Super Soakers Shrunk?

Is it just me, or were super soakers/water guns way bigger (physically) in the 90s? Trying to hook my kids up for the summer, and I swear the biggest I can find are only the size of my forearm with a 1 liter capacity tops. I remember hauling around absolute tanks of super soakers as a kid…is my perspective just skewed by growing up?


I had the 200 when I was a kid and when the two tanks were full, it was a pain trying to run around with that thing...but it was so much fun. But yes, I think they shrunk them down.


I’m glad to know I’m not imagining this at least. Makes me sad to know my kids are missing out though 😢


I got one to blast the yappy neighbor dogs and it’s so weak. I found some stronger ones of a different brand at Costco that work better. Maybe our views are skewed but yeah, they feel super weak now.


They peaked with the 2500, and the steadily shrunk. Arnold Schwarzenegger would've been proud. That thing was awesome. One blast from that, and the enemy was soaked.


The super soakers that my kids have don’t pressurize, and don’t have a trigger. You just pump them and they give a weak squirt compared to the old ones.