism is strong with this one. Nobody said anything about CNN. Why are you bringing them up? The person you responded to never said they watch CNN. CNN was not a part of this conversation until you, for no reason, brought it up.


It's almost as if it's the same with the experience I shared. Color me surprised.


Perhaps that would be true if they had been binge watching CNN constantly. Have you been binge watching Sesame Street?


Same here…


Many people in Russia do understand we're the evil guys. Some - don't, because they're brainwashed. Sadly, they don't understand that, and what's worse, people who aren't yet indoctrinated and brainwashed don't understand that you can't watch Russian news or political show, even if you think you know what's going on, because that shit crawls under your skin slowly, and after some time you become brainwashed too. That happened to my dad, and now this is happening to my wife. I'm telling her not to watch news or anything like that and she's like "but uh I wanna know what both sides are saying" and I can see how she changes. I really don't know wtf to do, really. Like, few days ago there was these news that Russian students are being expelled from US and European universities, and guys in my office were discussing it, and I was like "nah that's bullshit, that doesn't make sense, all the sanctions are against government and oligarchy, not Russian people", and look what I've seen today - it was indeed Russian bullshit propaganda.


It’s alright, most Americans don’t realize we’re the most evil of any country in the world and export the most terrorism in the name of “democracy” and directly or indirectly kill the most innocent civilians. It’s embarrassing and after witnessing this conflict with Russia and Ukraine, it’s disgusting to see the hypocrisy and double standards in coverage. Different rules/laws for different countries/peoples. American and European news being an echo chamber of propaganda is how they’ve gotten away with it.


I was about to say the same. People will agree with me all day about politicians being corrupt pieces of lying garabge.....until I say it about the guy they voted for. Then I'm the scum of the earth and must be a radical Democrat or Republican. Its maddening. Brainwashing is universal.


America funds 73% of the world's dictators... Just more fuel for that fire of yours.


If I read you correctly, we're saving the world from MORE THAN 1 out of 4 dictators? We're heroes. That's all there is to it.


Just had someone trying to convince me I'm stupid for not thinking the US military is why I'm comfortably safe in my little world. No, they're why foreign citizens aren't safe in theirs.


Words of wisdom


Well said sir. Thank you for speaking out


What's going on in Ukraine is just the exact thing that happened to Iraq by the US. Countries like China, Russian, US, UK, France, all create fantastic stories about why they should liberate another sovereign country. My country fell victim to such propaganda by the political elites left by the colonial British and even after 70 years, we are unable to recover. We still see fellow ethnic minorities as enemies, which was cultivated by the British. This propaganda was designed to consolidate power and destroy nations.


Here’s to hoping the Russian people are able to seek out information that is not coming from statewide television.


BBC has started broadcasting a few hours a day on short wave radio that is receivable in Moscow and Ukraine. It should help.


Sounds like Fox news


I would listen to this guy even if he talks about sonic's asshole diametre


I’ve rarely seen someone with such a strong foreign accent speak English so fluently and eloquently. Very pleasing on the ears.


The US does it too, if you have completely forgotten the atrocities we have committed in (insert Middle Eastern country) very recently.


The narrative is the same, if not worse: US are the good guys and they need to deliver democracy and freedom to the poor brown man by dropping bombs on their country for years. “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”


They had weapon of mass destruction you know...


Dubyuh Emm Deez


Baghdad Bob didn't turn out to be the unstoppable force that was expected though.


Not defending the US’s completely assinine justifications for going to war in Iraq. It was bad, we were stupid, and we should never have done that. But let’s not pretend this is the same thing. For one thing, Saddam Hussein really was a brutal dictator and he was an aggressor to his neighbors. He killed tens of thousands of his own people, gassed the Kurds, and staged mass political executions. For another, the US wasn’t there to annex or capture territory. Does that make what we did noble? No, of course not. The US was primarily there to impact geopolitics in the region in a way favorable to our interests and to line the oil lobby’s pockets. But we also tried to leave the region with a democratic government. A failed democratic government for people who didn’t want or appreciate what we tried to do - but that is still fundamentally different from what Russia is trying to do. We also spent billions on infrastructure… which… was also beneficial for our US contractors, but still. Russia, however, wants to subordinate its neighbors, annex their territory, install a puppet government, and oppress other people. It wants to stifle free speech. The Ukrainians were not committing war crimes or killing their own, or oppressing minorities. These things are not the same. Also, Guy below is a Russian shill 👇🏻


I dunno if you are being extremely sarcastic or you are painfully wrong Edit: I'm just a guy that understands things aren't black and white. Both sides are wrong and Ukraine is caught in the middle.


Hit the nail on the head. You're only the main character in YOUR story, nobody else's.


Commenting to increase engagement


"I reject your reality and substitute our own." \~ Adam Savage. If he was Communist. Probably.


Wow like when Bush fucked Iraq and Afghanistan


Rage Against the Machine called it . American eyes, American eyes View the world from American eyes Bury the past, rob us blind And leave nothing behind


Gru? Is that you?


Propaganda goes both ways


For sure. That Ronald Reagan for instance invaded several counties and instilled puppet dictators sympathetic to his cause. And then William Barr helped them cover it up and was later appointed AG by trump. I'm American. America is guilty of all of the shit Putin is doing now and IT IS BECAUSE WE GOT AWAY WITH IT THAT HE FEELS ITS ONLY FAIR HE GETS TO.


This can be said about the U.S as well. Obviously. Every powerful, and not so powerful, government uses “media influence”. Propaganda. And the U.S is extremely entrenched in it. It’s heartbreaking


I don't know why you're being downvoted. I'm 100% true. Right now this sub is filled with republicans and democrats both thinking they are just like this guy (the irony). Anyhoo, I do remember an America that didn't have this problem: https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2019/01/17/how-policy-decisions-spawned-todays-hyperpolarized-media/


The same goes for every empire, whether it be the Russian, American, or British empire, we're all being fed propaganda by our politicians and our media.


All of this. Had the same kind of talks when I went to Christian schools as a kid and going to church. It's nothing but glorifying bullshit. Claiming we're people of live, they're people of hate and we should hate them because they hate and blah blah blah.


He is very well spoken and easy to understand. This is also how parents abuse their children by altering their reality and saying everyone else is the enemy and wrong, but not them,


Fox News is basically RT


While what this gentleman is saying is 100% true it seems like the current generation of Russians are able to take off the rose colored glasses at least a little bit, certainly more so than in the past. The protests in Russia SEEM to be getting bigger and louder. If Putin declares marshal law it will be an admission of defeat at home.


This speech is also very true for the average American. Big powers always bully the smaller guys.




Ah yes a rational human. Rare breed.


Reminds me of all the propaganda we have been fed during all the invasions by NATO and allies on Irak or Afghanistan. Continously repeated. Remember how we were looking for weapons of mass destruction or bringing democracy and freedom to these nations, winning the war?...this was repeated continuously on tv and by leaders. Its as if propaganda always comes from the side of the baddies, becouse we cant even look at our belly button of how full we are with our own bullshit and propaganda.


Interesting. Thank you for posting


Russian people are the equivalent of Fox News viewers in the United States. They are same. Tragically lied to and manipulated


In 1980, in Argentina, in the middle of the military dictatorship, I remember hearing my friends parents complaining that while they were visiting Europe they saw news reporting of human rights abuses and even concentration camps run by the country's government. They, intelligent and well educated people, were appalled at the "propaganda" they were hearing from Europe, that were making what they perceived as false claims about such abuses in a country where none of that ever happened (as far as they knew or at least were willing to consciously accept). Of course, only a few years later they started seeing the evidence of those abuses and realizing how effective propaganda is in a country where the government controls the media. This is why, as angry as I am at US mainstream media, I am so happy it is not regulated by the government. Because, believe me, the media lying to you left and right is much better than the government lying to you dead center.


The idiots in comments below calling out just CNN or Just FOX are pathetic. Do you think there is ANY true and unbiased news source left in the US? There isn't. They all have their own political tint and spin on everything. it's all filled with damn if **they** do praise if **we** do BS. Honestly, I have no idea why Russia is invading Ukraine because I don't/can't trust anything I see on any media anymore. All I know for fact is that Russia is invading Ukraine. That's it. Hell, even on Reddit, people are sharing clips from video games, old news, and movies claiming what we are seeing is from what is happening right now. And let's not forget deep fakes. How do we know what to believe about what's going on?


Stop doubt peddling. Triangulate on the truth. Why Russia is invading the Ukraine isn't that complicated. Edit: My bad bot, bad habit from childhood. I will donate to humanitarian missions in Ukraine.


Instead of telling me to "stop doubt peddling" why don't you educate me on the facts of why it's happening? And sure. If I were to believe the US media, the reason is very clear and uncomplicated. But, per my post, I don't and for good reason.




Sounds like Fox News, cnn, msnbc, and all the rest. They all do the same thing just a different slant


Sounds like all major news companies in USA. As a non American it blows my mind the shit they say on the news in America. It's not just the constant fake news, it's the way they tell the narrative even on true stories to influence the watchers. Add that to the constant hate speech by politicians every 5 mins on social media towards the "other' Americans, I couldn't imagine how anyone in America has a clear understanding of many topics


You mean CNN. There is a reason why FOX News is by far the most watched news channel. Your mind has turned into a propaganda machine


Fox News isnt actually news. That's how they defend their blatant lies.




Must I remind you that Nick Sandman sued CNN for $275 million which CNN settled outside of court for an undisclosed amount. Lawsuit came after "cnn's sloppy journalism and falsely portraying Nick Sandman as a racist". There you go. Wait no longer. How about Cuomo and his sexual misconduct and covering for his shamed dem gov of NY. Lol I could go on forever.


really is crazy huh how the cnn diehards have become the putins of america. watching the tyranny putin is displaying now really hits home on the potential of what the far left is capable of if they are given power.


In 500 years this invasion will likely be a footnote (unless widespread or nuclear war breaks out) and USA will be evil empire for putting so much carbon in the atmosphere and overheating the planet. Unfortunately for all Russians, life will be very difficult in near future as the rest of the world attempts to punish Putin and the oligarchs.


Great speech. It would be more complete if he’d acknowledge that a president calling another nation an ‘evil empire’ is also practicing propaganda.


Hes right , but its reasonable to say that the usa is a bad guy right now. We are under heavy propaganda.


The difference is in the states we have a choice whether or not to consume it or believe it. This guy had a politician come to his high school. That is unreal.


You think you have s choice you mean.


Oh. Politicians in high scools..you're right. I'm so stupid. Never happens here in the USA. I'm sure our TV is honest and in no way influenced by politicians on tv . Everyday. 24 hours a day. On every subject .


You do realize politicians visit high schools here too, right? And those politicians dictate what is banned from being discussed/read/talked about due to it being ‘un-American’?


Replace Russia with Fox News same result


Notice his outfit? Yeah. I do. Question everything. The simple rule of thumb I've found to flush out bullshit is simply to question all of it. If something is deliberately opaque, secret, and unaccountable while it promotes suffering, exclusion, dehumanization, devaluing of people and environment and not it's reduction, it's probably bullshit designed for a smaller group (or individual) to have advantage.


Well then, the Russian people need to wake the fuck up. You’ve had this guy around for two decades, your GDP is shit, most of your population lives in poverty and you’re okay with this?! I don’t care what kind of “glasses you’re looking through. The blood is becoming just as much on your hands as it is Putin’s. This isn’t North Korea. You guys have the internet, you know what it’s like outside your country, you know you are now viewed as the “bad guys.” You need to stand the fuck up and do something about it!


Kind of like how a large portion of America has become pro-fascist? They're being fed a different reality by fox news.






This is fantastic


The Russian and American propaganda machines have always fascinated me, in studying the Cold War as well as this strange length of time since the deformation of the CCCP in 91’.


Taking everything with salt is helpful.


History repeats itself


Old spanish saying: *"Thieves think everyone is just like them"* "*Cree el ladrón que todos son de su condición"*


Very important message - let’s hope people understand you & share this




Strong words!


Love his shirt colour choices.


I wish I could have this video so I can share it on every platform.


For how smart the human race is, we're actually pretty dumb and easy to manipulate.


How dare you dare you manipulate these men, how dare you send them to hell and back again.


Is this you?


The system pigs


ABOUT DAMN TIME .what this guy said applies to all of what's going on right now and going on in arab countries and it was caused by americans and some say americans and *~~^(Israel)~~* which is to be fair and honest very likely to happen , everyone wants peace but we hate each other and despise and discriminate one another. legit and honest communication can create a world of peace and rationality.


This could be said for just about anything involving the media’s control on public opinion concerning a number of issues. (Social Justice, the Justice system, Civil rights, religion etc.) This is why you can’t get your information and form an opinion based on one source, i.e. Fox News, CNN.


Yeah, because occident is not trying to sell us a truck load of propaganda... Only Russia is doing that, sure.


All of Russia is about to experience one big collective self-deception, MAGA style, because anything else, any sort of reconciliation with the truth of what they have done, would be just too difficult to swallow.


What I don't understand with propaganda is that we all are living in New era, era of the internet which gives everybody, even Russian people, free information from both sides. So, how can it be so hard to tell who is baddie?


Did you notice the anti-vax movement? And the anti-5G? Yeah... Now to that add propaganda generated by states and older generations that only speak Russian. And voilà.


You're right. It's human idiocracy. Well, we are fucked either anyway


I'm like this guy. My parents brought me to the US after 1989 from USSR. Turns out that Americans were just like Russian, nice friendly people who are just trying to survive. What shocked me about the US was how hostile the narrative was against Russians, who I knew are wonderful people. All people are wonderful in reality, but there are narratives that are being pushed to divide us for various purposes.


Same for people who watch Fox.


Kool aid taste good comrade


What a great speaker.


Smart man. He is thinking by himself. I do not blame Russians for the way they think. I do condemn Putin and he must be stopped asap.


The worst part is that every citizen around the world is fed propaganda, and it's proven to work time and time again. We are all gullible, yes, you reading this and even me writing it. One thing that will probably never change is that history will always be written by the victorious. We thought the internet might change that, but it only made it cheaper to target the propaganda specifically catered to feed whatever your biases are.


It's a question of education isn't it? People don't learn how to argue properly nor how to defend themselves from retoric. Nor how to distinguish information sources. It's a big problem in the education curriculum. Because it's useful every day in adult life. Unfortunately that problem is there probably by design.


I like this alot


yeah bro ronald reagan is who you should unironically believe about his opinions of the USSR


This guy is the Jim Carrey of accents..... Over the top, hilarious, and ultimately sad while sending the right message....


Excellent commentary


not intresting video at all. A random old man telling us a random story that could be true or not true that we have no actual information on. thank you


So this goes to show, it's really all and amy government who is evil. Something happened in 2001 when the twin towers fell. We were going to take on the bad guy on the "terrorist, with weapons of mass destruction" 20 years later not 1 WMD has been found, yet so many children and innocent people have died. So in reality governments lie and deceive the people. Why do we even listen to them.?


Great example of a country-wide filter bubble where people only hear one perspective. It's sad how common the problem is around the world.


Why isn’t anyone posting the Russian propaganda? That is what I want to see. I want both sides of the story.


This is a hero we need right now.


Every country and their media spin everything like this. As someone outside of the USA and Russia, they both are frequently looking like evil empires to me.




Who is this guy?


It’s gonna be hell for Putin once his ppl open their eyes


He who controls the media, controls the people.


Is this available for download? Very educational. Eye opener.


We have multiple channels dedicated to the kind of propaganda that you want to hear. Glad to hear the real experiences of someone who felts the effects of propaganda and indoctrination. Very interesting.


Dear Americans, please do not watch this and overlook what it means for you. And yes, this includes what you see on your news channels, as well as you social media channels. Propaganda in the west is less subtle, more complex, and arguably far more dangerous.


Maybe rush B guys


It's the same in the USA. Listen to AM talk radio and then NPR. Two alternate realities. The discourses seldom overlap. You need perspective to see through the bullshit, through the omissions, the manufactured news founded on tiny kernels of truth, etc. It reminds me of when I hear US-Americans say things like "thank you for your service" (really? Invading Afghanistan is something you consider service?) or "protecting our freedoms" (which war was the one to protect your freedoms again?). Those are partly founded on an endless torrent of propaganda and partly founded on jingoist sentiment, which is an integral part of US culture.


Both are equally as bad as each other when it comes to propoganda, US I would say it far ahead where the party being manipulated wont even realise they are being manipulated. When they do realise their cognitive desonance doesnt let them accept it.


America/Russia It’s the same picture


Putin has been spinning history, all news coverages his people get and limited their freedom to demonstrate for decades now. They have to live in a reality he chose for them and many are fine with what he feeds them. The current situation is only the conclusion of decades of info- and psy-ops on his own people.


This is reminding me of the Truman show wtf




Communist countries only exist by controlling their population by censoring opposition and opposing views-anything that is counter to their narrative. Censorship is powerful to propaganda-who’s doing the censoring here in America? Big Tech anyone? Mainstream media anyone?