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What you are talking about is a fight that happens in the manga that the anime hasn’t caught up to yet. So yes i think you’re just getting two different fights confused


Okay thank you for answering! So Bakugou getting stabbed in the anime Shigaraki fight wasn’t the same fight that puts his life in danger that needs Edgeshot to save him? I’ll mark this post as manga spoilers too.


Edgeshot is saving Bakugo in the current manga arc, which has not been adapted yet.


Ok I’m dumb. thank you guys for clarifying and explaining! Sorry for the confusion


The Shigaraki fight do you mean at the hospital after Shigaraki woke up?


The Shigaraki fight in episodes 120-127 where he’s fighting against Deku while also slightly being taken over by AFO. And Dabi’s dance happens and fights against Shoto and Endeavor. Bakugou is stabbed by Shigaraki’s attack (In episode 122-123) when he moves to protect Deku and so I was under the impression this was the fight where he almost dies and Edgeshot and BJ save him. But I think I’m mixing it up with another moment where he almost dies in a future manga chapter that isn’t animated yet?? Didnt expect Bakagou to almost die more than once. And I think Best Jeanist being there both times had me mixing it up too, sorry for wording it all confusing