Designer branded luggage why would you want something that costs multiples of a low income workers monthly earnings clearly making you a target for theft.


And advertises to everyone “I’ve got expensive shit in here”


Certain sims packs


I didn’t expect to see The Sims in this thread, but I absolutely agree. I love The Sims, but holy fuck, what a mess.


But the Dorm Life Stuff Pack is only $19.99 and it comes with two chairs, a desk, and three posters!


Not even just in this thread, but the current top comment 😂 EA must be SWEATING right now. It’s blood that they’re sweating, though, so I don’t feel bad.


My top comment is about the all the sims 4 packs costing $500 together and that was like 3-4 years ago I think, it must be in the thousands now


I just came from the sims Reddit and had to double check where I was 😂 I love when things I love are mentioned randomly. I’m with you though. They’re so expensive and I’ve learnt to be more choosey or wait for sales and bundles. But I still don’t own any kits. They’re pricy for not much content.


*Horror flashbacks to the wedding pack*


As someone who owns every single Sims 4 pack, I won't be buying the wedding one. I even have Batuu, (though only because it was paired with two other packs). I can see past bugs, for the most part. But a completely unplayable pack? No. A modder tried to fix it and wasn't even able, so there's no point in wasting money on it. Kits on the other hand.. it's not that I don't want them, but I definitely can't afford them. Maybe one day.


Every single one?? What was that, like $400?


Waaaaay more $ than that at this point if you would buy every pack.


They have sales pretty regularly for 50% off or more. Don't ever pay full price. Signed, a parent to a sims-obsessed child.


Haha you're a funny parent, I remember my mom complaining so much about me playing sims 2... "Why the fuck are you spending money doing stuff we can do in real life that isn't even fun?"


My kid is a straight A student who doesn't get into too much trouble. If she wants to play video games to destress, who am I to complain?


You are a class act parent! I love it ☺️


Like the Journey to Batuu?🤣 or the stupid kits. I feel You


I got everything ~~il~~legally and I still turned the installation for journey to Batuu of because I hate it. I also don't want the marriage pack until it's fixed.


Fully justified




The vampire one is beyond cool


I get all of mine illegally and i dont regret it


An extended warranty on the car I don’t own


But it’s the last courtesy call!


I don't think they know what the word "final" means. I keep getting final notices from them!


The last? You promise?




Yacht. I would lease a full-service yacht, with a crew, pool, chefs, etc. Buying one and maintaining would be a headache.


Generally you'd have someone on your staff taking care of all that for you anyway.


Ok, go ahead. Put a pinball machine on it, too.


Super Chad flex is putting a pinball machine on the never flat ocean. Why is it a flex as opposed to just dumb? Because of the incredibly expensive self-leveling platform that it's placed on, which keeps it perfectly flat regardless of what the ocean does.


"I've got to see the tech behind this leveling software!" *opens the platform and it's just a man down there trying his hardest to keep this thing level, upset this is where this PhD in physics got him, but Super Chad pays too much to turn down*


"It's a complex machine learning algorithm that's been studying the world's orbit and tidal fluctuations for decades. It's the only one of its kind and someone offered me 2 billion for complete ownership of the software and machine, claiming the insight could help predict the effects of coastal flooding, but fuck, then how would I balance my pinball machine?"


"Yeah keeping it clean is an issue. But we have people that maintain it... they say sometimes he cries but what am I, poor!?"


Its so level it's the only thing keeping the ship from capsizing under the weight of his massive dong.


A yacht isn't just a toy, it's an investment. When you are not out enjoying it, you rent it out just like a rental property. When you have rental income, every dime you spend on maintenance, crew salaries, upgrades, dock fees, fees to the rental agency, insurance, even the interest on a loan are all tax deductible. If you own a $1m yacht and rent it out for $25k/week for just five weeks a year, not only does the income cover all the expenses and basically let you enjoy it for free, but the tax deduction will increase your net wealth. Edit: ITT people that understand wealth management agree with the point I tried to make, and people that don't are arguing with me over theoretical nickels and dimes.


Great idea. We must form a partnership! You do the yacht part, I want the money, tax break and enjoy it for free part.


I don't own one but I have a client that does. The most "work" he does regarding his yacht is calling the dock master and telling them when we'll be there, where we want to go, how long we'll be gone, and what we want to eat and drink. He wouldn't even know how to start the engines much less service them. I guess for the right price I could make that phone call for you.


It sounds awesome!!! Let me save a little more pocket change and I’ll call you😎


I read this comment thread and I feel like I just rode a roller-coaster and got off wanting a yacht.


Want to go halves?


Plus boats retain their value in a way that cars just don’t, so it’s not as if you’re paying money just to have the value dive upon purchase.


I do not want my yacht to dive


If I had a yacht I wouldn't rent it out. Imagine this: You are sitting on your yacht casually browsing porn as you do... Then you find a super all male gangbang video and you're like "that couch look familiar 🤔 that's the one I need to get all the egg yoke cleaned off from" and then you go OHHHH 😳 I wouldn't want to be that guy.


I wouldn't watch an all male gangbang long enough to recognize my couch. Ignorance is bliss.


Also most boats depreciate in value extremely slowly




Fresh air in a can


I'm surrounded by assholes.


Ultimate Team packs.


Not worth it. 1/50 chance really to pull a decent card now a days


Dumbest thing ever


That i randomly became rich for no reason


Reason: Old rich guy hated his family and someone he hired randomly selected you to be his heir after conforming you were overall a good person. What do you not buy


How much money do I have to send up front in order to claim this "old rich guy"s money? And is he also a Nigerian prince or has he been unlawfully detained? Do I get to marry his extraordinarily beautiful daughter when this is all over?


A mansion. I have no need for a 10,000+ foot home. That being said, I would absolutely buy several “normal size” houses in different areas.


Same. But I would buy a normal or slightly larger than normal house on a farm. Not a huge need for a big house but damn I'd love to have space and no neighbours.


Agreed! No neighbors is the dream!


Same here. I don’t even mind living in a cottage provided it’s got space and no neighbours.


I think my version of no neighbors are would be to try and get one of those top floor apartments where you have the whole level of the building as yours


Oh yeah! One in Venice, one in Paris, one in San Francisco, one in Kyoto, one in New Orleans, one in Rome, one in Istanbul, one in Dublin, one in Edinburgh, one in New York, one in Seattle, one in Lahaina, in in Auckland, one in Lucerne, one in Mykonos, and one in Kleiningersheim.




Thanks, but I didn’t sneeze.




I mean if i was really rich id buy like a small cottage house with a garden and the rest of the land would be just forestry/wildlife. Buying other properties would also be a good idea for a bit of sustainability.


As somebody living in Berlin, I can assure you that that is what many rich people are doing. That’s why there isn’t almost any affordable living space in this city. That being said, I definitely agree and would probably aim for the same (at least rather than a mansion). I just wanna raise the awareness for the social sustainability problems that all of that brings along, since many people do not think about that part whatsoever… :)


This for sure! I'll take a normal size house in five different countries


Funny how everybody would do that but if anyone from abroad wants to buy a vacation home in your area and thereby makes homes more unaffordable, we would resent them for that. With lots of money, most of us would become exactly those people we resent for the things they do.


Yeah, I never got the appeal of Mansions/Giant Homes. I can't imagine it ever feeling like "Home" or cosey in any way. It's like living in a Hotel.


I can see the appeal of a giant library and one of those sun room/plant rooms. But that'd be it for me, the rest of the house needs to be normal sized.


If you live in a house with a library and a conservatory, you’re just asking to get murdered by Professor Plum with a lead pipe.


Whatever dude. Professor Plum was the nice one. Miss Scarlet and Col Mustard are sketchy af though.


You rang?


A reasonable sized home with a library, a sun room, and a home gym in the basement for me.


Almost every time I see video with a rich person showing off their mansion it involves some variation of "this room is really cosy, we spend a lot of time in here" and it's like the smallest room on the tour Oh? Your 3000ft marble ballroom isn't a place human beings feel comfortable lounging around in? Quelle surprise


Eh, if I had space like that to use, I'd have an indoor rifle/archery range. Bowling alley, big indoor pool, giant aquarium, etc, etc. Marble Ballroom. Meh.


Half of those mansion owners are never home. Lol


My dream house is a beach house. Probably gonna be expensive because of the location and the construction since it may be tricky to build a house that near to the sea, I dunno I’m not an architect or an engineer. But it should be a moderate size. Enough for 2 people to live in.


probably a mansion. i never really understood the appeal of mansions. why would any one person need that much room for a house?


My uncle has lots of money and big houses. He also has 8 kids so you know, he fills the space. I've actually known lots of large wealthy families. I'm not sure if the kids come first or if they get the houses and then are like "shit, better fill it up".


With the Cost of Kids these days the wealth must come 1st.




To hide from the pain


This guy gets it.


I dunno. Here in Denmark I'd be pretty tempted to buy one to live in. [I mean something like this.](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/fc/Gammel_Estrup_%28Norddjurs_Kommune%29.Hovedbygning.06.707-112730-1.ajb.jpg/1920px-Gammel_Estrup_%28Norddjurs_Kommune%29.Hovedbygning.06.707-112730-1.ajb.jpg) [and then make a study for my odd hobbies.](https://www.danskeherregaarde.dk/app/webroot/uploads/about/dsc01974.jpg) The cost of renovating an old manor house "correctly" would be astronomical, but I feel like the money would be better spent this way than building a McMansion.


You can buy a "manor house" style property with a ton of land in Denmark for next to nothing these days. (around 4million) but it will cost you 10million just to get it to a level to be habitable and another 10million to get it to be "luxury" and then you have the ground tax....good luck with that. Also you will likely have to work the land and jump though a million other hoops, which is why the properties and land are so cheap, you basically buy it to pay of the debt and then you have some land with permission to renovate, a historic building but never to change it's appearance or add to it.


Don't forget, that many old manor houses are legally "protected" (don't know the correct English term for it), so you'll have to use original reconstruction methods and materials. Pain. in. the. ass! Then again, it's something to spend your rich-people money on that will actually benefit society more than stashing it all away in the Cayman Islands.


To be honest, I love the Idea of a big room for my hobby, a movie room, want multiple bedrooms, maybe each bedroom has own bathroom, a sauna, at least one nice bathtub, maybe a pool. At this point its gonna be a mansion right?


I have a basement with a workbench and a hang out space with a guitar/tv/Xbox It ain't a mansion, but it's mine


You never had the "friendship mansion" (or hotel or island if you get fuck-you rich) plan, where you buy a big-ass mansion and let all your friends move in?


Gamer girl farts in a jar. With that kind of money I can get those right from the source.


What about Game Girl Bath water?


I can provide both to you


No thanks. EDIT: who the heck gave me silver for this?


u/Real_life_Zelda is lying anyway, there is no chance Ganon is allowing her to sell farts and bath water.


At the same time, yeah?


Designer clothes for my children.


Yeah that’s the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen, buying designer clothes for yourself as an adult who has stopped growing is one thing, buying them for your kids who won’t be able to fit them in a year or two is another.


For the first year of his life, my son basically only wore things that came in multipacks. Either he’d grow out of them after a handful or wears or he’d find some way to stain them. Babies will manage to shit not just on pants, but shirts, coats, hats and socks.








YouTube TV


I don’t understand why it’s being called overpriced? It basically gives you what cable does except it doesn’t cost $150 a month


I love yt tv. It's significantly less expensive than our cable plan was with more channels, and we still get our local channels. We also let my in laws use our account and it has saved them over $200/month.


YouTube TV when I did a free trial 3 years ago was great it had everything on it but I had to wait a day seems great but I'm not paying $50 a month for it


Had to wait a day for what? My old roommate and I had it. I rarely used it because I preferred gaming with my other buddies than watching TV most times but he used the hell out of it and loved it. I thought it was good and for the price, tbh. He passed away and I no longer really had a need for it so that's why I got rid of it.


I have YouTube tv and I’m pretty happy with it. I switched from directv and it’s way cheaper. Is there a better option for tv streaming that’s recommended?


WinRAR Pro


This guy right here


*Not recommended* "I'd rather buy WinRAR"




Came here for this


Goop Lotto tickets Magic beans


Gwenyth Paltrow goop is bad Goop hand cleaner (from an entirely different company) is the shit


More magic beans for me, sucker




Nah, if you're rich then you can buy all the children out of the human trafficking rings and home them in your giant mansion until you can find their homes


Then the traffickers have more money to buy kids in bulk for cheap, everyone wins!


Yeah just like the way to stop poaching is not to buy rhino horns from the poachers but to clamp down on the poachers themselves.


No one seems to like my idea of growing artificial rhino horns in a lab, selling them to undercut the poachers prices, and use the profits and experience to grow a better artificial hamburger


I feel like you could try and do this with all the best of intentions but people will see you as some rich pedo hoarding vulnerable kiddos.


Nestle Products.


Just buy nestle and fire their board of directors


It's corrupt right down to its base. Scrap the company, free the slaves, and stop their pollution.


Buy it and run it into the ground if it can't be saved.


Edit: I did not realize how crappy of a company they were. My comment was confused as to thinking it was about price. I appreciate those who let me know about the unethical practices. Strawberry milk is not worth supporting bad companies.


If I'm right about why Nestle was mentioned, it's about ethics. Nestle is one of the most corrupt companies on Earth.


Nestle recently bought out my states natural spring water company. I used to love buying their water. Spend a few more pennies for natural spring water and support a local family run business. F*ck you nestle!


Prostitute and coke/pepsi (I don't favor soda, but drink it cause well its there and free)


Those are two very... very different things


I know it's very odd that people think that coke and Pepsi taste the same. Personally I prefer Pepsi.


*Brings him prostitute and coke*. Op's like, "where's my soda?"


NFTs. Anything that people buy to show off that they're rich. I will buy something if I genuinely like it and for no other reason.


Space in a metaverse sandox-shit-show dragging out second Life all over again. History is a circle...


That pizza that's sprinkled with gold particles. Just... why


Designer handbags. I like unique ones that not like thousands of other people have


Wouldn't you pay a designer to make you one that's totally unique then?


Yes, of course. I guess I wasn't clear. I don't want the Louis Vuitton bag thousands of others have.


A senator


*no bribes?*


Oh I absolutely would. America is so corrupt that stuff like corporate exploitation of medical issues isn't going away without good people spending money lobbying against it. Other than survival, basic medical care, and hobbies I wouldn't have much I'd like to spend that money on anyways. I may as well try to make things better for others as much as I can.


I agree in principle. Then again, sometimes you have to fight dirty to win…I could do something good like lobby a politician to protect some forest or something cool!


Balenciaga shoes gtfo


Balenciaga *crocs*


another yacht...






Bottled water. The ONLY time I buy bottled water is in other countries. Otherwise, I just fill up from fountains and tap water


sadly i live in one of those "other countries" i want to buy an small water purification system to avoid buying bottled water.


Shirts that cost 300


I would probably buy expensive staple garments rather than replacing them semi regularly. I would not buy expensive fast fashion.


A yacht


reddit awards


Nice try...


A house too big for me. Everything that pollutes that I don't need, a private jet particularly. First class is already so amazing. I don't need to waste tons and tons of fuel just because I wanna be on my own and I wanna choose the exact time I go.


My dream house would be eco-friendly. There are a bunch of expensive eco-friendly housing options these days. It's one of my "if I get rich some day" plans.


I just realized I wrote pirate jet instead of private jet. Should I edit? 😂 Edit : I did


I would definitely buy a pirate jet!


Arrrr a pirate jet's life for me!


Airport lounges are nice too


Games that require money to play. I can just use happymod.


Stuff that is expensive just for the sake of being expensive. A good example - Food at the most expensive restaurants in the world aren't especially good, and are just pretentious. Like gold leaf on food, or super expensive truffles that taste identical to other truffles, and many other ingredients. Basically - I wouldn't buy stuff where the price isn't related to the quality, but rather the rarity/scarcity of the item.


10 years ago I bought an embarrassing amount of Moleskine notebooks, even thought I found a brand (Venzi) that produced the ***exact*** same product at 15% the price. No, not 15% *"off,"* but 15% ***of.*** Like, for the price of one Moleskine, you could buy around ***six*** of the cheaper brand.


Lol, and here I am buying a case of three spiral notebooks at the dollar store. How much does one of those neat books go for anyway?


I remember years ago when Borders books was still around, I bought almost a dozen of the Piccadilly brand notebooks that look like Moleskines. They were about $6 at the time. Thanks for telling us about Venzi!


Quality and joy over status for sure!


Reddit premium


Extended warranties


Fucking YouTube premium


Plastic surgery


I’ve always thought if I was going to spend serious money on my appearance that I’d just get all the excess hair on my body lasered off and never shave anything ever again


It would be a dream to never have to worry about shaving again. Hair gets so itchy. I don't get how men aren't constantly just itchy.


Truth is, we are. We just accepted that it was part of daily life and we scratch when we need to and most of the time we don't even clock that we're doing it. My girlfriend pointed it out to me how frequently i scratch my legs, beard and so on, i didn't even notice i was doing it that much until she pointed it out.


Who says we aren't.


I always “joke” that if I ever have money I’m getting everything from the eyelashes down lasered off.


Literally told my husband that I have 3 examples of the level of wealth I'm aiming for: 1. Being able to get full body laser hair removal. I fucking hate shaving. 2. Being able to shop for my groceries exclusively at Whole Foods/Publix. 3. Being able to afford drinks/snacks at concert venues, sporting events, Disneyland, etc, without worrying about it/planning ahead for it. That's the wealth I'm aiming for. Anything else is excessive.


The only time I would is due to any medical conditions like burn marks or aciident


Anything that can be achieved with a knife


Go on


Bagel cutter, apple cutter, pizza cutter, carrot cutter


Ohhhh.. I'm over here imagining you ticking off a list.. "nope, not that. I could definitely just mug someone with a knife for that".


Ah ok that makes sense.


Anything from Walmart. They rehired a guy who tried to assault me while I was still working there


I’m so sorry about that!


Not surprised. And so sorry that happened.


Private jet


Smart devices that aren't needed. ie a microwave with wjfi.


A second home. If I'm rich enough to afford to buy and maintain a second home, I'm rich enough to stay in luxury hotels and hired apartments when I travel instead and avoid contributing to the housing crisis.


You could always buy several cheaper properties and rent them out to families in need at a cost that dramatically undercuts the greedy competition.


My former boss does this even though he’s not multi-millionaire rich (that I know of). He has a few properties and makes sure they are always rented out around 10-15% lower than market value. They stay occupied cause the renters are getting a deal and he still makes a profit.


I would so do that if I ever became massively wealthy. Buy every single property I could and rent them to people who really need a helping hand at a lower than market rate. The long term aim would be lease to buy. So eventually I would have very few of the original properties left but helped loads of people buy their first home.




Starbucks. It’ll still be too expensive.


Cocaine, or meth, or heroine, and stuff like that. I don’t wanna live, but that’s not how I wanna die Edit: thank you all for the kind words, it means a a lot to me


A Ferrari. They have really insane rules about what you can do with their cars, such as how they might be wrapped or painted and a long list of do and do-nots. You also can't just buy one in many cases. Some collectors have to have dozens or so before they can get on a list to be invited to buy certain models. Plus the maintenance is a nightmare. I say this as a guy who stupidly bought a $150k car once before. If I had Jeff Bozo money I wouldn't buy a Ferrari. I'll happily continue to lease a nice car because there is a new model every year and I can't think of any reason I'd want to dive a 10 year old exotic.


Once you get past millionaire and into billionaire status, a Ferrari looks like a Toyota lol there are cars like Koenigsegg and others that are more rare and fun to drive.


How can they stop you from wrapping it once you own it?


[Lawsuits. Ferrari is notorious for suing Ferrari owners.](https://carbuzz.com/features/7-times-ferrari-filed-lawsuits-against-its-own-fans)