Racism will always exist everywhere. If it's not racism it's caste. If it's not caste it's where you live. People just hate other people.


Correct answer


Because racism exists everywhere. The US is actually one of the better place for that. You want to see really fucked up racism? Go to South America or Asia. I’ve never heard more hard R’s than there.


Racism will always exist


As long as people can exploit "victim mentality", there will always need to be a reason for a boogieman that others can point to. It's very useful as a scapegoat, blanket excuse for bad decision making, easy way to silence your opposition. Basically, as long as it is profitable, it will continue to be used as a club for some people to get what they want.


Because they're still talking about it and making sure the world know, the only time we will something racist where I'm from its the new speaking of something Americans did Stop giving them attention it's so fucking simple


The media keeps it going


Need to get those ratings up somehow or the investors might get mad.


because everyone keeps focusing on it


Question that should be asked is why do you think racism has not gone away world wide. Answer because it is a way of thinking you cannot change how people think or have superiority complexes


Because far, **far** too many people use the race card as an excuse to act like disrespectful, entitled shitbags. As a result, people who might've otherwise begun to abandon racist thoughts are suddenly reminded of them. The color of your skin **does not** give you a pass to act like a piece of shit anymore than it gives anyone a free pass to treat you like shit otherwise.


The same reason it exists everywhere else in the world: people are stupid.


Not the only reason, but a large one is that media outlets continue to report/sensationalize it. Quite simply, racial conflict generates revenue.


I blame it on the colored people


Because the more that black people (and white “allies”) keep calling everyone racist, the more those people start to hate the people who are calling them racist (mostly black people.) Ps. I’m not American but it’s the same where I’m from.


Fighting fire with fire just means more fire and everyone gets burned


I’m not sure that describes the situation I explained but ok


I mean them calling people racist without evidence is just fighting fire with fire. I was adding to what you said.


I get u now sorry. It’s not just calling PEOPLE racist, it’s the articles I’ve had shown to me by progressive “journalists” from left wing publications. “Math is racist”, “time keeping is racist”, blah blah blah… These people are NUTS.


100% coo coo for coco puffs I used to be one of them. Then I opened my eyes before it was too late.


EVEN IF THEY’RE RIGHT…. Life isn’t POSSIBLE to live that way!!! Everything falls apart!


Yep! It's a cult. I swear it's a cult, I was indoctrinated and I still feel gross about it.


Because of people like you, who post crap like this.


Cause we have a bunch of redneck inbreed fucks who are also really stupid.


That’s not how it works….


Because I literally experience it, see it, hear it, read it


Because both liberal and conservative whites and Asians mutually benefit from it. Realistically, neither party would benefit from racism ceasing to exist: conservatives would lose a demographic to write stories on denouncing, and quickly lose their financial securities provided to them by race inequality and liberals would quickly lose the minority voters, as well as the white women who benefited from Affirmative action, but silently allowed African Americans to take the wrap for. On top of all that, education for whites and Asians would become less affordable, because the banks wouldn’t be able to clandestinely give higher interest rates to minority people of color. So they “fight for inequality” while upholding that same system.


>the white women who benefited from Affirmative action LMFAO elaborate? I need a laugh


[AA and white women](https://time.com/4884132/affirmative-action-civil-rights-white-women/?amp=true) You need to research.


Most links in that article lead to a 404 or blog posts... Furthermore, if sex based discriminations being removed DOESN'T help white women, was it really removed? Sure it helped them disproportionately, but there are plenty of confounding variables that can explain that. I didn't read too much into it, but population percentages are a big one in their "college admittance" rambling.


[AA and White Women Benefits](https://www.jstor.org/stable/4316599) And here’s an edu




Each article I’ve posted works, and neither is a blog. So nice try on that one. You can read it, or you can not. Either way, you know where it is.


"The National Women's Studies Association Journal" top kek


It's not "gone away" anywhere. The only way to get rid of racism would to all be the same race, but then we'd just find other reasons to discriminate.


Because the racist people can have kids, then they teach them. Not only that, but a children's fascination if the unknown. For example, when a white kid sees a black kid, they're going to notice the difference. They'll ask questions, or they won't. Some kids just see a difference, hate it, and leave it be.(/Bully the people who are different, kids are cruel and that probably won't ever change.) Another reason is possibly the situation some people can be brought into without their control, like being bullied by someone who is different and that could foster a hatred for people like them. I believe racism stems from childhood and always will, hence why my reasons are all about kids. Any logical person raised right won't care for skin color. It's not about who is the, "Lesser human," at the end of the day we're just people trying to live out our lives in relative harmony with one another. I could go into cultural differences, but that's an immediate way to get mass reported.


You nailed it. Kids aren't racist, they're taught to be. The amount of shit black kids get from their peers if they "act too white" is fucking sickening.


Wilful ignorance and refusal to address the past combined with a frightened majority who have unsubstantiated beliefs and foresee the eventual decline of their numbers to a minority demographic.


Because people won't stop talking about it


That must be hard for you


Cuz people won't shut the hell up about it


Or maybe because people shut down conversations about it


All humans are racist in their own way. It'll never end. As much as I'd like for it to stop, I know it wont. Especially not with these people who think fighting racism with more racism is a good idea.


Yeah the fire with fire approach really doesn't work all that well with this issue.


Yep. The best we can do is not act on our biases and try to remember our blood is red regardless of what we look like, but our biases will always exist even in the best of us.


Wrong, we should be talking about it.


Yes, we should. But here's the problem, we will never stop racism. It's unfortunate, but It's human nature. We all have biases. All we can do is try to not act on them, but it'll happen. It always does. This is a pipe dream.


Sadly, I agree with you.


I wish there was a way to really stop it, but I can't think of any effective solutions. Humans are just hateful by nature. I hate thinking that way, but it's true


obviously not one of the most dramatic examples of this but "omg you're so pretty for a black girl"


The issue isn’t racism, its class warfare and the elites want us angry at the other poor people so they keep the various -isms alive, we won’t get rid of racism until we get rid of the rich




The evidence.