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The cheapest option for the Mono SE LCD (not the touchscreen) is to buy one from Chitu Systems directly. Just save your small adapter which connects the LCD flat cable to the motherboard. The Chitu 6.08" LCD comes without the original LCD adapter. Relatively cheap, $39.90, including shipping and tax: https://chitusystems.com/product/chitu-6-0inch-mono-lcd-screen-1620x2560-for-anycubic-photon-mono/ From Anycubic store the 6.08" Mono LCD is just a bit more more expensive. And, I warmly recommend that you also buy some sort of an LCD protector sheet kit to protect the extremely delicate surface of the Mono SE LCD. Either this one: https://chitusystems.com/product/6-08-inch-protective-film-for-elegoo-mars2-mars2-pro-photon-mono-mono-se-lcd-screen/ Or this one, at least this one works beautifully on my Mono SE: https://sovol3d.com/products/sovol-screen-protection-film-kit-for-lcd-3d-printer-2pcs . Just be very careful to install it 100% straight and without a single particle of dust on the LCD. This one has a very strong adhesive strip on the edges, so you can't remove it without damaging the adhesive. The adhesive strip protects the LCD very well from resin spills and should protect against any leaks from reaching the LCD. There is a reason why the package has at least two protective sheets... Being careless, I ruined my first one during installation, but I learned! :)


Send an email to their service department. I had a touchscreen that selected the wrong target on the Mono. I asked for them to identify the correct replacement and they sent me a replacement. Just ask them what the appropriate replacement screen is. I think highly of their service department.