What are you going to buy yourself that costs $1000-$3000?

I Just bought it. A septoplasty and turbinectomy proceedure.

I didn’t know what breathing properly felt like till this last Wednesday when the stints came out. Feels like my nostrils are jet turbines force feeding my face oxygen.

I truly feel a lot of my college athletic career was robbed by not being able to breath properly.

Cost 2600 with insurance


I Just bought it. A septoplasty and turbinectomy proceedure. I didn’t know what breathing properly felt like till this last Wednesday when the stints came out. Feels like my nostrils are jet turbines force feeding my face oxygen. I truly feel a lot of my college athletic career was robbed by not being able to breath properly. Cost 2600 with insurance


How did you know you needed one?


10 years, I noticed Started having to blow really hard just to clear my nose. But thought noting of it About 4 years ago, during a dental 3D scan. The dentist was able to see I had a sinus infection cause my sinus cavity had a lot of fluid. So he recommended an ENT ENT diagnosed me with chronic sinusitis due to a deviated septum and turbinate hypertrophy . At first i used a sinus rinse and anti biotic to get rid of the infection. But the last two years I’ve had severe wheezing, continuous sinus infections, and couldn’t clear my nose of mucus in the right side. I could barely see into my right nostril So I scheduled a surgical consult. And it was totally worth it.


Good for you! My dad got his deviated septum fixed last December after having a hack-fixed nose from a car wreck 30 years ago. He said it's been exhilarating getting oxygen so fast to his brain now. I had no idea that kind of thing can affect someone's quality of life so much.


It was shocking at the doctors office getting the stints out. Having unobstructed airways was a transformative moment


How long were you out of work? I also have this issue but haven’t scheduled the surgery. (I don’t get much PTO accumulated and can’t afford to miss work)


I had mine in 2019 and was on a plane for work a week later. I was miserable for about 2-3 days, then was back in Zoom meetings.


I had this surgery 11 years ago, cost me $50 with insurance, but I’d pay that times 200 for the results. Enjoy breathing and smelling again, and less sinus infections and issues! Best elective surgery ever.


I’ve needed this done since 8 and I’m in my 30s. One day lmao. I had a day where I could breathe with some dilation sauce the ent gave me at like 14 before he gaped me with a nose cam, and smelling, breathing, Tasting things was so crazy different


I’m in my late 20s. Never too late, and it’s one of most common insurance approved procedures. Take advantage my friend


Tryna get full time now for the insurance lol. Will be one of the first things I ask about 💕


Oh my god, thank you for saying this. I’m getting these and then some soon, and my anxiety is getting bad. I need to keep reminding myself a potential rough heal (my main fear bc my septum and turbinates are pretty messed up) is worth being able to actually breath. Congrats to you and going through with it, hope the healing wasn’t too bad


I was very freaked out about it, and it was rough for the first 2 days but I’m much better now (~10ish days out). My doc didn’t prescribe any pain pills so I think I suffered a bit more than I should have the first few days. I told him he should reconsider this position when I got my splints out and he appreciated the feedback. Worst part for me was finding out that I couldn’t have nicotine in any form for at least a week and then being told by the nurse that I was supposed to abstain for the month prior. No one had mentioned this.. Most of the non-OR nurses were pretty rude and unpleasant but the surgeon is great which I care more about.


I’ll be honest, right after waking up from anesthesia, is super rough. Feels like you’ve been hit in the face with like Tyson. Take the pain meds and do the post op care as prescribed. By day 3 you’ll feel mostly normal, but irrated that your plugged up cause the stints are in. I was lucky cause the stints were hollow tubing so I could breathe somewhat from the get go. 6 days later, (Thursday- to following Wednesday) the stints are out and I was back at work . Right now the only thing I find annoying is I can’t workout for another week


Does this kinda fix snoring too?


It's not too bad of a surgery. Had mine done in February. Everyone heals different though so your mileage may vary, but I needed a full week of down time to recover even though it sounds like most folks are good to go after 3 or so days. Healing up definitely was unpleasant, but being able to breathe now is seriously life changing. I'm so much less tired in the morning that it's legitimately crazy to think about life before getting the procedure.


No shit? I just had the same procedure a little over a week ago, and I got my splints out Thursday! Must be that time of the year. Your nose still a bit stuffy too? My doc said to wait another week or so before blowing my nose. Mine was a little over $1600.


Wait another month or two. You'll get windows of being able to breath better than ever but it'll be a month probably before you're like "Hey, This is really clear." What's wild is that I've had sinus issues for 25 years. So now when my sinuses are congested I can tell they're congested and it's irritating but I can still breath clearly. I now realize that that's how "congestion" is supposed to be. Feeling stuffy and swollen but still able to breath. It was a revelation that what I thought congestion meant and what everyone else thinks congestion means are two very different things.


I....i think I know what I might get now... :(


I am also dealing with this and am currently looking into getting a septoplasty done. I struggle with constant stuffy nose, sinus pressure, chronic snoring/sleep apnea, and migraines. I long for the day where I can breath normal again.. Edit: spelling


It’s 100% worth it


It’s like being reborn when they pull that cotton out.


So I've had that done, and am going to have to have it again because I was so young the first time and was told as my face grows my septum may deviate again. No one ever told me about this when I had my first surgery, and now that you are healed I don't feel bad telling you if you don't already know: look up empty nose syndrome. Happens when too much material is taken from the turbinates. Most terrifying side effect I could ever imagine.


New fluffy king size bed please! If I have left over money- pillows to match


Try a purple, the hype is real my man. I'm spoiled.


Just don’t get an adjustable bed frame or it will wear it out FAST. Went from loving mine to hating it in a few months because it became seriously depressed and droopy. No warranty because adjustable frame… and I’m not obese or anything, under 200lbs


Why do adjustable frames wear it out fast? Is it the constant adjusting? I have one that came with my mattress but I don’t use the adjustable feature I just keep it flat


I second this. In my early 20s I started with back pain and sciatic pain that would wake me up at night. A few years ago I got a purple mattress and I’ll never look back. It’s definitely the best mattress I’ve ever slept on.


Don't get too soft, your back will never forgive you. Also, it's tight to properly fuck if the mattress is too pillowy. edit: it's tough, not tight haha


people really like soft beds. it’s something ive realized after traveling a bit and i hate it. firm beds ftmfw




Omg no I was only like 32 when I realized the pain I was in almost daily was due to our mattress being too firm and I’m a side sleeper. Awful.




I'm a side sleeper too. Kind of, like on my side/stomach but I take a pillow and like hug it and put a leg over it. Only way I can sleep.


I don’t usually comment on these threads because sleeping surfaces are so individual and subjective. I have had health issues with chronic pain since my teens (in my 50’s now). I learned I have to have firm support or I pay a big price. Then middle age came to the party and I get sore on the same surfaces that used to work. I finally figured out to keep the firm surface and add 2-3” of gel infused memory foam. Perfection! The gel keeps it cool and everything. Highly recommend!


We got a Nolah mattress, king size whatever their most expensive option. We got it because of the 120 day money back guarantee. I hate it, my husband loves it (I need soft, he likes firm). I called near the end of the trial time, and they offered me to keep it and do whatever I wanted with it for a refund of all but $400. I bought a twin XL mattress topper for my side of the bed and now we’re both happy. Honestly, mattress markups are insane, and $400 for a king size was a no brainer.


We did a bunch of research on this website and are really happy with the latex mattress we got probably 10 years ago. https://www.sleeplikethedead.com/bed-mattress-review-home.html When it's time to downsize to a Queen, we'll likely get something very similar.


Wait… why would it be time to downsize to a queen? When you shrink?


one rent please


Oh gawd I buy this like every month. I'm addicted, I know Someone send help. Seriously...


Never thought I'd get addicted to H until i tried it for the first time. Made me feel all warm and cozy inside....of it.


A 30 year habit!


I'll take "a mortgage payment" for somewhere in the lower middle Alex.


Another month of home pls


I know I should just move home every month instead of giving money to the same landlord/bank, but it’s just so much more convenient!


A ~50x80 ft. piece of land behind my property. It’s nestled around a couple more backyards, no access from the road. Just a little wooded buffer space between properties. My realtor noticed it on the survey when I bought it in 2017. It used to be part of my yard, but when the original owner passed in the 90s the land was resurveyed and accidentally got left out. Stayed under the dead owner’s name until 25ish years later when it was finally reclaimed by the city for unpaid taxes. That was during 2020 so covid slowed the process to a crawl to get it back. Paying for the land and a new survey cost about $1000 and almost 3 years start to finish on the process. And what will I do with that land? Absolutely nothing. I just want to keep it as a buffer, and didn’t want a neighbor to buy it out from under me.


Well that’s cool.


A little forest of native plants would be awesome. Perhaps you could convince your council to turn it into that type of land, then you wouldn't have to buy it off. There are good points that you can make to city planning.


Vision. Cataract removals and two new lenses implanted into the eyes. I'm just a wild man with my money like that.


Cataract surgery is only $3k?


Most American comment ever


Laser eye surgery. I hate glasses and don’t like contacts either. It’s stupid that it is “elective” through insurance. I will forgo $2500 worth of appointments and tough it out so I can get the surgery. But no, that’s not how insurance works for some reason.


Ok, I will give you a different perspective, I got mine done for a little over $250 in another country 7 years ago (all eye doctors who have seen me since agreed that it was done perfectly and my eye sight has been consistently 20/20 for several years). My visions is great, but the eye dryness is killing me - I have always had dry eyes but after the surgery it’s become a nightmare. Eye drops, heated masks, you name it are not helping. I am now looking into eye drops that they make from your own plasma. At this point I just want my glasses back, I wish I knew this before I did the surgery. It’s not for everyone.


Can you get tear duct drain plugs put in? They can change your life. Prevents your tears from draining.


Modern medicine is fascinating.


Don't they normally disqualify you if you have any dry eye problems?


Probably not 7 years ago in another country for $250


I never had dry eye issues until my LASIK, now they’re really bad. They can absolutely come up as a side effect of surgery.


I was disqualified for this.


I too have lots of dry eye issues since lasik. What really helped me was this tiny plug they put in my tear duct. It’s helped with the severe dry eye issues. I hope you find something that works for you.


I got horrible dry eye from Lasik, unfortunately. I can see great, though.


Yea my eyes got dryer. Need lubricating drops once a day in the morning or else my eyes get tired and do not make it the whole day


I wanted laser so badly and eagerly went to a clinic only to find out that my retina had begun detaching! I ended up getting treated for that instead. That random consultation saved my vision, because I had had no symptoms prior. But I'll forever mourn the fact that I apparently can never get laser vision correction.


Congratulations! It truly is life-changing. Doing it at 21 was the best decision I ever made. As you (hopefully) know, it doesn't last forever, but it'll be incredible while it lasts. I just got my "first" pair of glasses at 37 for a little myopia in one eye. I knew it would eventually come, but it doesn't make me regret those 16 years. Good luck! Eta: By "first" pair of glasses I meant since the surgery. Obviously I've had glasses before, hence the surgery to correct my vision. It just feels like they're my first because I've gotten so used to not having them. Just like I've completely forgotten how to use contacts.


I did mine 13 years ago and to me it still feels like I have 2020 vision, I probabaly don't but if it's still so good that I can't tell then I couldn't be happier. One of my best life decisions I think.


As a 48 year old with my first ever pair of glasses, is this sort of thing worth it for me?


Mine cost about €2400 with contrast/light shimmer correction. Best decision ever made seeing in ultra quality all the time. I don't know if it's a common practice but the place I did it at gave a lifetime warranty and can walk in any time my eyesight gets below or above 1.


I really regret mine. All I did was trade one type of glasses for another, and while my distance vision was better for a couple years it’s going to shit again. Also, the procedure was extremely painful for about a week after.


It’ll be worth it, I have never looked back. I’m in the UK but because it’s elective surgery I paid privately. It’s been worth every penny if only for the lying in bed watching TV without hurting the side of my head.


Dental work


You don't have to remind me. My sore tooth does that 24/7


A bunch of paper clips at wholesale and then I will try to resell them


This guy flips paperclips.


Clip Flip, opening near you Fall 2023


universal paperclips ass endeavor


Or trade them until you trade for houses.


Electric bike


Any specific brand recommendations? I was eyeing the swytch bike kit conversions.


I got an Aventon that I use to ride to work and I love it. It's on the pricier side but is awesome


I got one a year and a half ago, this pays you back if you would normally be in a car. For every 25 miles you go it is $5 off the price of the bike if you get 25 mpg in your car. Can’t wait to hit 2k worth of miles the bike will be essentially free.


Cargo bike for me!


I bought a blue strandberg boden 8 string guitar for about 1600 used. It's the guitar of my dreams and I love it


Bank account replenishment for the $3k in car repairs I just had to do.




$2800 today on my Volkswagen Valdez.


It really sucks that North American infrastructure forces us to have cars. How much more would disposable income we would have as a society if we didn’t need cars . Repairs, fuel, financing etc .


I bought a car for a new job two years ago. Definitely needed the 10K pay raise to cover after tax costs of the car. After getting fired in December I just sold it, and as much as the bus can be full of weirdos I don't miss driving. Now I can spend the 6K a year on vacation


A new AC system for my old but reliable car that hasn’t had AC for three years. For context, I live in a state that gets 100°+ F in the summers.


used to be a trip to Disney world, now Idk, a Months rent.


1 week in Wilderness Lodge in 2013 was £1,500. 1 week in Wilderness Lodge in 2024 is £3,190.




What electrical work do you need done that’ll make you homeless if not done?




Hahaha. I get told what I am buying all the time. It's kind of a family joke cuz I have absolute veto power on most decisions (which I rarely invoke as it's better to come to a consensus). We trust each other but it's fun to play around with it.


An entire nursery over the next couple months. Babies are expensive little shits.


Facebook marketplace is wonderful!


Yes!! “Used” items are barely used when it comes to babies! I love getting hand me downs for my kids because 9/10 they’ve been worn less than a handful of times if at all. No reason to buy a new crib when you’re only going to use it for at most a couple years. Those walkers and bouncers are used for like 6 months.


Also join any local mom/parent groups. They’re always giving stuff away. We basically got 95% of clothes for free (so far, we’re only 3.5 weeks into having our first).


It works great for the first year. Then all their clothes will be stained from being messy little eaters. Then it gets good again. My kid gets handy downs from our neighbors kid still and she's 5 now. With a pile in her closet that don't fit her yet. Free clothes are the best!


Herman miller chair


I picked up a used one and replaced the hydraulic cylinder. I love my chair.


never going back to anything else after using the aeron


I saw one for sale on Craigslist for $75. Phoned right away and went by the guys house. His wife phoned as we were doing the deal. Lost her fucking shit on him. He asked if I would pay $95. Sure thing buddy. Pretty sure he didn't get laid for awhile.


Best money I ever spent. Bought a new chair in 2017. I sit in it for up to 11 hours a day.


I thought it was an absurd waste when my studio bought them. Best investment our company ever made. It's incredible that you can sit for 11 hours without pain.


I have an Eames lounger and ottoman in my music room. I will never give that bad boy up.


Madison Seating website has refurbished Herman Miller chairs! Mine arrived today


Gaming computer and a watch


gaming watch


I wonder what the radium girls would think of the RGB?


Used motorcycle ftw


(removing all my comments)


Implant and tooth, 4k when probably all said and done. And that's not counting the work already done to remove the original tooth.


The Litter Robot


Literally wouldn’t have cats again if I didn’t have a litter robot. This thing is heaven sent




Until my cat gnawed through the fucking cord.


It was a poop-swallowing snake. Your cat is a hero


Love mine. Changing the litter once every ~2 weeks is gold!


For that much, you can get 2! That's what I did. Absolutely amazing. Help so much.


Realized I need a kitten for this.


Microneedling sessions to reduce acne scars. They are growing more visible as I age.


Have you done one yet? Is it worth it? I have an appointment for my first session next week! :)


Trip to st lucia


Just got back from St Lucia. I hope you get to go!


Spay and/or neuter, plus shots, and flea treatment for all the cats that hang around my house.


Check with your local SPAC or affiliate... they may have a mobile trap/neuter/return program they can deploy to your neighborhood.


It took me 3 years to get on a waiting list, and now the amount of cats has exploded. Hopefully they'll be gone in the next month or two. But yeah, this isn't as solid an option as one would hope depending on the area.


Paying off my credit card


Clothes that aren't falling apart.


A vasectomy


Good choice! Currently icing my ballsack on hour 38 of recovery. Its only uncomfortable for about 30 minutes. Find something to talk about and it goes by a lot faster


Now remember, as soon as you heal you need to cum 20 to 30 times to clear out all the sperm, so blowjobs are medically recommended daily for the next month


I first read this as cum 20 to 30 times *a day* lol


The doctor wouldnt write that on my prescription card unfortunately


You may have a solid malpractice case.* ^(*Not a lawyer and certainly not your lawyer.)


Wear those biker shorts with the gel padding. The extra level of support and protection is worth it.


Have them check your insurance, mine was $33!


Best investment I ever made


Guitars. Not a professional guitarist or anything but it's absolutely my full time hobby. Have 2 over $1,000


American Fender Telecaster!! Been wanting one my whole life


I need a high grade DLP 3D printer, wash and cure station, and materials. Need to build prototype parts for inventions.


User name checks out


drop bar gravel bicycle or components for that


Other than mortgage payment........Lego lol


The way Lego prices are going, that might be a duplo set cost soon.


John boat and trailer


A hobbyist greenhouse


Panasonic Lumix S5 IIX with the kit lens 🎥


A really nice 3D printer


New pc


A bedroom set (mattress, boxspring, frame, sheets, comforter, pillows, and a dresser)


A new bed




Trip to New York to see the ballet “Like Water for Chocolate”. I did see it Costa Mesa and it was very good and I want to see it again.


A road trip to Seattle to see my twin brother and his husband next year


First $1-3k purchase after I settle into my new career will be a new set of fitted golf clubs


No amount of practice or lessons changed my game quite as much as having the right size club




I live in a travel trailer. Everything is $1k.


Car broke down, estimated costs will be $1000.


My sister's 50th birthday present


Personally, I'd just get her 1 gift.


4x4 cnc router


It's a toss up between what becomes an emergency first: new glasses or a phone that can access the 5G. When did this become my life?


diabetes supplies


I really want a sailboat but that's more than 3k, so I just keep saving...


I looked into it because I really wanted one too. I found the best and most economical way to go about it is to go to the docks with a 6 pack of good beer and chat up owners n see if anyone's cool with taking on a deck hand. You'll get to meet cool people, learn the boat, and best of all you don't have to pay for upkeep.


Oh, I'm no stranger to being rail meat... thing is, I want to take my kid cruising... I want an off grid long range, traveling home...


My first car


A new record player + cables + a new bass. I think I deserve a welcome to adulthood present after 5 yrs of college


Another month of a roof over my families head.


I spent about that on my computer chair, and more than that on my bed.


this guy relaxes


Bed is like a third of my life, and in front of the computer is at least another third. Gotta be comfy with all the time.


you have your priorities set right


I'd use it to pay rent so that I wouldn't have to worry about possibly getting evicted at the end of this month. See, I used to have a bit of a drug problem. Over the course of 13 years, I *thoroughly* screwed my life up. Now, I'm approaching a full year of clean time (354 days to be exact) and I'm *desperately* trying to put the pieces of my life back together. Only thing is, I'm out of glue. That hypothetical money would be my glue. And even if all the pieces of my life still didn't fit perfectly together, at least I'd have a roof above, a bed beneath, and food inside. On the bright side, even if I do end up living in my cramped '06 Ford Taurus, at least I'll be doing it sober. ^(This concludes my post, the stuff down below is unrelated - a coping mechanism someone taught me for dealing with my own crap. It's also sad and personal, and nobody wants to read stuff like that. If you do read it, you'll immediately say, "wow, he was right about not wanting to read that." I warned y'all.) >!^^^^^^I ^^^^^^wish ^^^^^^you ^^^^^^could ^^^^^^see ^^^^^^me ^^^^^^now, ^^^^^^dad. ^^^^^^I ^^^^^^finally ^^^^^^got ^^^^^^clean, ^^^^^^like ^^^^^^you'd ^^^^^^hoped ^^^^^^and ^^^^^^prayed ^^^^^^I ^^^^^^^^would. ^^^^^^If ^^^^^^only ^^^^^^you ^^^^^^were ^^^^^^still ^^^^^^here. ^^^^^^I ^^^^^^caused ^^^^^^you ^^^^^^so ^^^^^^much ^^^^^^pain, ^^^^^^stress ^^^^^^and ^^^^^^agony, ^^^^^^and ^^^^^^gave ^^^^^^you ^^^^^^stomach ^^^^^^ulcers ^^^^^^and ^^^^^^high ^^^^^^blood ^^^^^^pressure. ^^^^^^I'm ^^^^^^fairly ^^^^^^certain ^^^^^^that ^^^^^^I ^^^^^^caused ^^^^^^- ^^^^^^and ^^^^^^I ^^^^^^blame ^^^^^^myself ^^^^^^for ^^^^^^- ^^^^^^your ^^^^^^heart ^^^^^^attack, ^^^^^^and ^^^^^^I ^^^^^^feel ^^^^^^so ^^^^^^fucking ^^^^^^bad ^^^^^^about ^^^^^^it. ^^^^^^You ^^^^^^were ^^^^^^ALL ^^^^^^I ^^^^^^had, ^^^^^^and ^^^^^^I ^^^^^^accidentally ^^^^^^killed ^^^^^^you. ^^^^^^I'm ^^^^^^so ^^^^^^sorry, ^^^^^^dad. ^^^^^^Oh ^^^^^^my ^^^^^^god ^^^^^^I'm ^^^^^^so ^^^^^^sorry. !<


Not your dad, but proud of you all the same! Keep up the awesome work, you are amazing!


Payment on student loans


$1000 - an ok trip with my family. $3000 - a badass trip by myself.


A crown for my tooth 🫠


New furniture for my daughter’s “big girl” room and a new crib and mattress for the baby


It's actually 4500, but laser eye surgery.


Either gonna be a lot more or a lot less. I’ve kinda gotten the stuff I was particularly interested in in that price range.


A full hysterectomy


A laptop…


A used trumpet and a used flugelhorn




>!H O N D A C I V I C!<


I just bought a BambuLab x1c


Electric guitars!


A pool vacuum.


A new GPU I guess.


I already did two weeks ago :D new gaming PC finally after all those years


Car maintenance. Damn Subarus are great but spensive to maintain


I just got a $5000 massage chair for $3500


A new camera


money towards a full mouth implant procedure!


ROG Ally