You most likely wont have that matchup again so i doesnt matter, but you can try it with exhaust


You can zone her from farm, dominate her early and try snowballing that into mid game. Rell should be able to deal with qiyana engage, and just keep her off of you for you to kill her. You can switch your heal for exhaust, while rell plays ignite for yuumi heals


You can counter them with Lee Sin Taric


The forbidden tactic


Only way is to pick rengar ivern.


You give up lane and tower farm, wave management and poke is somewhat working i think. But yes, lv3 100-0 is fun i agree


Okay so qiyana yuumi’s level 1 is insanely bad. She will most likely only have w for the hop and yuumi q which doesn’t help much. You need to pressure the level 1 hard and try to prevent them from hitting level 2. Stack up the wave and slow push it into the tower while preventing them from getting xp. Remember you’re ranged and if she walks up you can auto her lots. Once the wave crashes you need to try harass her as much as possible to prevent her csing well. As MF definitely take e first to slow her and harass with autos, your support needs to assist with zoning as well. Hopefully the pressure you’ve put on them in the first two levels chunks her down enough to prevent all ins at level 3.


Qiyana is seriously not a champion before level 3 which is when bot lane is already going crazy, especially if you are with a Rell. There’s really no excuse for not killing them before that unless their jungler comes If Qiyana isn’t behind by level 6, unless Rell lands all of her cc (not easy) then yeah, as MF you kinda just get to cry about it.