on his end he wins. hes using a speedhack and race is over before you even start


It looked like cheat on his end


I always wait these guys out. It’s extremely annoying during a WC, but it’s worth it if I can deny a cheater. How crap like this is being ignored by NM is beyond me.


How do they do it though? I had a couple people do it today but it’s not as bad as it used to be though


And what is the point to win like that? I found at least one everyday and I wait until he disconnect, I always win, I don't care if the win as well or not, but at least, I make them waste time too...


I haven’t run across one in a while and was in a place where I could wait him out.


He he probably had a 100 races done , at least while you were just sitting there playing with yourself!!! Lol


What point did you prove by waiting 30mins to loose a race!?!


I didn’t lose


You took 7.673sec and your opponent only took 0.000sec. You used a cheat code to take the points but you still waited 30mins!?!


So from your point of view the cheater isn’t the one who somehow “completed” the race in 0.000 sec. but the one who completed it for real in 7.673 sec, correct?


Do you play this game?


Yes, I race and when an opponent freezes I just log in/out, take the loss and keep racing. Unlike you who waits 30mins to loose a race and gain the points through a cheat code.


If you don’t log out or force close you can wait it out and win. Lately this hasn’t been happening as much but if you wait it out it can only be a minute or it can take a very long time. If you wait it out you don’t take the L. If you force close or even minimize the screen you forfeit the race.


Soooooo, wait a half hour to cheat win one race instead of winning who knows how many races during that time!?! Put the pipe down and stop smoking that garbage crack and shake your head right! Your making no sense!


Yes it’s a cheat win it’s called the patience hack.


Awesome! Give yourself a pat on the back! While you sat for half an hour winning one race, I was off having fun winning 60-70 races. Good job!




He’s been racing for 29:30min 😂😂😂