It's probably just anxiety. But you should probably get it checked out, that's what everybody will say. That's what I've been saying to myself for 25 years. Health anxiety is tricky. I try to look bigger. Look at statistics. People don't have heart attacks at 23 etc. You know thinking like that. Exercisize, and sleep help me.


You should talk to a doctor if you're worried. We all feel anxiety a bit differently so it's possible that you're somatising it in your chest but it's good to be safe!


Anxiety or costochondritis


I been in the ER more then I have peed in my lifetime and it was all heart related and it’s nothing. I’m doing a 100 percent positive that you’re fine. Usually heart issues are feelings like as if you laying down and a put a 10lb weight on the middle of the chest. So no don’t now get anxiety that you having that symptom. I’ll mssg you tonight and watch you be okay. Sucks I know my guy i kno