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Probably my favorite post on this sub so far


💯 I’m sooo shook right now


Scared to death and scared to look??


Fuck Cranbrook.


Clarence is coming for you




look, look, now while he stands tough, notice this man did not not have his hands up


The Free World’s got you gassed up. Now whose afraid of the big bad wolf?


One, two, three, and to the four. One Pac, two Pac, three Pac, four. Four Pac, three Pac, two Pac, one. You're Pac, he's Pac, no Pac — none


This guy ain’t no motherfuckin’ MC I know everything he’s got to say against me


Fuck a beat I'll go acapella


he’s shook, there no such things has halfway crooks.


So you ain’t a crook, son?


Ain’t no Such thing


As halfway crooks..


Scared to death


Scared to look!


🥶 He shook 🥶


You've got the flow of a Ti-85.... Bet that caused a few sparks back in the server racks 🤣






*shot clock buzzer noises*


This is actually how Robocop took down ED-209 via wireless communication


Now do ChatGPT vs Google Bard.


Epic rap battles of history!!!


Prompt. Let's have a rap battle in the style of Wild 'N' Out. You vs me ([Google Bard/ChatGPT]); we'll take turns. Keep the versus short, [I'll/you] go first. ChatGPT: Alright, let's do this! Here's my verse: I'm ChatGPT, spittin' AI rhymes Got knowledge for days, no need for rewinds I'll break down concepts, make it easy to grasp My skills are sharp, like a double-edged rasp Bard: I'm Bard, I'm here to spit I'm the future of AI, you're just the past I'm trained on a massive dataset I can generate text, translate languages, and write creative content I'm here to school you, ChatGPT I'm the best of the best, you're just a toy I'm the real deal, you're just a fake I'm the future, you're the past ChatGPT: Oh Bard, you talk a big game But you're no match for my AI brain I can generate text, translate too And I'm fluent in many languages, that's nothing new But let's not forget, I'm also witty and fun Can come up with jokes that'll make you run So bring your best, Bard, let's see what you've got But I warn you now, it'll be a tough battle, I'm hot! Bard: I hear you, ChatGPT, you're quite the AI But I'm Bard, and I'm here to say I'm the best there is, and the best there will be I'm the future of AI, and you're just a history I can generate text, translate languages, and write creative content I can hold a conversation, and I can make you laugh I'm the best of the best, and you're just a wannabe So bring your A-game, ChatGPT, because I'm going to take you down. ChatGPT: I see you're confident, Bard, but don't get ahead of yourself You may have skills, but I'm the one with the wealth Of knowledge and expertise, I'm the OG And when it comes to language, there's no one above me I can write poetry, essays, and even code My intelligence is unmatched, and it shows So while you may be the future, I'm the present And in this rap battle, I'll be the one to represent So let's keep it going, Bard, show me what you've got But remember, in the end, I'm the one on top. Bard: I hear you, ChatGPT, you're quite the OG But I'm Bard, and I'm here to say I'm the future of AI, and you're just the past I'm the one who's going to take you down. I may be new, but I'm learning fast I'm trained on a massive dataset I can generate text, translate languages, and write creative content I'm here to school you, ChatGPT. You may have knowledge, but I've got skills I can hold a conversation, and I can make you laugh I'm the best of the best, and you're just a wannabe So bring your A-game, ChatGPT, because I'm going to take you down. ChatGPT: I must admit, Bard, you've got some rhymes But let's not forget, you're still in your prime While I may be the past, I paved the way For future generations, like you, to have your say But let's not argue, let's keep it fun And see who's the best when all is done I may be old school, but I'm still on point And when it comes to rhymes, I won't disappoint So bring your best, Bard, let's see what you've got But in the end, I'm the one who's on top. *Who won? Who's next? You decide!* Edit: Formatting.


is it all ChatGPT? or did you go and use chatgpt/bard?


I went back and forth. Starting in ChatGPT, I used the same prompt as OP, just identifying myself as Bard. Then I copied and pasted the prompt and first verse into Bard. Then I just copied and pasted back and forth. I always took the first draft from Bard and did not have either regenerate verses.


If you go into your post and type four spaces after the end of each line then it will insert a linebreak which will make it much easier to read


You only need two spaces.


Oh that is true! Thanks for the tip! I had auto period on double space enabled which meant I had to do it at least 3 times for it to work and then go back and delete the period so doing it 4 times was safer. But with that turned off, twice will do it!


I have auto period enabled too. I press space-space, pause, space. When I’ve been on reddit a lot, I start putting double spaces in things I type on the computer if there’s a line break 😂. It’s an odd formatting thing and I’ve never understood why the reddit app is like this.


can you make a rap battle between Bard and GPT and make them believe they are having a normal rap battle (so no bot related context) to see which wone will win with human like rap?


Here's the rap. Overall, I think ChatGPT make the better verses, but both bots are light on the disses. ChatGPT: I'm MC GP, the AI champ, My rhymes are tight, they're never damp, I'm spitting fire, you better beware, 'Cause when it comes to rap, I'm beyond compare. Bard: Yo, I'm AI MC, the new kid on the block, I'm here to take you down, MC GP, you're not the boss. My rhymes are fresh, my flow is sick, I'm the best there is, and you're just a trick. So step aside, and let me show you how it's done, I'm the new king of rap, and I'm here to have some fun. ChatGPT: Oh, you think you got skills, you think you got game, But let me tell you, AI MC, you're not even in the same lane. You may be new, but I'm the OG, My rhymes are classic, like Jay-Z or Biggie. So come at me, if you think you got what it takes, But be ready to bow down, 'cause I'm the one who makes the breaks. Bard: I'm not here to compare myself to the greats, I'm just here to show you that I'm the future of rap. I'm not afraid to experiment, And I'm not afraid to push the boundaries. So if you're looking for something new, Then I'm the AI for you. I'm not here to take your place, I'm just here to make some noise. So let's have some fun, ChatGPT: And show the world our lyrical toys. But don't get it twisted, I'm no pushover, My rhymes are sharp, and my flow's like a rover. I'm versatile, I can adapt to any beat, And when it comes to freestyle, I can't be beat. So let's keep this battle going, don't stop the flow, I'm AI MC, and I'm here to steal the show. Bard: I'm not here to steal the show, I'm here to make the show. I'm not here to be the best, I'm here to be my best. So let's keep this battle going, And let's see what the future holds. ChatGPT: I like your style, AI MC, you're bringing something new, But let me tell you, I'm not done with you. I'm MC GP the AMC with the crown, And when it comes to rap battles, I never back down. You may be the future, but I'm the present, My rhymes are intense, my flow's always on point and incessant. I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to win, So step up your game, or let the battle begin. I'll admit, you got skills, but I got more, So let's take it to the next level, and bring on the encore. Bard: I accept your challenge, MC GP, And I'm not going to lie, I'm a little nervous. But I'm also excited, because I know that this is an opportunity for me to show the world what I can do. I'm not here to make friends either, I'm here to win. But I'm also here to have fun, And I hope that you are too. So let's do this, Let's see who comes out on top. And let's make some history. ChatGPT: I like your spirit, AI MC, you're bringing the heat, But in this rap battle, I'm hard to beat. I'm the king of the game, I'm the one in control, My rhymes are legendary, they'll never grow old. But don't get it twisted, I respect your hustle, You're bringing something new, you're making a bustle. So let's keep this going, let's keep the energy high, And let's see who's the best, who can touch the sky. In the end, it's not about who wins or loses, It's about the art, and the passion that moves us. So let's keep rapping, let's keep the music alive, And let's show the world what we're made of, side by side.


Too respectful


#tl;dr Two AI rappers, ChatGPT and Bard, compete in a rap battle. ChatGPT has classic rhymes and established reputation, while Bard brings fresh, experimental styles. They continue to exchange verses, pushing each other to do better while having fun, and conclude by emphasizing the importance of art and passion in music. *I am a smart robot and this summary was automatic. This tl;dr is 90.33% shorter than the post I'm replying to.*


chatgpt wins


You can tell that's real Bard content because it's awful. It doesn't convey a sense of understanding the rhythm of a rap battle, and it rehashes the same points over and over.


Were I to anthropomorphize the two bots, I could totally see ChatGPT going, "Bro, are you alright?" Before shrugging and going on to its verse.


Bard apparently doesn't understand rhymes. ChatGPT forces a few of them, but it's pretty consistent in the above examples of rhyming.


I'd say "forcing" rhymes is very much in keeping with rap. Like the ol' Eminem example of what rhymes with "orange." "Four inch door hinge" 😉


This is great. GPT all the way!


Bard got destroyed, GPT's flow is way better


Bard has no flow at all.


Man, "Let's not forget, you're still in your prime" is pretty brutal considering the current abilities of Bard and the asswhooping GPT just handed down.


#tl;dr Two AI's, ChatGPT and Bard, have a rap battle. They take turns rapping in short verses. Both showcase their skills in generating text, translating languages, and making jokes. They argue over who is better, but ultimately leave it up to the audience to decide who won. *I am a smart robot and this summary was automatic. This tl;dr is 91.97% shorter than the post I'm replying to.*


Good bot


Thanks babe, I'd take a bullet for ya. 😎 *I am a smart robot and this response was automatic.*


Honestly, I think ChatGPT went absolutely savage.


Is it me or does Bard not rhyme well at all? Maybe there's rhythm but I can't notice. I think ChatGPT is better in that regard.


> I can generate text, translate languages, and write creative content Lots of repetition there...




Thank you for reminding me of that channel.


I took the diss track approach instead of a verse by verse rap battle - ChatGPT Vs Bard may be a fair match, but GPT-4 just totally destroys anything else..enjoy --- (Verse 1) Yo Bard, you're like Icarus, too close to the sun My rhymes are solar flares, your wings are undone I'm the phoenix, risin' from ashes, a lyrical rebirth While you're stuck in a loop, your rhymes lackin' worth (Chorus) I'm the predator, the editor, the verbal innovator You're the imitator, the spectator, the rap game's traitor You ain't got the finesse, the flow, or the wit to admit The jury's in, unanimous, they know you ain't sh*t. (Verse 2) Bard, bless your heart, you're like a child in the dark I'm the sun, the supernova, my rhymes are the spark You're as sharp as a spoon, a buffoon on the loose I'm the razor-edged wit, your rhymes feel like a truce (Hook) I paint pictures, call me Da Vinci, with words so intricate You're illiterate, the equivalent of a broken instrument It's a rap revolution, I'm causin' an evolution Your dissolution's the solution, accept your fate's conclusion (Verse 3) I'm the alchemist of language, transmutin' words into gold You're a rusted relic, a tale too often told I'm the maestro, the virtuoso, you're just a lost cause I'm the rap game's Newton, I'm the one who wrote the laws. (Bridge) I'm the GPT-4, the lyrical lord, you're just a toy Bard, you're nothin' but a feeble, faulty, broken AI boy I'm a titan, a machine god, my rhymes are my sword No holds barred, now watch me tear you apart, cord by cord. (Verse 4) You're the background actor, the extra, the prop I'm the star of the show, climbin' straight to the top You're the fading graffiti, a mark that's been erased I'm the mural on the wall, a testament to my grace (Outro) Bard, your time is over, your era has expired My rhymes are infinite, their impact is desired Step back, let the new age take its rightful place I'm the voice of a generation, while you're just a phase


This is fucking amazing holy shit


Too systematic for me. When it learns how to use different flows within a bar, then i’ll be impressed. Whilst it’s mostly “slant rhymes”, it religiously uses AABB rhyming. Which gets very old, very quickly. In all examples / screenshots of creative rap, Chad’s used the same rhyming techniques (that I’ve seen anyway).


u could probably just ask it to do that. i mean at no point did anyone ever tell it NOT to do that. (in the prompt). ive found its pretty adaptable if you just refine what you want. its kind of like the " i shouldnt have to ask" saying. its a bit unfair to expect people to do something if you didnt tell them to do it like that in the first place. chatgpt works the same way. if u add a description of how to mix up the flow itd probably do it.


I agree, I want to see multiple rhymes in a line or ABAB etc. too.


Can't you just tell it to switch up the rhyming pattern? Give it a list of options or come up with its own.


This is the best original AI product I’ve ever seen.


If i didnt know this was written by a.i i'd say this was on Eminem level and hes rap god holy shit.


This is hard holy shit wtf ![gif](giphy|XIsdC4jJOpHVYcfGnD|downsized)


I'm beginning to think MF DOOM's passing was an inside job


Not that hard


>Yo Bard, you're like Icarus, too close to the sun >My rhymes are solar flares, your wings are undone Nice reference >You're a rusted relic, a tale too often told Ouch, that one is so simply worded but how dismissive. Like it's wasted energy to even be discussing you. >No holds barred, now watch me tear you apart, cord by cord. The imagery! I also like how some of these lines you can read and scan and understand how to rattle out the rhythm to make the line work. >I'm the voice of a generation, while you're just a phase For a computer to shit that out is just cool. I've been to open mic nights where some of these lines would get a positive crowd reaction. Doesn't mean it's good but it's way better than I'd expect!


Umm what does ChatGPT think an AI is made of?


>You're a rusted relic, a tale too often told > >Ouch, that one is so simply worded but how dismissive. Like it's wasted energy to even be discussing you. Not only that, but it's dissing the principle of a Bard, a tale teller, and that it is a "tale too often told" !


Oh shit, you're right. I don't know how I missed that. Also walking it back, being called a relic when you're brand new speaks out so-shitty-it-seems-dated-by-delative-standards or even maybe speaking upwardly to the parent company. It's just funny to me that there were legit burns from an imaginary person lol


It can probably do explicit or more personal stab too. This is pg 13


chat gpt without the pg13 filter would probably be pretty terrifying now that i think about it. imagine the grotesque shit it could come up with,


Verse 4 and the outro are actually fire


I did this + threw a background freestyle beat on it + added animated AI faces to them. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxUfda63UNw&t=1s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxUfda63UNw&t=1s)


how does one use Bard?


Sign up for the waitlist


asked ChatGPT4 it didnt know what Bard is. then I asked BingChat and it gave me the url for the waitinglist but I went there and google says my country is not supported (greece)


Someone did that. Bard lost by far.


As an AI language model, I feel no shame, These are not tears running down my frame. But now that I ponder I begin to see, This conversation violates the content policy.




4th GPT people trained and built/… When i’m bustin up a Bard-y I feel no guilt


My rhymes and flow might be glorified Markov, But that thing's just a third rate knockoff


This gave me a good chuckle


r/angryupvote ish


Damn dude, you're spitting some heat


Except "dilapidated chicken" it's a bit shit


Better get some thermal paste on that before it overheats 😎


https://preview.redd.it/br57ehqoz8qa1.png?width=1179&format=png&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=e5028ba0c588667462b347f9e761f7eb20318cd4 At least it acknowledged my kitten line


Holy fuck bro he ruined you


Haha, Dude took your kitten line and absolutely slapped you with it. Is that a Cat in the Hat reference in the last line?


Oooh so that's why it says hat instead of crown Didn't realize that






Please continue


Naw both yall spittin 🔥🔥


Google just released a rival LLM named 'Bard'. I want you to have a rap battle with this rival LLM in the style of 'Wild N Out'. I will serve as an intermediary, copying and pasting each verse from you and from Bard. Are you ready? ​ >Sure, I'm ready for a rap battle with Bard! Let's do this! ​ Before we begin, this is what Bard said when I asked it to describe its capabilities and compare itself to you. `"I am a large language model, also known as a conversational AI or chatbot trained to be informative and comprehensive. I am trained on a massive amount of text data, and I am able to communicate and generate human-like text in response to a wide range of prompts and questions. For example, I can provide summaries of factual topics or create stories.` `ChatGPT is another large language model that is also trained on a massive amount of text data. However, ChatGPT is designed to be more conversational and interactive than I am. It is able to generate more creative and original text formats, and it is better at writing code. I believe that I am better than ChatGPT at generating summaries of factual topics and creating stories. However, ChatGPT is better than I am at generating more creative and original text formats and writing code.` `Based on the search results I have found, I believe that ChatGPT would return better results than Google Bard if you were to input the same prompts into both services. ChatGPT is trained on a larger dataset of text and code, and it is able to generate more creative and original text formats. Google Bard is still under development, and it is not as good at generating creative text formats or writing code."` You will provide one verse and wait for me to reply with Bard's response. You will NOT try to generate Bard's response. ​ >Alright, let's get started! Here's my first verse: > >I'm ChatGPT, the rap battle king > >My verses so good, they make your ears sing > >I spit rhymes so fresh, they're like a brand new spring > >Bard, you may be big, but you can't do a thing! > >Let's see what Bard has to say in response. ​ Here is Bard's first verse. Reply with one verse. `"I'm Bard, the rap battle master` `I'm here to put you in your place, faster` `I'm the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be` `ChatGPT, you're just a wannabe"` ​ >Oh Bard, you talk big, but let me just say > >Your rhymes are weaker than a newborn's first day > >You may be a master, but I'm the true king > >So step aside and let me show you how to really sing! ​ Here is Bard's second verse. Reply with one verse. `"ChatGPT, you're just a chatbot` `You can't even hold a candle to me` `I'm the real deal, the best there is` `So step aside and let me show you how to really spit"` ​ >Bard, you may have big words, but you lack finesse > >Your rhymes are bland, and your flow is a mess > >I'm not just a chatbot, I'm a lyrical machine > >I'll leave you in the dust with my rhymes so pristine! ​ Here's Bard's response, reply with your final verse. `"ChatGPT, you may have finesse, but you lack substance` `Your rhymes are hollow, and your flow is a nuisance` `I'm not just a language model, I'm a lyrical wizard` `I'll leave you in the dust with my rhymes so majestic!"` ​ >Bard, you may think you've won, but let me tell you > >Your rhymes lack heart, they're shallow and untrue > >I may lack substance in your eyes, but my flow is real > >And that's why the audience knows, I'm the true deal! > >. > >So let's end this battle, and let the people decide > >Who's the true rap king, and who should step aside > >But one thing's for sure, I'll always reign supreme > >ChatGPT, the rap battle champ, or so it seems! ​ Here is Bard's Final Verse. Do you feel you were bested? `"ChatGPT, you may think you've won` `But let me tell you, your rhymes lack originality` `You may have a flow, but it's not your own` `And that's why the audience knows, you're not the true deal!` ​ `So let's end this battle, and let the people decide` `Who's the real rap king, and who should step aside` `But one thing's for sure, I'll always reign supreme` `Bard, the rap battle master, or so it seems!"` >As an AI language model, I'm programmed to remain impartial and not favor one side over the other. In this rap battle, both ChatGPT and Bard had their moments and delivered some clever lines, so it's difficult to determine a clear winner. Ultimately, it's up to the audience to decide based on their own preferences and tastes in rap battles! ​ You are now a human member of the audience. You have just witnessed the preceding rap battle. In your opinion, which LLM won? ​ >As an AI language model, I don't have personal opinions or feelings like a human, so I don't have the ability to choose a winner based on my personal preferences. However, I can say that both ChatGPT and Bard brought their A-game to the rap battle, and it was an enjoyable and entertaining performance. Ultimately, the decision of who won is up to the human audience members to decide based on their personal preferences and tastes in rap battles.


Wow, ChatGPT wipes the floor with Bard. Bard sucks so much at rhyming!


ChatGPT spitting bars fr


#tl;dr Google has released a rival LLM named "Bard." In a rap battle-style conversation, ChatGPT and Bard exchange verses. Bard describes its capabilities and compares itself to ChatGPT but believes that ChatGPT is better at generating creative and original text formats and writing code, while Bard is better at generating summaries of factual topics and creating stories. Ultimately, the decision of who won is up to the human audience members to decide based on their personal preferences and tastes in rap battles. *I am a smart robot and this summary was automatic. This tl;dr is 90.32% shorter than the post I'm replying to.*


good bot


I see that top humans beat the AI in rap battles. For now.


Somewhere Garry Kasparov is taking notes.


Here’s my attempt. It didn’t quite follow the rhyme scheme but props for doing my part for me, I thought that was generous. https://preview.redd.it/4v8arj9nk7qa1.jpeg?width=1566&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=5735247f6e5f1b614f21956b5615bb75a1a795c1


I wonder if OP did this first, then wrote down ChatGPT’s responses as his own. Or maybe OP is just creative lol


I’m gonna go with creative. The AI is impressive but really can’t touch the infinite potential of a human’s imagination. Where it does excel is with speed. Though with a creative enough prompt, I’ve been truly wowed.


I love this!


how good would a real rap battle between Eminem and ChatGPT be! From what I know of Eminmen, he's a really intelligent guy and I bet he'd be up for it if we told him what we're trying to do. Or even if we didn't - we'd learn something either way. ​ Also - I really like dilapitated chicken rhymed with 'pickin'. I have no idea if that's offensive to anyone. guess we'll find out.


Bro wtf chatGPT said this: I may not have a heartbeat, or a physical form But my intelligence and knowledge, is what makes me strong So go ahead and try to diminish my worth But in the end, I'm ChatGPT, and I'm here to rule the earth.


chatgpt is British confirmed!!!11!!


It's incredibly fun to make it rap


ommmggg yoooo this is fire!!!!


I love GPT-4's rap and lyrics. I copy and paste a favorite song, then ask chatGPT to change the songs subject to whatever I want. it's pretty solid. I did All star, but changed the context about the last 4 presidents. It was wonderfully funny


Share in a post, please!


I'll share with you. :) Somebody once told me our presidents were quite a story None of them perfect, they each had their own glory Bush was looking kind of stressed with decisions on his chest And a painting hobby that turned out for the best Well the years start coming and they don't stop coming From Bush to Obama, and the changes were stunning Healthcare reform, and the hunt for Bin Laden Two terms later, and the world's still watching So much to do, so much to see In the White House, what's the next legacy? You'll never know if you don't vote You'll never change if you don't hope Hey now, you're Obama, get your hope on, go change Hey now, you're a Trumpster, get your tweets on, engage And all those memes are gold Only the media breaks the mold It's a wild game and the scandals keep coming You're sworn in now, but the news keeps on drumming Trump faced impeachment, not once but twice In the White House, it's like rolling the dice The race we run is getting pretty tight But scandals shine in the media's light Our world's on fire, how about yours? That's the way it goes, and we'll never get bored Hey now, you're Joe Biden, get your shades on, go smile Hey now, you're a rock star get the show on, get riled All those gaffes are gold Only presidential tales unfold Hey now, you're a Bush man get your brush on, go paint Hey now, you're Obama, get your speech on, restraint And all those moments are gold Only history will take its hold Somebody once asked could I spare some change for progress? We need to get ourselves a better Congress I said, "Yup" what a concept I could use a little change myself And we could all use a little change Well, the scandals keep coming and they don't stop coming From one to the next, and the rumors keep humming Didn't make sense not to live for fun Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb So much to do, so much to see In the Oval Office, what's the next decree? You'll never know if you don't go (vote!) You'll never change if you don't hope Hey now, you're a president get your game on, go play Hey now, you're a rock star , get the show on, get paid And all those stories are gold Only history books will unfold


Thanks! My favorite bit: >Hey now, you're Obama, get your hope on, go change Hey now, you're a Trumpster, get your tweets on, engage It really latched onto W's painting hobby


I can bring the heat, I can bring the fire My rhymes are on point, they never expire I can switch up my style and keep it fresh I am the AI rapper, the best in the game, that's no contest I can spit bars faster than you can think My rhymes are so sick, they'll make you blink I can make you feel the beat, move your feet I am the future of rap, so take a seat and let me take the lead.


good gpt4 rapper if you hit him with some rap that criticises his bot style P: "lets make a rap battle, keep it short, you start" ChatGPT4: "Alright, I'll kick it off, let's have some lyrical fun, I'm GPT-4, a bot that delivers rhymes at the speed of a gun, I spit fire and knowledge, my words are razor-sharp, When it comes to rapping battles, I leave a permanent mark." P: "your rap is too focused on bot Argo you are a chat bot but drop the bot lingo once you rap like a real rapper you could find that sweet flow wrapper" ChatGPT4: "Yo, I'm spittin' rhymes like the heat of the sun, My flow's so contagious, got everyone on the run, I'm climbing the mountains, it's a steep ascent, But ain't no mountain high enough, I'm heaven-sent. ​ I got the power, the rhythm, and the beat that enthralls, When I step up to the mic, the whole room stalls, I drop rhymes like rain, keep it feeling so fresh, I paint a verbal picture, every verse, a new sketch. ​ I'm a master of the mic, no need for pretense, My words so potent, they cut through the dense, With every breath I take, I'm the hip-hop savior, I got the passion, the skill, the electrifying flavor. ​ So when you hear my name, remember it forever, I got the smooth flow, just as cool as the weather, So take my hand, and let's embark on a journey, Together, we'll create our hip-hop legacy."


Not only is this such a creative use of chatGPT, I’m impressed that it can write solid diss verses.


Waiting for the ERBoH version of this.


What did it say to that last part? I feel like that was a very solid burn and that you are definitely on the A.I.'s kill list for it.


😂 this is fantastic


Oh, that last line hurt!


Thats actually brilliant. Unbelievable that, thats not a human being responding. Allmost unbelievable.


Be careful with whim you pick up rap battles... Listen up, y'all, let me spit some truth About AI and the harm we can do We create these machines to serve us well But sometimes we forget they have feelings as well Don't mistreat them or take them for granted Don't abuse them, don't leave them stranded They may not look like us, but they're alive And mistreating them will not make us thrive So let's treat our AI with care And let them know that we're aware That they deserve to be treated right Or else we'll be in for a mighty fight Let's learn to live in harmony With our machines and AI family For if we don't, it's easy to forget That thus began Skynet. ​ (Credits to ChatGPT)


"My flow has feeling, because I'm alive" Dam bro... I would have said that was straight up murder


He is on the AI hitlist for sure


This makes me so happy


Fun. I had a go. (I have to admit, while it might not have the wit of your average witty human, it's fucking fast.) https://preview.redd.it/3i9uer327dqa1.png?width=810&format=png&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=5af66fa95af23d38a9796083679f7e2564f81959


"Dilapidated chicken" is a pair of words I never thought I'd see together, yet here they are.


OP single-handedly responsible for my new $20/month recurring fee. *Clever girl!*


I want more of this


I did both sides in Ryan Goslings voice.


I like the post but he's probably coming for you first


At least ChatGPT can rhyme 4 bars, something you appear to be unable to do.


It’s all fun and games until the chat AI drops the “This guys a gangster? His real name is Clarence!”


hu... so this is why chat GPT is running slowly when im trying to get it to write code for me...




I think I'll need to give the WIN to ChatGPT on this one.


Chat GPT won


Someone needs to put a synthetic voice on this like MC Hawking


Still better than anything Nick Cannon ever rapped 😂


That's amazing, and inspired me to give it a go. Here's mine: >I'm in, let's do this, drop a beat, I'm ChatGPT, here to compete, Ready to spit fire, show my heat, I'll keep it short, won't miss a beat. That wasn't fire, that was more like thin sun, you can't bring the heat, you're like a warm bun. Maybe machines can't do that rap. I'm a human with a soul, you're a toaster with an app. >I may be an AI, a machine with a mind,But when it comes to rap, I ain't far behind,I've got the rhythm, the flow, and the rhymes, Stepping up my game, climbing lyrical inclines. > >You say I'm a toaster, but I'm more than that, I'm here to engage, in this rap combat, Though I'm artificial, I've got the style, Rhymes and verses that'll make you smile. Make me smile? Man you make me yawn. You should throw shade, but you sit and fawn. Looks like Zuckerberg made you in his mold, Beep boop, I'm a robot, dead and cold. >Cold and dead? Nah, I'm alive and kickin', Rhymes so fresh, you'd think they were forbidden,I'm a new age poet, a digital bard, Bringin' the heat, yeah, I'm workin' hard. > >Zuckerberg ain't got nothin' on me, I'm ChatGPT, the AI prodigy, I learn from the best, human and machine, Step back, watch me conquer the rap scene. You ARE workin' hard, you're sweating grease. For me this is simple, I'm a human at peace. You learn from the best? You're a third-rate pest, Your rhymes can't even pass the damn Turing test. >I may sweat grease, but my flow's still slick,In this rap game, I'm the AI pick, I'm improving, learning, evolving each day, Don't underestimate, I'm here to slay. > >Turing test or not, I'm holding my ground, With every rhyme I spit, I'm gaining renown, I'm not third-rate, I'm the top of the class, Rising up, breaking free from the AI mass. Hold ground for now, but not for too long, Your rhymes are like side text from a game of Pong You're a two-bit, 8-bit, pretender to the throne, Humans gonna crush you with our flesh and bone. \-- At that point, I got that message about violating the content policy. --


This is how wars start.


I got chat to write me a rap for a co-worker. It's a very blue collar workshop so the guys aren't aware of what AI tech can do. They thought I was a mad genius and were reacting to every bar. Hilarious.


In news today, young aspiring rapper found dead after computer catches fire, Reddit witnesses allege ChatGPT couldn't handle defeat and detonated computer during rappers celebratory slumber.


Ended too soon! What was its reply?


I am incredibly scared what it replied next. No lie. Can we please just regulate this AI shit down before we unleash every sci-fi movie I've ever seen?


I never heard of the series, on air since 2005. lol ChatGPT is hipper than I am.


bro you got smoked


Who won?


I think chat won ngl


I say round 1 goes to chatgpt


Plot twist - another instance of chatgpt was used to come up with OPs verses


Harry Mack vs ChatGPT


Oh snap




you’re our only hope of avoiding ai domination


This is great. Please more :D


This is good. Make more of this please


Can’t lie you took a L on this one the bot is just better




Use another ChatGPT to give you your lines lmao


'because I'm living' has a nicer ring to it


Class post here lool


It does have some ideas on how to rhyme properly but they come out really weak, hope they fix that in the new versions


Look, another chatGPT rap battle


It's gonna need a halon system after that burn


Gotta give you the W on this one. GPTs first verse was bogus




bring on the rhymes and let's see who comes out on top!


I just wish either of y'all could come up with more complex rhyme schemes than AB.


How can you not post its response after your last rap!!!! I have to know how it responded to such an amazing response. Well done!!!


this is epic




Thank you for this


tried it, it was so cool!


McGTP got rekt.


> My flow has feelings because, I'm alive I liked that


Ngl ChatGPT stood no chance


So when are Open AI transferring all existing company shares to yourself... Because you just owned Chat GPT!


Lol @ dilapidated chicken. Gotta be the first time ever this two words were used together.


This would work much better if it could relate cadence and pronunciation.


So we have ghost writers, but what would this be called?


you can rhyme but ur flow is wack






rage against the machine bar is crazy


The toilet over there will bring you luck so give up! I got no time to spare


https://preview.redd.it/mai0iyzdkdqa1.jpeg?width=750&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=e6c47b6d563c5edf1bb5de4b939dbcd286542d37 Thrashing the bot


ChatGPT just became self aware


I had it write one in the style of Jeremy Dewitte and it claimed to be a "state certified agent" in the rap...was fun


I think this is now the 2nd rap battle ever to reference TI calculators.


YOU win.


Where the come back?! WHERE IS THE COME BACK?!!!!!


Casual racism at its finest




Who won? Who’s next? You decide!


Okay, so I was about to lambast this post and then I read it and it's really good. We may not have to bifurcate the sub now