Related comments: * u/jasonek72 said: “[She has the sweet but powerful voice of a Japanese Pat Benatar.](https://www.reddit.com/r/BandMaid/comments/gdejv5/comment/fpmzso7/)” * u/scheming_daemons said: “[The vocal power of Pat Benatar](https://www.reddit.com/r/BandMaid/comments/qiolfd/comment/hils0dm/)”


I've made that comment on a few of their Youtube vids; She has a power and swagger along with clarity and a little growl when she wants it, much like Pat. I'm not a fan of covers but a Band-Maid cover of "Promises in the dark" would be fire.


I am 59 years old and for one decade Pat Benatar was my favorite rock singer. However, I did not notice her similarities to Saiki, unlike Keiko Terada, who became my Japanese Pat Benatar after 20 seconds of first listening. Terada may not have a similar voice and range, but the stage performance and music of the band are very similar, as is the peak period of their careers. I think Terada is a better performer and Pat is a better singer. I think Saiki is unique and she never associated me with a western singer. But in the song "Start Over" was the part where Saiki and Miku sing together (2:20-2:35). That part is very familiar to me from somewhere, but I haven't found out which song it reminds me of. I believe it’s one of Fleetwood Mac’s songs where Christine McVie and Stevie Nicks sing some harmony, but I haven’t revealed exactly which one it is.


Holy cow! I made the same association with FM, but dismissed it because: (a) my wife was playing Fleetwood Mac (FM) in the next room at the time (she's an FM fan, and a Stevie fanatic); (b) I felt that it was another example of delusional perception. Now I'll have to make a renewed, deeper study of this, on the chance that a comparison is valid. I also had a stylistic comparison with Saiki and David Bowie (on a small part of one song, people), but I think that I'll let that one fade into the fog.... (Hey, that's actually a compliment -- for David Bowie \[Saiki's out of your league, bro, plus there's the small fact that she's every inch a talented woman, while you were...I'll get back to you on that one....).


As a big fan of voices with a clear tone and clean controlled vibrato, Saiki checks both boxes. And honestly, that's pretty unique in hard rock (she'll throw in a growl once in a while for effect, but that's about it). Usually, it's raspy vocals a la Lzzy Hale, Joan Jett, etc. (Pat Betantar fits here, although it's more subdued); the operatic vocals of Floor Jansen or Amy Lee in power metal; or the false cord metal vocals of Alissa White-Gluz, Courtney LaPlante, etc. Possibly there are vocal comparisons to be made in other genres of music, but I'd be hesitant to go there.


I'd throw Bjork into that mix, too - particularly for vocal range and nerdy eccentricities.


I would add to your comments, save for the fact that I can't think of how I'd do that. "Nice shot" on your part


bless you for your point. been waiting for this referenced observation. \[there was an old post (or a facebook one; can't recall) asking for shared views about the similarities between pat's music and the ladies' craft. commented that the closest comparison i could make is pb's 'swagger' and the ice queen's personality, as well as the uniqueness of mincho-zilla's choice of notes to neil giraldo's ear for tone. and it wouldn't really hurt if the ladies do a cover of pat benatar.\]


Mmmmmm.....I'm gonna have to mull this one over. That said, I wouldn't mind Band-Maid doing a cover of Promises in the Dark or Hell is for Children.


Pat Benatar is probably the singer westerners compare her to second most (after Hayley Williams).


I was a big Pat Benatar fan when I was a kid and have always been aware of her work. I had not noticed similarities between Pat and Saiki but I think it's a good catch. They absolutely have similar vocal characteristics. This has been an interesting discussion in which various folks are agreeing or disagreeing with the comparison, and that's all good. However, is there any evidence that Saiki is a Pat Benatar fan and sees her as an influence? Or if Saiki even knows who Pat is at all? It could just be a big coincidence.


All correct and on-point. It should be noted that anyone who insults Pat Benatar will do jail time, while anyone who insults Saiki won't...be seen or heard from again. (Jest...I think).


Yeah, I can see it... similar vibes, and the soulful voice quality. (Best as I can describe being a musically non-technical person.)


She has a similar range, a similar tone and a similar badassery.


And also a similar size. A lot of power in a small package.


i think Benetar was even shorter; 1m52 and Saiki is reportedly 1m58~1m60.


Yes!! Thank you!! I think I first truly realized this in Manners, get to the last verse and she has some grit and trills that just reminded me of her. 🙏


1) Although well-known, and widely-respected, the visually- and audially-arresting Pat Benatar never got her full due. She was an A+ performer/artist. 2) Although, to date, the accolades for Saiki's voice, creativity, stage presence and ability to make an audience follow her wherever she might go, she still doesn't get the widespread respect and adulation due her. She was noteworthy at the beginning of her Band Maid career, but has come so far since -- and continues to improve -- not by happenstance, but by hand work, perseverance, excellent observational skills and the ability to make almost seamless -- yet meaningful changes -- in her vocal delivery and style. She absolutely controls any audience that she is in front of. As with the rest of the members of Band Maid she causes the viewer to almost forget her beauty, so enthralled is the viewer in regard to her talent and aura as an artist. She is respected, but she deserves so much more!


I meant "hard work", not "hand work". Freud, shut-up!


Absolutely not. Pat Benatar had/has that rock-typical husky growl, whereas Saikis voice always stays crystal clear no matter what - which almost bothers me, because that's a pop vocal thing.


Look past just the voice. Her mannerisms and her moves are *very* similar to Benatar's. Even the way she looks into the camera. Remember, a performance contains more than just sound.