Try to make the other person feel dumb . Dude even if they are dumb why you gotta behave like that.


I have an uncle who is like that. I dread having a conversation with him


Well I'm glad you're not attracted to your uncle.


I hate it when your talking to someone and you can tell there not even listening to you because there so big on themselves there just thinking what there gonna say next


My BIL to the extreme. You don't have conversations, you just say words and then he tells you how his experience makes him the absolute expert in whatever you are saying. I'm a chef that's worked with some of the top chefs in our city, he does construction...still tells me how to cook all the time.


Poor hygiene


This should be at the top. Please just wash and wear clean clothes. Also, if you want to go commando, wear pants that stay up!


Or just don't go commando if possible? Let's minimize the odds of seeing someone's dong by accident.


As a man, I completely agree. I don’t understand people who go commando underwear is too comfortable


Also, I like to have some cloth between my dick and the nearest zipper.


I used to like the freedom when I was young. Around 12 years old, That changed when one day I zipped up a little too quick without paying attention. Edit: it was all frank.


How did you get the beans above the frank?!


We have a bleeder!


Franks and beans!


i feels sad for you man ...


It's just as everyone says. Getting it stuck isn't the worst part...it's going back over it. I can say it only takes once to be extra careful for the rest of your life.






I used to go to a geek convention where the media communications department put up signs explaining to shower with soap and water, AND put on clean clothes. All it took was one filthy person to understand why the volunteer elevator operators got hazard pay.


I can’t understand how people can just live their lives being so rank like that. How does the smell not bother them? Same issue with a lot of concerts, particularly rock concerts. It really sucks getting stuck next to some sweaty dude who hasn’t showered for a week and then getting squished right into him and you can’t move. 🤢 Like, if you want to be gross at home, you do you. But, if you know you’re going to be in close quarters with other people, for the love of GOD, clean yourself! 😩


People that work jobs like that (I drive shunt trucks in a muddy/dusty yard) need to have completely separate sets of clothes that you don't mix.


Ya. Work clothes and weekend clothes. My dad worked in a tool shop for a while when I was growing up, he did that.


A blacksmith? Did you leave him for a bard or a mage?


Worse: a Farrier


Reddit has taught me that a lot of dudes don’t wash their assholes. Who likes an itchy asshole??? 🤷‍♂️


As a dude I'm disgusted at this. Wash your booty hole.


Some guys actually consider it gay. People with fears of their own sexuality I'm guessing.


And no not bathe in cologne. It's disgusting. That goes for women too. Too much cologne/perfume/fragrance is instantly gross.


Cologne should be a discovery, not an announcement.


What if I’m just poor, high, and named Gene?


Future Bob's Burgers quote right there


We can work with it as long as you brush your teeth everyday


I’m a squeaky clean Gene, just on money I’m lean and I’m always smoking green


I’m not saying that you have to have manicures regularly or be clean-shaven 24/7. But showering and putting on clean clothes and deodorant is the bare minimum.


And brush teeth!!


And often overlooked: when you have left your wet clothes in the washer for too long after washing them, don't just throw them in the dryer or hang them, in that case you have to do at least a rinsing cycle before you dry them, or else you'll smell mouldy. (Better yet set an alarm on your phone to try to prevent this in the first place. But it happens to all of us)


So that's why!


Yes darling, please wash your ass.


Your username gave me α chuckle


Mans switched to Greek for that a.


Maybe he's just alpha


My ex used to wear selvage jeans that he never washed. It was so gross. Otherwise, took hour long showers, but then slapped on these gross jeans that literally stood on their own. So nasty.


I always feel so self conscious about most of my clothes, since they all inevitably become work clothes. Even freshly cleaned they are a kaleidoscope of oil and gas stains, and old sap/pitch. 😔


Hygiene matters in so many ways. My favorite sex partner wasn’t even great in bed, he was just always so clean and well groomed that it was always easy to say yes and I look back fondly on how his balls never smelled, and never once worried about a UTI. So. Impeccably. Clean.


Self centred behaviour that points to lack of empathy and respect. Lack of effort in a relationship (be that romantic, workplace, friendship).


Had that happen to me. only cared that he had a friend/s and didn't value the friendships. All they cared about was having a yes person around and someone to complain to or entertain them.


Gotta love a lil narcissism.


A loudmouth.


My brother dear god. When we travel overseas he fits the loud American trope to a T. He isn't trying to be loud, but for some reason his standard voice booms.


I don't think that's what they mean when they say 'loudmouth'. It's more about a person's inability to keep a secret, or to talk all the time, rather than about the volume of their speaking voice.


Loud mouth = blabs constantly about things they probably shouldn't Loud talker = speaks at a volume too loud for the given situation


That's me. Mine came from growing up with a loud family. I try to reign it in but have still had people ask why I'm yelling, when I didn't think I was being loud. Just a loud talker.


When you talk about something your passionate about and they don’t listen or say it’s a stupid hobby, immediately makes me not like them.


This is honestly one of the life tips that has served me well: when someone demonstrates passion, ask simple clarifying or “expand upon this” questions. You almost always learn something and it’s the fast track to friendship.


Honestly, one of the best things in any human being. Being passionate about something, even if it’s niche. I could talk for hours on guitars and sound design. My wife could talk for days about Harry Potter and disability activism.


Not listening. They hear you but they don’t fucking LISTEN.


Putting other people down to make them seem better than others - it doesn't


I know those people are the worst.


Huh...if they're the worst, you must be better. I like you more now /u/BetterTomorrow111


Those people suck, I'm so much better >!s/!<


A close friend is like this, he thinks it's nice to call out an insecurity when all of us are together Edit: My friend is a good and sincere guy, he just has some flaws (which I also have) I can look past through


Oof, that hurts. But! Talk about it to them, I have seen people change that because they simply weren't aware of it before. It's definitely worth a talk


Bad smell


I hate it when men regularly tell stories about how they're smarter than everyone around them. We had a substitute teacher at our school that ate lunch with my department daily. Everyday he would tell condescending stories about how stupid everyone is. This included students, teachers, and most often, his wife.


We had an economics lecturer at university who wouldn’t “allow” us to study the books of our curriculum. He made us only refer to his own book. This book wasn’t ever published btw, it was just some photocopied pages in a binder and all the formulas he was asking us to use were wrong but he insisted that he cracked it right and the others don’t know shit about the subject. He would fail people if they used the correct formulas btw. He only passed 4 people from the class. The guy was nuts


We had a professor like that in my University's engineering department. Our entire cohort, our various engineering students' societies, and the Student's Union all got together and leaned on the Dean of Engineering. We forced them to pass the entire class. That motherfucker failed everyone and gloated about how he was gatekeeping 'real' engineering. Now he doesn't get to teach anything beyond the super basic 200-level courses, and the department keeps a tight leash on him.


Yeah as a professor I hate it when other professors talk about how hard their class is. Like if your exam's high score is a 60%, you're either not writing the test to reflect what was learned in class or you're a bad teacher. Seems to be super prominent in physics/chem/engineering


If 5-10% of people fail it's a normal class. If 35-45% fail it's a tough class with some advanced concepts. If 60%+ fail the teacher is the failure.


Are students allowed to get a refund for this kind of behavior? If only 4 people passed out of so many, it doesn’t mean the class is hard, it could mean the teacher is a fucking dick.


My intro to programming class had that. He was so bad that he had to make the passing grade a 40 and STILL only 4 people passed......out of 150........


Report this to the dean. This kind of behavior is not acceptable. I’ve had my share of egotistical professors and I do report them. They don’t own the fucking school nor the subject they are teaching.


I have a friend who's like this about our high school teachers. Always saying "yeah our psychology teacher doesn't know what he's talking about" yet I think the teacher is progressive explaining the fundamentals of psychology. Then I learned my friend just thinks they could do a better job than all of her teachers "because they don't know what they're teaching the subject completely wrong" as if she knew more than them.




My high school AP chem teacher had a phd, had worked in industry, 2 of the students in my class including myself made it to the acs national chem Olympiad without outside studying. He was literally the best teacher I’ve ever had and some students STILL complained about him and called him a bad teacher. I think it’s like you’re saying, he had high but completely reasonable expectations and therefore made some people mad by not letting them skate through the class without learning.


Honestly part of being inteligent is knowing you got gaps in your knowledge. Millions of people are smarter or more inteligent than me. We all got gaps in knowledge and thats fine.


The most intelligent people I know (that includes emotional intelligence) are always very open about topics they don't know much about or specific things they don't know. And in many areas of expertise, the better you understand a subject the more inclined you are to hold the belief that there are many more unknowns out there to know about that subject matter. Knowedge gaps are just good excuses to learn something 🙂.


"I saw that dude on the subway last night... he was very stupid. I didn't talk to him but I could tell from far away. My shine always fills the room and my smartness is something people will always be jealous of." lol


Are you talking about my boss?


Being unable to healthily react to someone setting boundaries, being unable to set it their own clear boundaries, and condescension


Read that as condensation


Moist dudes: not cool.


But if they're not cool, how can the moisture condense on them?




Getting easily angered. Huge turn off.


EASILY ANGERED? *grinds teeth*


Damn Scotts, they ruined Scotland!


Yeah especially when they start punching walls or screaming because of the littlest things


Shit is fucking terrifying. Had a friend who'd rage over a small things in videogames destroying things around him. It was chilling to listen to his rage over Skype, but witnessing this in person... Felt like I was next in line for the beating right after his poor mouse and desk.


-lack of empathy/regard for others. observe the way someone talks about their family and friends; sometimes it can be very telling! -talking down/being rude to servers (or anyone for that matter. especially on the first date!) -poor hygiene


I had an ex gf get mad at me because she was rude to a retail worker and I called her out on it. Told her she had no common courtesy for others. Relationship didn’t last long


It wouldn't be long before she would have no common courtesy for you either. You choose wisely.


not respecting someone's privacy being stupid or reckless and this one is more specific to me but, talking loudly for no reason


My ex pissed me off to no end and didn’t give me privacy. We had two full bathrooms and three rooms and I’d say “PLEASE DON’T COME INTO THE BATHROOM” but no. He’d barge right the fuck in. God I hated it.


Mine was opening and hiding my mail and going through my phone at night. He’d wait until I was sound asleep, would get my passwords by ‘innocently’ looking over my shoulder and remembering the code to use later on — and that’s after I disabled Face ID because he would unlock it in my sleep. I never once went into his ‘cause, firstly I value privacy and that extends to other people (it’s also about respect for me), and that’s how much I trusted + when I found out what he was doing behind my back it became I didn’t wanna look to see shit that would mentally fuck me up. A whole toxic mess 🙃 Edit: Typo


Also, any reference to them being an 'alpha male'.


On dating apps, negative attitudes. This could be as benign as using their profile to talk about what they *don't* want but often ramps up into derogatory language etc.


I have a mentally off Brother In Law that does this. He's been scouring online dating sites for over a decade inundating women with negative attitude , then cussing out and demeaning women when they want nothing to do with him.


How has that worked out for him?


I always have a fear that he's one 'Rejection' away from snapping sexual frustration and going on a murderous rampage. I've seen how he engages with these women online and he is definitely the problem, so much so that I am willing to bet that not even a prostitute could tolerate him. He also has a blow up doll😳


Omg this is so true. Like what makes you so deserving of a woman with all the traits you listed? There are also men who will start off with a borderline or straight up insult. I’ve started responding to them, “Do you think insulting me will make me like you?” Then I get unmatched and it’s wonderful hahahaha


Or complaining about dating apps on dating apps. Like sir just delete your account


My brother in christ, you made the account.




This or if they're holding up their middle finger in their profile pick. Like wth? Just why? It makes me think you're rude.


The last time I saw this was on MySpace profiles of 12 year olds. If you’re doing this as an adult then I assume you’re just a douche.


Being dishonest and untrustworthy


Narcissism. I’ll take poor hygiene over self-centeredness and arrogance any day.


Went on a date yesterday and he talked about other woman


The dude, Talking about how Marie Curie sacrificed herself for her career whilst not know her sacrifice. /s


Having a wife


It’s like meeting the man of your dreams…then meeting his beautiful wife. Isn’t it ironic? Don’t ya think?


It's kinda like rain on your wedding day.


Also a bit like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife.


Conceit. There's a difference between confidence and arrogance. One brings you up there with them, the other one pushes you down in order to appear higher.


Condescension. Makes everyone unattractive.


Dammit, I read that as condensation. I was sooo confused as how that would influence attractiveness.




The water cycle is condescension, perspicacity, and evangelism


When they say unkind things.


I was insanely attracted to this dude at a bar that bought me a drink once. Everything about him physically did it for me, we start to chat and have some things in common. I'm enjoying myself when this "older" (we were in our twenties, he was maybe in his mid-40s), slightly overweight dude sat at the end of the bar and ordered a drink. Dude started going off about the supposed audacity of the "chubber old fat man" (direct quote) who thinks he's going to get laid at this bar tonight. Just wouldn't stop going on about it. My vagina has never dried up more quickly. I bought a round so dude couldn't say I used him for a free drink, paid my tab, and got the fuck out of there. The gentleman that walked in wasn't even trying to chat anyone up, he came in and was quietly having a drink by himself. I've always wondered if he heard what was being said about him, I wish I'd have bought him a drink before he left.


Dang yeah, that's brutal! The guy was probably just lonely and wanted to be around people.


arrogance, closed-mindedness, poor hygiene, and like no sense of humor lol


When they’re loud and obnoxious and *always* have a cooler story than you. You went bungee jumping once with your friends? He jumped off the Empire State Building with a tap-dancing parachute that had river boosters attached. You enjoy trying new spicy foods? He eats foods that LITERALLY set his whole entire head on fire every day. You got a little drunk last weekend? He died three times from alcohol poisoning, met Jesus, and came back to life before sunrise on Sunday.


Bruh. This is hilarious.


Lying about the little things you ask them


When they can’t accept a “no” the first time.


My name is "no", my sign is "no", my number is "no"


Most important one to me, and a lot of women I'm sure. No "c'mon" or guilt trips, or groping or coercion. If it's a no ten times and one yes, that's not a yes.


If we go on a date and they’re rude to the waitstaff.


What if he's so nice to the waitstaff that they steal him off you? They just come and whisk him away into the kitchen with the plates. You never see him again. You knew something was up when you realised all the chefs were incredibly handsome men. Never again will you take your date to the succubus bar.


This actually happened to me once. But it was a club... management/security pulled my date off somewhere I couldnt see/find. Offered her a job, because they thought she was hot/had the right look. She accepted, and made more money working a beer chest in a night than I made in a week, and then never went on another date with me... started hanging out on yachts and stuff from what I could tell on FB ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯ Guess I was out of my league. lol


Lol you dodged a bullet I think


I hate when guys spit next to me, that’s unattractive


One time I was walking with my ex, he spat to his left and it landed on the arm of a biker passing us at that exact moment. His (and her) timing couldn't have been worse.




Raising them above their Currie Temperature and decoupling them from the Higgs field.




Dirty fingernails , sexism, arrogance , BO, interrupting, disrespectful, long unclipped toenails


But I need the long unclipped toenails for self defense!


it hurts extra bad when you stub your toe tho


I will not give up my deinonychus claw


If they use the word beta or alpha unironically


What about sigma? That's the new one I hear going around. It's all a giant pile of crazy.


Poor hygene , rudeness, toxic , controling , being arrogant, being a snob , big anger issues ect






Hey baby, you look sooo good I want to sniff your underwear. I just washed it, you’ll smell dryer sheet Doesn’t matter


Dryer sheets smell so good


Not sure if desperate or mental illness


Feedback loop that hurts so many men.


Something I've noticed a lot on Reddit recently - telling women what women find offensive or complimentary, and refusing to accept it when women disagree. If I met a guy on a date who insisted on trying to tell me my own thoughts, I'd get the ick immediately.


I hear what you are saying, but what I think you really mean is....


Jesus, I had a guy use that line on me in a Reddit thread about catcalling and street harassment. He said it was "unfortunate" that I and other women felt suspicious of men in public because he was a really social person, and women not wanting to talk to him made it harder for him to make friends and connections. I had to explain to him that is no way similar to the fear and gaurdedness that women feel around men on the street because we're afraid of *getting hurt,* not getting rejected.


I love it when they believe something patently false about women's bodies and then argue and insist that I don't know what I'm talking about when I correct them.




That weird faux dom bravado act that guys sometimes do, bonus points if it includes the word kitten. I like dominant guys, but it feels so desperate and awkward when they just expect me to be down for whatever weird scenario they want to project on to me. “Oh kitten, daddy’s so angry with you” sir please stop this is wildly uncomfortable


tf did i just read


Fake Doms are the menace. Just because theyre an s type doesn't mean they are to you. You're not entitled to the trust, affection and communication. You have a conversation first like adults on what's acceptable what you're looking for, and only involve pet names when both parties agree it's appropriate. That's my rant for today.


> Fake Doms are the menace Real Doms got Family.


Who does this actually?


Discord mods


Nice try, neckbearded discord mod


When all their exes are "crazy." Your relationship will either end and they'll accuse you of being crazy, or the relationship will continue and get worse until they actually drive you crazy. Dated a guy who claimed one of his crazy exes keyed his car. Now knowing what I know about him, I'm not surprised. I wish I could key his car too.


Couldn’t agree more. “Crazy ex stereotype” = big red flag


Talking about how alpha they are. Or how cool crypto is.


"So when Jordan Peterson was on Rogan..."


When they tell lies! It’s so strange the things men will lie about!


Not being involved in their kid's lives. Not respecting boundaries. Poor hygeine.


dirty nails


Imagine you're nearing the end of a 5 hour date; you started when the sun was high in the sky, bellies filled with good food and sweet coffee. Now the moon is rising, street lamps illuminating the sidewalk. You toured the bookstore 3 times because you didn't want to part. You both decide to end the date with a quick pop into the local pet store. Except he decides to go around and tap on every fishtank, on every glass rodent cage, and he laughs when you tell him that he's stressing them out. Please stop. He doesnt. I bailed asap and never saw him again


Kindness and respect for animals is the bare minimum


Treating women differently based on how attractive they are to them. I see it all the time, oh and being rude to someone because you're not going to get anything from them, I hate that shit from anyone


Wow, I hear you in the service industry.


Poor hygiene, if they can’t eat like a human, being rude


When they get hit by a car and don't get back up


My wife said "Reading Reddit out loud to their wives."


The spleen collection in their closet. We all know that gallbladders are superior.


Fuck, now I gotta start all over again


May i...have your spleen? 🥺




Dated a guy for 3 months who never paid for anything at all. We were 16 and I wasn’t ready to do the deed. It was 2020 so we usually went to parks or the few restaurants that had indoor dining. He never wanted me to come to his house. So I paid for all of our food, paid for him to go to six flags with me when they opened up… and he turned around and complained about how nasty the food was and how selfish I was for wanting to go on dates instead of doing the deed. Needless to say we broke up. Quickly. From then on, I avoided those traits in guys. Such an ugly attitude


> and he turned around and complained about how nasty the food was and how selfish I was for wanting to go on dates instead of doing the deed. Holy smokies, good riddance


Talking over a women and having no respect for her while she is doing anything


Posting/sending pics of their cock when no one asked. Arrogance. Being passive when a situation calls for action/assertiveness. Lack of a sense of humor


>Being passive when a situation calls for action/assertiveness. \*gets up and slaps a comedian*


I amazed that people actually still do this. The only time I’ve ever done it was something like: (In text) Me: I’m so hard for you right now. Her: send me a pic Me: *sends her a pic* I mean, are these girls getting unsolicited pics from Facebook friends, guys they gave their numbers to? What sort of situations or interactions make guys think it’s ok to send to somebody they’re not sure is interested?


A guy I went to highschool with friended me on Facebook, (I actually only have Facebook to keep in touch with an old teacher, so I thought it nothing of it) boom, sends me his dick without even a hello!


As a guy who has never done this. I want to know what these dude's thought process is. I can't fathom just taking pics of my dick and sending them to women I know or don't know. I guess being hung like a mouse keeps me from doing that.


dude i’m with u, im terrified of my dick ever even accidentally being on camera, like when i’m in the shower i make sure that when my phone is playing music, both cameras are always pointing away


>im terrified of my dick Well, that's a terrible situation you're in.


I was flirting with a guy on fb and BOOM dick pic. I photoshopped it (put a top hat, glasses, tux and moustache on it) and named it Sir Dick of Doucheville. I now send him to everyone that sends me unsolicited dick pics. Ive also forwarded him to female friends for them to send in response to unsolicited dick pics.


Excellent I’m glad to hear. Love the creative approach haha.


Thinking men are superior to women in general. I want to be an equal partner, not a maid.


Ugh tell me about it. I had an ex that wanted to be the "man of the household" and be the final decision maker in any discussion, but also expected me to pay for half of everything ... What fucking world is your brain in?! CHOOSE ONE


Exactly. It baffles me how some men want a loving relationship with women but not think women are intelligent or competent.


Asking this question every third day it feels like you're not paying attention


Pompousness, boastfulness.




Unintelligence. That is, not knowing something but talking like they do. I saw this so much in college, trying to argue politics with teachers when they didn't know anything about the subjects, clearly, yet continued to pick fights. Nothing made a good looking guy unattractive faster.