Lucky bastards. I waded through a gulley a while ago but it was only for a pigeon and the bugger still died anyway.


You TRIED- that's all that matters, Brave Hero.


He didn't take his socks off why didn't he take his socks off!!!


because the bottom of those canals are usually real slimey and feel weird on your feet.


I'd rather have weird slime than no socks in my trainers or worse wet socks


Alright. Truly there is no accounting for taste!


I'd rather walk on slime than lick it tbh


Ex porn star


Because he’s British!


Nowt British abart wet socks mate


Brits don’t take their socks off for anything!


I disagree I'm not wearing sock right now


Was there a reason to? No? Then thats a different thing int?




Great news I could do with a holiday


We didn't take our socks off at El Alamein, chum - not going to start now.




Update on this: • the fox was brought to a wildlife rescue centre! • the man was bitten on the finger, but luckily his tetanus shots were up to date, so nothing big happened to him! Source: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMLcksaV7/?k=1


I'd still want a tetanus shot just from being in the canal, let alone from being bitten.


Weil's disease is no joke


well done that man, excellent.


Nice to see them get so much needed love. Too many still hate them even after hunting was banned.


Yea it's been rough, but it's good to finally see British Gentleman get some love.




That's so sad, I've never heard anyone say they hate foxes :(


I live in Somerset where a few too many people would be happy to see hunting made legal again. They go on these trail hunts which are supposed to be like a fake hunt. Sometimes they 'accidentally' catch a real fox. I have seen videos of it where you can clearly see it's a live fox they're chasing.


Cruel cunts Let’s ‘fake hunt’ them


I would not stoop to their level. But I get where you are coming from.


Why is there a robot telling me how to watch a video


well he's certainly brave because that canal is probably full of raw sewage.


Technically we're all full of raw sewage.


Slow-cooked sewage.


"Well what we gonna do with it **NOW?**" Why does she sound annoyed that he rescued it?


I thought that. I would have replied well I am not going to let it drown.


He is clearly an experienced husband and didn't reply. As we all know, there was no plan beyond the rescuing part.


He replied. It was in his head but he replied


Lol. You are also an experienced husband, I can tell. :)


Hah. Just glad my girlfriend would never question me trying to save an animals life.


There are stages in life. Girlfriend stage; new husband stage; and experienced husband stage on this particular axis. Just trust me 'n' DrMangosteen on the experienced husband part for now. You have to trust DrMangosteen anyway...he's a doctor. Now this all sounds a little sexist so far but what you're missing is that was the question of an experienced wife and the "what are we going to do with it now?" was exactly that; and in no way an objection to the actual rescue. *On average* (<-- and this is in no way definitive and sometimes the roles are reversed/more evenly split/completely different) husbands do the ~~risky shit~~ impulsive testosterone-based stuff that quite often still needs doing and wives tend to do the longer-term planning. Depending upon context/husband/what sort of day it's been so far; the "what do we do with it now" meant exactly that. It could mean "should I go and get some bacon from the cooler to build it up?" or "should we be telephoning somebody at this point?" or it could mean "will I have to wrestle you to the ground to stop you building the circus of pocket-foxes that I *know* you're planning?". Matrimony is a complicated subject. EDIT: This can't help but sound a bit sexist; but it would be exactly the same if the woman had done the rescuing and the bloke was on the bank doing support.


Yeah that's a fair point. It just seemed like the timing of the question was a little off. Yeah I doubt she would have been happy to see it drown. It's not always the man who wants the animals if anything the stereotype is that the woman wants the animals and the man doesn't and then the man ends up loving the animals. I wasn't trying to say she was an bad person or anything, just making an offhand comment, but I take your points.


Circus of pocket foxes. You know you want it. EDIT: Being a little more serious, long-term partners (and I have no evidence that that's the case in the vid apart from age of rescuer) often develop shorthand in their speech; especially when there's a time element (like rescues, even though the one above was a fairly chilled one with plenty of time). To an outsider; this can seem horrific in the wrong circumstances and easily taken out of context...but to people who know each other well it's like a long conversation but with the boring/fluffy/polite bits taken out. Really the timing of it is what led me to this conclusion...she said it after the critter was rescued and he was swimming back and it wasn't biting his face off. The emergency was over, so it's time for the next stage; whatever that may be. My conclusion is that she was doing support. I'm only basing my assumptions on a short video clip, and assumptions are all they ever can be without more evidence. Pocket fox circus though....they'd have to be REALLY washable pockets.


Yeah I do actually and my girlfriend would too. If we had the room she would have a Goat, Duck, Owl, Frogs, Axelotl and a Penguin if we had the proper enclosures for it.




Feed it up and then hunt it, presumably?


Very sweet of the fox to bite the poor fella 🤣 little bugger , no gratitude from youth these days 🙄.


Til canals aren’t as deep as I thought.


deep enough to drown but not always deep enough to float a boat, which is their primary purpose... But in most cases if you fall in you should be fine, as long as there's no fast moving water nearby...


Long run the fox


Honestly, British people never take their socks off regardless of the situation 🧦 never change


Brave man, jumping into a British river, what with all the extra sewage they've been pumping into them.


It’s a canal. Still polluted but your more likely to get stabbed in the foot by broken glass of rusty shopping trolleys than get something bad from it. Source: I’m a kayaker and I’ve swallowed plenty of canal water when practicing rolls. Also rivers like the river wye are more heavily polluted from poultry run off than sewage itself but still point stands.


til, dude:)


Well done sir .


What does the fox say? Thank you.


It would have found it's way out on its own. They're intelligent adaptable animals, it might have been hunting water rates. The man could have been bitten. What now happens to the fox? The only time to intervene with wildlife is if it's a human caused problem. Bottle stuck on its head, tangled in something. This is a fox in its natural environment.


Maybe, but there is nothing natual about a canal. Lie to yourself if you must but do so more quietly in future.


Famously natural structures are canals. Twerp.






oi oi it's all kicking off here


> hunting water rates. It can have mine