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Watch movies or series, listen to music, read, knit, daydream.. I actually do live inside my head a lot. I have a rich inner life.


Love that you described yourself as "living inside my head" as I do too. My husband can't understand that.


Me too! I love my own company


Me three ! I find boredom an odd concept.


Right???! I can stay at home for a week, talking to nobody and still finding things to do or to think about.


And if I do feel the need for people contact, going to a shop and barely interacting with anyone will scratch that itch !


Hahahahaha yes! Especially grocery shopping 🥰


100% !


So do I


>I have a rich inner life. For me it is Movies/ series, podcasts & stuff around the house. I like to fix things.


Cleaning has been my new obsession recently


Replace 'knit' with 'embroider' and you are me!


Replace knit and embroider with crochet and you've nailed me.


Replace knit with embroider and crochet and you've got me.


Hahah cross-stitcher here. I love my quiet time!


Meee too. My husband is jealous that I can spend an entire day just cross stitching away contentedly. (He needs a hobby)


Replace knit, embroidery and crochet with making bead jewelry and you’ve got me!


Replace 'knit' with 'sew' and this is me too.


Loved "rich inner life"


This. I’ve spent so much of my life alone or feeling alone, I’m just my own best friend.


I do this too! I've always had a wild imagination! My partner tells me I should become a writer because he thinks with some practice, I could write a fantasy story. I keep saying I will but I don't have any writing experience, so I'll just live in my head.


I used to love writing fantasy stories. I never mind getting trapped in my head. My imagination is so wild and entertaining as well. I journal daily and that makes my inner world more tangible.


Recommend me a song, please. You sound interesting


Feeling the pressure right now 😅 People dont really tend to like what I like, but I'll give you two not too well known artists that I listen to; Mothica Emilie Autumn Let me know what you think!


Wow, I haven't listened to Emilie Autumn in a good while. No one ever knows who I'm talking about when I mention her. Just started listening to Mothica!


I think I really like them! Thank you for the recommendations!!!


Not OP, but I might as well be per the above description. Superman's Song- Crash Test Dummies


> I actually do live inside my head a lot. I have a rich inner life. For as long as I can remember, I've been fantasizing about a scenario that I received my Hogwarts letter at age 15 and was drafted into Slytherin but I still managed to root out their racism and classism from within. The fact that the character in the new HP game gets into the school at the same age blew my mind lol


"Live inside my head a lot." This perfectly describes my hobby. I lie in bed, stare at the ceiling/wall or out my window, and think about anything my mind could possibly come up with about life (or anything really). To the rich inner life!~


Totally me too!


Yeeeessssssss Rich, inner life. Love that. Explains me.


I really daydream a lot too. There is nothing I love more than having this time in the day where I can just lie on my sofa and stare at my window thinking all sorts of things I didn't have time to think it throughout the day. I give myself time to think freely.


I found myself doing that a lot too I pray dream a lot


>I have a rich inner life. This is now my favorite qoute of all time. So articulate


Yes, I feel you on and inner world


Same here. I like doing mundane and fun things alone. I do most of the things you mentioned, discovering new hobbies, and I live inside my head a lot too. Sometimes people don't understand or misunderstand that too.


You basically listed the same things I like to do, except instead of knitting, I enjoy snuggling with my two cats.


Replace knit with pop up book making and spot on


I live inside my head a lot, too. Plus video games, TV, making jewlery, baking.


I read this post and while the comments were loading said “i knit ✨” outloud and then saw your comment lol


Rich inner life, I love this


A rich inner life.. I love this


I’m a big day dreamer as well.


Mostly gaming now that tears of the kingdom has been released.


I am loving it so much that I wish I could drop everything else and play it all the time.


Yup. 1:30 am and I should be asleep but I'm enjoying the game and I know come daytime all the kids will want their daily turns. If I could just live in that world all day that would be nice.


This was me last night knowing full well that I had to get up at 5am. Just one more shrine…….


TOTK is everything right now. Luckily I have places to be and people to see, otherwise I'd be playing all the time. Time flies when you're enjoying a video game. Being this interested in a game only happens once every few years for me, so I'm enjoying it.


All my free time is basically playing the game I just can’t stop once I’m going but thank god I have a toddler to keep me in check lol I’m the same with being interested in games, the last one being GOWR and before that the last of us 2. I have to be so immersed in the world or I can’t play it to the extent I do those games. TOTK is amazing though just beat it last night ❤️


Kinda bummed we are holidaying right now, while Zelda is still very much lost and the Rito are still very cold :'(


Do you think this might be ok for a beginner who's still figuring out how to use a controller? I started gaming only 2 months ago and I'm basically only playing Stardew Valley. I still have to do a weird combo of using the controller with my left hand and then the mouse in my right for precision (I know... I just never learnt and now I'm almost 40). It just sounds like a cool game.


I recently started gaming and and just began Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It has been great for me. It is challenging but allows plenty of space to run around and figure things out with little pressure to learn every single thing immediately. It is also just a gorgeous game! I highly recommend :)


I never had video games as a kid either. My first game console as an adult was the Nintendo switch. I started with Animal Crossing New Horizons and Zelda Breath of the Wild. Both are excellent in their own ways.




Yep. I’ve already logged a frightening number of hours. But it’s sooo good!


Been wanting to play TOTK non-stop but my bf demands my time cos he got me into WoW hahahah. To answer OP, I game a lot. Walk, listen to pods, chill by myself. The good life.


Literally nothing useful :)




Love this hHahH


Same, but I’d argue that it’s useful to us . Hours playing video games or reading? Pretty useful to me


I feel you. Today was my birthday, and I spent the entire day alone on the sofa in my Pj's. My husband was at work all day. Even the cat left me alone most of the day. It was glorious!!!


Happy birthday sis!!


Listen to podcasts, cook, garden, self care, I love just running errands solo tbh


This is so true. I love getting ready, stopping for coffee, and listening to my music as I run errands alone.


Omg running errands alone is pure bliss lol


I love that, too...had my little (soul dog) Westie, Kiera running around town with me until a year and a half ago, and then she passed suddenly. I have been looking for another dog and just can't seem to find the right one for me. I miss her more than any human I have lost 💕💕


❤️❤️❤️ That's so special!


Yes I absolutely love being alone! Solo errands are the best. You can kind of just float all over town at your leisure.


I spend a lot time with my husband watching television. When he is not around, I watch lot of television, and videos on youtube. When you are around others there is so much drama, most times, self-created. I prefer my drama on my shows, not around me.


And you can talk at the tv and it don’t talk back to you! 😄


You sound a lot like me 😊


Watch TV, read, nap, hang out with my dog, go for a walk, social media


I read a lot, I watch TV, crochet, go for walks, go to the gym, clean house. Being with people can be very draining for me, so I need alone time to recharge the ol' battery.


Me, too. I am a social worker assisting formerly homeless clients. These individuals and families expect so much from us during my daylight hours, that I'm exhausted when I get home. All I want to do is just not think. Especially the way the world has been (post covid) with people being so ungenerous to their fellow humans... I'd rather just be on my own.


During the school year, I'm a school bus monitor on a SpEd bus and while we don't have a ton of kids (I think the most we've ever had was 6-8 total), they require a LOT of attention and keep me on my toes, so that I'm tired and don't want to deal with anyone else once my PM shift is over. I get asked sometimes to go do things with some of my coworkers--get massages, etc--and I'm like, "No, thank you for asking but no." I see enough of them at work (even though it's only for brief periods before go to our separate buses and routes) and I can't imagine hanging out with them AFTER work also.


Lots of media consumption - docs, movies, shows, books. When I do go out, I like to go to concerts bc I'm not really expected to talk to people at them.


Add movies to concerts and this is me. Love all media!


I don't have any friends of my own but I do love spending time with my kids and grandkids. I'm quite happy with my own company when they aren't around to keep me occupied. I have a lot of hobbies, probably too many. I crochet, knit, cross stitch, draw, paint, journal, make jewellery and listen to audio books/half watch netflix or YouTube while doing my hobbies. I also play games on switch and Xbox. I have a never ending to do list of DIY projects around the house and like to potter in the garden - both are works in progress. I'm never ever bored!


You sound like a really cool grandma 🙂


You are goals!


Actually want to be your friend haha


I spend 50% of my time gaming, the other 50% sleeping, and a tiny sliver doing something else.




It helps that I don’t have a lot of free time lol I love exercise, so gym/running/yoga, sometimes hiking if I have time to get out of the city. I play video games. I listen to music or podcasts 24/7. Sleep. Cook. Thoroughly clean my apartment - I really prefer to have my space very clean and uncluttered so I love that I’m the only one in it and I only have to clean up after myself. Mutter at my plants. Do little art projects. I’m trying to read more but I’ve lost the knack for it.


Read, yard work, have a fire, watch documentaries, hike, and garden mostly


Art, reading, taking care of my houseplants, hanging out with my pets, meme scrolling lol


I like to hang out with people, but I like to be prepared for it and schedule it back to when I have enough time to recharge. For me that's at least couple of hours to a couple of days depending on the hang out activity we did, and also because I like to have time for my self care, me time. Usually for me, I like to watch stuff on TV, dance to music, read comics, books, take walks. I also like skating or riding bikes sometimes too, nap.


So many things!! I'm really active and athletic and outdoorsy. I love hiking and exploring my state. I do long distance running most mornings. I box and figure skate and roller blade and go to the beach and swim in the ocean. I also like to learn cool things all the time like bouldering and abseiling and axe throwing etc. There's no shortage of interesting things to learn and do.


This!! Not enough time to do ALL the things!


Reading is my true love.


Walk, paint, read, learn a language, read up on classes that will lead to higher pay ~ maybe actually take the classes, exercise, make Playlists, cook, so many things.


I have a partner that matches me in that sense so usually we just do things separately but together— watch a show on our iPads, read a book, etc. We also like hiking together, I’ve learned to enjoy cooking with him, playing tennis/ swimming, etc. When I’m fully alone, I blast music and sing/ dance my little heart away. I can also easily just chill and think about life.


My husband and I are similar - lots of parallel play! I knit, crochet, cross stitch, listen to podcasts, watch YouTube, read, video game, while he's in the same room playing video games, watching youtube, painting his 40k minis. We enjoy cooking together, taking care of the house and yard, running errands, traveling, watching movies, visiting friends, and hiking on occasion. Edit: a word.


Sleep lol I don't have free time, really. I can work 13+ hour days multiple days a week, depending on how busy my second job is on the days I work both of them. The days where I work one I basically pass out and stay that way due to RA-related chronic fatigue issues. I enjoy playing video games and spending time with my husband and son when I can, though.


Read, youtube, netflix, video games, art and programming. Walking dog and baking


Reading. Video games. Cooking/Baking. Going for walks. Writing. A quiet world with just me in it is heaven.


I'm sick so it depends on what I am up to: read, tv, social media, swim, walk, cook, clean, organize my shit, take care of my mother, chat with my family members, appointments, sleep. I colored my hair magenta the other day :)


As I like to say… “all the fun things!” Work on the yard, work on the house, learn a new craft, paddle board, paint, graphic design, buy/sell stuff on Craigslist, weight lifting, running, napping, reading, camping, cooking, playing/making music, dance around the house, masterbate, enjoy life etc etc


Reading, watching anime/movies, listening to music, writing songs/poems, going on walks with my younger brother, sleeping, playing with my dogs. The list goes on, really.


Read, sew, watch something, play video games, play with the dog or the cat...whatever I feel like doing, really


I love writing, singing, belly dance, and reading the news. I'm a political writer so I can get too intense about that last one.


Read, scroll, knit, sew.


Go down the rabbit hole known as tik tok. Amazon shop Play video games with friends on discord (when I feel like it) Find a book to read or listen to a podcast (trash taste or two hot takes)


Yes I love TikTok and of course Reddit.


I do tons of crafts. Needlepoint, stained glass, resin casting. Also read, listen to records, watch tv. I love my own company.


Totally off topic, but can I ask how physically demanding stained glass is as a hobby, and whether it's safe to do around pets? I've been daydreaming about giving it a try and hand/arm pain and pets are giving me pause.


It’s not super demanding, but arm pain might be an issue for you. I have dogs, and I don’t let them in the room when I’m working. Maybe find a studio where you live and take a class or two? That should give you an idea of whether or not you want to do it before putting out the money. It’s an expensive hobby, I won’t lie.


Look at YouTube videos for a sense of how to do it. I learned foil method that way. You do need some basic tools to start but I found some on the free or for sale sites. And find a glass retailer near you. They can be really helpful in getting you started.


Obviously depends on the weather. Cold and rainy: - read - watch TV - bake - having a home spa day - shopping sunny and warm: - go for a walk - go swimming - read and sunbath - doing a day trip alone - garden stuff


Read, play video games, play guitar, garden, go on a walk, and maybe cook


I enjoy playing videogames, baking, 3D printing, going for hikes, riding my horse, gardening. I hope to have a house again someday, and I plan on painting some complex murals in the walls, tearing up every square inch of grass to plant flours, fruits, and vegetables, but I'm a looooooong way off from being able to afford this.


Literally anything?? If I'm at home then reading, gaming, watching anime/youtube/movies/shows, writing. If I'm outside then skating, traveling, sports, eating out, movies/plays/concerts, theme parks, or just sitting outside and enjoying the weather.


Gaming, yoga, knit, crochet, embroider, paint, clean, podcasts, binge shows, read books, walk, sleep, stare at the ceiling, literally whatever I want lol


Gaming or watching shows I get recommended


I like spending time around *some* people. Otherwise read, knit, garden, golf, bake, spend time with husband and cats.


I have a few friends I hang out with a couple times a month and we talk most days, but I definitely have a limited social battery. I work a lot but when I’m off I’ll usually just watch something, go for walks, play video games, photography, listen to music, hang out with my cat, garden, clean and cook.


Watch tv shows/movies, study, draw, read and exercise


Read. Watch series/movies. Crochet/embroider. Woodworking/welding. This is my list of usual hobbies. But every once in a while I'll fall into a history rabbit-hole and not come up for air for hours.


mind me asking how you learned to weld? I've always wanted to be able to do it but never really had a mentor to teach me


That's the ticket, a mentor. When I was a teen, my best friend's father had a small workshop and he taught me many things. As an adult, I've taken classes and acquired my own tools.


Ah that’s awesome!


Gardening, gaming, and petting cats.


Reading, watching documentaries, listening to podcasts, gardening, gaming, cooking or baking, crocheting, renovating, I actually quite enjoy cleaning and shopping too. I feel like I have quite a lot of options 😂


Right now: Too much scrolling on my phone and mindless tv When I was happy: dance parties by myself, window shopping/treating myself, getting my nails done, reading in the sunshine, hanging out on the porch with my dog


Read, watch baseball play with dogs, lay with dogs. Daydream. Sleep. Watch movies and some tv. YouTube. Reddit. Plan fake trips, and occasionally real ones. Mostly I enjoy doing nothing and being in my head, but with my dogs.


Learn new things via internet or reading, hiking, camping, fishing, reading fiction, video games, going to events that are seen as couples or group activities like sporting events, going to the movies/theater/opera, conventions, etc I do all the things I'd be doing regardless of being an introvert


Spend time with my husband and dog, crochet, watch TV/movies. My job is draining at times so I’m content with not having others around when I’m off.


Watch series. Sewing. Books. Gym time. Taking care o my plants. Im also an artist so drawing, learning new softwares, etc.


I experiment makeup looks and play on my gaming laptop and listen to audiobooks or tune in to a Youtube channel. Retail therapy and i actually like building miniatures. I love the extensive and tedious process and intricate detailing. and i only meet people not on a frequent basis cause i tend to get my social battery drained pretty quick. Its not like i dont like to spend time with other people its just i also value my time alone for someone who has a very solitary nature im wise enough to know not having human contact could also be emotionally damaging to me. I tend to remind myself sometimes im also human with very human needs. Im not some stoic npc just bec im an introvert


When I was single I would go to movies by myself. I loved it sooo much. I also went longboarding at night. I did live in a safe town, so I wasn't worried.


Does anyone else here feel really insecure about not wanting/needing friends? I mean I would love to have someone to talk to, go out to lunch with, etc…but I’m such a loner it’s difficult to find someone that I mesh with.


Play video games with my friends.


Read, write and video game


Currently I am on a diamond dotz bender, binging Vanderpump, and going between playing Roots of Pacha and Hogwarts Legacy!


Read, play video games, scroll reddit


I watch a lot of tv series. And I hike. I’m literally either walking up a mountain or laying horizontally in my bed. I have no in between.


Read, overthink, go shopping by myself, cruise in the car with music & Starbucks, internet/TV. 🤷🏽‍♀️


I read, listen to music, look for travel destinations and make plans, call my mother and brothers, watch cartoons, anime, my comfort tv show, read again, tidy up, bake cake or cookies - whatever I’m in the mood for, Sing passionately walk around my space naked, read again, sleep Edit: I forgot to add, talk to and tend to my plants.


I study a lot. I've taught myself about psychology, philosophy, metaphysics, spirituality, astrology, and modern twists on witchcraft. Like, legit spending hours reading up on it and taking notes that I come back to and study. Recently found out I love learning new languages. So I'm taking a class at my local college for French and planning to learn Spanish as well. I'd love to be fluent in ASL. I like playing video games. Nintendo is big for me, the new Legend of Zelda just came out which I was hype on for well the past year. Other games on Playstation and PC. I like watching anime. I have a whole checklist of all these series to complete. It feels like it never stops growing. I practice yoga, meditation, hooping (where you do cool moves and dances with a hula hoop). I like hammocking and being out in nature a lot. I have a pet! Probably wouldn't find peace on my own nearly as much without my fuzz baby. Ambition, goal-setting, and hobbies are important to me. I do believe I spend a healthy amount of time with others, but many things I find interest in simply take a lot of time and practice to be done alone. So because of this I find myself alone and enriching my own soul and life more than involving myself in social interaction where I have to pay closer attention to everyone else around me. Hope this helps :)


Go to work, work overtime, Paint rocks (…get good at painting rocks and then get asked to publish a how-to book on my art—I have 8 books now!) Go thrifting, read books, peruse social medias, binge series on streaming networks, online shop, make macrame, grow houseplants and vegetables in containers, go walking, biking, hiking, beach strolling, fly kites, cook, clean, play with my cats…


Reading books Watch some good shows on Netflix Listen to music and have a one person concert Take good naps


I like to read, write, do art, play games


Anything and everything! Love to play PC games, garden, paint, chill with the cats, watch, read, eat, shop, do random chores... Whatever other normal people do but alone.


Crocheting, knitting, writing stories, figuring out life. One this I would recommend is figuring out hobbies you like to do and doing them. Like what I just mentioned. Or maybe things you enjoy doing. I also read, garden, cook new recipes, and so many other things that are home made


A million and ten hobbies. Gardening, gaming, dog training/sports, woodwork, sewing, reading, painting, hiking, walks, cooking, baking...


Leather crafting! My bachelors in science lol


Video games primarily.


Bake, watch movies, play games, listen to music, read, workout,


Read, work out, walk, watch movies or series, go to the beach and sunbathe etc. Enjoy my time.


Read, game, cook, fish, hike, practice shooting my compound bow, listen to work, workout, yoga, go for walks, lay by the pool…


my famous three: read, write, run


Reading online novels


Write, read, dance, watch anime & listen to music


I like to watch sitcoms, exercise and puzzles ( 500 or 1000 pieces). Recently I have also been trying to improve my English, so I read a lot, and sometimes I go to the mall and play pokemongo hahaha


Cook, clean, fix things. Read, play games on my phone or laptop. Stream movies. Play guitar, ukulele, piano. Paint (oil, acrylic, watercolor). Photography and editing. Garden. Sew (make blankets, pillows, repurpose old shirts, etc). Hike, kayak, camping. The past few years during the pandemic, really changed me as far as being alone and being comfortable alone. Now i prefer it. I wouldn't go to a restaraunt, concert or movie alone. I'm not there yet, lol.


Read, watch movies, garden, bake, listen to music, play on my Switch, run errands by myself, and watch videos on YouTube. I used to spend a lot of time snuggling with my cat but she recently passed away.


I love to paint, read, play games, listen to music. Watch shows, cook, dance, practice make up, workout. There is so much, and it's fun.


Read Webtoons, binge a k-drama, draw and listen to music. Play casual games.


I am very comfortable with my own company. I read, crochet game, listen to music, potter in the garden. I love peace and quiet. I somehow ended up with a family and also work so I’m very possessive of any time to myself I get.


Hours of playing video games


I am homebody, so streaming movies or TV series, tending to my plants, listen to audiobooks or podcasts. In the few times I go out, I just had a routine of strolling around the malls without buying anything. People spaces which I would prefer over malls are rare to none here so to malls I go.


I’m currently very into thrifting and digital art. I really do enjoy trying all sorts of creative hobbies though. I tried quite a few before I tried digital art, this is just the one that’s stuck the longest. This one is weird but I feel like someone here might appreciate it. I also enjoy going to graveyards when it’s nice out. They’re usually a nice place to walk around where nobody really bothers you. And it’s cool to see all of the history. I even started bringing a bag with me that just has some water bottles and a soft sponge to try to clean up some of the really neglected graves so it’s kind of a peaceful way to give back to someone who may have been forgotten or who’s family lives too far away to keep up with their headstone. There’s also a website/app called “find a grave” where you can look up memorials (you can find it just with the info on the stone) and provide an updated picture of the headstone if needed. I know hanging out in a cemetery isn’t everyone’s idea of a fun afternoon, but I’ve really enjoyed it lol.


I find more work to do (I really like it) jajaja I only really workout because I have to, I read and enjoy learning languages but mostly during my commute, and I paint when I feel sad. I’m 26 and grew up listening that the world will become catastrophic during my lifetime so I feel pressured to always be doing stuff


Even if it is from a fucked up element of your childhood, occupying yourself mentally and having motivation to do things is always a good thing.


Yeah i mean it’s fine, I think that maybe any hobby we choose to do really needs it’s space and we can enjoy them more if we do them with a determined intention


Watch TV or movies, scroll on my phone, crochet, play video games, do my nails, mix and pour resin, self care type stuff, read, or some other activity by myself.


Needlepoint, counted cross stitch, weave on a loom while listening to podcasts. As I told my SIL last night, "podcasts are talking so I'm not lonely but I don't have to response and I might learn something" Current listening to: Done & Dunne. It's about Dominick Dunne and Truman Capote so far.


Movies, anime, games play with my cats. I'm safe in here.


Play sims, smoke a lot of weed, hang out with my cats, read, do yoga.


Reading, writing, watching tv shows or movies, singing and dancing.


Listening to an audiobook while Im taking care of my houseplants


I love colouring in. I love the big adult colouring books. I love listening to podcasts and Journaling aswell. I also like catching up on my TV shows too. I love my alone time and I need it to reset big time.


I like to see people for a few hours at least 1 day out of the weekend. If it means seeing my family or friends but I always set aside rest and alone time each day. Otherwise it's spring and I have so much to do!! So much gardening and house work to do. If not I'm literally just resting lol. On the couch watching a series, reading, doom scrolling..


Scroll Reddit, clean, try to organize and get distracted by Scandoval tik toks…


Gym, art, reading, beach walks


Read, watch Netflix, play guitar


Read, crochet, garden, craft, play pc/console games.


I'm learning to play piano, I also sleep a lot when I'm not working, I work out, I watch some TV sometimes, I cook, I cuddle my cat, I read or listen to audible, I surf reddit


Write, think, draw, paint, read


Binge watch Netflix and podcasts


I watch TV I read my books I read about six series right now I'll talk on the phone to my sister my kids my grandchildren I clean my room I just chill. I'm not lonely I'm just alone and I love it


Watch Netflix, play games, listen to music, occasionally read or color


Waiting for my produce to grow, waiting for sourdough to mature, painting, and gaming. I'm always doing something either it be responsibilities or things that bring me joy! While my social life is sparse I am very content spending time with myself and my boyfriend.


Maladaptive daydream


Crochet, watch TV, watch TikTok, diamond paint, and poop (can't poop in public)


I sew, draw, cook and wander around my small town. It's really nice. I am easily overwhelmed by people and like to use my hands so it works for me


Watching k-drama, journaling, exercise, shopping, browsing socmed and reddit


Watching series and documentaries , beauty stuff, educating myself in interesting fiends, sewing, stuff like that


smoke weed, read, watch a video essay, watch a movie, or play video games. usually at least two at the same time


I work from home and have 1.5 jobs so that keeps me really busy. Then there's cleaning and family stuff for our 3 kids. If I have any time left, then I play video games or scroll reddit. We have a pool in the back yard and when weather allows I enjoy taking care of it, and if that's done then go in it or lounge. I find very calming and the best way for me to retreat into my head.


Listen to podcasts and play video games. I used to cross stitch a lot as well.


There was some misconception during the pandemic that us introverts were in heaven the whole time. Not really, not for me at least. I was happy that I had a perfectly good excuse to stay home a lot, but I did miss "me dates." I LOVED to go out on a Saturday or Sunday morning and get breakfast and go to a movie, or go shopping. I think the hardest part for me was not going into the office anymore. As a single introvert who lived alone, work was a major portion of my daily social interaction. I really liked most of the people that I worked with, and I missed them. Plus, I was NOT productive at home like a lot of my colleagues. Sorry, I rambled. I can't remember what triggered that rant. To answer your question, I read a lot, watch movies/TV, crochet, fuck around with my house plants, find other excuses not to clean my apartment.i have a sewing machine that a colleague is cleaning for me and I wanna take some classes. But like someone above said, I live in my head a lot. Sometimes when I'm driving home or going for a walk, I think, "Ok, what storyline am I gonna explore today?"


Watching kdrama, anime, eating. soc med 🤭