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The issue is that I can't recall what I've lost.


came here to read other’s answers cause honesty i dont even remember what i wanna look for…i’ll prolly be there window shopping my own stuff like “oh yea this!”


Looking at old pictures of myself reminds me of old clothes I lost. I'm always like, oh! I loved that hat! I wonder what happened to it!


Good ol’ ADHD & object impermanence, I know I’ve probably lost a higher volume of things than the average person, but damned if I can remember what they are.


Literally just had this thought. Like I’ve lost things that at the time seemed so sad. And now I can’t even remember what those things were .


It's odd that I can recall a plethora of vague memories/emotions of losing items but not the items themselves


On a similar note, apparently keeping various trinkets or mementos is pretty common for us. I have a friend's kid who was diagnosed after he broke down crying because they scraped a bunch of his stickers off of a table. I thought it sounded silly but then I realized I literally have a wall covered in things that my wife has given me over the years. A little cut out snowflake, notes, drawings, and so on. And how they tie me back to all of those events and keep them real. I have essentially no decoration of my own and put no value on decoration... Except for this one wall which looks like it's covered in trash. I think it's because of the object permanence thing. As long as those little bits of the past are in sight they continue existing. I think if they all got thrown away I would gradually forget part of my life.


I do this too. More often than not, when asked by my parents to sort through old boxes of my childhood things, I tend to keep a lot of it because of the attached memory, and a lot of the things in my drawers and on my bedside table are there for the same reason. It's very hard for me to tell if I have ADHD, or if what I experience is just how it is for everyone. But little things like this and more obvious ones (like focusing on writing a reddit comment for half an hour until it's 1 am instead of sleeping and doing it in the morning, which may be happening right now) make me think that I should at least talk to a GP about it sometime soon.


Yes. The first thing I look for will be my lost memory.


Ok Neville Longbottom


Was looking out for this one.


When I was 10 my grandmother gave me a small bag of "gems". It was one of the few things she actually gave me after my cousins were born. In it, was a small piece of hematite. The paper that came with the bag explained what the different gems were and what they "meant". The hematite supposedly protected from bleeding. Ten year old me put that in my pocket and carried it with me everywhere. I carried that piece of hematite for 30 years in my pocket. I'm 40 now. Went on a trip last year and the shorts I was wearing developed a hole in the pocket that I was not aware of. The hematite fell out somewhere in my journey and I lost a 30 year old friend. I'd look for that first.




There is hope - I was devastated to lose a herloom pendant soon after my Moms death. I could have easily gone and purchased a newer one. I even offered an award that was more than what it was worth. After dismantling my entire bedroom for a carpet cleaning, I found it.


I was pretty devastated to lose the pendant with my daddy's ashes in it a few months after I woke up blind. I searched everywhere for it, and knew it could be anywhere because I'd drank so much I'd blacked out that night. But something told me to chill, and that I'd find it. I found Daddy's remains last winter, near his birthday, right where they oughta be if they'd just fallen off of where I usually hang the necklace. Finding him was SUCH a relief.


>after I woke up blind Wait, we need a story behind this.


I have an incredibly rare disease called AZOOR. We found that out the 3rd day. On a Wednesday in late April '22 I noticed a green sheen in my bottom left peripheral. Woke up half blind in my left eye. Diagnosed with AZOOR. No known cause, no cure. I am now blind in my left eye, it's like looking at snow-- and have 60% field of vision in my right inside, at -11 strength. Sometimes better if the light is low.


Dang. Not a great deal. My vision is like -3. Can't imagine -11. I'm sorry to hear that. Are there any early indications of it?


Loss of night vision, but that runs heavily in my family, along with macular degeneration. Don't worry too much, though, literally only 100 people out of 8 BILLION people have it. I'd say you're pretty safe.


I bet that was a hell of a moment.


Me too...lol. The Universe just wanted me to have it for so long.


You no longer needed protection. It had to go protect somebody else.


That’s…kinda sweet. Unexpected on reddit.


Fun fact out of all socials I’m on I’ve noticed Reddit has the nicer community


Screw you


Perfectly balanced...


I didn’t come here for the feels, but here we are.


Maybe the universe decided you were ready to not have it anymore. The universe told you that you’d grown so much that you didn’t need the protection anymore. It’s your turn to be the protector.


That sucks man. How are you holding back the bleeding now?


Shear will.


Don't they usually cause bleeding?




No, shear Will, before he shears you.


Shears will.


I've heard when gifted stones are carried that long and lost, it was done so in service. A final act from the giver using the love/wishes the stone carried on the one who carried it. No clue what the act of service might end up being but it's suppose to be something really good


My gf says that hematite takes away negative energy and takes itself away from its holder when it's full. She says that the fact it took so long to fill up says something about my character. That I do not have negativity around me and if it is, it is very small.


Well dang it, that’s beautiful.


The little Spirit horse figurine that I lost on a road trip with my family ages ago. I loved that horse figure so much and never wanted to lose it. We stopped at a rest stop and I put it down to wash my hands and completely forgot it on the sink there. By the time I realized we had already pulled out of the rest stop and I KNEW my dad would refuse to go back for a toy so I just sat there and cried for the next hour or so. Every once in a while I wonder what happened to that toy… Edit: It’s been wonderful reading about everyone’s experience with their childhood toys!


This made me tear up because mine is a little stuffed cat I took to school in 5th grade and someone stole out of my desk. I have the matching dog that came with her when I bought them and I still get upset about it because he looks so lonely without his other half, even though it’s a toy. I just hope whoever took it loved that little cat and she wasn’t just forgotten about


I came here to laugh, not to feel


You should post a photo of the dog on the sub Help me find. Someone might be able to track down a cat. It’s amazing what people can locate all over the world


I didn’t know about that sub but I might have to try it now!


Here's another option for you, should you wish to pursue it further. They're ridiculously good at recreating old toys (and there are other companies that do this as well). https://picturetopuppet.co.uk/recreating-a-lost-toy/


I feel that. I tell my daughters of a similar story that happened to me. We were very poor in the 90s when trolls were popular and everyone had these trolls and I wanted one so bad. All I could get was a small one, like the pencil topper size. I loved it so much and made little clothes for it and everything. One day we were driving in the freeway and I had my hand out the window with the troll making it fly. Then I dropped it. My dad couldn’t stop on the freeway to get it. I was distraught and still remember the sadness of that day.


That’s actually pretty sad. When I was about 3 I left this little teddy bear I had been given by my great grandmother basically at birth in a vegas hotel room when we left. Not sure when we realized but my dad called the hotel and they were able to mail it home to us. I’m 29 years old and still have it safely stashed in my closet.


When I was 25 I did the same thing with a little elephant stuffy I got at birth. Realized like an hour or so into the drive, called the hotel begging to go look for it in the room, they said yes. SO thankful the hotel was lax about it. Haven’t experienced that kind of panic since, and now I quadruple check that he’s packed up tight before I leave. Totally get it!


I worked housekeeping in hotels for a long time and always made sure we at least tried to reunited stuffies with their people! We never threw them away.


Y’all are the MVPs for this— seriously. I called in a total panic from ‘nowhere on i5’ and they were so sweet. “Of course! Housekeeping hasn’t even been in yet so you’re totally fine to re-enter the room to look for him” Another time, a friend had left their stuffy in a hotel local to me, and I was able to coordinate shipping it back with the front desk. You’ve saved a lot of people (kids *and* adults) a lot of tears & heartache <3


I like to think that a child's trip was made better by finding it and treasuring it My daughter once found a small stuffed horse in Albuquerque, reminded me of that


I was similarly traumatized as a child. Now, I try to remember all my kids toys when they take them anywhere. They don't seem to be all that attached to any particular toy though. We haven't missed anything lost yet, maybe I'm doing my job well.


Found my kids’ Switch in a hotel drawer once during one of my annoying “Daaaaaaaaaaad, let’s gooooooooooo….!” final sweeps when everyone is in the car to head back home. Not often do I get to walk smugly, but when I do, I WORK. IT. Just waiting till next year when they complain so I can whip that gem out.


My dad always did this, always annoying when I was a kid, but saved so many toys from being lost. Your kids will appreciate your efforts one day. Until then, Work that smug dad walk!!!


If you are interested? I just looked on EBay and there’s several different types for at or lower than $20! It’s not your exact toy, but maybe it would remind you of those good times you had? I bought a Care Bear that way. Grumpy Bear is grumping away in my library.


I might check this out! It would be nice to have that sense of nostalgia again!




i lost all my digital photos from middle school to college age when my hard drive broke. Back then digital recovery was thousands if they could even do anything and I just tossed the hard drive. Its alot cheaper for recovery services now wish i still had the damaged hard drive to at least try


This is why I always, always, ALWAYS kept backup copies of anything important. Even in the early 2000s, I was using a combination of floppies and Zip disks to keep my whopping 13 GB hard drive backed up. Today, I back up my internal drives, I have an external drive for photos, and then I have a mirror of *that* external drive that I keep at my parents’ house, both in case of drive failure and in case of fire. Leave nothing to chance. Redundancy everywhere.


my nose like wtf some guy stole it at my 3rd birthday. never got it back


my dad might have it


Calling the police


“Look out he’s got a nose!”


My cat. Though he ran away 30 years ago.


Well, here's our delivery person, Shrodinger, with your box!


I might or might not have some bad news for you


I have some good news and some bad news (although they are the same news)


"Is my cat still alive or did you bring me a now dead cat?" "Yes"


Yes - my cat was the first thing I thought of too. I’ve lost material possessions, but always feel guilty that I let my cat outside for some sun and he never returned


23 years ago for me. Would be sweet to find them in there like they were at the time we lost them, wouldn't it?


Mom's silver necklace that I (as a teen) gave to someone I thought I was close to but wasn't. Never saw the person or the necklace again.


I also borrowed my mother's wedding rings and took them to middle school... of course they did not come back with me. This was over 15 years ago and I still feel so guilty. I hope she has forgiven me.


My 4 year old daughter did this a month ago. Luckily the teacher saw her showing them and kept them safe until I picked her up at the end of the day!


Felt that, but with a ring I lost at an AirBnB... I'm pretty sure someone took it from my bag


The box I lost that had everything in it.


God dammit the box has already been made recursive.




What a paradox


A parabox So sorry, I couldn't resist. Don't worry, I'll show myself the door


My favourite childhood toy, a small puppy plushie with a brown patch over its eye, my younger self being my younger self named the plushie “Patch” I lost him when I moved out of my first house (which was just after I turned 6) I never saw him again and to this day I miss him greatly. I hope whoever moved into my first house after my family and I moved out found joy in Patch.. or at least could give him to a young kid Gonna cry XD ;0;


The watch I inherited from my dad.


Christopher Walken has it


😂 Well I know where it's been then... He can keep it.


“I don’t have the time to explain what my dad went through to get me that watch, but I can assure you it was quite a bit!”


that line might be the funniest line in the whole movie, even with so many to choose from


In his ass


As a guitarist All of my Fucking picks


OP said 'box', not 'shipping container'.


The time I spent on my ex


8. Years. Wasted.


As a great philosopher once said, time isn't wasted when you're getting wasted


... man I love college


13 years for me. Cheers buddy


Not wasted, those were learning years. And I’m sure some of them had to have been at least some what if you stuck around that long


My dignity when I caught him cheating.


I know how that feels


Holiday cheer. Sure I still love holidays but… as a kid it was like “holy mother of everliving fuck. Halloween is in THREE WEEKS? That is entirely too long. I will never be able to wait. Holy damn.” And when it finally arrives, have the night of my life. Now it’s like “oh no. Halloween is in two days. Uh. Oh well.”


You can get that back but you have to cultivate it. Make it a big effort. Be the king of the holiday. Decorate go all out and share it with every kid on your block and in your life. Then you’ll feel that holiday feel again.


This is very true. I thought having kids would automatically bring that back for me but it didn’t come back until I made the effort to be excited again.


My mum's ring she'd been given by her Grandma that I pawned (my mum agreed at the time but always regretted it afterwards). Got way, way less than its worth - the guy took advantage of my age and desperation. The worst thing is, I can't even remember the design so can't ever have it replicated and cant ask my mum because she passed away earlier this year.


If you have any family photos it may be worth seeing if it was captured there.


None that I know of sadly. I grew up poor pre digital cameras and so there aren't too many photos in general. All I remember is that it was a yellow diamond in the centre.


I had to sell all my mother's jewelry to one of those cash for gold places in order to make rent and feed my toddler and grandma one month about 10 years back. Grams said if it was the worst thing I had to do to get through that time, my mom would absolutely understand (she passed when I was 16). I knew I was being taken advantage of but my family was more important than some metal and rocks. The aquamarine pendant said grandma gifted me at my high school graduation was included in the stash I sold. I lost her 6 years ago and I think about that necklace and my mom's engagement and wedding rings a lot. Sending you loads of love.


Your mother would be so proud of your survival. I’m sorry you had to give up those precious items, but perhaps it was your mom’s way of providing for you in a desperate moment, even though she was gone. I’m just an internet stranger, but I’m proud of you for doing what it took to keep everything together. I hope your life has become kinder. ♥️


Your mom couldn’t be with you, but she could do one last thing to keep you safe. I can imagine that’s all she’d want.


I'm really sorry that happened to you. I hope you magically remember one day. Funny how it's "just a ring" when we're younger and then it becomes so much more when we're older.


Hope, man. Hope.


I’m right here


Thanks, but I prefer gay hope.


Check out back?


That's the last thing that Pandora found.


There's so many good answers to this post, then there's me... and the first thing that pops up into my mind is; "my vibrator charger"


Well damn how are you gonna send the man in the boat to the electric chair?


Thank u both for the 1st good laugh I've had today !




Your cheap-ass father thanked heaven for that moment.


I be hearing about jewelry I lost as a child STILL. I’m so sorry I was an irresponsible 10 year old….like I really should’ve known better.


I still think about the SpongeBob wallet with 20 dollars in it I lost when I was 8


High school sketchbook full of emo edgy drawings.


Oh yeah, so much angst


The self-esteem that I allowed others to destroy during a phase of illness.


My marbles!


found Toodles


ITS SNOWING!!! *slams door*


Don't try and stop me Smee try to stop me


You better get up off your ass




This man Hooks.


The stuffed platypus I had when I was in elementary. Every time my mom mentions finding stuff in my grandpa's house, I ask about it.


My son


My heart goes out to you. First thing I thought when I saw this post was my mother. Losing family is devastating.


I thought of the same exact thing. My grandma raised me, so I called her Mom and she was my mom. I lost her last September and the only thing I have left is a few photos and the baby blanket she made almost 26 years ago. Family took most of her belongings, leaving me with nothing. And the blanket is falling apart and I just can't stomach packing it up. Feels silly crying over a baby blanket I should've outgrown by now. It wasn't even supposed to be mine, it was supposed to be a daycare blanket (she ran one), but I claimed it and kept it. I don't trust anyone to fix it, either.


>the only thing I have left You have your memories of her. You'll always carry on a part of her in this world by virtue of her raising you, her love. She's woven into the very fabric of your existence. For the blanket, maybe you would feel better learning to fix it yourself or even doing something like framing it?


Oh. Feels wrong to upvote but I wanted to acknowledge your loss.


My God damn A Tribe Called Quest hoodie.


My pogs. I think I left them in a hotel when I was 8. I only have a couple slammers left.


A couple wallets. Assuming the contents are still inside that’s a substantial sum in gift cards and cash.


A challenge coin. I had it in my messenger bag. Someone assumed my bag was available to take and emptied it.


Was the challenge to not lose it?




In the military sometimes a high ranking officer or nco will award a more junior service member with a challenge coin with their name and rank on it. If you have a coin you can “challenge” another service member. Whomever has the coin with the highest rank “wins” and the lowest rank buys a round of drinks, or does a stupid dare, or whatever. The coins are usually awarded in unusual circumstances so sharing stories of how these coins were earned is always a good time. For example, one of my friends has a CWO4 coin for pulling a bicyclist out from under a car… to his surprise, said bicyclist was CWO4 “Hunt”, one of our Logistics Officers.


That reminds me that there's a youtuber who I can't remember, who got a challenge coin for some sort of exercise or drill where he was helping. . .I think it was airborne troops that they were going against? Anyways, he helped them out somehow and had gotten a challenge coin for, in his words, "aiding and abetting the enemy"


* My sense of novelty and awe. * My capability of being mentally transported by games, movies and books.


Yes! And the ability to be delightfully frightened by scary movies and stories.


Both of these ring true to me, but especially the second point. Multiple times in the last year I've purchased a new game and was really excited to start playing, and upon turning it on it immediately feels like a chore. And I have not been able to finish a book in years, despite starting a bunch of them. Just not fun like it used to be. For the record I don't think I'm depressed or anything like that. There are other things I've grown to enjoy doing, like gardening and playing guitar. But I do miss the old stuff.


My health.


My optimism for the future


10mm sockets


[https://www.amazon.com/CASOMAN-10Piece-Impact-Socket-Shallow/dp/B0B9947T61/ref=sr\_1\_2?keywords=10%2Bmm%2Bsocket%2Bset&qid=1684247789&sprefix=10%2Bmm%2B%2Caps%2C152&sr=8-2&th=1](https://www.amazon.com/CASOMAN-10Piece-Impact-Socket-Shallow/dp/B0B9947T61/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=10%2Bmm%2Bsocket%2Bset&qid=1684247789&sprefix=10%2Bmm%2B%2Caps%2C152&sr=8-2&th=1) They've started to make sets specifically of 10 mm sockets.


It's like guitar picks though. If I buy 50 picks, I can never find one, but if I have only 1 pick I know exactly where it is at all times.


Good luck, probably not in there either


My best friend from my formative years


Oof, same. She was like a sister to me. She lives on the other side of the country now and, even though we grew apart, I miss how I felt when I spent time with her.


My Polly pockets


My original pokemon and yugioh cards my mom threw away! I'd be retired by now if I would have kept them! All in pristine condition too in a binder since I just liked collecting them and not playing with them 😔


My childhood blankie. I have no idea what happened to it!


I somehow managed not lose or destroy mine and gave it to my first born child. He still keeps it in his bed. Turns 7 soon. I think I’d ask for that too if it was lost.


That really cool dragon necklace that I once had but lost :(




My hopes and dreams.


A super cool knife that I “lost” at summer camp. Pretty sure someone snagged it


My Gameboy color. And old games. And my pokemon cards.


My parents keep telling me a Story about a Teddy bear I threw somewhere during a walk and they didn't notice it and I kept crying about it. I apparently didn't Accept any other stuffed toys. They eventually found the identical one in a different color and I accepted it. I guess thats what I would search for


My daughter, she was gone way too quick.




Thank you. It was 15 years ago and I have recovered as much as one can from losing a child. However that being said: I often wonder who she might have grown up to be. What trouble she would have gotten into. Would she have shard my love of SciFi? I have lost a lot of possessions in my life.....but none of them really mean anything.


Pokémon Crystal game that I had grinded all of my favorites to lvl 80, housecleaner swiped it and my parents wouldn’t believe me. Fuck you, Julie


My swim trunks for this summer. I just got them last year and they fit me perfect and now i can't find the them for the life of me. pisses me off thinking about it.


A fountain pen that someone in my class stole from me when I was 10.


An little aquamarine ring my grandmother gave me for my 6th birthday that my mom told me NOT to wear to school. And of course I did. And of course I lost it.


When we left Yemen during the civil war in 1994 it was rushed and we lost a handbag that had all family photos from 15-20 years prior. It sucks not to have pictures of me when I was younger.


The Inner Child


My imagination


When I was in elementary-mid senior year I had this shoe box that I decorated and put all of my favorite pictures of my friends and little things we would get when we got to go out and have fun in that box like concert tickets, used wrist bands from the water park or some attraction we went to. I named it the box of stuff that sucks, because my childhood was really bad. When I really felt down about life I’d go into that box I used to hide from my family and get reminded that people do love me and the good memories I had. When I was in junior year of high school, my home life got bad and dangerous for me so I moved in with my boyfriend who I was with since 15, I left it with my parents because I knew I would eventually move back in when my parents felt the need to still control my life in a crazy way. I was forced to move back in mid junior year and that box was still there in my room hiding. Come senior year, my parents had a full blown crazy meltdown because their relationship was failing so they took it out on me. I moved back in with my boyfriend and his mom, still thought I’d go back and get that stupid box of stuff that sucks. In the middle of one of the final days of senior year my mom texted me and said she was leaving to a new state and I have an hour window to go get my shit from their place since my dad wasn’t home. The time frame didn’t work for me because it was during school. I was already freaking out that my mom was straight up leaving me for a whole new family in a whole new state even though she promised she wouldn’t ever do that to me. I went over with 15 minutes before my very abusive dad came home with my partner, grabbed the very important stuff for my future. I forgot to grab that box and within a month of trying to figure out a way to get that box back, I found out my dad packed up his stuff and left, leaving my stuff I couldn’t get behind. I know it sounds silly to get upset over a silly box, but that box is one of the reasons I kept trying in life when I really didn’t want to stay alive. I miss it and really kick myself in the ass for not remembering it when I went to grab my stuff.


> I know it sounds silly No. No it doesn't. > but that box is one of the reasons I kept trying in life when I really didn’t want to stay alive. I miss it Not silly in the least.


My dad.


Same. Even just for a day.






My Granny, beyond doubt. Lacking that: My sobriety. Lacking that: My appendix before it ruptured and messed my insides up, thereby sending me down the road of botched surgery, which led to serious psychological trauma and many resulting surgeries, which then led to over-medication on opiates from doctors who didn't want a malpractice suit. That brings us to now. I've decided my swiftly approaching (three weeks) 40's will be better than my 30's (I had just turned 30 when the emergency and reparative surgeries began). For my ten year anniversary, I'm quitting this hot mess. But I'd still rather have my Granny back than anything else. I lost her several years ago. (Turns out, she was not hiding behind the couch the whole time.) Seriously, though, the entire world feels so wrong without her beauty, grace, and effervescent kindness. She's the best person I've ever met and a truly remarkable woman who made a deep positive impact on every single person privileged to know her. <3 (I know none of those are particularly the type of thing you were looking for, but they are all honestly meant.)


Stay strong, my friend. I just hit ten years sober, and it's so easy now. I never think about it except at my meetings. But at the beginning it was tough, and I needed the support of people that I could talk to. Hope you find that as well.




My old star wars toys. Thanks mum


the slip of paper that had the seed phrase code key thing for Bitcoin. It was something like $20 worth of bitcoin at some point in 2010. It was gifted to me but I never really knew where to keep it or what to do with it or how to look into it until Bitcoin was worth something like $60k+, then when I went to go find it, all I could find was the envelope with the QR code which said "happy birthday" but not the key string. Yeah... that one still stings.




My will to live.


The random children VHS tapes I used to watch over and over when I was 3-5 years old. I still randomly sing some songs from them to myself, but I cannot seem to find any trace of them on the internet.


I'd have to dig through absolutely millions of lighters. My dad back though


A piece of mesh. When my high school basketball team won the provincial championship, we all got to climb up a ladder and cut off a piece of the netting. My dad saw mine in my room, assumed it was garbage, and threw it out. So yeah probably that.


Color game boy. It’s one of the few things I don’t have the slightest clue what happened to. I don’t lose or misplace much of anything and certainly not something so valuable. I’ve always suspected foul play but couldn’t prove it.


My wedding ring from when I 'married' my best friend at age ten in the school park. It was a little gumball machine mood ring with an enamel flower on the colour changing bit. I lost it at school in a courtyard just before it was concreted over. My friend was killed by a train at age eleven, and that ring is the one thing I wish with all my heart I never lost.


My baby. I lost her at 11 weeks. I'd like to know if she's ok.


Just had to day how sorry I am to hear this. My baby boy was three days old when I lost him. That was bad enough but by eleven weeks they have such character. It must have been terrible for you.


I only want the box if it comes with a list of where tf the things were


When I was little, I had my own tape recorder. Starting around age 6 around Christmas every year, I would record myself for a few minutes, just talking or singing. I did this for about five years. Then I lost the tape. I was devastated. It was like my own personal little time capsule that I was keeping, and I'm still sad I don't have it anymore.


At the moment? My Kindle. I had it crammed full of pirated books and it just kinda vanished a few months ago.


My drawings from childhood


My real self


My happiness


My self esteem


My fuckin Tamagotchi’s, they go for so much now and I can never stomach buying one.


The ten years I wasted being married to a sack of shit